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Martial Peak Chapter 989

Chapter 988 - Little Brat, Your Luck Is good

Chapter 988, Little Brat, Your Luck Is good

Bi Ya’s enchanting body trembled lightly as a seductive moan leaked from her lips, shooting Yang Kai a slightly rebuking glance as she whispered to him, “Be gentle, if you’re too rough I’ll break.”

[This slut!] Yang Kai’s cursed silently in his heart, but deep down, he too was becoming excited. The feeling he had while massaging Bi Ya’s amazingly soft yet elastic peaks almost made him lose the ability to think, the burning heat he felt on the palms of his hand threatening to destroy all his mental defenses.

Bi Ya also seemed like she was becoming excited, but Yang Kai was keenly aware that the strength in her body was beginning to subtly circulate in a strange pattern.

Her aura was slowly transforming, causing her to appear more and more charming, making her seem truly irresistible to any man she pinned beneath her.

This beautiful woman was like a ripe peach, her exposed skin glowing a faint pinkish hue, highlighting her body’s allure, tempting one to grab hold of her and never let go.

Such a woman had a deadly appeal to all men.

Yang Kai’s eyes became even redder and his pupils dilated. Seemingly unable to control his own body, his two big hands rhythmically kneading her plump chest.

It was as if he had fallen into a trance.

After quietly observing for a while, Bi Ya’s beautiful eyes revealed a self-satisfied look.

She knew that that young man under her had been completely conquered by her charms and she could now do whatever she wanted with him.

She had taken countless men like this. Once they became entranced, she would absorb all of these men’s Blood Essence to enhance her own strength.

The men she played with often became dried up corpses afterwards which she could discard at will.

Although she had played with a great many men before, Saint Realm cultivators were still quite difficult to obtain. Anyone who had cultivated to this realm would generally not sit still and let her do as she pleased.

It was for this reason that she particularly loved gullible men like Yang Kai. She especially appreciated how he had a rugged look to him, which was just to her appetite.

After confirming that Yang Kai had fallen under her spell, Bi Ya giggled happily as she lightly brushed her hand across her lips, seemingly wiping them in preparation to eat the meal in front of her.

Slipping off her clothes, Bi Ya exposed her jade white body to the air before reaching down with her delicate hands and gently grabbing hold of Yang Kai’s rising dragon.

Calling out in surprise, Bi Ya’s beautiful eyes flashed as whispered suggestively, “Your qualifications aren’t small.”

She was incredibly pleased as she shifted her body slight in preparation to descend onto her prey.

A crystal clear viscous liquid dripped down her legs, leaving behind a glistening sheen.

Just as she was about to begin her feast though, her brow furrowed deeply and a look of anger and dissatisfaction appeared on her face as she glared towards her door.

The moment Bi Ya shifted her eyes, Yang Kai’s dull eyes narrowed slightly and he quietly dispersed the strength he had secretly condensed.

From the corridor outside, a rush of footsteps resounded and immediately after, the door was pushed open, with Liu Shan and Liu Sha bursting in.

The two of them stared at Bi Ya and Yang Kai, both of whom were still maintaining an ambiguous position atop the bed without showing any intention to hide. Liu Sha even whistled frivolously as he unscrupulously swept his eyes over Bi Ya’s beautiful figure.

“We’re heading out,” Liu Shan said bluntly.

“Now?” Bi Ya asked bitterly, “Didn’t we just get back?”

“It’s Senior’s orders. If you have any complaints, you can take them to him,” Liu Shan replied indifferently, “You have ten breaths to get ready!”

Saying so, he turned around and left, from beginning to end not paying any attention to Bi Ya’s naked figure, as if her near-perfect body wasn’t the least bit attractive to him.

Bi Ya looked down at Yang Kai who was lying beneath her, without the slightest ability to resist and ground her teeth, disappointment and anger filling her expression, a moment later shooting a deathly glare towards Liu Sha and snapping, “What are you looking at? Keep looking and I’ll dig out your eyes!”

Liu Sha grinned tauntingly, “Why didn’t you say this to Liu Shan? He also looked.”

“He wasn’t dissolute; you, on the other hand, have nothing but obscene thoughts in your head, you waste of a man! Now get out!” Bi Ya waved her hand and slammed the door shut.

Outside the door, Liu Sha rubbed his nose and muttered unhappily, “So what if one more man stares at you, what’s the big deal?”

Saying so, Liu Sha then let out a mocking laugh, “Being interrupted at the critical moment would drive anyone crazy, Liu Shan. You really did a good job.”

“I just delivered Senior’s orders,” Liu Shan coldly snorted.

Inside her room, Bi Ya ground her teeth as she quickly dressed herself and moment later rushed out of the room.

The footsteps of this group of three gradually drifted away.

After confirming that they had really left, Yang Kai’s ‘intoxicated’ expression became gloomy as he sat up from the bed.

If Liu Shan had come even a breath later, he would have already taken action.

Bi Ya had thought he had completely submitted to her and had let her guard down entirely. At such a close distance, Yang Kai was confident he could have killed her in a single strike.

