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Martial Peak Chapter 1038

Chapter 1037 - Why Are You Chasing Me?

Chapter 1037, Why Are You Chasing Me?

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

It was because of the lack of World Energy that, in Tong Xuan Realm, the Saint Realm was the highest peak a cultivator could reach. Since ancient times, only Great Demon God had broken through this barrier. Unfortunately, before he had time to explore the wonders of the Star Field, he had fallen in defence of the world, becoming nothing more than a legend.

Their weak cultivations and the lack of resources made it impossible for cultivators from Tong Xuan Realm to venture out into the Starry Sky and join the interstellar community. They could only be trapped in their small world, never able to experience the wonders of the Star Field.

However, this also spared the inhabitants of Tong Xuan Realm from the fate of being enslaved.

The overall strength of the cultivators on Tong Xuan Realm was not enough for them to carve out a place for themselves in the Star Field. If they had integrated into Star Field, the only result possible would be subjugation by a more powerful force.

Yang Kai’s mood was calm as he flew across Water Moon Star, traversing mountains, deserts, and oceans. Every few hundred kilometres though, he would come across another city where many souls gathered together.

These cities, both big and small, were very prosperous. Only in some extremely remote locations would there be less crowded towns where the people’s strength would be lower.

Just like in Tong Xuan Realm, each city had a City Lord governing it. The strength of these City Lords would also vary with the degree of prosperity each city had.

Many of the City Lord level characters were Saint King Realm masters while in some small places, they would only be Saints.

This allowed Yang Kai to realize that, in general, there weren’t many Origin Returning Realm masters and that they would be the mainstays of each force.

The World Energy density was also different from location to location. Some places Yang Kai passed by were filled with rich World Energy while in other places the aura was quite thin.

The cities on Water Moon Star all fell under Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s jurisdiction and each one of them contributed a portion of its wealth and strength to it. These many grains of sand came together to build the great tower known as Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.

As Yang Kai flew about sightseeing, no one bothered him or came to stir up trouble.

Along the way, he heard a lot of interesting things.

For example, the avant-garde nature of President Ai Ou, the talent selection the Chamber of Commerce was going to be holding soon, the numerous sons of President Ai Ou…

Yang Kai didn’t hear anyone talking about Shen Tu though. It seemed that on Water Moon Star, Shen Tu’s identity as an illegitimate child was not known to the public. Given this reality, it wasn’t difficult to understand why Lu Gui Chen didn’t know about Shen Tu.

Yang Kai spent a month or two wandering across the Water Moon Star. From his explorations of Cultivation Star, he gained a good understanding of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce as well as perfectly adapted himself to his new Star Shuttle, now feeling like it was an extension of himself rather than a tool.

Yang Kai even held onto a slight hope in his heart, that Su Yan might be somewhere on this Cultivation Star, so he had spared no effort searching it.

Unfortunately, it was obvious after some time that Su Yan was not here. With the Union of Heart and Soul between him and Su Yan, as long as they weren’t too far apart, they could sense each other’s existence.

Yang Kai, however, didn’t lose hope. He hadn’t really expected to find Su Yan so easily.

After two months of flying, Yang Kai was returning the way he had come, this time not stopping to see the sights instead of flying directly in the direction of Shen Tu’s palace.

Today, he passed through a certain mountain valley, and with his Divine Sense spread out, he suddenly noticed a significant number of life auras coming from within it.

Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to this though, and in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles, he deliberately changed course slightly to avoid coming too close.

During his recent time outside, he had made a point to act prudently and not draw attention to himself.

As he flew by, Yang Kai casually glanced over and discovered that in a clearing of the mountain valley, there was actually a small Starship with its main hatch wide open and a stream of cultivators moving in and out of it.

Next to the Starship, there were a lot of crates piled up, and the cultivators seemed to be moving them onboard.

By now, Yang Kai had acquired some common sense knowledge about the Star Field. For example, some materials couldn’t be placed into Space Rings, possibly because they required extremely special storage conditions or they were simply too large or heavy to fit into conventional Space Rings.

When such materials needed to be transported from one star to another, a Starship was required.

As such, Starships were an indispensable part of any great force. Starships were a fast and relatively safe way to deliver goods and people long distances.

The Starship moored in the mountain valley was about three hundred meters long. Less than half the size of the ones Yang Kai had encountered before, so he could tell that it was only Saint King Grade Low-Rank or Mid-Rank.

Next to the Starship, there was a particularly eye-catching young man in fine robes who was laughing and chatting with the people next to him.

This young man’s appearance was very distinct. He had fair skin that appeared supple and delicate. His face was more enchanting than any woman’s and his long hair flowed gently across his shoulders.

Beside him, many female cultivators were staring at him obsessively, undisguised looks of infatuation colouring their faces, as if the young man only needed to say a word and they would willing to surrender their bodies and minds to him to use as he pleased.

Yang Kai couldn’t help narrowing his eyes towards this young man slightly.

