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Martial Peak Chapter 910

Chapter 910 - Soul Clone

Chapter 910: Soul Clone

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Hearing this, Thunder Dragon snorted, “Little brat, who do you think this King is? Do you believe this King is the kind of villain who would hit an opponent when he is down? Blood Dragon Great Senior really died because of Meng Wu Ya, and this King would like nothing more than to challenge him, but that will only have meaning if he is in his peak state, naturally, that all depends on if you can rescue him from this place in the first place.”

If a character like Meng Wu Ya could be trapped here, the mysterious force contained within these eight pillars was no doubt extraordinary, Thunder Dragon Great Senior was honestly not optimistic about Yang Kai’s chances.

This kid was full of surprises and had shocked them a number of times since coming to this place, but in the end, he was still just a Third Order Transcendent.

“Whether or not I can save him, I’ll know once I try,” Yang Kai took a deep breath before fully releasing his Divine Sense towards the eight pillars.

This was Yang Kai’s first time here so he did not know what Treasurer Meng had encountered that led to him being tethered to the stone pillar, so he had to first investigate.

Yang Kai moved extremely carefully so as not to accidentally trigger any traps.

Seemingly noticing Yang Kai spreading out his Divine Sense, although still bound to the stone pillar, Meng Wu Ya tried to shake his head and shout something, anxious to stop him, but unfortunately, he was only capable of the making the slightest of movements and sound.

He had also inexplicably become trapped here because he tried to probe these eight pillars.

The speed at which Yang Kai’s Divine Sense expanded though was nearly instantaneous, so there was no time to stop it.

The instant his Divine Sense touched the eight stone pillars, Yang Kai’s expression changed dramatically.

The power contained within these pillars was far beyond what he had imagined, on a true world-shaking level.

In the next breath, the world trembled and pressure that terrified everyone present fell from the sky.

The five Saint Realm masters all felt as if their hearts were about to stop as they painfully gasped for breath.

None of them had ever thought such a terrible pressure could exist in this world, one that they couldn’t even summon the will to resist.

Golden light blossomed and from the void, a giant incorporeal hand stretched forth like lightning and seized Yang Kai.

Immediately after, the five golden fingers transformed into coils of rope, bound Yang Kai, and dragged him forward.

Yang Kai was completely incapable of resisting. After being captured by the golden ropes, Yang Kai felt as if all of his strength had been sealed and he was unable to even twitch.

His eyes darting around, Yang Kai found that all the masters who had come here had also been captured, none of them able to escape, each of them calling out in alarm as they were dragged forward; obviously they had all used their Divine Senses to investigate the stone pillars.

Only Xia Ning Chang, who was currently unconscious, was lucky enough to escape.

Seeing this scene, Meng Wu Ya’s eyes dimmed and knew that it was late.

*Peng peng peng…*

The four Monster Race masters, along with Li Rong and Yang Kai for a total of six, became chained to the stone pillars, unable to move.

The next moment, blood-curdling screams rang out one after another.

Even the two Monster Race Great Seniors were unable to bear the horrifying torture they were suddenly subjected to, their faces warping in pain, Cai Die and Li Rong also crying out in agony.

A wild strength suddenly erupted from everyone as the Monster Race masters attempted to transform into their Beast Forms, hoping to break free from the pillars.

Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon, Earth Splitting Divine Ox, Nine Nether Golden Beast, Seven Coloured Illusory Butterfly, each of them had a noble and powerful lineage amongst Monster Beasts. Seeing any one of them was a rare phenomenon but now all of them had actually gathered together in one place.

Li Rong also used her Demon God Transformation, the profound black Demon Crests quickly covering her face, adding a wild flare to her beauty.

However, no matter how they struggled, in front of these eight pillars, they were still as weak as ants.

Yang Kai’s face has also drained of all colour.

The moment he became bound to the stone pillar, he finally realized just how much pain Meng Wu Ya was enduring.

Each of the eight stone pillars contained a different energy attribute, these eight different energies then gathered together to form a terrible killing array that continuously lashed each of their bodies and minds.

What truly frightened Yang Kai though was that the stone pillars also seemed to be rapidly leeching their strength and vitality.

Each of their individual vitalities and auras was gradually weakening.

“Master, use your Demon God Transformation!” Li Rong suddenly shouted.

Yang Kai was clenching his teeth in order to bear the terrifying pain but upon hearing her words he did not hesitate to display the Divine Skill he obtained from the Great Demon God inheritance.

The world trembled as billowing evil energy surged out from Yang Kai’s Unyielding Golden Skeleton, replacing the Yang Yuan Qi which was flowing through his meridians and physique. Demon Crests flickered and then disappeared into his physique, forming a profound pattern which could not be seen by the naked eye.

In the next moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt relaxed.

After using his Demon God Transformation, the devastating destructive energies which were ravaging his body all disappeared, and although he was still shackled to the pillar, it was no longer extracting his strength.

At the same time, he also felt an unusual aura flowing through the octagonal stone pillar array.

His eyes widening, Yang Kai muttered under his breath, “Is this one of Great Demon God’s method?”

Li Rong nods.

Like Yang Kai, she had become safe after displaying her Demon God Transformation; because she had noticed this abnormality, she had anxiously reminded Yang Kai.

