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Martial Peak Chapter 927

Chapter 927 - Yang Kai Came Back?

Chapter 927, Yang Kai Came Back?

At the entrance of the Void Corridor, the Storm Hall disciples who had been imprisoned and brought through all had dim eyes, each of them feeling intense shame and disgrace.

At the same time, the disciple of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple stood in front of Yu Chun but found that this Elder showed no reaction at all, causing him quite a bit of confusion.

“Your Religion Master said all that?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stared at this disciple.

“Who are you?” The disciple turned his eyes towards Yang Kai but failing to recognize him wrinkled his brow.

Yang Kai simply grinned, “Who I am doesn’t matter, I asked you, did your Religion Master order you to capture and bring back this group of people?”

“That’s right, is there something wrong with that? This group of barbarians is quite unruly, they even foolishly tried to resist, but after killing some of them they became obedient,” The disciple replied calmly. He saw Yang Kai standing here and simply assumed he was a guest of his Spirit Temple, so naturally he spoke a few words.

“Is that so,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, his eyes filling with sharp, cold light.

“Master…” Seemingly feeling his murderous intent, Li Rong’s expression also became icy as she asked for instructions.

“Kill them all!” Yang Kai shouted.

Li Rong and Han Fei nodded and without a word, pushed their Demonic Qi emerged and shrouded the entire surrounding in pitch black darkness.

Everyone suddenly felt the cold grip of death reach out and grasp them in that instant, their hearts tightening in their chest and nearly stopping all on their own.

There were no sounds of fighting and no one screamed in terror.

Ten breaths later, the darkness which seemed to obscure all light dissipated, returning everyone’s stolen vision but now, all the cultivators associated with Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple stood stiff, their vitality completely gone, each of them staring blankly into space, fear plastered all over their faces as if they had witnessed the most terrifying nightmare just before they died.

The five First Order Saints were far stronger than the rest and managed to survive, winding up being imprisoned by Li Rong.

When he came to his senses again, Yu Chun stared towards Yang Kai and grit his teeth, “You really…”

It seemed as if he had not realized how vicious Yang Kai was until this moment, refusing to exchange any words before decisively ordering all of their deaths.


A cracking sound rang out as the five Saints, one by one, were frozen, instantly transforming into ice sculptures.

Han Fei waved her hand a moment later and the five life-like ice sculptures shattered into millions of tiny pieces that scattered in the wind.

The disciples of Storm Hall who had just come out of the Void Corridor were all terrified by this scene, each of them staring on with pale faces.

They fully understood the power of these cultivators who had captured them; but now, these seemingly irresistible enemies had actually been effortlessly slaughtered by this new group, as if they were mere ants.

How astonishing was the strength of these new people?

In their panic, they all unconsciously turned their gazes towards Yang Kai and his group.

Soon however, many of the Storm Hall disciples eyes flashed with amazement.

“It’s the Hu Family sisters!”

“Then are these people helpers they’ve found?”

“Hey, that young man in the lead, doesn’t he look familiar…”

“En, I also think he’s somewhat familiar, like I’ve seen him somewhere before…”

Whispers began spreading around the Storm Hall disciples as some of them vigorously bowed towards the Hu Sisters, thanking them earnestly while many others stared at Yang Kai suspiciously, some of them even recognizing his identity, causing great storms to rage in their heads and hearts.

Nearby, Du Yi Shuang supported Fang Zi Ji and slowly helped him up.

Yang Kai walked over to the pair with a smile on his face.

After finally seeing his appearance, Junior Sister Du couldn’t help covering her mouth and crying out in shock while Fang Zi Ji stood dumbstruck, his jaw falling slack as he stared straight at Yang Kai like he was seeing a ghost.

“Brother Fang, it’s been a long time,” Yang Kai came up to him and nodded, waving his hand lightly to unlock Fang Zi Ji’s sealed True Qi.

Fang Zi Ji didn’t say anything and simply stared back at Yang Kai for a moment before suddenly whispering, “Shuang’er, pinch me.”

“Why do you want me to pinch you?” Du Yi Shuang asked back in confusion.

“I want to know if I’m dreaming right now!”

Du Yi Shuang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Senior Brother, you’re not dreaming…”

“So what you mean to say is, the person standing in front of me is really Yang Kai?”

“Who else would I be?” Yang Kai happily quipped, his previous gloomy mood instantly being swept away as he let out a hearty laugh.

“Brother Yang, you’ve finally returned!” Fang Zi Ji couldn’t help revealing a relieved expression, as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders, reaching out and firmly grasping Yang Kai’s shoulders in the next instant as he hurriedly said, “You must return back to High Heaven Pavilion quickly! Our three Sects are even now being oppressed.”

Yang Kai nodded as he narrowed his eyes, “That’s exactly why I came. We can talk later, it’s not safe here, you’ll all have to come back with me.”

Fang Zi Ji nodded heavily as he clenched his teeth, “En, I truly must go back!”

Li Rong waved her hand and a gentle force spread out around her, unshackling all the Storm Hall disciples and allowing them to regain the use of their strength.

“Han Fei, you and Elder Shi Kun bring up the rear, Li Rong and I will go on ahead,” Yang Kai said before flying towards the Void Corridor together with Li Rong.

