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Martial Peak Chapter 1037

Chapter 1036 - Planning Ahead

Chapter 1036, Planning Ahead

The group of three didn’t stop on the second floor.

Arriving on the third floor, the shop hand stopped and smiled, “Please have a look around. If you see anything you like, just inform me.”

Yang Kai nodded and began walking around the various displays on the third floor.

The Star Shuttles here varied greatly in length, size, and even shape. It seemed that they were each designed to meet different requirements of various customers. The Artifact Refiners here especially made each Star Shuttle unique, but that didn’t affect their performance in the slightest.

The strength of the cultivators that came to buy Star Shuttles on the third floor was obviously quite different as well. The cultivators that were wandering around in front of the displays were Saints or Saint Kings, each of them possessing certain status and strength.

However, no matter how strong they were, each of them behaved respectfully.

No one dared to make trouble inside one of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s stores, especially not on the Chamber of Commerce’s home star. The stores of this star were the foundation of the Chamber of Commerce, so they would definitely not allow anyone to affect it negatively.

Yang Kai walked around slowly, browsing the Saint King Grade High-Rank Star Shuttles. Whenever he found one he was interested in, he would ask the shop assistant to take it down so he could inspect it closer.

Xue Tong followed behind him and noticed that even after quite some time Yang Kai wasn’t able to find one he wanted, so he couldn’t help but say, “If you are willing to wait, you can let the Artifact Refiners here custom make one for you.”

“How long would that take?” Yang Kai turned back and asked.

“Even if you have a good relationship with Young Master Shen Tu, it would take at least a month or two.”

Yang Kai knit his brow and shook his head, “Forget it, there’s no need to go through that much trouble. In any case, when my strength grows to a certain extent, it will need to be replaced. I might as well just purchase one that’s ready-made!”

Saying so, his gaze suddenly landed on a sleek, sea-serpent like Star Shuttle, and he said to the clerk, “Let me see that one.”

The shop assistant nodded and quickly retrieved it.

Holding the Star Shuttle in his hands, Yang Kai tried circulating his strength through it and his eyes soon shined.

When he circulated his Saint Qi through this Star Shuttle, it flowed incredibly smoothly, far more so than with any of the previous models he had tried.

Because individual Artifact Refiners would use different materials and different Spirit Arrays, there were inevitably slight differences between each Star Shuttle. As such, whether a Star Shuttle could perfectly accept the strength of a certain cultivator would become an indicator of its suitability for that individual.

The Star Shuttle Yang Kai was currently holding was undoubtedly quite suitable for his Saint Qi.

Not planning on continuing to search for something better, Yang Kai nodded and said, “This one is good, how much does it cost?”

When the shop assistant heard this, he first shot a glance towards Xue Tong.

Seeing this, Xue Tong simply said, “Just state the normal price.”

“Yes,” The clerk nodded and said, “Saint King Grade High-Rank Star Shuttles generally cost ten thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals, with the price varying slightly from model to model. The Star Shuttle honoured guest is currently holding is the highest quality one on the third floor so it is valued at twelve thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals!”

“Twelve thousand…” Yang Kai frowned, suddenly discovering that he was somewhat ignorant of the value of Saint Crystals here. He didn’t know whether twelve thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals was a lot of wealth or not.

As such, he glanced over at Xue Tong for help.

Xue Tong smiled and said to the clerk, “Charge it to Young Master Shen Tu’s account. We will settle it another day.”


“No need, I have enough Saint Crystals on hand,” Yang Kai said, “I’ll pay for it myself.”

Yang Kai indeed had a lot of Saint Crystals with him, all of them being ‘acquired’ from the cultivators of Purple Star and Sword Union who had been stranded on the floating continent. There was more than enough to pay for this Star Shuttle.

Since he could afford it, he didn’t want to accept a favour from Shen Tu.

The shop assistant couldn’t help looking to Xue Tong for guidance. In response, Xue Tong’s eyes flickered slightly but he didn’t say anything and just nodded.

The shop assistant relaxed and smiled, “Please come with me.”

Follow him down to the first floor, Yang Kai spent some time to pull out enough Saint Crystals from his Demon Mystic Tome and settle accounts with the shop assistant who then respectfully delivered him and Xue Tong to the door.

Outside the store, Xue Tong led Yang Kai to several other stores to purchase some rare ores.

On Water Moon Star, you could literally purchase anything you wanted, assuming you have enough Saint Crystals, one could even purchase a Starship.

The Starships refined by Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce were the fastest and highest quality in the entire Star Field, so many forces would place orders for them from Water Moon Star.

Yang Kai, of course, didn’t have any ideas about such things as he knew he currently didn’t have anywhere near enough wealth to purchase a Starship.

He didn’t know the value of Saint Crystals here and had no concept of what was cheap and what was expensive, so he could only follow behind Xue Tong to purchase ores in bulk. The ores Yang Kai chose were all Saint King Grade and he continued buying them until he only had a few hundred pieces of Saint Crystal left in reserve.

