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Martial Peak Chapter 1048

Chapter 1047 - Soul Chains

Chapter 1047, Soul Chains

After listening to Xue Yue’s words, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh, “You can’t possibly be that naive, right? If you think you can treat me like a three-year-old child, I’m afraid you’re in for a great disappointment. After I’ve treated you like this, can you still swallow this insult and pretend that nothing happened? You are the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce President’s heir while I am just a nameless pawn. This time, if you really survive, I’m afraid I’ll have no future to look forward to. Since that’s the case, I’d rather take what I can now, have my cultivation crippled, then die by your hand, rather than let you sweet talk me into letting you off for free!”

“You think I’m sweet talking you?” Xue Yue shouted, “Just because I’m a woman you think I’d lower myself to such a level? Are all men so full of yourselves?”

“In any case, I don’t believe a word you say, it’s all nothing but farts to me!” Yang Kai snorted.

“Can you not act so unreasonable!” Xue Yue gasped before grinning, “Since I made this proposal, I can definitely come up with a way to prove my sincerity and let you understand I’m not just biding my time to turn the tables on you!”

Yang Kai expression changed as he stared deeply towards her.

Right now, both he and Xue Yue were stuck in a deadlock, neither one possessing any kind of advantage.

Xue Yue’s cultivation was much higher than his, but her injuries were more severe and the rate she could restore herself was also lower than his, allowing this tenuous stalemate to continue.

However, doing nothing wasn’t a viable solution. If things were left as they were, the end result would definitely be both of them losing something, and neither of them was willing to see that.

In truth, Yang Kai was wholly unwilling to give up his own cultivation just to win a woman’s chastity, while Xue Yue was even more reluctant to be defiled by a peasant like Yang Kai.

He suddenly felt that it wouldn’t be a problem at least hearing Xue Yue out.

“You talk, I’ll listen,” Yang Kai nodded to her, his hands still clenched firmly onto her jade peaks, refusing to relax his vigilance in the slightest.

“There is no major grievance between you and me. In the end, it was just you inadvertently witnessing my secret trade in that mountain valley.”

“Yes, and as a result of that you killed more than two thousand people!” Yang Kai sneered, “A vicious, viper-woman like you, how could I possibly believe your words?”

“Aren’t you still safe and sound?” Xue Yue asked, “Is there anyone among those two thousand people you even care the slightest bit about?”

“No, not really.”

“Then shut up!” Xue Yue coldly snorted, “My proposal is simple: You release me, and I no longer make trouble for you; however, you cannot leak a word about that transaction. En, this situation as well, you cannot tell another soul about it!”

Saying so, her face turned bright red. She had just been involved in a life or death struggle with Yang Kai, yet now she had been forced to set aside that humiliation and discuss terms with him, causing her womanly shame to suddenly rise to the surface.

In particular, the great heat which was transmitted from Yang Kai’s palms to her two proud peaks made her feel a strange sensation she had never before experienced. Quickly dispelling her shame and inner discord, she forced herself to not fall into a passive state.

“How do you plan on guaranteeing this?” Yang Kai asked calmly.

“I’ll prepare a guarantee, and not just a verbal one, I know you won’t believe me no matter what kind of pledge I make!”

“As long as you know!”

Xue Yue took a deep breath, her full chest swelling beneath Yang Kai’s palms, a reluctantly light flashing across her beautiful eyes as she helplessly said, “I have a special artifact that was refined by a Grandmaster from my Chamber of Commerce. It was originally prepared for me when I encountered extreme danger, now I have no choice but to use it on you.”

“What artifact?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“Soul Chains!” Xue Yue grit her teeth, “This artifact can tie our Souls together. Meaning, that if either one of us dies, the other person will also die! Is this guarantee enough?”

“Live and die together?” Yang Kai smiled brightly and said with a strange grin, “Beauty, I don’t think our relationship has reached that point yet, has it? Although you and I have indulged in each other’s touch and met one another with no barriers between us, this kind of progress is a bit fast even for me. On top of that, I already have a wife, en, two actually.”

“Can you be serious for an instant? Are you only capable of acting so loathsomely?” Xue Yue snorted, “Do you think I am willing to link my life to yours? You’re just a tiny Second-Order Saint, the slightest danger you encounter could send you to the afterlife! If we really do this, I’ll have no choice but to constantly protect you!”

Yang Kai’s expression slowly became solemn as he carefully observed Xue Yue’s breathing, pulse, and Soul fluctuations.

After a while, he asked lowly, “Why should I believe in you?”

“I have already compromised to this degree, if you still refuse to believe me, we can only fight and perish together! That’s not the ending you want, is it? You and I both have long, bright futures ahead of us, how could we be resigned to dying on this barren Dead Star?”

Yang Kai’s lips curled into a grin, “Why does it seem like your desire to survive is much stronger than mine…”

Xue Yue pretty face sank and she no longer spoke.

“Let me ask you one last question, can the effects of this artifact be lifted? I don’t want to bind my life to yours for all eternity.”

Even with Xue Yue’s extreme self-control, she nearly flew into a rage when she heard Yang Kai utter these words.

Just who was it that didn’t want to be bound to the other? He was making it sound as if she was some kind of shameless woman forcing him to accept her when in truth, them being tied together in any way was this little bastard’s greatest honour!

