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Martial Peak Chapter 1051

Chapter 1050 - Intention To Win Over

Chapter 1050, Intention To Win Over

For nearly two months, Yang Kai and Xue Yue continued to shuttle across and hide on various Dead Stars in the Ice-Cold Dead Zone. By now, Yang Kai had realized that whoever it was that had plotted to destroy the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship was being extraordinarily cautious!

There had been a continues stream of cultivators flying about the Ice-Cold Dead Zone, looking for something, and it was only a couple days ago that their presence had started to decrease.

They had spent two whole months confirming that no one had survived that disaster.

“I feel that the trap was directed at me…” Atop a certain Dead Star, Xue Yue muttered thoughtfully.

“No kidding,” Yang Kai nodded in agreement. If at the beginning the two of them did not know whether the trap had been for Xue Yue or the Chamber of Commerce Starship, both of them had now arrived at the same conjecture.

This incident was planned to assassinate Xue Yue!

“Oh?” Xue Yue looked at Yang Kai with a smile, a hint of interest appearing on her face as she asked, “Why do you think so? Explain your reasoning; I want to see if it lines up with my own.”

Yang Kai didn’t try to conceal anything and simply said, “Time. They spent far too long searching for survivors. There wasn’t supposed to be any important people or important materials aboard that Starship, if all of this was set up to damage the Chamber of Commerce, they wouldn’t have bothered conducting such an exhaustive search. Them acting so cautiously, spending a whole two months combing through this barren expanse, can only mean that they’re frightened that someone might have survived and would retaliate against them. Since that’s the case, the target of this trap must have been you. The Starship from your Chamber of Commerce just happened to get caught up in it.”

Saying so, Yang Kai directed a thoughtful gaze towards Xue Yue.

Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes brightened, her lips curling into a smile, “Your wit is quite sharp, it seems I’ve been looking down on you.”

(Leo: Really? I think it’s more of a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ kind of theory)

(Silavin: Common Sense is not that common XD)

Yang Kai’s reasoning was basically the same as her own. From this, Xue Yue had also unexpectedly discovered that Yang Kai had the makings of a good seedling, smiling light and asking, “If one day the Soul Chains are unlocked and I don’t immediately want to kill you, do you want to serve me?”

“Are you trying to win me over?” Yang Kai looked at her strangely.

“En, but it’s much more likely that the moment the Soul Chains is untied, I’ll kill you!” Xue Yue spoke such horrifying words so lightly and with a smile upon her face, as if she was casually talking to a friend.

“No thanks, I won’t be restrained by you, when that day comes, before you can act against me, I’ll kill you!”

“You sure know how to boast!” Xue Yue spat disdainfully, “I must have a look at what kind of ability you have to kill me!”

“You’ll experience it when the time comes,” Yang Kai said before jumping out of their temporary shelter, taking an exaggerated bow while stretching out his hand and making an invitation, “But for now, how about we leave this damned place?”

Xue Yue’s lips curled into a happy smile as her eyes bent into crescents, also leaping out and placing her jade hand into Yang Kai’s open palm, allowing him to summon his Star Shuttle and carry her up onto it before flying off.

After two months, both of their injuries had fully healed, and Xue Yue had also returned to her peak state at the Third Order Saint King Realm.

However, she was still willing to share the same Star Shuttle with Yang Kai.

She quite enjoyed this feeling of being cared for and protected.

She had repeatedly warned herself not to wallow in this sensation, constantly telling herself that this was all due to the side effects of the Soul Chains and that, if she was in the right state of mind, she wouldn’t feel anything about a young man like Yang Kai, but for now, she simply wanted to continue experiencing this unfamiliar sense of warmth.

The Star Shuttle shot off like a bolt of lightning and in no time at all the pair departed from the Dead Star.

Back out amidst the Starry Sky, Yang Kai came to a halt and asked, “Where should we go now? Back to Water Moon Star?”

“No, it’s too far to go back now. The Ice-Cold Dead Zone is about half a month’s journey by Starship from Water Moon Star, so it would take at least three months to return by Star Shuttle! We should head for Rainfall Star, it’s much closer, and that was my original destination, in any case. This bit of trouble just caused some minor delays.”

“Hmm… Alright.” Yang Kai didn’t have any opinion, in any case, he didn’t have a specific destination in mind.

“Give me a bit of time to figure out which direction Rainfall Star is in. It’s difficult to see any kind of starlight in this damn Ice-Cold Dead Zone, getting my bearings may take a while,” Xue Yue’s brow furrowed as she glanced around, attempting to find some kind of reference, but before she could, Yang Kai let his Star Shuttle fly off in a certain direction.

“Do you know the way?” Xue Yue called out worriedly, “If you don’t recognize the road, it’s very easy to get lost in the Starry Sky.”

“My Star Shuttle happens to have a Star Chart to Rainfall Star,” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

“That’s great,” Xue Yue cheered up and let go of her worries.

The Star Chart in Yang Kai Star Shuttle was one he had plotted himself and was even the optimum route according to the massive Star Chart floating above his Knowledge Sea, this was a perfect opportunity to verify whether it was accurate or not.

“Why were you going to Rainfall Star in the first place?” As the pair flew forward, Yang Kai couldn’t help but ask.

“My father sent me to handle something,” Xue Yue replied casually.

