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Martial Peak Chapter 1050

Chapter 1049 - Good Luck

Chapter 1049, Good Luck

Xue Yue had secretly calculated everything, and was ready to let Yang Kai know what the true meaning of a toad lusting after swan meat was while at the same time getting rid of her own heart knot, allowing him to realize the gap in identity between them as well as drawing a line between this man and herself!

Everything was set, now all she needed was an opportunity!

She silently waited for Yang Kai to open his mouth and speak to her.

How could she have imagined though, that even after waiting for so long, things did not progress as she had envisioned? After what seemed like forever, Xue Yue couldn’t help opening her beautiful eyes to peak towards Yang Kai, her face cramping up in the next instant.

This man, who had taken advantage of her so wantonly, touching every single part of her body. Under these circumstances where the two of them were stuck alone in a small room together, was actually sitting down calmly with a piece of Saint Crystal in his hand while meditating and restoring himself.

He was actually just cultivating!

An intense sense of frustration suddenly rose inside Xue Yue’s heart and she secretly clenched her teeth and glared hatefully towards Yang Kai.

Unable to stand this irksome feeling, she took the initiative to open her mouth to speak, trying to make her voice sound as calm as possible, “I don’t understand a few things, can you explain them to me?”

Yang Kai opened his eyes quickly and stared towards her, suddenly grinning, “I also have some things I’d like to ask you!”

“I’ll go first!” Xue Yue declared lightly.

“En, go ahead,” Yang Kai replied naturally, not arguing with her over such a trivial matter.

Xue Yue was startled for a moment but quickly said, “What is your name, where are you from?”

Up till now, she still didn’t know Yang Kai’s name, and upon remembering all the embarrassing experiences she had been through with him, she suddenly felt a sense of indignation.

“Yang Kai! You probably don’t know where I come from, it’s just a lower world, I was the first cultivator to successfully escape its bonds and enter the Star Field!” Yang Kai answered honestly.

“A lower world?” Xue Yue looked at him strangely and said with great interest, “What cultivation did the most powerful person in your world possess?”

“Third Order Saint Realm… En, there was once a Saint King, but before he could join the Star Field he fell, that was a matter from several thousand years ago though.”

“Only up to the Third Order Saint Realm… It really is a lower world.”

“En, it was only after I came here that I learned about the Saint King Realm above the Saint Realm, and the Origin Returning Realm and Origin King Realm above the Saint King Realm…”

“Hmph, truly an ignorant bumpkin!” Xue Yue covered her mouth and smiled tenderly, a hint of ridicule in her voice, “However, a little fellow like you being able to arrive at this level is quite impressive actually, you must have experienced a lot of hardship along the way, right?”

The way she spoke made it seem like she cared greatly about Yang Kai’s story, but after realizing this, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

“It was just good luck, arriving here was more of an accident…”

“No need to elaborate, I don’t really care,” Xue Yue interrupted him with a cold face, “I have to ask you, why couldn’t I find you back on Water Moon Star? Where were you hiding? Did someone shelter you? Why would they do that?”

“Oh that, I was living inside Shen Tu’s palace, you probably didn’t go there to look for me,” Yang Kai replied casually, not feeling at all like he was selling out Shen Tu.

“Shen Tu…” Xue Yue muttered under her breath, suddenly wearing a faint smile, “So it was him who was making trouble for me. En, I understand now. Hmph, seems like if I don’t hit him frequently enough he becomes arrogant enough to dare oppose me, just wait till I get back, I’ll make him pay for this!”

As she said so, a vicious look appeared on her face as she ground her teeth, as if she couldn’t wait to tear Shen Tu apart.

“Did he also arrange for you to leave aboard that Starship?” Xue Yue continued to ask.

“En, he thought that you had left Water Moon Star the day before. I hadn’t expected that just after I stepped aboard that Starship, you would come over to board it. Beauty, could this be fate?” Yang Kai said as he smiled towards Xue Yue.

“Who exactly shares any fate with you?” Xue Yue glared over at Yang Kai. Her unique charm and style had caused his heart some distress, forcing his mind to drift back to their little tussle atop the previous Dead Star. All the rich and tender sensations still vivid in his mind, the look he directed towards her suddenly changing flavour as well.

“What are you thinking about?” Xue Yue’s face suddenly blushed, as if she too had seen through Yang Kai’s dirty thoughts, somewhat dreading the aggressive look in his eyes and quickly changing the subject, “What exactly is going on with your Divine Sense? I’ve been paying special attention to it these days, but why does it feel so strange? It’s almost as if it’s drifting about erratically. What is the mystery behind that?”

“That’s because I am proficient in…” Yang Kai didn’t even think about it before beginning to explain, but halfway through his expression cramped and a frown appeared on his face, “Isn’t the power of this Soul Chains too great? It’s like I’m not even the slightest bit wary of you…”

Anything she asked, he was willing to answer. Realizing this, Yang Kai’s heart filled with alarm and he quickly raised his guard.

Seeing Yang Kai actually wake up at the critical moment, Xue Yue couldn’t help cursing to herself, an annoyed look appearing on her pretty face.

Just a little bit longer and she would have been able to unravel the secret to Yang Kai’s strange Divine Sense, yet she had actually fallen short at the last moment.

“The Divine Ability sealed with the Soul Chains was created by a Senior Executive of my Chamber of Commerce, naturally its power is incredible, but you actually being able to resist it is quite surprising,” Xue Yue looked at him with amazement.