Another Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciple flew out from the Void Corridor but before he could grasp the situation, his vision was filled with a giant palm and in the next instant, he directly burst into a bloody fog.

Bathed in fresh blood, Yang Kai’s murderous intent flared up as he plunged into the Void Corridor.

After feeling the familiar sense of vertigo, a light flashed before their eyes and Yang Kai and Li Rong found themselves above a small mine.

It was Blood Battle Gang’s old Yang Flame Stone mine.

There were many people gathered around, divided into three general groups.

Standing midair, Yang Kai swept his eyes around and immediately confirmed that these three groups were composed of cultivators from the Three Sects.

All of them had their True Qi and Spiritual Energy sealed. The closest ones to the Void Corridor was the cultivators from Storm Hall who were even now being unwillingly corralled towards the black entrance by the Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciples.

The cultivators from Blood Battle Gang and High Heaven Pavilion were waiting nearby.

Yang Kai saw many familiar faces among the High Heaven Pavilion group.

The disciples from Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple had very poor attitudes towards the cultivators from the Three Sects. At this moment, several Elders of the High Heaven Pavilion seemed to be loudly shouting towards several Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciples, but the only response they received were spiked whips across their chest and faces.

The several Elders were shielding a young man behind them. The treatment of this young man seemed to be somewhat different from the others. Not only had his strength been sealed, he was also physically tied up and countless wounds covered his body as he sat on the ground. Despite all his cuts and bruises, the young man was glaring back at the Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciples, his eyes bloodshot but apparently unable to hit back.

Su Mu!

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed upon seeing him. Although he didn’t know why Su Mu was receiving such harsh treatment, that didn’t stop his blood from boiling as he rapidly condensed his strength into a great spear that he immediately threw out.


Before the sound even reached him, the Heaven Punishing Spear had directly impaled one of the Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciples who were lashing the High Heaven Pavilion Elders. The violent power of the spear tore this disciple’s body apart, splattered his flesh and blood all over while also sending out a wave of destructive energy.

The other Spirit Temple disciples were unable to react to this sudden and unexpected development and were instantly hit by this shockwave, all of them falling over dead without even knowing how they died

This burst of noise caused everyone in the surroundings to fall silent as all eyes turned upwards.

In the dark of night, a giant full moon hung high up in the sky.

In front of this silver moon stood a tall figure, the cold wind blowing through his clothes while a silent and oppressive pressure radiated from him.

“Who goes there?” Several voices called out as a number of Transcendent Realm cultivators flew up into the sky, soaring towards Yang Kai.

*Pu pu pu…*

A few muffled thuds rang out as the Transcendents who had flown up were knocked down hard to the ground, all of dying instantly.

From the Void Corridor, Fang Zi Ji flew out and immediately stood next to Yang Kai, his True Qi surging up as he shouted, “Yang Kai has come back! Brothers and Sisters, kill these bastards!”

As he shouted, he released his own Martial Skill towards a nearby enemy.

One Storm House cultivator appeared from the Void Corridor behind Fang Zi Ji, each of them like a rampaging wild beast as they launched fierce attacks all around.

“Yang Kai came back?”

The Three Sect’s cultivators were momentarily stunned but were quickly awoken by the sound of fighting erupting all around them, turning burning gazes towards the young man in front of the moon, trying to use their own eyes to confirm whether this person was really the Yang Kai who had disappeared ten years ago.

After a brief moment, cheers resounded as the Three Sect’s cultivators all leapt madly towards the Spirit Temple disciples around them. With their True Qi and Spiritual Energy still sealed, they simply used their fists and feet like ordinary mortals to attack the Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple Disciples.

“Li Rong, help them!” Yang Kai shouted before his figure flickered and he condensed his True Qi, rushing into the enemy camp.

The Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple disciples were dumbstruck, none of them able to understand why this crowd of barbarians had suddenly gone berserk after hearing that ‘Yang Kai came back’.

Who was this Yang Kai to them?

There weren’t many cultivators from Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple here, and the only Transcendents among them had been killed in Yang Kai’s opening attack. The rest were nothing but ordinary disciples with insignificant strength.

After less than thirty breaths, before Shi Kun and Han Fei who were bringing up the rear had even arrived, all the Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple cultivators had been killed.

Bodies were strewn everywhere and blood flowed like a river but the Three Sect cultivators all wore ecstatic expressions as their eyes darted around the crowd, seemingly looking for someone.

A moment later, everyone’s eyes were cast in one direction. On the other side of their vision was Yang Kai who as walking towards the Elders of High Heaven Pavilion.

Great Elder Wei Xi Tong, Second Elder Su Xuan Wu, Third Elder He Bei Shui, Fifth Elder You Zi Zai. Except for Fourth Elder Zhou Fei, who had been killed by the Demon Lord, all the Elders were present.

Each of the Elders had a look of shock and disbelief on their faces, and it wasn’t until Yang Kai stood right in front of them and greeted them that they came to their senses and nodded strongly.

Wei Xi Tong teared up as he said, “Good, good, since you’ve returned, the Sect can be saved.”

Yang Kai stared at him deeply and replied in a dejected tone, “Disciple has arrived late, forcing several Elder and the Sect to endure much injustice.”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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