“What matter could be so important that you would actually have to go in person?!

“Don’t ask too much…” Xue Yue pretty face became bitter, “I want to tell you, but you need to know, this is one of my Chamber of Commerce’s secrets, not something that can be readily divulged to others. Can you please not make this awkward for me?”

She sincerely asked in a soft and gentle tone.

“Alright, alright. Just pretend I didn’t ask!” Yang Kai immediately agreed, somewhat unable to endure seeing her like this.

He had no choice but to admit that once a woman like Xue Yue wore a pitiful look and begged, no one would be able to refuse her.

Yang Kai had already been completely entranced by her unique charms, and the days with her had been a great battle between his heart and mind. He constantly needed to remind himself not to accidentally fall under her spell and pledge his loyalty to her.

It was because of his constant efforts in the regard that he was able to maintain some semblance of sobriety and not become enslaved by the Soul Chains.

He believed that Xue Yue was also working hard to cope with the power of the Soul Chains. The two of them had a tacit understanding about this so they quickly stopped talking about this particular subject.

Seemingly because she felt a bit embarrassed about what had just happened, Xue Yue suddenly asked, “What attribute strength do you cultivate? Is it Yang or Fire?”

The first day, when she and Yang Kai had tossed about atop that Dead Star, she had learned a little bit about Yang Kai’s strength, but even until now she wasn’t clear about its true nature.

“Why do you ask?” Yang Kai became somewhat vigilant.

“I thought that if you were willing, I could help you look for a master who could guide your cultivation and teach you how to use and gain insight into your strength,” Xue Yue sincerely said, “On the road of cultivation, having someone to teach you can make a big difference, and since you are the first person from your world to enter the Star Field, no one should have taught you even some common sense things, yes?”

“Look for a master?” Yang Kai heard these words and was quite surprised.

“En, there are many Elders and Masters in my Chamber of Commerce who are proficient in all kinds of different attribute strengths. It should not be difficult to find one who matches well with you. Even I have several masters who I study under…”

“No thanks, there’s probably no one who can teach me,” Yang Kai smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t be in such a rush to refuse, this doesn’t have any disadvantages to you.”

“It’s not that, no one can teach me because the attribute of my strength is somewhat special!”

“Special? Special how?” This time is was Xue Yue’s turn to be surprised.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, but in order to dispel any strange thoughts Xue Yue was having, he quickly produced a cluster of Demonic Flame.

The blazing pitch-black flames exuded a mysterious kind of charm, like a blossoming black rose that seemed capable of swallowing one’s soul while at the same time reducing anything in the world to ash.

Xue Yue eyes flashed as she stared stupefied at this mass of black flame.

She could feel how profound the mystery of this cluster of Demonic Flame was, and as she examined the attributes behind it, she couldn’t help calling out in alarm, “How could such a contradictory strength exist?”

The cluster of Demonic Flame was both cold and hot at the same time, with pure yang and malevolent evil perfectly coexisting. All kinds of contradictions were combined together, promoting one another, evolving into something unique that seemed to have no equivalent.

Xue Yue had never seen such a strange power.

It was difficult for her to imagine just how a cultivator who was invaded by this power would be able to resolve or even resist it!

At the very least, she couldn’t think of any way!

A touch of panic, as well as excitement, flashed across the depths of her beautiful eyes!

She was frightened by the unique properties of this Demonic Flame and also excited about Yang Kai’s enormous potential.

This man was currently just a Second-Order Saint, so his unique strength couldn’t play much of a role, but if he were to receive proper training and become a master at the Saint King Realm or Origin Returning Realm, then this Demonic Flame would be able to display unimaginable might.

The contradictory attributes of his power would give him a natural advantage others could only dream of obtaining!

Once he was fully matured, it would be difficult to find anyone who could be his opponent in the same realm! Only if the other party also cultivated some very special force would they stand a chance against him.

“Is there anyone in your Chamber of Commerce who has power similar to mine?” Yang Kai asked.

“No,” Xue Yue shook her head honestly and dismissed the idea of looking for a master for him, her beautiful eyes flashing a different kind of light in the next moment as she called out, “Yang Kai, how about we make a deal?”

“What kind of deal?”

“When we undo the Soul Chains bindings, I won’t act against you, all the grudges between us will be written off and I will provide you with the best cultivation environment and resources to improve your strength, allowing you to advance as quickly as possible.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai’s expression didn’t change, maintaining a slight smile upon his face as he asked, “And, what are your conditions?”

“I want you to follow me.”

“Follow you…” Yang Kai shook his head, “I already told you, I won’t be restrained by you!”

“There’s a big difference between serving me and following me,” Xue Yue snapped back, “Can’t you even understand that much?”

“To me, it’s the same thing.”

“At most… I can give you the opportunity to pursue me!” Xue Yue’s face blushed red as she bit her thin lip, seemingly having made a great concession!

The special strength Yang Kai possessed had really aroused her intention to win him over.

However, hearing what Xue Yue just said, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Xue Yue’s blush deepened as she became somewhat angry out of shame.

“Your public identity is Xue Yue Third Young Master… If I don’t pursue you, would there even be anyone in this world who does? Are you really so lonely to that extent?”

“You… you bastard!” Xue Yue shouted indignantly.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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