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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 310

Chapter 310 - The Secret of the Ruins


A cool breeze blew past, stirring the grass and making it sway gently.

The so-called ancient ruins were actually just a small world. It was just that it was far bigger than the Wuji Mystic Realm.

Qin Jue spread out his spirit sense and roughly estimated that this “ancient ruins” was almost the size of the Spirit Central World. Moreover, the environment was even more beautiful, and there were even living beings here.

Who exactly could create such a huge small world and leave it in the Spirit Central World as a tomb?

A True God Stage expert?

Why would an expert of that level bother leaving the entrance in the Spirit Central World?

Qin Jue was puzzled.

“Brother Qin, what should we do next?” Shi Tian asked carefully.

This was the first time Shi Tian had truly left the Spirit Central World. Therefore, he could not help but be afraid.

“Let’s go take a look over there.”

After pondering for a moment, Qin Jue tapped the stone platform with the tip of his foot and flew in a direction.

Although this small world was abnormally vast and contained countless heavenly treasures, buildings were extremely rare. At this moment, Qin Jue was headed towards a ruined palace.

As for the map, Qin Jue temporarily put it away. After all, he still needed to use it when he returned.

“Hiss, what dense spirit qi. Master, there must be many delicious things here!”

Yun Xi lay on Qin Jue’s shoulder, her eyes shining, and crystal saliva couldn’t help but flow from the corner of her mouth.

According to Yun Xi’s deduction, wherever the spirit qi was dense, there would definitely be delicacies!

Qin Jue :”…”

Qin Jue wondered if Yun Xi ever thought about anything other than food.

“Ahem, let’s talk about that after we’re done.”

Qin Jue was helpless. After all, he was the one who agreed to take Yun Xi in as his disciple.

In addition, Qin Jue had indeed seen many high-level fiend beasts and spirit herbs just now, so he did not refuse Yun Xi directly.


Yun Xi nodded and was filled with anticipation.

“Master, be careful!” Suddenly, Yun Xi reminded.


The ground shook and countless rocks cracked open. Then a huge object covered in a black carapace rushed out from the ground and smashed into Qin Jue with a shrill sound!


With a crisp sound, the huge black object was immediately sent flying at an even faster speed, creating a huge pit on the ground. Its carapace cracked inch by inch and blue blood flowed out. Its entire body directly changed from a three-dimensional to a flat surface, deader than dead.


What the hell was that?

Qin Jue focused his eyes and found that it was a strange creature very similar to a beetle. The difference was that its body was thousands of times bigger than a beetle. If it were an ordinary cultivator, they would probably have been smashed into meat paste by this creature.

“Hu, that scared me.”

Yun Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

“You can see it?”

With Yun Xi’s strength at the Supreme Stage, it should be impossible for her to notice this “beetle”.

“Hehe, doesn’t Master remember?”

Yun Xi pointed at her left eye and smiled. “I can see through spirit energy.”

Hearing this, Qin Jue suddenly understood.

He almost forgot that after obtaining the inheritance of the Heavenly Emperor, Yun Xi could see through any spirit energy. It wasn’t strange for her to be able to notice the beetles.

“Master, can this big fellow be eaten?”

Yun Xi stared at the “beetle” below and gulped.

“No, it’s too disgusting.”

Qin Jue hurriedly shook his head.

Qin Jue wasn’t interested in any “insect” food.

“Alright then.”

Yun Xi was slightly disappointed.

Qin Jue :”…”

Beside him, Shi Tian was silent and subconsciously approached Qin Jue.

It couldn’t be helped. This world was too dangerous. Who knew if another similar beetle would jump out and kill him later?

Shi Tian was not confident that he could resolve it alone.

Under Qin Jue’s lead, the two of them quickly arrived at the ruined palace. As far as the eye could see, there were broken walls and dilapidated buildings everywhere.

Many buildings had already collapsed and were overgrown with weeds. The buildings did not look like a “Sacred Tomb” at all.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Shi Tian’s eyes twitched slightly.

Shouldn’t the ancient ruins be filled with spirit qi and treasures everywhere?

Let alone treasures, even iron swords could not be seen here.

Had they gone to the wrong place?

“There’s no need to doubt it. This is the location of the ancient ruins, and it’s relatively ‘complete’.”

As if seeing through Shi Tian’s inner thoughts, Qin Jue explained.

Although there were only a few ruined buildings here, most of them were still rather mysterious. Otherwise, Qin Jue wouldn’t have chosen this place.


“Could the ultimate power Village Chief mentioned be fake?”

Shi Tian sighed.

“No, it’s real.” Qin Jue said indifferently.


Shi Tian was stunned, thinking that he had misheard.

“I sense a very powerful spirit energy fluctuation.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Jue took a step forward and instantly appeared outside a palace, revealing a thoughtful expression.

Seeing this, Shi Tian hurriedly followed and asked, “What’s wrong, Brother Qin?”

“That spirit energy fluctuation is inside.”

Compared to other buildings, the palace in front of him was undoubtedly somewhat special. Not only was the door tightly shut, but only a few walls had fallen off. It was extremely sturdy.

Coupled with the surrounding environment and decorations, this palace clearly had more to it.

What puzzled Qin Jue was that the spirit energy fluctuation was clearly lifeless. However, he could still sense it. What was going on?

Qin Jue couldn’t be bothered to think too much about it. He raised his hand and punched.


In an instant, hundreds of array formations were activated, enveloping the palace in an attempt to stop Qin Jue.

No wonder this palace was so sturdy. It turned out that it was protected by an array formation. Unfortunately, the array formation had encountered Qin Jue.


The fist wind swept over like a wave, instantly destroying all the array formations and crushing the palace door!

Immediately after, an indescribable smell spread out. Before it could approach the two of them, Qin Jue waved his hand and blew it away.

Then, they saw a man with his eyes closed sitting on the throne at the end of the hall!

The man had a head of white hair and was as thin as a match. His eyes, nose, and mouth were all bleeding with frozen blood, looking sinister and terrifying!

Of course, that was not the main point. The main point was that there was a sword stabbed into the man’s chest. It directly pierced through his body and the throne, emitting endless killing intent!

It was obvious that the man was already dead. However, the spirit energy in his body was sealed by the sword and had not dispersed. This was the reason why Qin Jue felt that it was lifeless.

“What a powerful pressure.”

As the array formation was destroyed, Shi Tian also began to gradually sense the spirit energy fluctuations on the man’s body. His breathing became sluggish.

Even though the man had been dead for countless years, Shi Tian could not help but tremble!

Just as Shi Tian was about to collapse from the pressure, the golden light from before bloomed again. The suffocating pressure immediately disappeared.

Qin Jue didn’t continue to care about Shi Tian and directly walked into the palace.


Hundreds of array formations were activated again, but this time, it was not defensive array formations but offensive array formations!


In the empty palace, sword lights appeared and shot towards Qin Jue from all directions. Wherever they passed, space would be torn open!

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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