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Martial Peak Chapter 928

Chapter 928 - Obedien

Chapter 928, Obedient

“No no, you’re not too late, not at all. You’re just in time,” Su Xuan Wu wiped his eyes and said gratefully.

In their darkest moment, Yang Kai had crossed worlds and appeared before them, instantly helping them resolve the crisis, just like more than a decade ago. The memory of those events all resurfaced in everyone’s mind, and although much had changed since then, all of them still held absolute confidence in Yang Kai.

It was as if as long as he was here, even if the sky was to fall they wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

“Brother-in-law!” Su Mu, with his hands still bound, stood up unsteadily as he grinned widely towards Yang Kai, obviously a little embarrassed but more excited than anything else

After slightly more than a decade, Su Mu had actually reached the First Order Transcendent Realm!

Yang Kai’s expression brightened as he patted Su Mu on his shoulder, laughing happily as he nodded, “It’s been too long. It seems your strength has grown well since we last met.”

As Yang Kai said so, he swiftly cut the ropes binding Su Mu and broke the seal on his cultivation.

Su Mu’s growth was even more rapid than Fang Zi Ji’s, probably a result of the benefits he obtained in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave.

Su Mu also encountered some kind of opportunity in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave, but no one knew exactly what that opportunity was.

Moreover, Yang Kai had given Su Yan a large quantity of Myriad Drug Liquid so, as her little brother, Su Mu clearly received a portion as well, which helped him improve his physique and aptitude. Given all this, growing to such a height in ten years was not unexpected.

“What about Elder Sister? Did she come back with you?” Su Mu looked around but not discovering Su Yan’s figure among the crowd, he couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

“No, but don’t worry, Su Yan is now in a very safe place,” Yang Kai reassured him.

Hearing this, Su Mu nodded.

As Yang Kai spoke to these old acquaintances, Li Rong and the other Saints lifted the seals from all the Three Sects’ cultivators, restoring their strength. Many people showed looks of pleasant surprise and excitement.

Li Yun Tian and Zhao Hu, who were also familiar with Yang Kai, couldn’t help shouting happily.

Their strength had not risen by much, not even reaching the Immortal Ascension Boundary yet, still lingering around the True Element Boundary; after all, they didn’t obtain the opportunities or possess the aptitude of Su Mu and Yang Kai, so their lifetime prospects were somewhat limited.

“What about Grand Master?” Yang Kai frowned upon noticing that Ling Tai Xu was nowhere to be seen, asking worriedly.

“Former Sect Master went to the Central Capital to request reinforcements a few months ago, but the situation in Central Capital is probably also…” Su Xuan Wu explained.

“Former Sect Master?” Yang Kai raised a brow, “Who is Sect Master now?”

Su Mu laughed and pointed at himself.

Yang Kai looked at him with amazement but soon gently nodded.

With Su Mu’s current strength, he was indeed qualified to become Sect Master of High Heaven Pavilion; after all, none of the other Elders had arrived at the Transcendent Realm yet.

Su Mu said with a bitter face, “You don’t know how troublesome this has been, brother-in-law. Since you left, Sect Master started travelling around the world, not paying any attention to the Sect’s matters, but he suddenly came back a few years ago and passed the position of Sect Master to me without even asking if I agreed or not… haa…”

“No wonder you were tied up and beaten black and blue, your special treatment was a result of your special status,” Yang Kai laughed.

“Don’t you laugh at me, Brother,” Su Mu scratched his head, “How could I even compare with you. Right, Brother-in-law, what is your cultivation level now? Why is it I feel like I can’t completely understand you.”

“Third Order Transcendent.”


Everyone who heard this called out in shock.

Ling Tai Xu was now only a Second-Order Transcendent, a true hidden dragon who showed his tail but never his face. In recent years, the Hu Sisters had actually become known as the world’s first masters, but even they were just First Order Transcendents, yet now Yang Kai had actually arrived at the Third-Order Transcendent Realm.

When he had left the Central Capital ten years ago, he was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator. This rate of growth was simply horrifying.

“Then what about my Elder Sister? She shouldn’t be any worse, right?” Su Mu asked excitedly.

“She too should be a Third Order Transcendent,” Yang Kai smiled faintly, “But I haven’t seen her for a number of years so I can’t say for certain.”

After a brief pause, Yang Kai asked, “What is the situation right now in the Sect? Has it been occupied?”

“En,” Su Mu said with a bitter smile, “Not only has High Heaven Pavilion been taken over, the nearby Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall has also been occupied. There weren’t many people who come, a few hundred at most, but there were a number of extremely powerful masters among them. We couldn’t even put up a resistance…”

Everyone began chaotically explaining the current situation.

Similar to Yang Kai’s guess, the entrance to this world appeared near Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple, so naturally, they had sent people to investigate. When they discovered the vastness and potential wealth of this place, they immediately sent a large number of cultivators, led by a few masters to suppress the nearby forces, capturing all the cultivators of High Heaven Pavilion, Storm Hall, and Blood Battle Gang.

In order to ensure that they could fully swallow this big piece of meat, Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple also invited two or three other forces to help out.

Then, using this place as a beachhead, they began spreading out.

All this occurred more than a month ago, so the Central Capital’s current situation was unknown. The people here had not heard any useful news, but given the strength of these enemies, it was likely the Central Capital would be unable to put up any kind of resistance.

If that was not the case, Ling Tai Xu would have already returned. The most likely scenario was that Ling Tai Xu has also encountered some kind of misfortune.

