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Martial Peak Chapter 1082

Chapter 1081 - Determination

Chapter 1081, Determination

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Prior to this, Yang Kai wasn’t quite sure how much the Soul Chains were affecting him, but when they were finally unlocked, he was able to realize the profoundness of this Soul Skill.

It could not only link the lives of two people, but it was also capable of producing warm intentions between them for no reason, making them reluctant to leave one another.

Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering about what would have been the case if it wasn’t Xue Yue who had used the Soul Chains but instead it was an old man or woman with their neck half-buried in the grave.

Would he have also felt a deep sense of affection for them?

Thinking about such a possibility, Yang Kai suddenly shivered.

But now that the Soul Chains had been completely lifted by the two side’s mutual agreement, those illusionary feelings had also disappeared and now, besides some slight regret, Yang Kai no longer felt loathed to part with her.

Regardless of appearance, identity, or cultivation, Xue Yue was an outstanding woman, and any man who missed a chance to be with her would certainly feel a sense of regret.

The moment the Soul Chains were unlocked, Yang Kai reached out and tore space, escaping a thousand kilometers away.

Xue Yue had told him upfront that once she was free from the constraints of the Soul Chains, she didn’t know how she would react. Yang Kai could only assume she would act ruthlessly against him.

He knew too many of her secrets and had taken advantage of her so much that with her vicious temperament, it would be strange if she just let him leave safely.

That’s why Yang Kai first left Rainfall Star on his Star Shuttle and only unlocked the Soul Chains with Xue Yue at the furthest distance possible, it was all in order to give himself a head start in escaping in case Xue Yue turned on him on the spot.

After tearing space ten times in succession, travelling ten thousand kilometres in a blink of an eye, Yang Kai threw a Spiritual Energy restoring pill into his mouth while urging his Star Shuttle forward to continue his escape.

He could clearly feel a murderous intent behind him, like a shadow following him.

Ten days later, somewhere amidst the vast Star Field, Yang Kai sat cross-legged atop his Star Shuttle as it flew forward.

The Star Shuttle had been imprinted with a Star Chart Yang Kai made personally and was moving towards a distant location. Rainfall Star had long ago disappeared and when he looked back he could only see indistinct flickering stars.

After flying for more than ten days without any pursuing troops catching up, Yang Kai felt he should be safe, otherwise with the resources at Xue Yue’s disposal, she would have caught up to him long ago.

He had even come up with a number of contingency plans, the last of which was to simply hide in The Void, denying Xue Yue any opportunity to catch him.

Just as he felt relieved though, Yang Kai faintly felt a set of life auras enter the range of his Divine Sense.

Using thin Divine Sense threads joined together with his comprehension of the Dao of Space, Yang Kai was quickly able to analyse the strength of these people before they could possibly be aware of him.

Three people, all of them First Order Saint Kings, each one traveling on their own Star Shuttle and moving quickly in his direction. Yang Kai could also tell that they had been flying through the Star Field for quite some time, with each of them having expended a great deal of energy.

Had they come chasing him on Xue Yue’s orders? Or did they just happen to be passing through? Yang Kai couldn’t judge, choosing to hide his aura and change direction; regardless of this group’s intent, Yang Kai first planned to avoid them in order to not stir up trouble.

But to his surprise, after changing directions several times in succession, the three pursing him continued to follow flies drawn to honey, closing the distance between them with each passing moment.

If Yang Kai hadn’t figured out what the purpose of these three people was by now, he would have lived his life in vain.

These three people were definitely a pursuit force sent out by Xue Yue, otherwise their goal wouldn’t have been so obvious.

Sitting on his Star Shuttle, Yang Kai squinted towards the rear, not continuing to flee.

What did Xue Yue mean with this action? Did she want these three First Order Saint Kings to bring him back?

She was well aware of his strength. Back on Water Moon Star, at just the Second Order Saint’ Realm he had managed to kill a cultivator at the First Order Saint King Realm, so now that he had reached the Third Order Saint, how could three First Order Saint Kings possibly be enough to capture him?

Xue Yue had far stronger subordinates she could have sent out. Ha Li Ka and Lin Mu Feng were Origin Returning Realm masters and the branch was not lacking Secord or Third Order Saint Kings. As long as she issued an order, Ha Li Ka himself would have no choice but to set out.

But she had only sent out three First Order Saint Kings!

Was she using the lives of these three people to make a clean break with him, to show the depths of her thoughts and her determination?

Such an act fit perfectly with her temperament, and knowing her intentions, Yang Kai grinned fiercely.

This was also good, Xue Yue’s approach had allowed the last trace of regret in his heart disappear.

If they were to meet again in the future, Yang Kai believed that Xue Yue would definitely try to kill him, no longer displaying the same dangerous yet enchanting attitude he had come to know.

However, Yang Kai had made up his mind to never get involved with this woman again and didn’t plan on having any interaction with her in the future.

Yang Kai sat in place and observed as his three pursuers swept the area around themselves with their Divine Senses, clearly not aware of his position yet.

