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Martial Peak Chapter 1039

Chapter 1038 - Battling A Saint King

Chapter 1038, Battling A Saint King

This shield artifact had blocked many near-fatal strikes for this Third Order Saint and he regarded it as his strongest defence.

Having summoned his shield, the man regained his composure and was just about to fight back when a crisp sound rang out in front of him. Looking down, the man was terrified to see that his prided defensive type artifact had actually been pierced through by the Demonic Flame spear, it’s spirituality completely lost and its light growing dim.

The man couldn’t help crying out in fear.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Three more Heaven Punishing Spears flew over, the first two completely shattering the shield artifact while the third pierced into its target’s body, breaking through the Third Order Saint’s powerful body and Saint Qi protection as if they were paper.

Vitality quickly disappeared from the man’s body and the light in his eyes faded as he plummeted head-first towards the ground.

In the blink of an eye, of the three people who had surrounded Yang Kai, one was dead and another was dying!

The dead man had not even hit the ground before his body was burnt to ash and even his Soul which had tried to escape failed to escape the wrath of the Demonic Flames, melting like snow under the hot summer sun and quickly disappearing.

The wounded man down on the ground was still being engulfed by the Demonic Flames and his shouts were rapidly growing weaker.

The only one of the three left, the First Order Saint King, was now staring towards Yang Kai with a dignified look upon his face.

He couldn’t fathom how this young man, who seemed to only be a Second-Order Saint, was able to instantly kill two cultivators who were a Minor Realm above him. What’s more, this youth managed to accomplish this without even breaking a sweat, like he was casually pinching two ants.

At this moment, the young man in front of him also wore a stunned look, as if even he was surprised by his own accomplishment.

A violent and bloodthirsty aura quietly swelled up from Yang Kai’s body, causing his momentum to climb to a new height.

Seeing the pair of indifferent eyes glaring towards him, the Saint King Realm master couldn’t help shivering slightly, as if in front of him was not a Second-Order Saint Realm boy, but a master who stood at a much greater height than his own.

Before they had even begun to fight, he wanted to retreat! He didn’t know if he could beat this strange youth.

“Profound Heavenly Sword!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted and a sword made from Demonic Flames appeared in his hand. In a flash, the sword chopped down towards the last man’s head.

The Saint King master finally came to his senses and let out a fierce roar, a wave of energy bursting forth from his Knowledge Sea. The fluctuations of this Spiritual Energy pulse were quite strange and as soon as they reached some kind of critical point, a great behemoth emerged from between the man’s forehead.

This colossus was a full twenty meters in length and was covered in a hard shell. It was a Monster Beast famous throughout the entire Star Field, the fierce Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion.

As soon as this Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion appeared, it emitted a thick green mist that polluted the surrounding dozen kilometres while its two powerful pincers clamped repeatedly, seemingly capable of cutting through the strongest metal or jade.

The Demonic Flame sword landed squarely on the hard shell of the Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion, but didn’t cause it any harm, only leaving behind a shallow scratch while the Demonic Flames themselves were actually swallowed up by the poisonous mist and soon extinguished.

Seeing that his Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion was capable of withstanding the strange Demonic Flame, the Saint King Realm cultivator laughed and taunted, “Little brat, your courage isn’t small. On Water Moon Star you actually dared to kill my Chamber of Commerce’s people, you cannot escape death now!”

“You’re from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed.

“Enough nonsense! Surrender your life!” This person was not willing to say anything more with Yang Kai and immediately made the Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion rush toward Yang Kai, its pincers stretch out threateningly as a green glow appeared on its barbed tail.

This poisonous scorpion was frightening and its poison was incredibly potent, anyone stained with it would die without a doubt. What cultivators feared about it most though was that its poison not only affects one’s body but their Soul as well, so any place where Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpions appeared was considered a Restricted Area and only some very powerful cultivators would attempt to hunt them.

This Saint King master had apparently killed a Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion before and refined its remnant soul into a weapon he could control.

Fighting with Yang Kai, he had no choice but to summon it out.

This Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion was actually nothing more than a Soul Avatar, but it still possessed all of its abilities from before it died, and although it didn’t have a physical body, the Spiritual Energy it was composed of was sturdy enough to withstand a great deal of punishment.

Yang Kai’s Profound Heavenly Sword was unable to damage it.

Seeing the Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion rushing toward him like a bolt of lightning, its great maw open wide as if it was trying to swallow him whole, Yang Kai gathered the full power of his Soul and sent out a great burst of Spiritual energy towards it.

Noticing this, the Saint King Realm cultivator was startled but didn’t draw back and instead wore a disdainful grin.

The young man in front of him was clearly not aware of the Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion’s traits. Seeing that it was a Soul Avatar, this youth clearly wanted to use his own Spiritual Energy to fight back, but he didn’t know that the scorpion’s poison could corrode Souls as well.

The Saint King could already picture what result Yang Kai would achieve.

The invisible forces collided together, and the huge figure of the Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion came to a halt as it swung its pincers about violently and whipped its barbed tail forward, the green glow from its tip piercing towards Yang Kai’s Divine Sense.

Yang Kai’s face sank as he felt his consciousness becoming sluggish.

