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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 308

Chapter 308 - Spirit Extinguishing Sea

Chapter 308: Spirit Extinguishing Sea

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Spirit Central World, Southern Land.

Just as Shi Tian had said, the location indicated on the map was indeed in the Southern Land. However, it was a very remote place that was already close to the border of the Spirit Central World.

Everywhere one looked, one could almost see the raging void storm and turbulence. Bolts of lightning struck down, making one feel fearful.


Space distorted as Qin Jue and Shi Tian instantly appeared in this area. Yun Xi lay on Qin Jue’s shoulder, her little face full of curiosity.

“Is this the place marked on the map?”

Shi Tian was stunned.

“That’s right.”

Qin Jue put his hands behind his back and smiled. “It’s right below.”

Because this area was close to the edge of the Spirit Central World, it caused the spirit qi to be scarce, causing one to be unable to cultivate here at all. Moreover, it was filled with danger. If one was careless, one would be swept away by the spatial turbulence and die.

Therefore, even Supreme Stage experts were unwilling to come unless necessary.

Shi Tian lowered his head and looked over. He only saw an ocean that was boundless. There was nothing else.

“This is the Spirit Extinguishing Sea of the Southern Land.”

Qin Jue faintly said, “Once you enter, your spirit energy will be greatly reduced and you will lose control. How about it? Are you afraid?”

The Spirit Extinguishing Sea could be said to be one of the most dangerous forbidden places in the Southern Land. It was even more terrifying than the Death Spirit Valley.

After all, there were only high-level fiend beasts in the depths of the Death Spirit Valley. As long as one did not intentionally court death, one would be fine.

On the other hand, the Spirit Extinguishing Sea was different. Cultivators below the Supreme Stage were simply unable to fly from above.

In addition, if one soaked in the Spirit Extinguishing Sea for too long, their spirit energy would gradually lose control, eventually breaking through their internal organs and erupting.

This was also the most terrifying part of the Spirit Extinguishing Sea.

To low-level cultivators, falling into the Spirit Extinguishing Sea was almost equivalent to death.

“I’m not afraid!”

Shi Tian shook his head firmly and conjured a spirit energy barrier. He was fearless and was prepared to enter the Spirit Extinguishing Sea at any moment.

Seeing this, Qin Jue didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Let me help you.”

As he spoke, a golden light suddenly shot out from Qin Jue’s fingertip and enveloped Shi Tian, dazzling like glass.

Although Shi Tian could jump ranks to defeat the Nine Nether Pavilion’s holy son, who was at the Legendary Stage, he was still only a Supreme Stage expert. If he stayed in the Spirit Extinguishing Sea for too long, he would most likely die.

With this layer of golden light protecting him, even if Shi Tian lived in the Spirit Extinguishing Sea from now on, he would not be affected at all.

“Thank you, Brother Qin.”

Shi Tian was overjoyed.

Although he didn’t know what realm Qin Jue was at, before he arrived at the Xuanyi Mountain Sect, Shi Tian had already heard that the Xuanyi Mountain Sect was the holy land of the Southern Land.

Coupled with the fact that Qin Jue had easily activated the map just now without any sluggishness, Shi Tian speculated that Qin Jue was very likely a Saint Stage expert!

He believed that the spirit energy shield of a Saint Stage expert would definitely ensure his safety!

After doing this, Qin Jue enveloped himself with golden light again before lightly landing in the Spirit Extinguishing Sea.

As soon as he entered the Spirit Extinguishing Sea, a strong binding force gathered from all directions and smashed onto Qin Jue’s body from all directions. Fortunately, the golden light was sufficiently firm. Not only was it able to nullify the effects of the Spirit Extinguishing Sea, but there were also no fluctuations inside.


Witnessing this scene, Shi Tian gulped. He instantly had a new understanding of Qin Jue’s strength.

“Brother Qin, where is the Heaven Ascension Gate?”

After hesitating for a moment, Shi Tian could not help but ask.

“At the bottom.” Qin Jue answered.

Therefore, the two of them continued to go deeper, and their surroundings gradually darkened. During this time, various strange creatures swam past from afar, but none of them dared to approach them, as if they were afraid of the golden light.

The strange thing was that the lower one went, the lighter the spirit energy restriction was. Towards the end, the restrictions almost disappeared and were replaced by extremely dense spirit energy. It was simply inconceivable.

Just as the two of them passed 50 kilometers and were about to approach the bottom of the sea, a light suddenly lit up from the darkness and shot towards the two of them!


Wherever the light passed, the seawater boiled. The few unlucky undersea creatures were directly melted by the light, leaving nothing behind.

“Not good, Brother Qin, dodge!”

Sensing danger, Shi Tian’s figure swayed and he hurriedly retreated.

The reason why Shi Tian was able to remain unscathed after being ambushed by the Nine Nether Pavilion’s holy son was largely because he could foresee danger and could act decisively.

His intuition told him that he could not withstand the power contained in this light!

However, Qin Jue seemed to not have heard Shi Tian’s words. He still stood motionless in place, as if nothing had happened.


Finally, the light hit Qin Jue. However, Qin Jue’s golden light only flickered slightly. It had actually blocked it!

“How is this possible?”

Shi Tian was dumbfounded. He subconsciously looked at the golden light beside him. Was Qin Jue’s golden light so powerful?

“How dare you, arrogant bastards! How dare you barge into the Sacred Tomb! Considering that your cultivation is pretty good, I advise you to leave quickly. Otherwise, I’ll kill you without mercy!”

In the darkness, a vast and dignified voice sounded. It approached from afar, piercing through gold and splitting stone!

As the last word fell, a creature with a human upper body and a fish lower body suddenly appeared in front of Qin Jue and Shi Tian. He was covered in scales and held a long halberd. His appearance could not be seen clearly, only its two scarlet pupils were exposed, giving off a sinister and terrifying feeling.

Not only that, but there were thousands of similar-looking creatures behind him, each holding a weapon. They quickly surrounded Qin Jue and Qin Jue, as if they would attack if Qin Jue chose to stay.


Qin Jue’s expression was slightly strange. He didn’t expect there to be merfolk in the Spirit Extinguishing Sea!

Of course, that was not the main point. The main point was that the leading merfolk had actually reached the Saint Stage!

Who would have thought that there would be a Saint Stage expert in the Spirit Extinguishing Sea at the edge of the Southern Land?

If even the guards outside were at the Saint Stage, then how strong were the cultivators inside?

Qin Jue pondered and realized that things might not be as simple as he thought.

“Human, leave quickly. This is not a place you should be!” The leading merfolk shouted angrily.

“Sacred Tomb…”

Qin Jue muttered to himself and then smiled. “Interesting.”

“Brother Qin, what should we do?”

Shi Tian took out a fiend beast bone and waited solemnly.

Hearing this, Qin Jue didn’t answer but raised his hand.

In an instant, golden light bloomed and spread out continuously, suppressing all the “merfolk” present and making them unable to move.

It was very normal for there to be guardians outside the ruins, so Qin Jue didn’t make things difficult for them and only suppressed them.

Unless they wanted to court death.

“Hmm, what happened?”

The leading merfolk was shocked, and his scarlet pupils were filled with panic.

“Stop! You can’t approach the Sacred Tomb…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the merfolk felt his mouth turn cold and was directly sealed in place by spirit energy!

Qin Jue didn’t even look at the other party and quickly landed at the bottom of the sea.

“This is…”

Shi Tian was surprised. Under their feet, a strange-looking stone stood silently. There were many runes carved on it. It was unknown how many years had passed, but it was still clearly visible and complicated.

“Heaven Ascension Gate..” Qin Jue said indifferently.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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