These eight stone pillars stemmed from Great Demon God’s hand while the Demon God Transformation and Ancient Demon Clan shared deep roots with Great Demon God, so it made sense that by using the Demon God Transformation, they could gain some leeway.

Although all of this was only Yang Kai’s guess, it should be close to the truth.

Looking around, the four Monster Race masters were still gritting their teeth to endure; soon they became unable to maintain their Beast Forms and were once again returned to human form.

Each of them was now wearing a soulless look as they stared in a daze towards Yang Kai, knowing that it was now just a matter of time before they were reduced to the same state as Meng Wu Ya.

Yang Kai struggled as he tried to escape from the shackles of the stone pillar, but his efforts were ultimately in vain.

Just as he was becoming anxious, Li Rong shouted again, “Master, there’s movement.”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he stared in front of himself.

In the center of the eight stone pillars, and illusory figure was slowly condensing, gradually taking the form of a man.

This man had a sturdy and majestic physique, with a heroic bearing and a pair of sharp eyes. He was currently staring slightly curiously towards Yang Kai and Li Rong.

Seeing this person’s appearance, Yang Kai suddenly grinned and remained silent.

Li Rong’s beautiful eyes went wide as the figure in front of her slowly overlapped with the one in her memories, calling out in shock a moment later, “Great Demon God?”

The figure in front of her that seemed to fade in and out of reality was clearly the same as the statue in front of Demon God Citadel.

The statue in front of Demon God Citadel was carved by the ancestors of the Ancient Demon Clan, the ones who had directly served under Great Demon God and knew his true appearance.

When they heard this name leak out from Li Rong’s lips, the faces of the four Monster Race masters went even paler.

Even if he had fallen thousands of years ago, Great Demon God’s prestige was world-shaking, a legendary existence without equal from his generation until today.

“Sure enough, it’s you!” Yang Kai shouted lowly.

“But… Didn’t Sir Demon God fall long ago?” Li Rong couldn’t believe that the strange figure in front of her was really Great Demon God, but the overbearing aura that pulsed from him was not something that could be faked.

“He’s not the true Great Demon God, he’s only a Soul Clone. Can’t you see that he doesn’t have a physical form?” Yang Kai stared at the figure in front of him fixedly.

“A Soul Clone? What’s that?” Li Rong exclaimed.

Yang Kai shook his head and did not explain.

He had earlier obtained a drop of pure Demon God Golden Blood and learned this Soul Fission Divine Ability.

Yang Kai had also cultivated this Soul Fission and his own Soul Clone was currently still being nourished inside his Knowledge Sea, unfortunately this was a long process so it would not be useful to him for quite some time.

But obviously Great Demon God was different; since this Divine Ability originally belonged to him, naturally he had a fully formed Soul Clone, one that was nearly as powerful as his main body.

When Yang Kai saw the figure in front of him, he instantly understood its origins.

“Oh? You seem to know a great many things little boy, worthy of this Senior’s true body’s inheritor!” Great Demon God’s Soul Clone stared at Yang Kai and smiled faintly, his voice seemingly sounding direction into Yang Kai’s mind.

Yang Kai smiled and shot back, “It seems that you also know many things about me.”

The Soul Clone of Great Demon God snorted, “How could I have so easily shown myself if I did not sense the bones of my true body? Is this woman a descendant of the clan which served me many years ago? The Demon God Transformation is not something just anyone can learn.”

“You really are Great Demon God?” Li Rong was so shocked she was barely able to speak, her beautiful eyes filling with a kind of fanatical worship and excitement. As a descendant of the Ancient Demon Clan, she had fantasized countless times about what kind of existence Great Demon God was, but it was only today that she learned just how pale her imagination was.

She was now a top master, a genuine Third Order Saint, but she had still been instantly captured and imprisoned without any ability to resist by a method Great Demon God had laid down millennia ago.

If the other party had not shown himself, it was quite likely she and Yang Kai would be facing the same miserable fate as the four Monster Race masters.

She could hardly even dream about what the kinds of strength and means Great Demon God possessed when he was still alive.

“Since we share such a relationship, is it possible for us to sit down and have a discussion?” Yang Kai looked at him.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Is it possible to release my friends? They were all just implicated because of me. The old man who came in before also has close ties to me.”

Great Demon God stared at him for a moment before suddenly sneering, “Little boy, are you perhaps under a mistaken impression? Do you think that just because you are this Senior’s inheritor, you have the qualifications to bargain back and forth with me? If you really think so, then I’m afraid you will be quite disappointed.”

“Why did you capture them? Why did you set up this formation here?” Yang Kai frowned, faintly thinking that things weren’t as simple as he originally thought.

“It is not that I wished to capture them, it is that they trespassed upon a place they never should have!” Great Demon God slowly shook his head, “Anyone who enters this place must give up any idea of leaving alive, this place… is the keystone of the entire world.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai asked anxiously.

“It is still too early to tell you this. Since you possess the skeleton of this Senior’s main body, you will one day reach the same height as he once did and will naturally understand the significance of this place,” Great Demon God said, a somewhat impatient look appearing on his face, “In deference to the fact that you are this Senior’s true body’s inheritor, I can allow you and this woman to leave here but you must never come here again, or next time I will show you no such mercy.”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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