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Martial Peak Chapter 1052

Chapter 1051 - Branch

Chapter 1051, Branch

Flying his Star Shuttle through the Starry Sky while being accompanied by an incredible beauty like Xue Yue did not bore Yang Kai in the slightest. He actually quite enjoyed this little journey.

Xue Yue also seemed to enjoy experiencing this completely different kind of life.

Until now, she had constantly been maintaining her male Xue Yue Third Young Master persona.

She had lived like this for countless years, and only a few people in the entire Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce knew her true gender; she had never been able to openly show her true face.

This chance coincidence had inadvertently allowed her to put down all her disguises and interact with Yang Kai as a woman. On top of that, because of the effects of the Soul Chains, she didn’t feel alert around Yang Kai and instead found him to be kind and friendly, as if he was a very important part of her life.

All day long she was in a good mood, her country destroying beauty shining even more radiantly, her pretty face displaying a mesmerizing glow that could attract even the most aloof of characters.

Time flew by, and after a month or so traversing the Starry Sky, the pair finally arrived at a gorgeous coloured star, Rainfall Star!

Because of its name, Yang Kai had thought that this star would be surrounded by thick clouds and storms, but when he saw it from the Starry Sky, he realized Rainfall Star was not how he imagined it would be.

This star was not very big, only about a third the size of Water Moon Star, but it exuded a rich vitality and colourful rays of light shrouded the entire star, making for a dazzling and fantastic display.

A brilliant nearby Sun Star illuminated these bright colours, allowing Rainfall Star to look more and more charming, like a fairyland.

Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes clearly revealed a hint of intoxication as she gazed upon Rainfall Star.

Even Yang Kai couldn’t help marvelling at the beauty of this star.

“When my strength grows high enough, I must become the Star Master of Rainfall Star, placing this star under my own control!” Xue Yue declared in a tender voice, setting a grand goal for herself.

“Then you’ll have to work hard, you’ll need to at least be able to defeat the current Star Master!” Yang Kai smiled, thinking little of her declaration, treating it as the whims of a young girl.

Xue Yue’s eyes narrowed into crescent moons as she lightly covered her mouth and laughed, “Rainfall Star does not have a Star Master. I know you come from a lower world, but you should at least understand that much.”

“No Star Master?” Yang Kai heard this and was stunned, “Why is there no Star Master? Doesn’t your Chamber of Commerce have masters worthy of seizing that position?”

Yang Kai knew that characters at the Star Master level were generally masters at the Origin King Realm, and although there weren’t many such masters, each major force would have at least a few.

Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was one of the greatest forces in the entire Star Field, so it was impossible for them to not have Origin King Realm masters.

“Our Chamber of Commerce naturally has hidden masters who possess enough strength to become the Star Master of Rainfall Star, but how should I put this… Wanting to become a Star Master of a Cultivation Star, it’s not just about having enough strength, you also need to connect your own soul to the Star Source of the specific Cultivation Star. This process is accompanied by great dangers, and even an Origin King Realm powerhouse may suffer a backlash from trying to merge their soul with the Star Source, possibly even costing them their life.”

Yang Kai paled slightly.

Xue Yue continued to patiently explain, “There aren’t many Origin King Realm masters, some of them prefer to live lives of seclusion and are not willing to take the risk of fusing with a Star Source. On top of that, once they become a Star Master of a Cultivation Star, it is equivalent to tying their life together with it. If that Cultivation Star suddenly undergoes great changes or is even destroyed one day, then the Star Master will also suffer or die. Such things have happened before, where the destruction of a Cultivation Star led to the death of its Star Master.”

“So it is like our current relationship? If one suffers, all suffer?” Yang Kai exclaimed.

“Almost, but the relationship is not quite so simple. In any case, that is why there are some Stars in the Star Field that don’t have Star Masters, and Rainfall Star is one of them.”

“So you want to become a Star Master?” Yang Kai looked at her strangely.

Xue Yue smiled and said, “Although there are a lot of inconveniences, there are also great advantages to be had after becoming a Star Master. Why else do you think some masters are willing to become Star Masters of Cultivation Stars? Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, it ultimately depends on one’s perspective.”

She seemed to have thought this through, and Yang Kai also felt her explanation was reasonable, suddenly thinking back to the strange floating continent where he had been stranded for some time.

At the time, under the pressure of Gui Zu, while Yang Kai had been searching for a way to leave, his Divine Sense threads had inadvertently arrived at the deepest part of the floating continent where he came across an extremely powerful energy source.

That mass of energy provided an astonishing nourishing effect, causing Yang Kai’s Divine Sense thread, which was on the verge of collapse, to become even more powerful than when he first sent it out.

That mass of energy was likely the floating continent’s Star Source; unfortunately, when Yang Kai had asked Gui Zu about it, he hadn’t obtained any useful information.

Now after listening to Xue Yue talk about this subject, Yang Kai was almost certain that what he discovered was really a Star Source.

“Do you know how to fuse with a Star Source?” Yang Kai asked.

“Why do you want to know about that?” Xue Yue looked at him strangely.

