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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 309

Chapter 309 - Ancient Ruins

Chapter 309: Ancient Ruins

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In the dark seabed, water surged, cold and bone-chilling. A few ugly creatures seemed to sense something and quickly burrowed into the soil and disappeared.

In the distance, two balls of golden light were faintly discernible, as if they would be extinguished at any moment. However, they gave off an extremely reassuring feeling.

The light appeared more stabilized up close. Within the two balls of golden light was Qin Jue and Shi Tian.

At this moment, the two of them were standing on a stone that was about ten meters in diameter. There was nothing else nearby, so the stone seemed exceptionally out of place.

It was obvious that this stone in front of him was definitely related to the Heaven Ascension Gate. Moreover, Qin Jue could sense a faint spirit qi fluctuation from the stone.

The stone was square in shape, like a boxing ring. All kinds of strange runes were carved on it, changing unpredictably and unpredictably.

Logically speaking, the Spirit Central World in the ancient era should not have had runes. Even if it did, it would not have been so complicated.

However, these runes were abnormally obscure and inconceivable.

One had to know that the runes had only started coming into use tens of thousands of years ago. After tens of thousands of years of evolution, they had finally reached their current level of complexity.

How could there be such complicated runes in the ancient era?

Unless this stone did not belong to the Spirit Central World or the runes were done by an expert from the outside world.

Coupled with the “sacred tomb” the merfolk mentioned just now, perhaps this was the tomb of an expert from the outside world?


At this moment, a black figure suddenly shot out of the soil not far away at an incomparably fast speed, heading straight for Qin Jue.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

When the black figure touched the golden light, he immediately melted like snow and ice. The figure erupted with a scream and disappeared.

“What is it?”

Shi Tian had a shocked expression. He did not notice at all.

“Nothing. Just a reckless little thing.” Qin Jue said casually.

Shi Tian :”…”

Although Qin Jue said it casually, Shi Tian knew that if that black figure had chosen to attack him just now and he didn’t have the golden light to protect himself, he would have died.

For the first time, Shi Tian felt so weak. Even when he faced the pavilion master of the Nine Nether Pavilion and a Saint Stage expert, he had never felt this way.

It was only at this moment that Shi Tian realized that Qin Jue’s strength far surpassed his imagination!

“Show me the map.”

Qin Jue didn’t care what Shi Tian was thinking and ordered.


Shi Tian was stunned and hurriedly took out the map.

Qin Jue took the map and observed for a moment before coming to the center of the stone platform.

“Eh, there’s a gap here.”

Shi Tian was shocked.

The runes on the stone platform that were closer to the center were all broken, as if they had been cut open by a blade. It was very strange.

“Yeah, the gap is this map.”

Qin Jue waved his hand lightly, and the map immediately lightly landed on the gap. It landed perfectly, and even the lines drawn on the map were connected to the runes.


In the next moment, the map lit up with a dazzling light again. With that red circle as the source, it spread out in all directions. Wherever it passed, every rune was activated and quickly spread to the entire stone platform!


The Spirit Extinguishing Sea shook, startling countless living beings and raising shocking waves.

The expressions of the merfolk experts suppressed by the golden light changed drastically when they saw this scene.

“The Sacred Tomb has opened!”

“Dammit! Those two humans actually have keys!”

“No, we have to stop them!”


In an instant, everyone activated their spirit energy in an attempt to break free.

Unfortunately, not to mention that they were only Supreme Stage and Legendary Stage experts, even the strongest Saint Stage leader would not be able to succeed.


As the runes on the stone platform were all activated, the stone platform that had been “embedded” for an unknown period of time suddenly spun!

Seeing this, Qin Jue frowned and immediately grabbed Shi Tian and flew up.

“What’s happening?”

Shi Tian was puzzled.

“The Heaven Ascension Gate is about to open.”

Before he could finish his sentence, intense spatial fluctuations suddenly spread out, forming countless hurricanes and turbulence, tearing space apart. It was incomparably terrifying.

Fortunately, the two of them retreated in time and were not affected.

Although Qin Jue had the golden light protecting him and did not have to worry about being injured by the hurricane and turbulence, Qin Jue was still worried. After all, if he was accidentally swept into a spatial rift, he would very likely be teleported elsewhere.

Qin Jue might not be affected, but Shi Tian would be in trouble.

Seeing that the “Door to Heaven” was about to open, another black figure shot out from below. However, the black figure was targeting Shi Tian this time!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

However, this black figure faced the same outcome as the previous black figure.

From beginning to end, Shi Tian did not manage to see what these black figures looked like.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

However, what followed was like a fuse that was lit. More and more black figures flew out and shot towards the two of them from all directions, as if they were moths to a flame and were fearless of death.

Clearly, these black figures were the protectors of the “Sacred Tomb” just like the merfolk above.

Qin Jue lightly stomped his foot, and the black figures that filled the sky immediately froze in midair. This time, Shi Tian finally saw what they looked like.

They were nothing like the creatures he had seen before. They were only the size of a finger, and their bodies were covered in a layer of scales. They were also covered in spikes that were extremely sharp and flickered with a cold light.

Such a small thing could actually erupt with such powerful strength?


How could she not be interested in a level twelve spirit herb, the Profound Yin Grass?


At the same time, the surging seawater suddenly calmed down, and the spatial fluctuations gradually shrank until they finally dissipated.

As for the stone platform, it had become a spatial gate about ten meters in diameter. No one knew where the other end led to.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Jue put his hands behind his back and lightly flew into the spatial gate, disappearing.

Shi Tian hesitated for a few seconds and hurriedly followed.


As soon as the two of them entered, the spatial door slowly closed and transformed back into the stone platform, as if nothing had happened.

After passing through the spatial gate, the first thing that greeted Qin Jue’s eyes was a vast land with no end in sight. Apart from the mountains and forests, there were no buildings. It was simply like an abandoned wasteland.

The only difference was that the spirit qi here was extremely dense. Even when compared to the White Dragon Race, it was not at all inferior!

Qin Jue was rather surprised by this. Afterall, the White Dragon World was an impressive place.

It was one of the most powerful factions in the Inner Realm and had a True God Stage expert holding down the fort!

On the other hand, the Spirit Central World, excluding Qin Jue and Long Zhen, could at most be considered a low-level dimension. How could some ancient ruins from the Spirit Central World be comparable to the White Dragon World?

It seemed that the so-called ancient ruins did not belong to the Spirit Central World after all.

Thinking of this, Qin Jue looked down and found that he was standing on an identical stone platform. He raised his arm, and the map in the center instantly fell into his hand.

Now, what Qin Jue was most puzzled about was how the village chief had obtained this map.


Beside him, Shi Tian felt dizzy. It took him a while to adapt. “Brother Qin, where are we?”

“Inside the ancient ruins.”


Shi Tian blinked his eyes in confusion as he looked around.

He felt that the ancient ruins didn’t look like anything special.

However, he could tell that the spirit qi here was very dense.. Shi Tian almost couldn’t help but sit cross-legged and cultivate.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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