He immediately understood that this poisonous scorpion was not as simple as he had imagined.

Without hesitation, Yang Kai unleashed the full might of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

The air suddenly became hot, and the space around the Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion began to warp.

The Saint King master, who had been sitting back and watching as if he was just a spectator to the show, suddenly felt the change in Yang Kai Spiritual Energy and paled, hurriedly trying to withdraw his Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion in the next instant.

But before he could succeed, the poisonous scorpion suddenly trembled as if it was suffering unbearable torment.

Its hard golden shell cracked in multiple places and the burning hot Conflagrated Spiritual Energy rushed in through the gaps, roasting it from the inside out.

The Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion went up in flames and in a flash, the beast which Yang Kai’s Profound Heavenly Sword couldn’t even scratch was burnt to ashes.

“Impossible!” The Saint King Realm cultivator let out a roar of disbelief as he stared at the spot where his precious poisonous scorpion had disappeared, his face filled with panic.

Even a Third-Order Saint King master wouldn’t have been able to deal with his Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion so quickly. That was a feat only an Origin Returning Realm master could achieve!

This man suddenly glared over towards Yang Kai, his face flushed red and a violent aura surging from his body.

The Golden Armoured Poisonous Scorpion was his trump card, one he had painstakingly refined using his own Soul over many years. Every time he used it, he was able to win handily, and had even used it to turn danger into safety more than once.

All that time and effort he had invested had just been destroyed right before his eyes, sending him into a rage. Now, all he wanted to do was kill the young man in front of him to soothe the hatred in his heart.

“Boy, I want you to die!” He roared madly, pushing his Spiritual Energy once more and summoning out more Monster Beast Soul Avatars one after another, each of them hovering mid-air while glaring towards Yang Kai.

The Saint King master stood in the middle of these Soul Avatars, like the king of beasts, his anger still boiling over.

With a single thought, the man sent all the Monster Beast Soul Avatars rushing forward towards Yang Kai while he himself hid amongst them, looking for an opportunity to launch a killing strike.

*Chi chi chi…*

Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Spiritual Energy burst out once more, his Divine Sense launching one blazing hot attack after another, causing these beasts to shriek in pain as they were burnt down in rapid succession.

Under the camouflage of a burning beast, the Saint King Realm master swiftly approached Yang Kai and a strange power burst from his body, forming an invisible vortex that pulled Yang Kai towards it.

Sneering deeply, a dazzling ray of light shone from his palm and a powerful burst of energy shot forth, seemingly tearing through space as it moved to swallow up Yang Kai.

Yang Kai instantly covered his body in Demonic Flames, turning himself into a human fireball while sending his strength into the vortex at his feet in an attempt to destroy it and free himself.

The next moment, he felt a shroud of light engulf him.

Yang Kai’s face changed as he felt this wave of light wash over him and finally understood the gap between the Saint King Realm and Saint Realm. With his current strength, he could easily kill Third-Order Saints, but he was actually unable to quickly handle a Saint King, even facing a First Order Saint King was a bit dangerous for him.

Cultivators who had reached this level had a far deeper understanding of their own strength as well as how to utilize it than Yang Kai currently did.

“Demon God Transformation!” Yang Kai roared in his heart.

Black Demon Crests appeared on his skin before swiftly disappearing into his physique, causing his vitality, life aura, and physical strength to rise dramatically…

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

As the beam of light crashed against him, Yang Kai was hit hard, his body tossed around like a rag, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

The Saint King Realm cultivator saw this and sneered before rushing out towards Yang Kai, intending to deliver the final blow.

He suddenly discovered that this strange young man was actually not as strong as he had imagined, and his absolute confidence in his own strength returned.

A double palm strike slammed into Yang Kai’s body, and the Saint King master poured his own Saint Qi into him, attempting to destroy his vitality.

At that moment though, he saw a teasing look on Yang Kai’s indifferent face.

Although he seemed to have suffered heavy injuries, and blood was flowing out the corner of his mouth, this young man didn’t seem to care.

Sending out a flurry of punches, the two men immediately fell into a violent hand to hand exchange.

Fresh blood splashed out as Yang Kai’s skin was cut open, but the Saint King master was not fairing any better, his body was also quickly covered with blood, turning him into a miserable state.

This was not Yang Kai’s first time fighting someone above his own realm, but it was his first battle against a Saint King master.

In this difficult situation, Yang Kai was inspired by the potential of his own abilities and was able to rapidly comprehend many mysteries about his own strength that had previously eluded him.

The longer that passed, the fiercer Yang Kai fought, a tinge of madness appearing in the depths of his eyes, his strength not decreasing at all as a result of his injuries and instead rapidly growing stronger.

Conversely, the Saint King Realm master’s anger and momentum quickly began to fade.

He was feeling that if he continued this fight, perhaps he would be the one to die!

He was heavily wounded now, and countless meridians inside his body had been damaged while many of his bones were cracked. Clusters of Demonic Flame burnt his body, almost turning him into a ball of flame, forcing him to circulate his own strength to resist the damage they were causing him.

But in the face of the simultaneously hot and cold auras, he was finding it difficult to resist and he once again felt the urge to flee.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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