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Martial Peak Chapter 909

Chapter 909 - Dry Oil Lamp

Chapter 909, Dry Oil Lamp

When the Heavenly Palace flew out and turned into a stream of light, disappearing before everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling startled.

“It flew away… what does that mean?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox asked as he stared in the direction the Heavenly Palace disappeared.

“Meng Wu Ya is over there!” Thunder Dragon’s eyes narrowed and he declared decisively.

Yang Kai immediately picked up his pace and followed after the Heavenly Palace, feeling both excited and nervous.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior also waved his hand and shouted, “Follow it, the previous strongest master of the Human Race might be nearby.”

“The Human Race’s strongest master, a sight worth seeing,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s eyes also lit up.

Anyone who could obtain the title of the first master of an entire race was decidedly not ordinary. This guy named Meng Wu Ya must have some impressive abilities, or else he would not have been recognized as such.

Atop a spacious field, a number of rocky outcroppings and stone pillars were scattered about, many of them broken or lying in ruins.

In the middle of this field, there was a set of intact stone pillars, eight in total, arranged in an octagonal formation, each of them giving off powerful energy fluctuations.

Moreover, these energy fluctuations each had different attributes, one of them burning hot, one frigid cold, another violently poisonous while another rippling with lightning…

All of these different energies melded together to form a strange and imposing domain.

At this moment, on one of the eight pillars, a white-haired old man was bound by some kind of invisible force. He was completely immobilized, not even able to open his mouth to speak, his head hanging limply as his clothes were nothing but tatters and his life aura unstable; clearly he was on the verge of death.

A crackling sound would emerge from time to time as the eight pillars sent out a shocking pulse of energy towards the old man.

Each time this overbearing pulse of energy whipped the old man, although it seemed like he was on his dying breath, he always somehow managed to cling to life, stubbornly refusing to die.

Flames burned the old man’s body, singing his flesh while thunder and lightning coursed through his veins, charring his insides. At the same time, the poisonous toxins invaded every inch of his physique, causing his skin to switch back and forth between black and green.

Just outside the eight stone pillars, a young veiled woman, with beautiful eyes that seemed devoid of the slightest impurity, sat limply on the ground, a strange power constantly pouring out from her tender body towards the energy being released from the stone pillars, her hands constantly swaying, desperately trying to resolve at least some of the terrifying damage directed towards the old man.

The woman’s figure was petite, and her veil completely concealed her visage. Her forehead was dotted with a small blue sapphire, complimenting her beautiful crystal clear eyes.

There were clear tear stains running down her face, and her eyes were puffy and swollen, but it seemed like all her tears had dried up, so she was not currently crying.

Her tender body shivered as she constantly pushed what little strength she had left, trying to save the old man from the octagonal stone pillar formation, but nothing she did seemed to make any difference.

Stuffing a pill into her mouth, the young woman did whatever she could to keep her strength up.


Another lightning bolt came from one of the stone pillars. It was as thick as a thigh and it instantly landed on the old man, ripping open his skin and causing blood to splash out. Seemingly jolted awake by the pain of this impact, the old man’s pair of old muddy eyes opened as he creakily lifted his gaze towards the young woman, opening his lips as if trying to say something but unable to make any sound.

The young woman clearly understood what the old man was trying to convey, but she resolutely kept shaking her head.

The old man’s eyes filled with a thick sense of regret, as well as a strong unwillingness and obstinacy.

Suddenly, the old man noticed a familiar aura rapidly approaching and somehow managed to turn his exhausted eyes to the side to see what it was.

There, in the direction he stared, was a stream of light that in the next instant, crashed into his body.

The old man’s body shook, and his face revealed a look of astonishment, his originally dim eyes suddenly flickering with light.

The next moment, a palace shaped barrier appeared, enveloping the old man’s body and blocking the destructive energy surges that were bombarding him from all directions.

It seemed like because of the stream of light’s return, the old man’s face became a bit rosier and his vitality was slightly restored.

The young woman sitting outside the eight stone pillars let out a shout as he beautiful eyes opened wide, turning her head in the direction the stream of light had come from in the next instant, just in time to see a familiar figure quickly rushing towards her.

Four eyes suddenly met and the tears the young woman had thought had completely run dry once again began pouring down her cheeks.

Yang Kai also stared back at her, feeling as though all the blood in his body was boiling up, trembling lightly as he somehow put on a smile and in the gentlest voice he could manage called out to her, “Little Senior Sister, I finally found you.”

The young woman in front of him was none other than the one he had arrived in Tong Xuan Realm ten years ago to find: Xia Ning Chang!

Just like when he last saw her back in the Central Capital, Xia Ning Chang had seemingly not changed in the slightest. Her demeanour and actions were all kept unchanged. With age, this naive girl had grown even more, now displaying more womanly charms than before.

“Junior Brother?” Xia Ning Chang somewhat couldn’t believe what she was seeing, muttering hesitantly, “Is this… is this a dream?”

Yang Kai shook his head as he walked towards her.

Xia Ning Chang’s tender body trembled terribly until Yang Kai wrapped his arms around her and she felt the warmth of his chest, finally confirming that everything in front of her right now was not a dream, nor an illusion.

The Junior Brother who she had longed for every day had really come to this place and found her!