Only after they closed to within a certain distance did the three people’s mood suddenly jump, as if they had just found a profound treasure, swiftly taking back their Divine Senses after discovering Yang Kai; and flew towards him.

Seeing these three idiots standing not far away from him after setting up a triangular formation around him, each of their faces wearing an aggrieved and angry expression, Yang Kai knew they must have been had been sent here by Xue Yue against their will.

Since Xue Yue sent them here to die, they must have somehow offended or upset her.

Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with them and had never even seen them before, so there was no psychological burden on him when it came to killing them.

“Little brat, daring to covet Xue Yue Third Young Masters woman, you’re not lacking courage I’ll give you that! Although that woman is useless except for being a bit more beautiful and greatly annoys this master, when all is said and done she’s not someone who can ever be yours. Good, we brothers have been ordered to bring you back alive, obediently surrender and we’ll make you suffer less, if you disobey us we’ll break your hands and feet then beat you half-dead before dragging you back!” The big man to his left shouted.

“Fuck, father here has lived for so many years yet never had to experience flying so far through the Starry Sky on a flimsy Star Shuttle. This time I’ve suffered greatly due to that woman. Little brat, how do you plan on compensating me?” A young looking man to his right snapped at Yang Kai with an unpleasant look, his eyes filled with anger, apparently blaming Yang Kai for all of his suffering.

Flying through the Star Shuttle on a Starry Sky was by no means a pleasant experience, usually, cultivators would take Starships from one Cultivation Star to another and only occasionally perform some scouting missions via Star Shuttle, but these missions would only last three or five days at most.

But this time, they had chased Yang Kai down for a full ten days, causing all three of these cultivators to feel extremely exhausted even after refining a great deal of Saint Crystals.

Naturally they intended to make up for these losses by robbing Yang Kai.

“Heh heh, that woman only asked us to bring this brat back, she didn’t say anything about the things on him. I heard that he tricked Ha Li Ka using that woman’s name to get him and Sir Lin Mu Feng to open the branch’s storeroom and take a lot of good things from it including tens of thousands of High-Rank Saint Crystals!” The last man said greedily.

“Really?” The big man and the young man’s eyes both fixed on the Space Ring on Yang Kai’s fingers, their eyes burning with greed.

Tens of thousands of Saint Crystals was a massive amount of wealth, enough to temp all three of these three.

“That’s right, I took fifty thousand pieces of Saint Crystals,” Yang Kai chuckled, holding up the ring on his hand as he continued, “They’re all in this ring, en, I also took a number of Saint King Grade herbs and ores. The value of those things isn’t low either, probably at least a hundred thousand Saint Crystals.”

Listening to Yang Kai, no matter which of the three men it was, they couldn’t help feeling their breathing speed up a bit as greed and coveting filled their gazes.

“Little brat, hand over that ring and I promise not to hurt you, of course that’s only as long as cooperate with us!” The big man extended his hand to Yang Kai with a big grin.

“You want this? Then first answer a question for me,” Yang Kai smiled.

“If you have something to ask just ask so we can hurry back, I don’t want to remain here a moment longer than necessary,” The big man said impatiently. It wasn’t just inconvenient to travel the Starry Sky by Star Shuttle, it was dangerous. Not only would one need to consume their own strength constantly, if a sudden Starry Sky Storm or fast-moving asteroid were to hit them, their lives might be in danger.

If it wasn’t under the threat of that woman, who would be willing to accept such a task? Even Ha Li Ka had been somewhat irritated by that annoying woman.

Seeing Yang Kai intend to cooperate, the big man quickly urged him.

“How did you find me? It’s not that I’m looking down on your three, but the three of you don’t seem to have such great skill that you’d be able to accurately follow me for so long,” Yang Kai asked curiously.

The three looked at each other and laughed.

The big man didn’t try to conceal it, waving his hand and taking out a colourful ribbon. When this ribbon appeared, as if it was pulled by some invisible force, it flew directly towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as he reached out and grabbed the ribbon.

On this ribbon, he could faintly smell Xue Yue’s fragrance.

“You were relying on this?” Yang Kai frowned, “What is it?”

“If you ask father, who is father supposed to ask?” The big man grinned, “Before leaving, that woman handed it to me and said that by following its guidance we’d be able to find you, so we followed it all this way and sure enough we’ve now caught you.”

Yang Kai stared at this man deeply and felt that he wasn’t lying or trying to deceive him.

Looking at the ribbon again, Yang Kai suddenly understood something and ground his teeth, “That cheap slut!”

At this moment, he suddenly understood where the problem was. That woman’s plans were worthy of admiration, a simple conversation before he left was enough for her to set up this scheme.

The drink prepared by Xue Yue at that time was nothing but a distraction, there really wasn’t any kind of drug in it and was only meant to draw him into a false sense of security after he refused it. All along her real intention was to bite his neck while she shed tears of anger and bitterness.

When she bit him, she definitely left behind some kind of mark on him, otherwise how could she possible determine his position with a mere ribbon?

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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