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Martial Peak Chapter 988

Chapter 987 - Land Of Warmth And Tenderness

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Yang Kai didn’t know what business these three had with He Zao and He Miao, but he could still infer from their conversations that they were quite wary of the hidden dangers in the Chaotic Abyss.

So after obtaining some reliable news, they couldn’t wait to leave here, go back, and report what they had learned.

No matter where they went, so long as he followed them, Yang Kai felt that he would be able to leave this Star Field Restricted Area that had trapped him for so long.

After leaving here, he just had to find a suitable opportunity to get rid of these three.

Yang Kai behaved very cooperatively, remaining silent the whole time, causing the three people to gradually lower their vigilance towards him.

Of course, with him being only a First-Order Saint, the three of them had not been very wary of him to begin with.

Along the way, their words inadvertently revealed some more information, letting Yang Kai know that they belong to a force called Purple Star, the burly man was named Liu Shan, the small snake-like man, Liu Sha, and the beautiful woman, Bi Ya.

These three’s Star Shuttles were higher quality than Yang Kai’s and had much higher speeds than his own.

Perceiving this, Yang Kai secretly felt fortunate that he had not chosen to avoid them earlier, because even if he had tried to run away, he wouldn’t have been able to escape their pursuit.

After a few days of flying, Yang Kai finally couldn’t help but turn to the beautiful woman and asked, “Where are we going now?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough,” Bi Ya giggled, not answering Yang Kai’s question.

Liu Sha shot a profound look towards Yang Kai at that moment, a meaningful grin appearing on his face.

“Look, we’ve arrived,” Bi Ya suddenly pointed to the front, her beautiful eyes lighting up.

Looking in the direction she pointed, Yang Kai’s eyes shrank and he nearly called out in alarm.

Amidst the cold, dark, the Starry Sky was a giant beast-like figure that was rapidly speeding towards them. This beast was nearly a thousand meters in length and had a spectacular appearance.

Although this beast was massive, it was also silent as well as remarkably fast.

When they saw this huge figure, Liu Shan, Liu Sha, and Bi Ya couldn’t help but reveal a relaxed look, like they had returned home and felt a sense of security.

Every moment they remained inside the Chaotic Abyss they had been extremely on edge.

“An ominous beast?” Yang Kai brow wrinkled as he whispered under his breath. Releasing his Divine Sense though, he quickly discovered that this beast-like figure didn’t exude any vitality, and instead had a regular kind of energy fluctuation similar to an artifact’s.

“Ominous beast?” Bi Ya looked at Yang Kai with amazement, covering her mouth with her hand in the next moment and laughing, “Little brother is so cute, how could that possibly be a beast? That’s my Purple Star’s Saint King High-Rank Starship!”

“Starship?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded, but suddenly recalled the giant broken ship he had seen in the Restricted Area beneath the Demon Capital.

Liu Shan also shot Yang Kai a curious look before slowly shaking his head and snorting disdainfully.

Yang Kai’s outburst just now revealed that he had really come from a lower world as only those from such backwater places wouldn’t know that this large artifact was a Starship.

Before now, Liu Shan hadn’t determined whether Yang Kai was telling the truth or not, nor did he intend to because he felt he would be dead soon enough, but now, Liu Shan was certain this youth really came from a lower world.

As they got closer, Yang Kai got a clear look at what he had mistaken for a beast.

A bronze ship a length exceeding one thousand meters with some similarities to the broken ship he had seen beneath the Demon Capital. The only noticeable difference was the ship in front of him was a bit bigger.

Had the Bone Race arrived in Tong Xuan Realm thousands of years ago on a ship like this?

Yang Kai was at a loss for words and couldn’t speak for quite some time.

He also realized that he probably wouldn’t be able to carry out his original plans anymore.

He had thought these three would be leaving the Chaotic Abyss aboard their Star Shuttles, so he had not hesitated to follow along with them in order to find a way out; but now, facing this massive ship, Yang Kai discovered that he had greatly misjudged his choices.

If he entered this great ship with them, he would definitely become a turtle hiding in its shell.

Inside this ship, there would no doubt be at least one master at the Saint King Realm!

Just as he was thinking hard about how to get out of this situation, Liu Shan suddenly took out compass-like artifact from his storage artifact.

The compass lit up as Liu Shan poured his Divine Sense into it, seemingly communicating with someone.

A moment later, he put away this compass-like artifact and with a creaking sound, a gate at the bottom of the giant ship slowly opened.

“Let’s go!” Liu Shan waved and dashed into the gate, quickly followed by Liu Sha and Bi Ya.

At the same time, the three of them brought Yang Kai into the gate and arrived inside the great ship.

After the three men stepped into the bronze ship, the gate automatically closed.

Yang Kai was dazzled, as if he was a country bumpkin who had just come to the big city, staring curiously at everything around him.

In his heart though, Yang Kai felt a deep bitterness because the instant he had stepped on board this great ship, he had felt many powerful life auras all around him.

Most of these auras belonged to Saint Realm cultivators, while two or three of them were far stronger than that, giving Yang Kai an incredibly strong sense of oppression.

