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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 149

137 – He Who Was Relied On

137 – He Who Was Relied On

Posted on October 29, 2017 by crazypumkin


AN: I did it a little longer this time. Starting from the POV of Manuel (Mi’s father, the lord of the Sociunnov Territory).

Having a bad feeling from all the reports about noticing a suspicious group moving about in the north [Demon Forest], Manuel got together a survey team and send them out to the street that had the most eyewitness account.

And from there, there were information about a group of people dressed in rough clothing like bandits but was yet more disciplined than real bandits.

There was also another account of a larger man and his group who moved separately and was staying at the town.

These reports made Manuel’s head hurt. The king had already expected these movements and had warned him in advance about what was coming so it was still within expectations. However, it came a lot faster than he expected.

The reason was that they already had more than a hundred years of peace. Why would anyone think that the neighboring country would come attacking all of a sudden without any warning signs? Although Manuel had no idea how the King came across this information but it made him respected the King more.

This King, who inherited the [cheat] blood of the First Founder who made everyone capable of using magic and building that majestic royal castle, with the country’s strongest army had managed to uncovered the biggest classified information of Hattuo. He even managed to hold against a high-position holding [Shadow], who was now destroyed. This made his respect went deeper.

But now was not the time. It was the time to uphold his responsibility for being a Noble. Yes, it was the time for him to be the sword that protected the citizens.

Firstly, he would start by sending a report.

Holding the just finished report in his hand, Manuel walked towards the [Communicator] tool that he had been using quite a lot recently, not to mention it with his son for some reason.

” And I would need to press this… ”

Putting the report into the [Communicator], Manuel pressed the button somewhat nervously. Immediately, the tool activated. It was said that when the button was pushed, the tool would ‘scan’ the document and send it to the receiver, the King.

Manuel had no inkling of how this tool was build but he was taught the usage from the butler when he inherited the position. Ah, anyway it was enough that he knew how to use it.

In reality, no nobles would send just a report over. Thanks to having to wipe up the mess made by the previous generations, Manuel had never bothered with going to those nobles’ parties so he did not had much knowledge about the unspoken rules and regulations. And although he was a little fearful about speaking to the King directly, this was an emergency.

Manuel then took the part called [receiver], which the function was to send his voice over to the other side, before pressing a different button. This was the [call] button. And shortly thereafter, ringing sounds were heard from the [receiver].

『 This is King Kesamu speaking. Your matter is? 』

And from the [reciever], the King’s baritone voice could be heard. Manuel straighten his posture sub-consciously before speaking. Ah.. He was using this tool in the correct way… right?

” He, Hello. I’m Manuel of the Sociunnov Territory! I am here to report about an emergency! ”

He was so nervous that his voice almost broke. If this was not an emergency, he would never thought about talking to the King directly. The few times they talked face-to-face was when there was a court session so he was really not close with the King at all.

『 Give me a minute…. Okay, I got the report. I will call back soon. 』

And with that, the line was cut. Manuel let out a deep breath.

” That was nerve-wracking.. ”

But he can’t relax as of yet. He had to start dealing with the group that came from Hattuo. He glanced at the door that was connected to the study. It was a door that lead to the bedroom.

” I won’t be entering for a while I guess… ”

His target was the street closest to the [Demon Forest], Tattor. The responsibility of the Border Knights Family Sociunnov was to protect the citizens. And to do that, they would had to protect the [Demon Forest] as well.

Manuel rang the bell that called for his family.

After riding in the carriage for a while now, it was already evening when they reached Tattor. The street was quiet, unlike the capital, which was always bustling till late at night, and it gave Zen the feeling that he was home. Shops closing early was one of the traits of a countryside.

But somehow, something felt wrong. This was usually the time when adventurers started returning but their figures were missing from the main street.

Having a bad feeling, Zen hurried home.

Spotting the halfheartedly-made thick wooden signboard, Zen sighed unintentionally. This house remained unchanged despite having been gone for 6 months. Maybe it was Ruby-nesan, whom he asked to looked after his sloppy father, who cleaned up the shop as the windows were sparkling.

Father was definitely not the one who did this. He cannot even imagined his father doing it but even if he did, the sides of the window would still be left dirty. Zen, who had been looking after his father for a long time, was at least sure of this.

” I am home~ ”

The bell chimed as the door to the shop was pushed opened. This was his home slash shop that he had been living since young so he simply entered . As expected, there was no customers. And also as expected, the shop keeper, his father, did not come out to greet the customers. A shop like this was able to survived was really all thanks to Baron’s skills.

His only skill was at creating magical tools. It also showed how good of a magical tool craftsman he was. And when Zen thought about complimenting his father, he felt that something really felt wrong today.

The door behind the counter that lead to the workshop was open. Yet the usual banging sounds were missing. Zen thought maybe his father was working on something that did not required a hammer. Pliers was only needed if it was just bending a wire.

” Father~! I’m back! It’s me! ”

Zen yelled as he approached the workshop. Baron should had realized that someone had came from how loud he was being.

Hoever, the room was silent. The response he was waiting for did not came. And when Zen entered the workshop, no one was in there.

” ….Eh? ”

Suddenly, his heart started racing. The darkness of the room that he did not mind a moment ago, looked scary now. And even though it was just the end of summer and before autumn, the room felt so cold that Zen rubbed his hands together.


His father. That idiot father that would headed over to the workshop even if he was running a fever was not here at this timing. That bad feeling Zen felt when he first entered Tattor came pounding back. As the beating of his heart got stronger, his imagination started getting weirder and his back started sweating.