As for what to do after killing her, Yang Kai hadn’t thought that far.

He only knew that he could never have physical contact with this promiscuous woman. The aura that she sent out just now when she had been in oestrous was far too dangerous.

That aura of hers was no doubt of a predator ready to swallow him whole.

The Star Field was truly filled with wonders, but also contained great danger.

Fixing his clothes, Yang Kai sat on the bed and began to think.

Now that Bi Ya was gone, no one was watching him, and he considered taking this opportunity to escape from the ship, but how exactly to open this Starship’s exit, Yang Kai wasn’t sure, so acting rashly now would definitely not be to his advantage.

Just as he was contemplating his next move, the door was opened again.

Standing in the entrance was a middle-aged man who was giving Yang Kai a strange look.

This man had a Second-Order Saint Realm cultivation, a rather low level for the cultivators aboard this great ship. Yang Kai didn’t even put such a cultivation in his eyes now.

“Little brat, your luck is good,” The middle-aged man suddenly said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Yang Kai feigned ignorance.

“You don’t have to, now get out,” The man waved at him.

Yang Kai frowned, but didn’t refuse, standing up and walking out of the room before silently following the middle-aged man through the ship’s corridors.

“Where are you taking me?” Yang Kai couldn’t help but ask.

“Wherever I take you, you just need to follow. Why ask so much nonsense?” The middle-aged man frowned and coldly snorted, “Normally, useless visitors like you should be killed directly.”

Hearing this man’s dismissive words, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a cold light.

“But Senior Bi Ya wasn’t willing to see you die just like that, so she told me to arrange a good place for you for the time being. When she comes back, she’ll come for you,” The middle-aged man explained casually.

Yang Kai took a soft breath and knew that for the time being, he wouldn’t be in any danger.

As long as Bi Ya still wanted something from him, she wouldn’t let others kill him off just like that.

Following the middle-aged man, Yang Kai continued to move forward, and after a stick of incense worth of time later the two of them arrived at a large room.

As soon as he entered this room, Yang Kai felt rich energy in the air. The energy aura in this chamber had become almost dense enough to see.

This room was at the bottom of the big ship. Once he got there, Yang Kai looked around curiously.

Yang Kai didn’t know what this large room was for, but he could see that a giant Spirit Array had been engraved on its floor and walls that had offshoots that seemed to lead to every other section of the ship.

On top of that, rows upon rows of the highest quality Saint Crystals were arranged all over the room. Each of these Saint Crystals was as big as a washbasin and contained an incredibly rich amount of pure energy.

The energy from these Saint Crystals was being extracted by the Spirit Array and sent along its engraved paths to places unknown.

In addition, in the centre of this room, there was a big open space where a large number of cultivators with varying cultivation levels were sitting down cross-legged.

Most of these cultivators were Transcendents, but there were also several Saints among them.

The hands and feet of these cultivators were bound by the shackles that were attached to the floor of the room, so all of them could only move within a very narrow range.

The shackles binding these cultivators gave off a strange energy fluctuation that seemed to have some kind of restraining effect.

Yang Kai’s heart sank as he realized the situation was not good.

Because he found that these shackled cultivators each had weak auras and pale complexions. The power from their bodies was silently leaking out and all of them showed signs of overdraft.

Some of these cultivators even appeared to have unstable internal energy fluctuations, as if their cultivation realm had fallen.

“Where is this place?” Yang Kai asked dully.

“The Starship’s power room,” The middle-aged man replied casually, “Your task is simple. Just sit over there and we’ll take care of the rest.”

Not waiting for Yang Kai to ask anything more, the middle-aged man turned to the side and said, “Ke Meng, I’ve brought you a new recruit!”

A figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai and looked him over, showing a satisfied grin in the next moment, “His cultivation level is good, where did you find him?”

The middle-aged man shrugged his shoulders, “Senior Bi Ya brought him back from outside.”

“Senior Bi Ya?” The man named Ke Meng frowned before showing a meaningful smile, “And she was willing to send him to the power room?”

“Senior Bi Ya went out to perform a task, so there’s no one to look after him right now. Therefore, I wanted to keep him in the power room. You’d best take care and not let him die.”

Ke Meng smiled evilly, revealing a set of jagged teeth like those of a beast, “I can’t guarantee anything. There was a guy with bad luck who expired just now. You know the situation here; it’s not exactly something I have complete control over.”

The middle-aged man frowned, seemingly aware of Ke Meng’s difficulties, nodding as he said, “Try your best, otherwise when Senior Bi Ya returns next time, if he really ends up dead, she’ll definitely be angry.”

Ke Meng’s face changed and a deep sense of dread flashed across his eyes. It seemed he was quite afraid of that woman, hesitating for a moment before nodding, “Good, I’ll portion him some more Saint Crystals so that he doesn’t grow too weak.”

“That would be for the best!” The middle-aged man said with satisfaction, glancing over at Yang Kai for a moment before turning around and leaving.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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