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Martial Peak Chapter 916

Chapter 916 - Holy Tomb’s Change

Chapter 916, Holy Tomb’s Change

In the main square of the Holy Land, a crowd of Saint Realm masters gathered around.

Yang Kai introduced Treasurer Meng and Xia Ning Chang to them, the several Elders of the Holy Land, and Great Commanders of the Ancient Demon Clan returning the greetings.

When they heard that Xia Ning Chang and Yang Kai had come from the same Sect and were Junior Brother and Senior Sister, all of them wore serious expression, not daring to act the least bit impolite.

Seeing the intimacy between Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang, many of them immediately guessed the true nature of the pair’s relationship.

”I had thought our Holy Master was uninterested in women, but it turns out he simply had someone in his heart already,” Yu Ying stood on the periphery and laughed lightly.

“Poor Ling’er…” Cheng Yue Tong couldn’t help feeling somewhat sorry for An Ling’er as all of the Elders thought she and Yang Kai had already begun cultivating the core Secret Art of Nine Heavens Holy Land. What they didn’t know was that An Ling’er was just colluding with Yang Kai to fool them.

“Ling’er should know about this already,” Yu Ying smiled, “The Holy Master is such a character, having a few women is very normal. Ling’er is not someone petty, so what need is there to worry about her being accepting of others? Also, this little girl clearly has a gentle personality; she won’t try to compete with Ling’er.”

“I hope so.” Cheng Yue Tong nodded lightly.

“Meng Wu Ya!?” At that moment, Xu Hui suddenly exclaimed, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets as he stared towards Treasurer Meng, a look of excitement filling his face.

“Why are you calling out his name, Great Elder? Didn’t I just introduce you a moment ago?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“I suddenly recalled where I had heard that name before! A few hundred years ago, the strongest master of the Human Race also had that name! You couldn’t possibly be…”

“Strongest master?” Treasurer Meng frowned before putting on a forced smile, “The world’s common people love attaching titles to others like that, who is the strongest or who is the second strongest, such things are of little significance.”

“It really is you?” Xu Hui said with astonishment.

The other Elders were also dumbfounded as they gawked at Meng Wu Ya, as if someone had suddenly struck them over the head with a hammer, stunning them.

With Xu Hui’s reminder, all of them finally recalled the name Meng Wu Ya.

“Good good, this Xu had not expected that in this life he would have the honour of meeting Elder Brother Meng, this is truly a fortune encounter,” Xu Hui cupped his fists and bowed deeply. When Yang Kai had introduced him to Meng Wu Ya, Xu Hui had only offered a casual greeting.

After all, Nine Heavens Holy Land was now world-famous. As the Holy Land’s Great Elder, his status was quite lofty so the average masters were really nothing in his eyes.

It was only because he was Yang Kai’s Senior that Xu Hui took the initiative to greet Treasurer Meng.

However, now that he knew the identity of the person in front of him, Xu Hui’s attitude became completely different, even containing a faint trace of worship.

“En, Treasurer Meng and Little Senior Sister will be living in our Nine Heavens Holy Land from now on, so there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate with each other,” Yang Kai waved, cutting off Xu Hui’s endless chatter.

“Oh? Elder Brother Meng intends to stay in the Holy Land? You are certainly most welcome!” Xu Hui’s eyes shone brightly.

“Treasurer Meng and Little Senior Sister can take up residence in the Holy Master Court, which is where I currently live. What do you think?” Yang Kai turned to ask Meng Wu Ya for his opinion.

“Good, as long as it’s clean anywhere is fine,” Meng Wu Ya nodded.

“Then come with me,” Yang Kai beckoned.

“Holy Master, please allow Elder Yu Ying to process this matter, there are still some things I must inform you of,” Xu Hui saw that Yang Kai was preparing to leave and quickly called out to stop him.

“Can’t whatever it is wait a moment?”

“Unfortunately it cannot!” Xu Hui replied seriously.

Yang Kai was surprised by this forceful declaration and could only helplessly agree, “Very well, Elder Yu Ying, please take them to the Holy Master Court and let An Ling’er arrange a place for them to stay.”

“Yes, please come with me,” Yu Ying immediately complied.

Xia Ning Chang shot a reluctant look towards Yang Kai but quickly collected herself and followed after Yu Ying.

“Master, if there is nothing else, I’ll also take my leave here,” Li Rong asked to be excused before leading the other leaders of the Ancient Demon Clan back to the peak where they lived.

Soon, only a few of the Holy Land’s Elders and Yang Kai remained in the square.

“So, what is this important matter?” Yang Kai asked, somewhat dissatisfied with Xu Hui interrupting his and Little Senior Sister’s reunion.

“It’s the Holy Tomb!” Xu Hui quickly replied, “There’s been an accident with the Holy Tomb. Holy Master will understand once you see it.”

“What can possibly happen in the Holy Tomb?” Yang Kai asked uninterestedly.

The Holy Tomb was a restricted area of Nine Heavens Holy Land, the place where all previous Holy Masters were laid to rest, but after Yang Kai first entered it, the Holy Tomb had been transformed into an empty space. Afterwards, the Holy Land’s several thousand disciples had taken refuge inside of it for three or so years.

This incredibly small and barren Mysterious Small World, aside from being a good place to enter secluded retreat, essentially had no other worth.

Yang Kai couldn’t even think of what kind of problems it could have.

Arriving in front of the Holy Tomb a short time later though, Yang Kai directed a dignified stare towards its large stone entrance.

Originally, there was a profound array set up on this large stone slab and only the Holy Master Spirit Ring in Yang Kai’s possession was capable of opening it and revealing the entrance to the Mysterious Small World.