It was as if these auras alone could destroy his will to resist.

Saint King Realm!

This giant bronze ship really had masters at the Saint King Realm aboard.

“Liu Shan, you’re late,” A Third-Order Saint who walked over shouted impatiently.

“We had to the long way around, but we also found some important news.”

“Oh?” The man frowned, “What news?”

“Those two little sluts really did enter the Chaotic Abyss, and their Star Shuttle was damaged in the previous battle, causing their Star Chart to fail. They’re currently lost somewhere inside this place.”

“Where did you learn that from? How credible is it?” The man’s eyes flashed curiously.

“This little brat told us that he met those two sisters, and that his Crystal Stones and pills were robbed by them. I suspect those two sluts won’t be able to last much longer,” Liu Shan pointed to Yang Kai and said.

It was only then that the man noticed Yang Kai’s existence, looking him up and down at him before nodding lightly, “Very good, as long as they’re still inside the Chaotic Abyss, they won’t be able to escape our grasp. This news must be reported to Senior quickly so he can decide our course of action!”

“That’s what I was just about to do, do you want to come?” Liu Shan asked.

“En, let’s go!”

Saying so, the two walked side by side towards the inner depths of the great ship.

“This lady won’t accompany you, I want to take him back to have a rest,” Bi Ya smiled and once again linked arms with Yang Kai before heading in the other direction.

Liu Shan frowned but didn’t try to stop her, simply calling out, “Don’t go too crazy.”

“I know, I have a sense of discretion,” Bi Ya smiled tenderly.

Bi Ya walked through the corridors swiftly and easily, obviously she was very familiar with the inner structure of this great ship. She was also familiar with the cultivators coming and going along the road. None of these cultivators had a cultivation below the Transcendent Realm, with Saint Realm cultivators making up the majority.

However, whenever these people saw Bi Ya, they all avoided here like they would a poisonous snake, each of them wearing a nervous look, waiting for her to leave before they finally relaxed.

When they looked at Yang Kai, who was being held by Bi Ya, all of these bystanders wore sympathetic looks on their faces mixed with a little mockery.

Noticing this, Yang Kai felt increasingly uncomfortable.

He could almost predict what this beautiful woman was intending to do with him, and from the surrounding cultivators’ demeanors, he could infer that if she were to really carry out her plans, he would end up very miserable.

[This cheap slut!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart while maintaining a composed look upon his face, his thoughts turning over rapidly as he constantly observed the route they were travelling, memorizing it as best he could while searching for any way out of this mess.

After a while, Bi Ya came to a room with Yang Kai and opened the door. Bi Ya stepped inside first and then beckoned invitingly to Yang Kai, “Come in.”

Yang Kai walked in docilely and looked around to find that this was Bi Ya’s residence. The whole room was filled with a touch of fragrance, the aroma wasn’t strong but just right. The room was embellished with hues of pink everywhere, giving it a warm and comfortable feeling, causing anyone who entered to unconsciously relax and lower their guard.

There was a small incense burner in the centre of the room which was emitting an unknown scent. When Yang Kai inhaled a wisp of this scent though, his body involuntarily had some subtle reaction, his blood flow becoming faster as his more base instincts flaring up.

His clear eyes gradually became clouded with a layer of red.

Near his ear, there seemed to be an entrancing whisper that was constantly trying to entice his soul, causing his breathing to become heavy.

Before Yang Kai knew it, Bi Ya had changed out of her robes into a thin seductive dress, her pair of sensuous eyes flashing a lustrous light as her jade hands reached out and caressed his chest, her face blushing a faint reddish hue, further enhancing her seductive charms.

She gazed at Yang Kai satisfactorily, taking the initiative to paste her hot tender body onto his, causing her proud elastic peaks to greatly deform against his chest as a burst of beguiling moans leaked from her throat.

Gently, she pulled Yang Kai over towards her fragrant bed.

“What are you doing?” Yang Kai breathed raggedly, putting on the look of a young man without the slightest hint of ‘experience’.

“Hehe…” Bi Ya seemed to be very satisfied with Yang Kai’s reaction. The expression of an ignorant boy had always been her favourite. She most enjoyed destroying young men’s intellects, transforming them into beasts who only obeyed their desires; she felt a rush of satisfaction from this act.

Bi Ya stepped closer to Yang Kai, pushing him back further, exhaling an orchid scent, “This is Elder Sister’s private room, no one will come in, anything you want to do, we can do.”

Her breathing had also become heavy and her tender body was swaying enchantingly as the two delicate tips of her milk-white peaks became hard and brushed against Yang Kai’s chest, bringing him an indescribably pleasant sensation.

At this moment, Bi Ya seemed to have transformed into the very embodiment of men’s desires.

Yang Kai fell onto the bed in the next step and Bi Ya took the initiative to mount him, unceremoniously beginning to help him undress.

Yang Kai constantly let out audible gulps, as if he had fallen into her land of warmth and tenderness, not asking any questions and instead stretching out his two big hands towards the hanging fruits in front of him and grasping them tightly.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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