Inside the Demon Mystic Tome, there were now a ton of rare ores, which Yang Kai placed next to the two pitch-black round stones, allowing them to absorb their mineral essences.

Seemingly because Yang Kai did not let Shen Tu pay for his purchases, Xue Tong found him more and more pleasing to the eye. Clearly, he felt that this young man was very principled and did not make friends with his Young Master to take advantage of his status.

After finishing with the shopping spree, Xue Tong invited Yang Kai to have a meal at the most luxurious restaurant in the city.

The next day, the two men departed.

Xue Tong’s speed was extremely fast and his Star Shuttle’s grade was not low.

After about two hours, the pair returned to Shen Tu’s palace, and Xue Tong took his leave.

Yang Kai walked into the palace alone and was quickly met by Jia Long who smiled and asked, “Did little brother manage to purchase everything he wanted to?”

“En, Water Moon Star’s cities are rich in commodities, I was very satisfied.”

Jia Long laughed, “If one can’t buy something on Water Moon Star, then there’s nowhere in the entire Star Field they will be able to.

He said these words with a fair amount of pride.

“Is Shen Tu back yet?” Yang Kai asked.

“No,” Jia Long shook his head, “Little brother doesn’t need to worry. Although the President is a bit strict, he is still quite good to Young Master Shen Tu. Summoning him this time was probably just to reprimand him slightly. Before Young Master left, he asked me to urge little brother to relax here. If little brother has any requests, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“I understand. I have to enter retreat for a while, so don’t let people bother me. I’ll inform you when I come out.”

“Good!” Jia Long gently nodded.

Yang Kai returned to his residence and closed the door before taking out the Star Shuttle he had purchased for twelve thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals and holding it in the palm of his hand. He then because using his Saint Qi and Spiritual Energy to refine it.

Any artifact had to be refined by a cultivator using their own energy before it could be used.

Back on Tong Xuan Realm, it had taken Yang Kai a few months to refine his current Star Shuttle, but at that time his strength was quite low while the Star Shuttle he had been refining was of a high Saint Grade, hence why it had taken so long.

Now however, things were different. Yang Kai had carefully selected this new Star Shuttle to match with his own Saint Qi and he himself had reached the Second Order Saint Realm, so refining it should be much simpler than last time.

As soon as he began pushing his Saint Qi, the Star Shuttle was covered in a layer of Demonic Flame. The Demonic Flame was both hot and cold, the two opposite attributes coexisting in perfect harmony.

In a flash, Yang Kai felt a subtle connection form between himself and the Star Shuttle and he began pouring his Divine Sense into it, investigating its internal structure while simultaneously leaving his Spiritual Energy mark on it.

Yang Kai temporarily forgot the passage of time and devoted himself fully to refining the Star Shuttle.

The entire process went smoother than Yang Kai had expected as he quickly refined the Star Shuttle while engraving his Soul Mark onto it, allowing it to adapt to his strength.

Everything proceeded unimpeded.

After Yang Kai thoroughly refined the Star Shuttle, he estimated that it would only take a month of nourishing it before he could use it.

Realizing this, Yang Kai felt a sense of satisfaction as he understood this was evidence of his own cultivation and strength having increased greatly.

Yang Kai didn’t choose to leave his residence but instead stayed in his room while nourishing his new Star Shuttle with his Saint Qi as he spied on the mysteries of the giant Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea.

Time passed by and soon it had been an entire month.

Since Yang Kai first arrived here, he had spent the vast majority of his time inside the palace. In fact, apart from when he went out to purchase things with Xue Tong, he had essentially not stepped out of his room or spoken with anyone.

As he sat calmly and pondered various things, Yang Kai suddenly felt an urge to go out and take a look around, see the various sights of Water Moon Star and experience how this prosperous star differed from Tong Xuan Realm. At the same time, he could also familiarize himself with the performance of his new Star Shuttle.

By deepening his understanding of the various aspects of the Star Field, Yang Kai would better be able to plan ahead.

Right now, he still hadn’t come up with an explicit goal.

Thinking so, Yang Kai got up and left his room.

After looking for Jia Long outside, and learning that Shen Tu was still not back, Yang Kai made plans to go out on his own.

Jia Long didn’t stop him and instead just gave him a Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce token, explain to him that with it he could use it to enjoy some privileges outside as well as avoid some troubles.

Yang Kai put the token in the Demon Mystic Tome before flying off on his Star Shuttle.

He had no specific destination in mind and simply flew wherever the wind took him.

This Saint King Grade High-Rank Star Shuttle was truly different; it was several times better than his previous one. In terms of speed alone the two were not comparable.

Flying along, Yang Kai would stop from time to time as he gradually explored Water Moon Star.

This star was not much different from Tong Xuan Realm actually, there were mountains, lakes, continents, and seas, along with a variety of different races.

If Yang Kai had to name a difference, it was that any Cultivation Star in the Star field had far richer World Energy’s reserves than Tong Xuan Realm.

As the home star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, this was even more so the case for Water Moon Star. While the World Energy density here wasn’t as good as the strange floating continent, it still ranked amongst the best Cultivation Stars in the entire Star Field.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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