“Just asking,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, pretending he had simply been speaking carelessly.

Xue Yue’s expression became suspicious, obviously not trusting his explanation, but she did not bother asking any more questions and revealed some information she knew.

She felt that even if she didn’t explain anything, Yang Kai would learn about it someday, so there was no reason for her to conceal it.

Yang Kai secretly remembered every word she spoke while feigning calm, preparing for the day when he had time to return to the floating continent and confirm whether his assumptions were correct or not.

If that mass of energy was really a Star Source, he could attempt to fuse with it; after all, if he succeeded, it would definitely bring him huge benefits.

As the two spoke, they crossed a thick layer of clouds and arrived in Rainfall Star’s atmosphere.

“Fly that way!” Xue Yue pointed towards a nearby spot where the World Energy aura was richest, “My Chamber of Commerce’s branch is located there!”

Yang Kai gently nodded and flew in the direction Xue Yue had pointed out.

A few hours later, a series of rolling hills appeared in the pair’s eyes, and amidst these mountains, countless palaces stood quietly.

At the centre of this mountain range was an enormous open square that multiple Starships carrying loads of supplies flew in and out of.

Most of these Starships were emblazoned with Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s insignia while a small portion belonged to other big forces which were here to either sell or purchase items.

Yang Kai was unalarmed by this now familiar scene and simply flew forward following Xue Yue’s instructions.

Apparently Xue Yue had been here before as she was quite familiar with the geography and layout. Following her guidance, the pair soon arrived at a large hall.

Xue Yue leapt off the Star Shuttle before beckoning to Yang Kai to follow her into the hall.

At the entrance to the hall, several cultivators dressed in guard uniforms held long silver spears and wore solemn expressions.

When they saw Xue Yue, these guards’ eyes light up and they all straightened their backs and puffed out their chests, trying to make themselves look reliable and imposing.

The corners of Xue Yue’s mouth curled upwards slightly, seemingly very satisfied with this scene.

She had never had a chance to drive men to distraction as a woman before, so the reaction of these guards greatly satisfied her vanity.

“Girl, please halt, what business do you have here?” One of the guards came up and blocked Xue Yue’s path, putting on a show of his duties.

“I must see Branch President Ha Li Ka!” Xue Yue said as she flipped her exquisite jade hand and summoned out a token. The guard glanced at this token and his expression immediately became more solemn, quickly calling out, “So Madam is an emissary from the Home Star!”

The moment the guard saw the token, the way he addressed Xue Yue changed dramatically and he no longer dared try to show off his masculinity because this token was only issued to high-level Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce executives from the Home Star.

With this grade of status, it was clear that this beautiful woman was not someone a small guard of his ability could hope to befriend.

“Branch President Ha Li Ka has been waiting for some time, please enter!” The guard hurriedly stepped to the side, opening the way.

Xue Yue nodded with satisfaction before motioning to Yang Kai, indicate that he should follow her.

The looks on all of the guards’ faces were incredibly solemn as they displayed the utmost respect for Xue Yue, but mixed in with this was some confusion as well. They couldn’t understand why Yang Kai could follow behind this distinguished Madam. This little brat’s cultivation wasn’t any better than their own, so it was obvious he could only be a guard, but this Madam seemed to treat him quite amiably!

What kind of dog shit luck did this little brat have? How could he have won the right to follow behind such a perfect woman?

Each of the guards silently cursed in their hearts. They had all seen Yang Kai and Xue Yue arrive together on a single Star Shuttle and deeply wished they could swap places with him.

Inside the hall, Yang Kai and Xue Yue had only just entered when they heard someone delivering an angry reprimand. A moment later, several cultivators ran out from inside, each of them looking rather distressed.

Xue Yue smiled and whispered, “The Branch President here is short-tempered and he will often scold or beat his subordinates, so his popularity is quite low. Once we’re inside, don’t speak any nonsense so as not to draw his attention.”

“I know, I won’t say anything,” Yang Kai nodded. He had come to Rainfall Star entirely became of Xue Yue but he didn’t plan on intervening in her matters any more than necessary.

“Who are you? Don’t you know it’s impolite to speak about someone behind their back?” A cold snort suddenly sounded from inside the hall, its owner clearly somewhat disgruntled.

Xue Yue couldn’t help spitting out her tongue, a moment later her entire temperament changing dramatically, becoming bold and courageous, stepping forward confidently.

Yang Kai followed close behind.

Inside the hall, an old man wearing a purple robe sat on his chair and stared indifferently towards the entrance.

His expression was unreadable and his aura was imposing, just sitting there he appeared like a mountain, an invisible pressure unconsciously leaking from his body.

Yang Kai had only taken a few steps when suddenly his feet felt like they weighed tens of thousands of kilograms, making it difficult for him to even move. Xue Yue’s brisk pace also slowed down significantly, as if she had been caught in some kind of mire, a slight frown appearing on her face as her tender body trembled lightly.

Because of Xue Yue’s remarks, Brand President Ha Li Ka obviously didn’t have a good impression of the pair and was now deliberately embarrassing them.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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