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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 150

138 – If Prepared

138 – If Prepared

Posted on November 4, 2017 by crazypumkin

*Edited by Aj

AN: And we’re back to Will’s POV.

Father had always been like this.

No matter how, a father was always just so cool. Although he’s someone I never had in my previous life. But he was so cool that it was natural for a son to want to follow after his father’s footsteps.

Although it was difficult to imagined, looking at his usual idiotic father tendencies, his cool side shined through in situations like this. As a territory lord, as the leader of the knights, as a duke, as the personal guard of the King. He was a person who deserved all the titles he had been given, was what I once again felt deeply.

He would be so so cool if he maintained that behavior of his all the time. After imagining it for a bit, I didn’t really felt too good so I stopped. It, it’s not like I’m feeling lonely or anything!

After leaving the office and stepping into the corridor, my mind hasn’t stop spinning. The thing I was thinking about was the wide flowing, muddy river. The Iiza River. The place where I visited 2 months ago.

Father, who made the smart choice of showing me the report, had something like this written in it. Suspicious personal seen in the Sociunnov territory, which meant Hattuo’s citizen who entered into Elzmu unlawfully, was seen so they were requesting for reinforcement to be sent over.

That was the digest of it. Others might think that the Sociunnov Knights family should handledsomething like on their own.

By the way, the set-up of the knights around the different territories had, if strictly speaking, different missions but they were mostly a cross between America’s federal system and Japan’s prefecture’s police system.

Knights had about the same authority as a normal policeman had but in this world filled with magical beasts, they were also allowed to adapted themselves according to different moments. Which meant they had a certain amount of freedom. And, the leader of these small groups of knights were usually the lord of the territory.

And the Sociunnov territory was located at the edge of the [Demon Forest]. That meant that their knights were very highly trained and were unlikely that they would be defeated by Hattuo’s soldiers, who mostly had no knowledge about magic.

Ah, all of these was not my conjecture but something John-Sensei once taught me.

So, what was the problem then?

This was written in the book I got from Father, [The Diary Of The First Founder], that [Balance] was needed for this world. If they were to damaged the forest recklessly, ‘something bad’ would happened. And the Sociunnov territory had been keeping this rule in mind for they were the nearest to the [Demon Forest].

They had no idea what would happened if they rampaged in the forest, which was why they asked for help from the King. And the King immediately informed his personal guard, as well as the leader of (all) the knights, Gion, about it.

But with just the report alone and without any evidence, Father can’t make a move either. The matter won’t be settled with just a ” Sorry, it was a mistake, te-heh-heh~ “. This was a norm of an official organization. Although that father of mine was looking unconcerned about this, he was still that father of mine. He must be worried like hell right now.

And I was very happy that he trusted in me so much that he was willing to show me the report.

After thinking it through, I lifted my face up and chanted silently.


[TN: Teni, Teleport]

The sight of the soft and fluffy carpeted corridor changed in an instant to a rocky area where a huge gush of water flowed through. I was standing at an area of the riverbed of the Iiza River, surrounded by rocks that blocked me from prying eyes. Before, when I came here with Buu-san on the mission to investigated Hattuo, I had specially searched for a place like this.

While I was at it, I had my body casted with《透明化》as well. What magic was it? Like what it said, it was a magic that renders one’s body invisible. If it was this, I could peep as much as I want… was not what I was thinking at all! Ha ha ha ha ha! For I am a GENTLEMAN. No, I was really not thinking about peeking for even a little bit!

” What to do.. ”

I looked away from the river and directed my eyes over to the north. On the map, Sociunnov territory was located downstream of the Iiza River so if I were to follow the river straight down, I should be able to find it. As I flew full-speed ahead, I thought about another problem I was going to faced.

This world’s level of skill had not reached the level of creating a detailed map as so as not to get lost on the way to Tattor.

And at this every moment, I thought of something. Can it be? It can’t be?! Wasn’t that Zen’s house?!

” Yosh! Nice comeback! Zen!”

Zen, who gave a very tsudere ” I am not going home because I am lonely! ” when I was talking to him yesterday, went home at this very nice timing like he was fated to do that.

As I flew through the sky dyed orange by the setting sun, I reached and took something out from my inter-dimension locket pendent. Yes, this was the communication tool I made.


[TN: Tsuuwa, Zen ni Hasshin. Call Zen]

The call was connected immediately without any dial tone. It must be because Zen was holding onto it tightly. I made it in a fashion that one would be able to answer the call just by touching the receiving tool. For just in case anything happened. But for the call to get connected immediately, Zen must be holding onto it because he wanted to tell me something.

The smile I had on my face died down in an instant. In the barrier I made when I flew in order to protect myself, it was silent. There was no sound of the wind, no birds chirping, just…. silence.

Suspicious personal was seen in Tattor. Could it be that Zen was…

I could hear my heart beating. Trying to calm down, I listened to Zen as I fiddled with the mana through the communicator. I can’t afford to make a mistake with this. If this was really the worst possible scenario I had in my mind, I wanted as much information as I could get.

” Will…! I need you now.. ”

Just as when I cleared my ears, I heard a voice calling my name.

“《通話先に転移》! ”

[TN: Tsuwa saki ni idou, teleport over to the receiver side]

After refilling the mana in my communicator, I chanted with all my strength and the magic activated.

This was one of the function I added in when I first created the tool in case anything happened. The image of this magic was something like ‘fast keys’.

For teleportation magic, I would need to have the exact image of where I wanted to be teleported to in order to successfully cast it. I had been often thinking if I should set up coordinates but even so, it was impossible for anyone to conjured up an image of a place with just a bunch of numbers. And without an image, the spell will fail. At least, I won’t be able to do it.

And that’s why, this secret weapon! Magical tool-chan! Materials to build a magical tool was a correctly drawn magical circle and the required mana, just these 2. So even without a clear image, with just the tool, the magic could be activated!

And, in the receiver tool I gave Zen, the magical tool had already been carved inside of it.

” Will…. ”

I heard a voice calling out my name the moment I was teleported over. A voice that sounded like he was on the verge of crying.

I can’t be seen, as my body was still under the invisible spell. Using that, I observed my surroundings. It would be bad if there were any enemies lurking around. There were no one I could see but just in case, I spread my mana thinly throughout the area, but it came up empty too. With that confirmation, I finally relaxed.

In the worst case scenario, I thought that Zen had been kidnapped but that didn’t seemed to be the case. As I let out a sigh of relief, I released the invisibility magic.

And when I looked at Zen, I could see big fat tears sliding down his face. Ah, it was too early to feel relief. It looked like Zen really had something he wanted my help for urgently.

As my brows tighten with worry, a fearless smile floated up onto my face.

” I’m here, Zen. ”

” …..Eh? ”

With a dazed look, Zen stared at magical tool he was gripping tightly in his hand. It looked like he thought that a call had went through. I can’t helped but smile at Zen’s action.

I am sorry for being unable to prevent you from getting hurt. Even though I may be somewhat aggressive in forcing my friendship on you and you might not like it. But for better or worst, I had always thought that it was not about what others could do for me but what I could do for others. That’s why.

” Not there, stupid. I told you I would come running if anything happens, didn’t I? ”

Although I did not run, I jumped here. I would be here to helped even if you didn’t say anything. Because that was what friendship meant. I’m sure.

” Will! ”

Zen raises his head and as our eyes met, a huge smile appeared on his face.

Well then, it was time to beat up the one who caused my friend trouble.

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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