This gaze, however, drew the attention of the young man who quickly shifted his own eyes to meet Yang Kai’s across a distance of several thousand meters. Upon seeing Yang Kai, the young man’s face sank and he quickly whispering a few words to a man next to him.

A moment later, a few Star Shuttles flew off towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown, not knowing why this person was trying to find trouble with him.

Not decreasing his speed, Yang Kai quickly flew away, a number of azure lights quickly chasing after him.

Arriving at a remote location that within the scope of his Divine Sense’s exploration there were no living people, Yang Kai came to a stop. This was a barren place where even the World Energy aura was quite thin, it had seemingly never been settled before.

There were many such places like this on Water Moon Star.

A total of three people were pursuing him, and from the energy fluctuations they gave off, Yang Kai could tell that two of them were Third Order Saint while the last was a Saint King!

The cultivation of this Saint King wasn’t too high though. Yang Kai didn’t feel much pressure from him, so he was likely just a First Order Saint King!

With insight into their cultivations, Yang Kai put down all his worries and not only didn’t try to escape but intentionally stopped in order to confront his pursuers.

Yang Kai hadn’t fought a Saint King since he fused the two opposite attribute energies inside his body and he was quite eager to know if his current strength could match a Saint King’s!

Thinking so, Yang Kai took a deep breath and turned around to meet these three.

The three men saw Yang Kai stop and quickly revealed happy looks, quickly rushing over and surrounding Yang Kai between them, each of them staring at him with clear malicious intent.

“Friends, why are you chasing me? I don’t believe there is any enmity between us,” Yang Kai asked indifferently.

“Naturally there is no hatred between us!” The Saint King Realm master nodded in agreement, “But you’ve seen something you should not, little boy. You can only blame your bad luck for passing through here at this time!”

Yang Kai raised his brow and suddenly understood what was happening.

The goods that were being loaded onto the Starship back in the mountain valley were probably some form of contraband, which was why they had chosen to do this exchange in such a remote location, yet now, an unrelated person, Yang Kai, had inadvertently passed through and seen everything.

Judging from the other side’s tone and attitude, Yang Kai could tell they had no plans to settle things peacefully.

“If you have any last words, you can speak them now. If it’s convenient, I’ll convey them to your loved ones for you,” The Saint King Realm master said lightly as he kept a bad gaze fixed on Yang Kai.

Just as he spoke, one of the Third-Order Saints standing behind Yang Kai took action, a powerful energy bursting from his body and an incredibly swift and sharp wind blade silently condensing in front of him before flying out towards Yang Kai, clearly trying to slice him clean in half.

The wind blade was extremely fast, and in a flash, it was already upon Yang Kai.

The face of this cultivator was filled with a disdainful smile, as if he could already see the scene of Yang Kai being cut down.

With his Third-Order Saint Realm cultivation, how could his sneak attack on a young Second-Order Saint possibly fail?

The wind blade cut through the body of the unmoving young man in the next instant.

However, no blood flew out and the figure of the young man slowly faded, disappearing right before everyone’s eyes.

The eyes of the man who had launched the wind blade shrank and his instincts cried out in alarm, causing him to instinctually retreat.

“Watch out!” A flurried shout came from the Saint King Realm cultivator whose eyes had gone wide with shock, as if he had just witnessed something inconceivable.

Each of these people’s reactions was fast; after all, anyone who could cultivate to the Third-Order Saint Realm had rich combat experience and had faced countless life or death battles.

Hearing this reminder, the backtracking cultivator rapidly changed direction and leapt out.

Immediately though, this man saw looks of horror on his two companions’ faces, both of them looking like they had swallowed their tongues in shock.

At that moment, above his head, the man felt a potent energy fluctuation that seemed both burning hot and frigid cold, impossible to defend against.

Looking up, he saw a giant palm print flying towards himself. This palm print seemed able to obscure the Heavens and quickly became the only thing his eyes could see, as if it had swallowed both his mind and body whole.

This palm was composed of a strange black flame that the man had never even heard of before.

Heaven Covering Hand!

The man wanted to escape, but there was nowhere for him to flee, the massive palm print seemingly having sealed off all his paths of retreat.


A muffled bang rang out and the cultivator was swallowed by the palm print, a violent force sweeping across his body causing him to send out a pitiful scream. After being struck, the man crashed down to the ground like a meteor, his bones all broken and his flesh severally damaged. Clusters of Demonic Flame continued burning him and no matter how he tried to use his own Saint Qi to extinguish them, he was unable to.

With his opening strike succeeding, Yang Kai didn’t pause for an instant, summoning a Heaven Punishing Spear into his hand and throwing it out towards the other Third-Order Saint while his enemies were still in a state of confusion.

Sensing danger approaching, the man hurriedly tried to resist, condensing his Saint Qi to protect himself while summoning out a Saint Grade High-Rank shield-like artifact to block Yang Kai’s spear.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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