In a panic, Zen ran over to the manufacturing table and on it, he found a piece of paper.

” At… the adventurer’s guild? ”

It looked like a memo. After confirming that it was Baron’s handwriting, Zen let out a sigh of relive. For now at least he knew where his father was at. Zen had imagined all the worst possible scenarios, for example like his father moved away or that he was dead. But then.

” Why the adventurer’s guild…..? ”

What matter did his only-magical-tools father had to visit the guild? And even to leave a note behind too. But Zen tried to wiped away all the bad feeling he had and rushed out of the house.

Reaching the adventurer’s guile, it was bustling like the quietness of the street was a lie. Usually, this being a pub cum adventurer’s guild, it was normal for it to be noisy well into the night.

But somehow it felt different tonight. Because, deep inside the pub-part of the guild, figures of knights could be seen. Plus, the knights was the center with people gathered all around them.

” Knights? …Father?! ”

Zen was shocked at finding his father standing beside a knight, not to mention how pale his face was. What happened? Zen gave his all in squeezing through all the adventurers, trying to reach his father.

” …..FATHER! ”

Zen yelled, and his father noticed him immediately. For a moment his face warped before turning back to face the knight.

” Is that your son? ”

” Yea, he’s my son who was supposed to be at the academy inside the capital…. ”

Zen then realized, the knight was looking at his father with a pitiful look in his eyes. It looked like his father was not welcoming the fact that Zen was back. Tears welled up in his eyes.

” Father… why? ”

Did that meant that he was an unneeded kid? Zen was clever enough to deduced from the knight’s attitude that his father did not committed a crime but somehow, he could felt that he was not needed there, and that he was the reason so many bad things had happened.

” I shouldn’t have come back….?! ”

Was his presence a bother? He wanted his father to denied it, but instead, his words confirmed it.

” I really hope you did not come back. At least not at this timing. ”

” That’s right. ”

The knight nodded at his father’s words. This timing? Zen lifted his face up. If he looked closely, he had seen this knight’s face a few times before at the shop and even at the lord’s residence.

” It’s an emergency right now, Zen. There’s a kidnapping. ”

” At this moment, it seems like no child had been harmed. I am also investigating it right now. Have you seen anyone suspicious around, Zen? ”

” I, I don’t think so. I came by carriage… ”

Zen was relieved. His father did not said that he hated him. He was just worried about Zen’s safety because of the kidnapping. A smile naturally appeared on Zen’s face. But the next sentence froze that smile.

” It looks like they are targeting hunters. Ruby had been kidnapped. ”

” Eh…..? ”


What did Father said just now?

Ruby-nesan was kidnapped?

Zen subconsciously grabbed the pendent hanging around his neck.

” Can she be saved? ”

Zen muttered. But there was no answer to that question. Staring dumbly at the knight, he could see the sad expression on his face. Zen took a step back. It was the same as telling him they can’t do it.

” That’s why we were thinking of asking for a wonderful magical tool craftsman like your father for help. ”

The knight sounded troubled and sad. And staring at that face, Zen seemed to had made up his mind as his patience wore out.

” Ah! Wait! Zen! ”

” Zen! Idiot!! ”

Zen could hear both his father and the knight’s voices behind his back. But all the surrounding adventurers was like a wall, separating them. They had no way of chasing after Zen who was using his small body to pass through the gaps.

Zen had ran away. He knew he can’t do much but he can’t helped but had a feeling that all these were caused by him returning home ahead of time. He also can’t understand the reason why the knights, who were supposed to protect the citizen, can’t help. He felt betrayed.

” Ruby-nesan…. ”

He thought of her face as he ran. What expression would she had right now? Zen don’t even want to think about that. His heart hurt.

After running with all his might, he can’t catch his breath and squatted down. He had ran to a garden near his house. It was then he realized he had been gripping onto the pendent. That magical tool Will had given to him for communication.

” Will…! I need you now.. ”

He tried his darnest talking to the tool but he knew. This tool is only for receiving. But Zen, who felt betrayed by his father and knights, would only think of Will, his friend, right now.

Will was awesome.

He had a feeling that even if he did not explained what the situation in detail, Will had a way to make everything alright. He knew too, that the last communication he had with Will was last night’s evening. And all they did was to talk about random, useless stuff. The last thing he said was that he was going home and shut off the communication off by his own. The next call would at least be 3 days away. And if Will was angry at him for cutting the call, he might not even call in 3 days.

” Will…. ”

Big fat tears slide down Zen’s face. And even so, he did not stop talking to the pendent. This might be the only thing he could counted on right now. Because Will had said he will come running if anything happened.

Zen wondered if he was a fool to wait for a call that would not came. Standing in the garden all alone, it was when Zen tried calling his name once again.

” I’m here, Zen. ”

” …..Eh? ”

He heard a voice above him. There was no mistaking that voice. But there was no way that voice would be here right now. Zen stared at the pendent.

” Not there, stupid. I told you I would come if anything happens, didn’t I? ”

Hearing that voice once again, Zen lifted his face up and saw, clear as day, the face of his best friend.

” Will! ”

That fresh and cute face of Will, be it winter or summer, was looking at Zen with worry.


TN: Phew! This took me 3 times the time I usually take! Oh Zen, such a cute kid.

By the way, the ” I need you now… ” was actually ” I need your help… “. I just… changed the words a little, they are of the same context!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!. Hehehehehehe.

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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