But now, in the centre of the stone slab, a pitch-black Void Corridor appeared, like the open mouth of a great beast.

The Holy Land’s Elders had collaborated to set up a barrier a thousand meters out from Holy Tomb’s and forbidden any disciples from approaching it.

“What happened?” Yang Kai asked, “How did the Holy Tomb open?”

“Subordinate does not know what transpired, the Holy Tomb just suddenly opened on its own. In order to prevent the disciples from entering it, the Elders set up numerous restrictions around here.”

“Have you gone in to investigate yet?” Yang Kai turned to ask Xu Hui.

“Subordinate and Elder Shi Kun have entered once.”

“What did you find?”

“Nothing, the Holy Tomb itself doesn’t seem to have experienced any changes.”

“I’ll go in and have a look, you wait here,” Yang Kai issued a command before diving into the Void Corridor.

After about the time it would take to burn a stick of incense, Yang Kai returned from the Holy Tomb with a look of confusion on his face.

Just as Xu Hui had said, besides the entrance opening on its own, there was no change to the inside of the Holy Tomb, the World Energy aura was still as potent as always and there were no signs of any kind of danger.

After sinking into contemplation for a long time, Yang Kai couldn’t come up with any reasonable explanation and asked, “When did this happen?”

“About two or three days ago.”

“Two or three days ago?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, suddenly feeling slightly uneasy.

“En, did Holy Master think of something?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

Two or three days ago was around the time he had rescued Treasurer Meng and Xia Ning Chang.

However, could these two matters have any relationship with one another? After all, these two places were tens of thousands of kilometres apart, a two-month journey for a Transcendent Realm cultivator.

“Was it just a coincidence?

“For the time being, don’t let any of the disciples get close to here, perhaps there is some hidden danger yet to reveal itself. Let’s just observe the situation for a while,” Yang Kai was helpless and could only issue such instructions, he was unable to figure out why this Mysterious Small World’s entrance had suddenly opened.

Receiving his orders, the Elder quickly made the appropriate arrangements.

As soon as he arrived back at the Holy Master Court, Yang Kai felt a bunch of stares land on him.

The five Grandmasters were standing there. It seems they had heard about his return and had rushed out to meet him.

“Little brat, you deceived us. Your three-month trip nearly exhausted these old masters to death!” Chang Bao shouted loudly as soon as their eyes met.

As the manager of Lightning Flash City’s Alchemist Guild branch and a Saint Grade Alchemist, he possessed incredibly high status. Usually when someone came to ask him for Alchemy services, whether he agreed or not was simply up to his mood, if he was feeling generous, perhaps he would refine one or two Saint Pills a month.

There had never once in his life been a time like these past three months where every day he actually had to fulfil a pill refining quota.

It was almost as if he had come to Nine Heavens Holy Land to work for free for Yang Kai.

After three months of strenuous effort, Chang Bao had lost a few dozen kilograms of fat and his body was noticeably slimmer than before.

“That’s right, the several of us discussed a few days ago that if you didn’t come back soon, we would drop this troublesome burden and leave without caring about your Nine Heavens Holy Land’s reputation,” Hong Fang also called out.

“Enough already, you don’t need to keep acting like pitiful victims here!” Kong Ruo Yu gave them a harsh stare, “Thanks to these past three months of constant Alchemy, which one of you has not obtained great benefits? Even putting aside how Du Wan has become a Saint Grade Mid-Rank Alchemist, haven’t all of you now seen hope of reaching such a height? True it was tiring, but the harvests you gained weren’t small either.”

Receiving Kong Ruo Yu’s reprimand, the two of them quieted down, neither of them able to refute her, instead just turning a dissatisfied glare towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quickly stepped forward and apologetically cupped his fists, “I really must apologize. I didn’t expect to be gone for such a long time. Originally I had expected to be out for just a few days but a great many accidents happened along the way, dragging things out until this point. Junior offers his sincere thanks to several Grandmasters for preserving my Holy Land’s hard-earned prestige and reputation these past three months.”

“Hmph, as long as you understand,” He Feng nodded with satisfaction, “And, for treating us old guys here as free labour, how do you intend to compensate?”

Yang Kai glanced around and soon caught sight of his Little Senior Sister who was chatting happily with An Ling’er nearby, a grin soon appearing on his face, “I’ve ordered that for the next ten days, the Holy Land will not be accepting Alchemy requests, which will give several Grandmasters an opportunity to rest.”

“A simple break is not enough to satisfy our appetite,” Chang Bao shook his head.

“Ten days from now, Junior will surely provide several Grandmasters with a satisfactory compensation.”

“Good!” Chang Bao’s fat face filled with smiles, “We don’t have any other requests, as long as you continue demonstrating your Alchemy in front of us, we’ll be satisfied.”

“Several Grandmasters should look forward to ten days from now, there will surely be a surprise for you,” Yang Kai chuckled.

The five Grandmasters exchanged a suspicious glance, all of them wondering what kind of snake oil Yang Kai was peddling.

Du Wan eventually smiled and said, “You don’t need to concern yourself too much since we now have a ten-day break. You should also have a good rest. En, I see you are quite anxious to go to that young miss over there, us old folks won’t bother you anymore. Since we came here, we’ve actually yet to experience the scenery of this place. Several old friends, how about we go out for a leisurely stroll?

“Agreed, sitting around inside all day long will only make us stiff, we should get out and stretch our legs a bit.”

And so, the several Grandmasters left the Holy Master Court in a good mood, seemingly planning on touring around the nine peaks.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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