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Martial Peak Chapter 917

Chapter 917 - Fine Like This

Chapter 917, Fine Like This

“You two chat; I’ll take my leave first. If Sister Ning Chang has anything she wants to ask about, feel free to come see me, I also live in the Holy Master Court anyways,” An Ling’er saw the five Grandmasters leave and also tactfully withdrew.

“En, I’ll have to trouble Elder Sister in the future,” Xia Ning Chang nodded gently as she watched An Ling’er depart.

The next moment, she felt Yang Kai lift her into his embrace and couldn’t help letting out a small yelp, her two small hands reaching up and lightly wrapping around his neck as she hurriedly asked, “Junior Brother, what are you trying to do?”

“I have many things to discuss with you,” Yang Kai smiled and carried her into his room.

“So do I…” Xia Ning Chang rested her head against Yang Kai’s shoulder.

Inside the room, atop his bed, Yang Kai gently sat down, placing Little Senior Sister atop his lap, maintaining an intimate posture.

As Xia Ning Chang sat on his lap, their chests pressed up against one another and Yang Kai’s eyes filled with burning flames, a bad smile formed at the corner of his lips as his hands began to wander around dissolutely.

Little Senior Sister was wearing a long, form-fitting black robe, perfectly outlining her beautiful bodyline and showcasing her full, milk-white peaks. Feeling Yang Kai’s hands caressing her waist and thighs, his fingers seeming to send shocks of electricity into her body, causing her to shiver unconsciously. She couldn’t help averting her limpid eyes, too shy to look at him.

Her breathing gradually became heavier as a strange yet pleasant heat began to rise from her tender body.

Yang Kai feigned ignorance, continuing to tease his Little Senior Sister, slowly becoming more and more unscrupulous.

“Junior Brother… I feel strange…” Xia Ning Chang bit her lip and whispered as softly as a mosquito.

“Oh, how so?” Yang Kai asked wickedly. He didn’t know why, but when he saw Little Senior Sister acting so coyly, he felt particularly excited and couldn’t help wanting to see just where the limit of her bashfulness was.

“I… I’m quite uncomfortable,” Xia Ning Chang worked up her courage and said as she reached out and held Yang Kai’s hand, stopping it from wandering around her waist.

As she did so though, the feeling from her thigh became sharper, and she couldn’t help tightly clamping her legs.

At this moment, Little Senior Sister suddenly felt that she had become a hundred times more sensitive, able to clearly sense every change in Yang Kai’s body.

Inside her chest, her heart pounded fiercely, sounding out like a great war drum.

Experiencing this kind of overwhelming mental and physical stimulus, Xia Ning Chang froze up, her thoughts becoming chaotic and having no idea how she should react.

“Didn’t you bring me here because you wanted to talk?” Xia Ning Chang whimpered, trying to maintain the last fragments of rationality, but the surging tide of emotions she was feeling continued to wear down her defences.

“Aren’t we talking?” Yang Kai looked at her with a smile.

“En…” Xia Ning Chang couldn’t argue back or endure any more, only feeling like her body had lost all strength and had gone limp, the heat coming from her core making her think she had been tossed into a volcano as her most precious place unknowingly became slightly damp.

“What does Little Senior Sister want to talk about?” Yang Kai asked again.

“I… I don’t know. Is it okay to go on like this?” Xia Ning Chang closed her eyes and completely entrusted herself to Yang Kai, never having felt so satisfied in her entire life.

Looking at her appearance, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a boiling heat rising up within him and almost failed to hold it in, quickly circulating his Secret Art to dispel the evil thoughts gripping his heart.

The movement of his hands also stopped as he calmly watched Xia Ning Chang, waiting for his mood to calm down.

A short time later, Xia Ning Chang opened her eyes shyly and revealed a faintly unsatisfied look.

Yang Kai sat up straight and seriously said, “A few days later, after you’ve settled in here, we’ll carry on.”

Xia Ning Chang gently nodded as she whispered lightly, “En, whenever Junior Brother wants.”

Yang Kai’s eyes brightened as he tightened his embrace. His shy Little Senior Sister had obviously worked up a great deal of courage to say such words.

“We should have a good talk for now; I really do have many things to ask you.” Yang Kai said with great satisfaction.

“What does Junior Brother want to ask?” Xia Ning Chang asked softly.

“How have you been for the past ten years?”

“I just followed Master around everywhere…” Xia Ning Chang as sat up comfortably, leaning on Yang Kai’s chest as she began telling him about her various experiences these past ten years. Yang Kai listened quietly, digesting all of his Little Senior Sister’s words, doing his best to try to understand her hardships and triumphs.

After a long time, Little Senior Sister finished speaking and asked about what Yang Kai had experienced these past ten years.

Yang Kai naturally did not conceal anything from her.

As time passed, the two seemed to never run out of words to exchange, whispering tenderly to one another as they enjoyed this peaceful time together.

“Right, Su Yan Senior Sister is in a place called Ice Sect…” Xia Ning Chang suddenly remembered and raised her head up.

“I know, I went to find her,” Yang Kai grinned, “The environment there is very suitable for her cultivation. When I went to see her, she was in retreat so I could only exchange a few Divine Sense Messages with her before leaving. I don’t know how she is now.”

“Does Junior Brother want to bring her back?”

“After I finish tidying up matters here, we’ll go pick her up together.”

“En,” Xia Ning Chang nodded repeatedly before leaning onto Yang Kai’s chest again.

“What about Old Demon? Do you know anything about what he’s currently up to?” Yang Kai asked.