Xue Yue’s cursed viciously in her heart as she forced her voice to remain calm, “It can be lifted, but both parties must be willing. If either one refuses, the artifact’s effects cannot be dispelled!”

“Good,” Yang Kai smiled, thought about it for a moment, then nodded, “I’ll believe you.”

“So we have an agreement?”

“En, we have a deal.”

“I need to take out the artifact. Loosen your grip a bit, like this I can’t even move,” Xue Yue said weakly as she struggled slightly.

Yang Kai slowly relaxed his arms, but he maintained the highest degree of vigilance while simultaneously bringing his lips to Xue Yue’s delicate ear and whispering, “Don’t try to play any tricks, as long as I use a bit more force, you’ll be mine.”

“I know!” Xue Yue ground her teeth in anger.

While still tightly held in Yang Kai’s embrace and with one hand still inserted into his abdomen, Xue Yue brought her other hand wearing her Space Ring to her mouth and poured her Divine Sense into it. With a flash of light, an artifact shaped like a chain appeared and landed on the ground.

“This thing?” Yang Kai reached out and seized the artifact before Xue Yue could grab hold of it, “The function of this artifact is quite odd, why would one of the Grandmasters from your Chamber of Commerce refine something like this for you?”

“As I said, this thing was prepared for when I fell into great danger. If I was confronted by an enemy I could not match, I would be able to use this artifact to connect our lives together, preserving my own.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly before pouring his Divine Sense into the artifact, quickly discovering a series of unfamiliar Spirit Arrays engraved inside of it. There was also a very strange energy contained within it that was potent enough to cause his complexion to pale slightly.

Without a doubt, this strange energy belonged to a powerful Origin King and it contained a mysterious Soul fluctuation.

Yang Kai immediately understood that it was not this artifact but rather the Divine Ability of the Origin King Realm master who forged it that was special. This artifact was just a vessel used to seal this Divine Ability.

Realizing this, Yang Kai’s heart relaxed slightly but still insisted, “I can’t trust you still, so tell me how to stimulate the power contained in this artifact!”

Xue Yue angrily spat, “Are you really so cowardly? Are you even a man?”

“Would you like to verify for yourself whether I’m a man or not?” Yang Kai snorted.

“No need.” Xue Yue shivered and quickly said, “Just pour your Divine Sense into it and the seal will open.”

Yang Kai followed her instructions and poured in his Divine Sense and the seal inside the artifact easily broke.

In the next moment, a shocking Soul fluctuation suddenly emanated from the artifact and a halo of purple light burst forth, instantly covering both Yang Kai and Xue Yue’s bodies.

This purple halo was incredibly invasive and rapidly flooded into Yang Kai and Xue Yue and soon disappearing.

The two of them couldn’t help closing their eyes as they felt this potent Spiritual Energy crash into their Souls, causing their bodies to tremble and an indescribable feeling to arise within their hearts.

It was as if their two Souls had become intertwined with one another all of a sudden.

Xue Yue let out a gentle moan.

This fascinating melody caused Yang Kai to suddenly awaken and his expression to become weird, lowering the strength he was putting into his arms. One of his hands was still cupping her jade peaks while the other had slid down to her waist and began caressing her full moon, indulging in the amazing softness and plumpness of Xue Yue’s abundant assets.

Xue Yue’s voice became even more enthralling as her tender body squirmed, her red lips pouting as her snow-white skin took on a tinge of pink.

Yang Kai’s big rough hands caressing her like this involuntarily caused her to have a shameful reaction.

What’s more, at the moment, she didn’t seem to want to resist and was actively cooperating with Yang Kai, allowing him to do whatever he pleased.

Her brow suddenly tightened, condensing into a line as she tried to struggle and resist this overwhelming sensation, biting her tongue in the next instant, the sharp pain causing her to wake up and allowing her to leap out of Yang Kai’s arms like a frightened rabbit. Only after scampering a few dozen meters away did Xue Yue turn back to direct an anger-filled glare towards Yang Kai as she gnashed her teeth, “Shameless! After taking advantage of me so much already you’re still not satisfied?”

Yang Kai licked his lips as he flexed his fingers somewhat reluctantly.

When Xue Yue leapt out from his embrace, he couldn’t help feeling a thick sense of loss.

“Why does it feel like you’ve suddenly become much more cordial? Moreover, why do I no longer feel as wary towards you as a moment ago? Is this also an effect of the Divine Ability sealed within that artifact?” Yang Kai tilted his head and asked.

“Yes!” Xue Yue crossed one hand across her chest to cover her twin peaks while her other hand reached down to shield her innocence from Yang Kai’s penetrating gaze, explaining snappily, “Our Souls and life essence have been connected together, so whether we’re willing or not, a deep sense of intimacy will form between us. In other words, we now see each other as our most precious person!”

“Such a strange ability really exists?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Just like you, I no longer think you’re so repugnant,” Xue Yue said somewhat unwillingly.

Yang Kai grinned and wanted to laugh, but fearing she would become angry out of shame, he somehow suppressed himself.

“Turn around already, I want to put on some clothes. Don’t peek!” Xue Yue shouted tenderly.

“I’ve seen and touched every bit of your body and know all of its features from top to bottom, what’s there to be embarrassed about now?” Yang Kai chuckled, disagreeing with her sentiments.

Xue Yue squatted down angrily, picked up some loose gravel at her feet, and ruthlessly threw it towards Yang Kai, sending him fleeing like a scared rat.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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