In an instant, Xia Ning Chang’s state of mind stabilized, feeling as though in her time of greatest need, she had finally found someone to rely on.

As tears containing his Little Senior Sister’s warmth drenched Yang Kai’s clothes, he couldn’t help inhaling a soft breath before turning his eyes towards the old man who seemed to be nailed to the nearby stone pillar.

What entered his sight almost caused Yang Kai to cry out in shock.

Treasurer Meng!

The Meng Wu Ya who, when Yang Kai was incredibly frail and weak had lent him so much help, now appeared like a dry oil lamp, his body injured and emaciated to the point where it was nothing short of a miracle he was even still alive.

Yang Kai couldn’t imagine just how much suffering and pain Meng Wu Ya had endured to end up like this.

“How did this happen?” Yang Kai asked in a solemn manner.

In his impression, Meng Wu Ya was always calm and steady, exuding a kind of innate confidence that seemed to say that nothing under the Heavens could impede him.

He had always worn an air of invincibility, often giving those who dared to challenge him a terrifying surprise, causing them endless regret.

But now, that same Meng Wu Ya, who was always wearing a calm smile while easily accomplishing what seemed to be impossible, was now a breath away from death, making Yang Kai feel a deep sense of incongruity.

“Master and I entered this strange Demon Race Mysterious Small World, and then we unknowingly triggered some kind of trap which sent us here. By the time I woke up, Master had already been shackled to that stone pillar. I don’t know what purpose these eight stone pillars serve, but they are constantly releasing power to torture Master. I kept trying to save him, but nothing I did had any affect… Junior Brother, please, you have to save Master. If we don’t get him out of here soon, he really will die,” Xia Ning Chang pleaded through her tearful sobs.

When she was very young, she had been picked up by Meng Wu Ya. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say Meng Wu Ya was the one who raised her. On top of that, the one who granted her strength and taught her how to survive was Meng Wu Ya. Rather than a Master, she regarded him as her most important relative.

Seeing Meng Wu Ya suffering in agony every day, Xia Ning Chang felt as if her heart was being torn apart.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded as he lifted his hand and gently stroked Xia Ning Chang’s head, injecting a subtle power into her body as he softly declared, “Rest assured, since I’ve come, I will definitely save him. Just rest now.”

Xia Ning Chang’s eyelids grew heavy, as if Yang Kai’s words contained some kind of hypnotic power causing her to feel extremely drowsy.

Xia Ning Chang was also a lamp without oil, something Yang Kai could not bare to see any further.

Neither of them knew how long they had been trapped in this place, but during this time, it was certain that Little Senior Sister had never once rested as she constantly continued to push her strength, likely causing all kinds of damage to her body in the process.

Before anything else, he had to make her rest!

Meng Wu Ya, who was still trapped on the stone pillar, sent a look of gratitude towards Yang Kai with his gloomy eyes, sending him a faint Divine Sense message in the next instant telling him to take Xia Ning Chang and quickly leave.

As long as Yang Kai safely led Xia Ning Chang away, Meng Wu Ya could die without regret.

He had endured this inhuman torture for so long while desperately clinging to life only because he could not bear the thought of leaving his treasured apprentice trapped here all alone.

After staring into each other eyes for only a moment, Yang Kai did not say anything and simply picked up the unconscious Xia Ning Chang, turned around, and walked back the way he had come.

At that moment, the four Monster Race masters and Li Rong had also arrived nearby and were all silently observing the situation, unsure exactly what had transpired here.

“Master, this girl…” Li Rong saw Yang Kai’s expression was somewhat off and quickly asked.

“She’s my Senior Sister,” Yang Kai answered, setting Xia Ning Chang down nearby in a safe place.

“Master’s Senior Sister?” Li Rong couldn’t help taking a closer look at Xia Ning Chang, quickly noticing that this veiled young woman’s strength was somewhat unstable due to excessive use, but that her cultivation realm was actually the same as Yang Kai’s, Third Order Transcendent!

This point was also noticed by the four Monster Race masters, causing the two Great Seniors to exchange a shocked glance.

They had thought that this world producing a freak like Yang Kai who had reached the Third Order Transcendent Realm at such a young age was already shocking enough, but now it seemed like this mysterious Senior Sister of his was no worse than him!

Yang Kai was from Soaring Heaven Sect, could this young woman also be from Soaring Heaven Sect then?

Was that Sect really capable of producing one monstrous talent after another like this?

After setting down Xia Ning Chang, Yang Kai turned around and continued to stare at Meng Wu Ya a short distance away, a moment later quickly saying, “Thunder Dragon Great Senior, I know Treasurer Meng and your Monster Race have some grievances between you, but I hope you won’t try to find trouble with him right now.”

“Is that guy really Meng Wu Ya?” Thunder Dragon frowned as he stared forward.

If it wasn’t for Yang Kai’s reminder just now, he wouldn’t have been sure, but after observing him carefully for a while, Thunder Dragon did notice a slight resemblance between the old man trapped on the stone pillar and the one he had seen all those years ago.

“Is this the Human Race’s strongest? How did he end up like that?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox also frowned, Meng Wu Ya’s current state was really something that was difficult to look at.

“Yes, he is Meng Wu Ya!” Yang Kai nodded, “I have to free him. I won’t ask you Monster Race masters to help; I only request that you not try to disturb me!”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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