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Martial Peak Chapter 1049

Chapter 1048 - You’re Even More Attractive Without Clothes

Chapter 1048, You’re Even More Attractive Without Clothes

Atop the Dead Star, Yang Kai sat in meditation, resting while recovering his strength and restoring his injuries.

A light sound of footstep suddenly appeared in front of him and he quickly opened his eyes, his vision becoming bright.

Xue Yue was standing in front of him at the moment, wearing a fiery red dress, its long skirt overflowing with soft light. It was clearly a high-quality artifact.

This dress was woven from exquisite materials and appeared soft and silky yet it also clung tightly to her body, emphasizing Xue Yu’s perfect curves and seductive figure, making her appear just like a beautiful goddess.

Her long hair which was normally draped down over her shoulders had been done up in an elegant bun held together with an ornamental hairpin to further complimented her style.

Her snow-white arms, which seemed tender and delicate, were adorned with two green jade bracelets and around her exquisite ankles were two more pieces of fine jewellery that emphasized her gracefulness.

Yang Kai couldn’t help revealing an enraptured look as he stared towards her, unable to pull his eyes away.

In his heart, he was constantly warning himself not to be confused by this woman, but he still couldn’t quite resist her ethereal beauty, almost as if all she needed to do was beckon to him gently and he would willingly pledge his undying loyalty to her.

Just as this thought surfaced in his mind, Yang Kai’s instincts flared up in warning and he forcefully bit his tongue to awaken himself.

Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as she observed Yang Kai, and as if realizing what kind of state he was just in a moment ago, a happy smile appeared on her face and an unknown sense of satisfaction filled her heart!

This kind of satisfaction could only be felt by a woman!

After Yang Kai broke free from her invisible aura, Xue Yue couldn’t help but frown, a trace of surprise and loss appearing on her face.

Twirling around once to show off her beauty even further, she smiled and asked, “What do you think?”

“Beautiful!” Yang Kai praised sincerely.

“Thank you!” Xue Yue smiled even more happily.

“You’re even more attractive without clothes though!” Yang Kai added.

Xue Yue’s pretty face sank as she rolled her eyes, “A dog’s mouth really can’t speak pleasant words! Remember, everything that happened between us can never be told to anyone, especially the secret about my true gender! If you dare try to leak this to anyone, our agreement will be invalid and I’ll immediately commit suicide, then let the Soul Chains end your miserable life!”

“I know!” Yang Kai gently nodded, his eyes narrowing slightly as he wore a grin on his face and asked, “Why does it feel like you’re enjoying yourself right now?”

As Xue Yue spoke to him, she was constantly looking down at herself, observing the jewellery and clothes she was wearing. The more she looked, the more joyful she appeared.

“Naturally, I’m enjoying myself!” Xue Yue smiled happily, “Ever since I can remember I was forced to act like a boy. From the time I was a child until now, I have never openly worn women’s clothes. These things have been kept in my Space Ring for many years, but today I was finally able to use them, why would I not be happy?”

“Why must President Ai Ou force you to act like a man? Why do you need to hide your true gender? He has many other sons, so even without you, he’d have plenty of successors to choose from. Why insist on making you put on this charade?” Yang Kai rapidly asked all the questions he had in his heart.

Xue Yue’s expression sank and after a short pause, she desolately replied, “He has his reasons, and I’m used to it.”

Seeing her not answer clearly, Yang Kai did not insist. Just when he was about to change the subject though, his expression suddenly dropped as he muttered, “Some people are approaching.”

Xue Yue was stunned by these words and stared at him suspiciously, “How do you know?”

“They entered into the scope of my Divine Sense’s coverage,” Yang Kai’s face became dignified.

Xue Yue only become more confused though, “Did you release your Divine Sense? Why can’t I feel it?”

Her strength was much higher than Yang Kai’s and although both of them were currently quite weak from their injuries, if Yang Kai had really released his Divine Sense, she should have been able to detect it.

However, she actually couldn’t sense anything.

“I also have my own secrets, just trust me,” Yang Kai said sincerely.

Xue Yue nodded without hesitation, “How many people are there and what kind of cultivations do they have?”

“There’s a lot of them, and there are several Saint Kings among them, a number of whom give me a stronger sense of pressure than you did at your peak!”

Xue Yue’s complexion darkened as she called out in alarm, “If that’s true, wouldn’t you spying on them be discovered by them? Anyone who could appear in the Ice-Cold Dead Zone at this time must have something to do with that trap we encountered. If they find any survivors they definitely won’t let us off!”

“I agree with you, but don’t worry, they can’t discover my Divine Sense.” Yang Kai shook his head.

After dramatically increasing his understanding of the Dao of Space on the floating continent, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was now able to leap across space, allowing it to act in a far more nimble manner than others who needed to continuously spread out their Divine Senses to explore an area.

This kind of distributed Divine Sense was incredibly difficult to detect, and even if one was able to sense it, there was essentially no way to trace it back to Yang Kai unless that person’s strength far exceeded his own.

It was for this reason that Xue Yue couldn’t detect anything about Yang Kai’s Divine Sense.

“The Death Qi on this Dead Star is heavy and there isn’t the slightest trace of life aura or other forms of energy. Once they get closer, they’ll definitely notice us!” Xue Yue’s expression grew ugly, “My strength hasn’t even half recovered yet. If they were to find us now…”

She didn’t dare to imagine what kind of treatment she would encounter.