Xia Ning Chang shook her head, “When we came here from the depths of the Central Capital, Old Demon Senior separated from us. He said he was going to go to the Demon Land, but I also went to the Demon Land with Master, yet we didn’t hear any news about him, so I don’t know where Senior is now.”

“That old devil… well, we don’t need to worry about him, he’s not the kind to end up dead by another’s hands,” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

Old Demon’s cultivation may not be too high right now, but his physical body once belonged to a true Demon General! That was the body of the Third Order Saint.

Only masters in the same realm as him could even hurt him.

It was for this reason that Yang Kai had never worried about Old Demon, after all, Third Order Saints were incredibly rare.

“All of this makes me fondly remember our days back in High Heaven Pavilion. At that time, although I was very small and weak, not even knowing about the secrets of the Transcendent and Saint Realm, I felt free and peaceful,” Xia Ning Chang whispered softly, a look of nostalgia flashing across her eyes.

“En,” Yang Kai also sighed, “As our strength increases, we keep encountering more and more matters we cannot ignore.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai suddenly remembered something and said happily, “Right, Little Senior Sister, I have a gift for you.”

“What kind of gift?” Xia Ning Chang sat up straight and looked at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took out a jade bottle that contained two drops of crystal clear liquid.

When she saw the two drops of liquid, Xia Ning Chang’s expression became dignified as she immediately recognized their extraordinariness.

“What is this?”

“The Thousand Year Demon Flower’s medicinal liquid!” Yang Kai replied.

Xia Ning Chang couldn’t help covering her mouth in shock; obviously she had also heard about this famous treasure, hurriedly exclaiming, “Is it the medicinal liquid of the Thousand-Year Demon Flower that bloomed near Floating Clouds City a few years ago?”

“Yes, Little Senior Sister also knows about that event?”

“En, at the time, Master brought me there to experience the blossoming and to see if there was an opportunity for me to acquire the Demon Flower’s medicinal liquid, but because there were too many people around making it too dangerous and Master didn’t have confidence he could completely guarantee my safety, we left halfway through,” Xia Ning Chang explained, a somewhat complicated light soon colouring her beautiful eyes, “Does that mean Junior Brother was also there?”

With an extremely bitter look upon his face, Yang Kai sighed, “You as well, apparently.”

Xia Ning Chang sadly nodded.

The two of them stared at each other for a moment, a look of regret filling their faces. Back in Floating Clouds City, neither of them had known the other was nearby, so they had ended up passing each other by without realizing, delaying their reunion for many years.

“It turns out that this treasure was obtained by Junior Brother.”

“Although I was the one who obtained it in the end, there is one other person who deserves an equal share of the credit, someone you should know too,” Yang Kai smiled, not keeping her guessing as he continued, “A young man named Di Yao, do you remember him?”

“Old Man Li’s disciple?” Little Senior Sister really had an impression of him, “I remember him, I also competed in Alchemy with him.”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “Di Yao seems to not have been convinced about his loss and was saying that he must compete with you again the next time you meet. Of course, I don’t believe he is worthy to be Senior Sister’s opponent.”

“That’s not true, at the time I also only barely won. He has Old Man Li as his Master, so his skill in Alchemy is quite refined,” Xia Ning Chang said modestly.

“You possess the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body, no one is worthy to be your opponent in the field of Alchemy,” Yang Kai shook his head before taking out another empty jade bottle and pouring a drop of the Thousand-Year Demon Flower’s medicinal liquid into it and handing it to Little Senior Sister, “When the time is right, refining this medicinal liquid should help you break through to the Saint Realm. Your Sacred Spirit Medicine Body can refine all spirit medicines in the world without any side effects so you are the most suited to use this.”

“En, thank you, Junior Brother, but I still need some time to enhance and consolidate my current cultivation,” Xia Ning Chang had no need to be polite with Yang Kai and accepted his gift, placing it carefully into her Universe Bag.

“Come, I still have another gift for you,” Yang Kai said, picking her up and placing her on the bed.

Sitting across from Little Senior Sister, Yang Kai solemnly said, “Release your Knowledge Sea’s defences!”

Xia Ning Chang didn’t hesitate and immediately complied.

The next moment, she felt Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy flow in.

The Knowledge Sea reflected the inner heart of a person, so Xia Ning Chang’s Knowledge Sea was a beautiful and pristine environment, as pure and innocent as she was.

The pair’s Soul Avatars manifested and stood opposite each other, Yang Kai then asking, “Do you remember the True Alchemic Way I once taught you before?”

“Of course, it was all thanks to it that my Alchemy proficiency increased so rapidly.”

“Back in War City, I had yet to thoroughly comprehend everything in the True Alchemic Way, so I only taught you a portion of it, now I can pass the rest of it to you.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning Chang smiled happily.

“Little Senior Sister, what is your current Alchemy level?” Yang Kai asked before beginning.

“I haven’t been certified by the Alchemist Guild yet, but I can refine Saint Grade Mid-Rank pills,” Xia Ning Chang replied with a somewhat annoyed look, “But after reaching this step, I had no way to further advance as Saint Grade materials are too difficult to find, limiting the chances I’ve had to practice.”

Although he had faintly guessed as much, Yang Kai was still astonished at Xia Ning Chang’s Alchemy aptitude, her words just now only serving to confirm his speculations.

Silavin: And here Yang Kai is, the same rank as her without that heavenly body. Haha. But we got blue-balled here quite bad… But as promised, the 0.5 chapter will be twice as long since I skipped on the soul 0.5 chapter…

Why am I even doing this?

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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