The Three Sects had revolted several times, but each time they tried to fight back, many of them would be killed as punishment.

“They don’t even see us as human beings, killing or torturing us is all a matter of their mood. Many people were slaughtered by them without any reason at all, like they were butchering pigs or dogs for sport…” Su Mu ground his teeth angrily.

“Many female disciples from Blood Battle Gang were also humiliated by those damn animals!” Hu Man also cursed indignantly. His words immediately caused the Hu Sisters’ mood to turn gloomy.

Fortunately, when the Void Corridor first opened, they had gone in to explore it, otherwise, forget about finding Yang Kai and bringing back reinforcements, it was quite likely they would have suffered such a terrible fate.

“Nephew Yang, what are you planning to do? We’ll follow your lead,” Storm Hall’s Master, Xiao Ruo Han came up to and said to Yang Kai.

“Are they so despicable?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Good, I didn’t want to make too big a deal out of this but since they choose to act so inhuman, there’s no need to have any scruples, Li Rong!”

“Master!” Li Rong shouted, feeling a tinge of anger as well listening to everything that had happened, her shoulders rising and falling menacingly.

“You and Han Fei sweep the surrounding area, kill all the enemies in the three nearby forces, and don’t let a single one off.”

“Yes!” Li Rong responded firmly before she and Han Fei shot off, disappearing in the blink of any eye.

The surrounding crowd of people were all dumbfounded and before they could respond Li Rong and Han Fei had already left.

“Nephew Yang, you mustn’t act rashly!” Xiao Ruo Han was shocked and quickly tried to object. He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be so hot-headed, not even bothering to inquire about the enemy’s strength before directly ordering an attack, “Among those people there are a number of extremely powerful masters.”

“That’s right, they have more than a dozen Transcendents, a many of whom are Second or Third-Order. I even heard that there was a master among them who has reached the Saint Realm, some kind of level beyond even the Transcendent Realm,” Hu Man also advised, “You letting those two young women go out on their own is too rash.”

“Saint Realm?” Yang Kai grinned and shook his head, “Don’t worry, even if there is a Saint Realm master among them, he certainly won’t be a match for those two.”

“What is the cultivation of those two ladies?” Wei Xi Tong trembled as he stared at Yang Kai expectantly.

“Both of them are also Saint Realm cultivators, but they’re significantly stronger than the enemy. Forget about one enemy Saint, even if there were a hundred they wouldn’t necessarily be those two’s opponents.”

Everyone was stunned silent again, each and every one of them staring towards Yang Kai as if he was some kind of monster.

Without even mentioning his own cultivation, which had grown from the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage to Third Order Transcendent Realm in just over ten years, a miracle in and of itself, he had actually brought back these two unfathomable women as well.

From how the woman who spoke addressed Yang Kai and from her attitude towards him, it was obviously Yang Kai held an absolutely superior position and was able to order them about at will.

However, not only did neither of them complain, they even obediently followed his commands.

Wasn’t their strength much higher than Yang Kai’s own? Why were they willing to obey his orders like this?

This strange phenomenon confused everyone, leaving them unable to even guess what was happening.

“Clever daughters…” Hu Man quietly came up to the Hu Sisters and whispered, “From the looks of it, you two have a hard path ahead of you.”

“Why’s that?” Hu Mei Er turned a suspicious look towards her father.

Hu Man continued, “Those two ladies are both incredibly strong and beautiful. On top of that, they obey whatever they’re told, there’s no place where you’re comparable to them right now.”

“Why do we need to compare ourselves with them?” Hu Mei Er became more and more confused.

Hu Jiao Er thoughts turned quickly and soon understood, ruthlessly glaring towards Hu Man and she said, “You talk too much.”

Hu Man chuckled and said, “Isn’t it normal for a father to worry about his two daughter’s lifelong happiness? Such a good opportunity shouldn’t be missed, en, Father will support you no matter what, so make sure you find an opening and seize the initiative, you mustn’t act too passive. Men like him never lack women around him!”

Hu Mei Er finally clued in and coyly muttered, “W-what are you talking about?”

Hu Jiao Er wore a smile that didn’t reach her eyes as she flatly said, “If you still want someone to take care of you in your old age, I suggest you shut your mouth.”

“Fine, fine. Pretend I didn’t say anything,” Hu Man immediately sighed and kept silent, wondering how, after all the hard work he and his wives had done, he had only been granted these two daughters. Why couldn’t he have been blessed with a son like Yang Kai too, instead of just these two unfilial daughters?

(Silavin: Ahahahaha. That’s why you want Yang Kai as your son XD)

“Everyone,” Yang Kai finished his reunion with his old acquaintances from High Heaven Pavilion and suddenly called out, “You can all return to your Sect’s now. If you still feel unsafe though, you can come to High Heaven Pavilion temporarily. Su Mu, will there be any problem accommodating the Three Sects’ populations for a while?”

Su Mu thought about it seriously and replied, “It shouldn’t be a problem to squeeze everyone in, but the living conditions may be somewhat bad.”

“That’s fine, Hall Master Xiao, Sect Master Hu, I’ll leave the decision about coming to High Heaven Pavilion up to you. I’ll advance first with the Pavillion’s Elders,” Yang Kai declared before heading towards High Heaven Pavilion.

Hu Man and Xiao Ruo Han exchanged a quick glance before quickly keeping up.

The invasion of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple had left them traumatized and the only way they could feel at ease right now was to follow Yang Kai.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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