“Were you planning to take this opportunity and let me explain everything about myself?” Yang Kai smiled meaningfully.

“Naturally! Just think about everything you’ve taken from me… Of course, I’d want to find out everything about you in return!”

“If you give the rest of yourself to me, even without the power of the Soul Chains, I’ll make an honest confession to you!”

“In your dreams!” Xue Yue snorted, feeling extremely resentful of how shameless Yang Kai was.

“Good, my turn to ask you question now,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, not giving Xue Yue any time to think, swiftly asking, “How did you disguise yourself as a man? I know of some artifacts that can change one’s face, but even the shape of your body and your stature were altered, isn’t that a bit too exaggerated?”

The male Xue Yue and female Xue Yue did have many similarities in appearance, but their body shapes were worlds apart, especially her plump round bottom and rich twin peaks. Yang Kai really couldn’t understand how she managed to hide these assets.

“That’s also thanks to a special artifact!” Xue Yue replied reluctantly, “One of my Chamber of Commerce’s Grandmasters especially refined a unique artifact for me! But in this latest disaster, that artifact was damaged, so now I can only maintain this appearance!”

“It’s good like this.”

“I also feel this is good!” Xue Yue responded with a smile, seemingly very much liking her current female look.

“What is your current cultivation?” Yang Kai asked again.

Xue Yue’s brow furrowed, not really wanting to answer this, but still eventually responding, “Third Order Saint King! I broke through about a year ago, this is also a secret, don’t reveal it to anyone.”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious, calculating silent before muttering, “So your realm is one Great Realm and one Minor Realm higher than mine?”

Xue Yue giggled pleasantly, “Have you realized the gap between you and me now? If it weren’t for my being so seriously injured back there, how could I have had any trouble with a little brat like you, I could pinch you with just two fingers, what could you have done to resist?”

“How old are you this year?” Yang Kai stared at her.

Xue Yue’s pretty face sank as she ground her teeth in anger, “None of your damn business! Hasn’t anyone ever taught you to never as a woman about her age?”

Yang Kai could only smile awkwardly.

“There’s still one thing that I can’t understand!” Xue Yue’s expression suddenly became serious, “In that disaster, I had to rely on an Origin Grade Armour to survive, but even then, I nearly lost my life, how did you, a mere Second-Order Saint, not die?”

“My luck is quite good,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, suddenly recalling that at the time of the disaster, Xue Yue had summoned out a fiery red armour, but even that armour had subsequently been blown away.

“I don’t think it’s just a matter of luck!” Xue Yue stared thoughtfully at Yang Kai, “Before, I should have caused a lot of damage to your body, but looking at you now, it’s as if all those injuries have been healed, and… the blood in your body is golden, the vitality and restorative power it contains are also incredible. Just how many secrets do you have?”

As her beautiful eyes drifted over Yang Kai, a look of curiosity began filling her face!

In her opinion, such a disaster, which had nearly even killed her, should have easily claimed the life of someone as weak as Yang Kai.

“My resilience and restorative abilities are very strong, that’s probably the biggest reason why I was able to survive,” Yang Kai smiled and forcefully changed the subject, “Do you know what this was all about?”

“I don’t know,” Xue Yue shook her head, a dispirited expression appearing on her face, “I don’t know if it was a trap targeting the Chamber of Commerce in general, or if I was the intended target, but what’s for certain is that there were some people on the inside colluding with our enemies on the outside. Once I find out who it was that dared to betray me, I will make them pay for it with their blood!”

Saying so, Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes flashed with ice-cold killing intent.

She seemed to have instantly changed back into the incomparably cruel, cold-hearted, and merciless Xue Yue Third Young Master who had not hesitated to kill two thousand innocent cultivators just to find Yang Kai!

“Moreover, those Star Breaker Sparks used to create that trap were developed by the Chamber of Commerce and are never sold to outsiders. As long as I trace their origins, the truth will come to light soon enough,” She said with a cold sneer upon her face.

Yang Kai grinned and secretly felt a bit of pity for the ones who had been behind this ambush. He could almost see the scene when Xue Yue returned, it would surely become a massive storm.

It was very likely the entire Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce would be caught up in this!

As they talked inside the cave, the two of them did not feel the passage of time, and with their deepening mutual understanding, both Yang Kai and Xue Yue began to feel more at ease with the other.

The wounds had not healed, and the worry about the enemies outside had not abated. On top of that, Xue Yue did not have Yang Kai’s abnormal resiliency, so after speaking for a while, she felt weary and soon nodded off.

She didn’t know how long after it was, but Xue Yue suddenly heard Yang Kai gently call out to her. Swiftly opening her eyes, she sat up straight and frowned towards Yang Kai, who was right now embracing her shoulder, and asked suspiciously, “Why are you hugging me?”

Yang Kai shot her a wry look and replied, “You leaned onto me on your own!”

“I…” Xue Yue blushed, not knowing how she should argue back.

“We should leave, they’re heading towards this Dead Star now, if we don’t go now, we’ll be discovered,” Yang Kai said hurriedly as he stood up, opened the entrance to the cave, summoned his Star Shuttle, and beckoned to Xue Yue.

Xue Yue rushed over and stood on the Star Shuttl, snorting lightly, “Next time, keep your distance from me, and especially don’t hug me, it’s not my intention!”

“Sure! From now on I won’t care about whether you live or die!” Yang Kai simply nodded.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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