If she was still maintaining her identity as Xue Yue Third Young Master, she might be able to discuss terms with this unknown enemy, but right now she was simply an astonishingly beautiful, yet unfamiliar young woman.

Xue Yue was clearer than anyone just what kind of fate awaited a captured beautiful woman.

That was a brief future filled with ruthless humiliation and disgrace!

“Let’s get moving then! We first need to evade them!” Yang Kai didn’t panic and simply summoned out his Star Shuttle before leaping up onto it and extending a hand to Xue Yue.

“Are you confident you’ll be able to avoid their search?” Xue Yue asked seriously.

“No, but it’s better than sitting here waiting to die!” Yang Kai shook his head.

Xue Yue bit her red lips in frustration but felt Yang Kai’s words made sense, nodding a moment later before accepting his hand and mounting his Star Shuttle.

Yang Kai embraced her in front of himself, resting her head on his shoulder while activating his Star Shuttle and transforming into a stream of blue light that quickly escaped from the Dead Star.

“Don’t make any unnecessary moves, although I don’t find you so hateful right now, there’s still a voice in my heart screaming at me to kill you… Don’t let that hatred gain the upper hand,” Xue Yue whispered as her white neck took on a hint of red and her delicate earlobes became somewhat hot.

This was the first time she had ever accepted the embrace of a man.

Previously, when she was rolling around stark naked with Yang Kai on the Dead Star, all her attention was on finding a way to seize the initiative and kill him, so she didn’t have any time to pay attention to the new sensations she was experiencing.

But now, at this moment, through the connection of the Soul Chains, her body became exceptionally sensitive towards Yang Kai’s touch, and the hot air that brushed past her ear caused her tender to noticeably heat up.

“Don’t you trust me?” Yang Kai smiled, “I am very honest.”

“Hmph, you and honesty have nothing to do with one another!” Xue Yue snorted, taking note of Yang Kai ‘inadvertently’ grabbing hold of her smooth waist.

Yang Kai didn’t try to flirt with her any further and instead became serious, randomly flying his Star Shuttle through the cold and dark Starry Sky in no particular direction.

Although Xue Yue didn’t dare to release her own Divine Sense for fear of revealing their whereabouts, she could tell that Yang Kai was flying evasively to avoid these unknown enemies.

She couldn’t help becoming curious about Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, wondering just what kind of fortuitous encounter this little Second-Order Saint obtained that allowed him to cultivate such strange Spiritual Energy.

Also, she didn’t know why, but when she was embraced by Yang Kai into his chest, Xue Yue felt a profound sense of security. It was as if so long as she remained in his arms, it wouldn’t matter how many pursuers there were, they would never be able to harm her.

As soon as this thought arose in her heart, Xue Yue became frustrated, knowing it was the side effects brought on by the Soul Chains, causing her to subconsciously feel that this man was kind and reliable.

A hint of fear welled up inside her, and that fear quickly became deeper and deeper, making her wish to free herself from the Soul Chains’ effect as quickly as possible in order to purge herself of these weak thoughts.

She no longer said anything, relaxed her tensed expression, closed her eyes, and focused on restoring her injuries and strength.

A few days later, a different Dead Star appeared in front of the two, and Yang Kai flew his Star Shuttle straight down to its surface.

This Dead Star was slightly larger than the previous one, but it was still filled with Death Qi and had no trace of any vitality.

Violent winds and extremely harsh weather covered this Dead Star, kicking up dust clouds that limited visibility to a few meters in front of one’s face.

Yang Kai explored the Dead Star for a while before diving into a cave along with Xue Yue, closing the entrance behind him to prevent the dust from flowing in, then took out some light stones for illumination and placed them around.

This wasn’t too big or deep but was large enough for two people to comfortably hide inside next to each other.

Whether it was intentional or not, the moment they entered this cave, Xue Yue quickly separated from Yang Kai as far as she could, a look of anxiety appearing upon her face.

“The direction those people were heading is the opposite of this place, we should be able to hide here for a while,” Yang Kai took back his Divine Sense and said to Xue Yue, “When they come back, we’ll leave again.”

“En, I’ll leave it up to you,” Xue Yue nodded lightly, not having any opinion, taking out a good piece of Saint Crystal and holding it in the palm of her hand while meditating.

As she meditated, she also secretly paid attention to Yang Kai’s movements.

She imagined that Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to restrain himself and would attempt to appeal to her somehow.

After all, she was the heir to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President, her cultivation and status both highly venerated, while on the other hand, Yang Kai was just a small unknown cultivator. No matter which aspect was compared, she was far beyond him.

It was simply his privilege to be able to associate himself with her, and Xue Yue didn’t believe Yang Kai would easily let go of such a rare opportunity to forge a relationship with her. He would definitely have some absurd and unrealistic expectations of ingratiating himself to her.

Therefore, Xue Yue took the initiative to sit in meditation while pretending to not pay him any mind.

At the same time, she would secretly wait for Yang Kai to take the initiative to talk to her then take the opportunity to ruthlessly humiliate him, so she could teach him of the profound gap between them and thoroughly cut off all his vain hopes.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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