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Martial Peak Chapter 906

Chapter 906 - Heavenly Palace’s Movement

Chapter 906, Heavenly Palace’s Movement

“I think we’re lost,” Thunder Dragon suddenly came to a stop and said bitterly.

Amidst this endless grey world, where the range of both their sight and Divine Sense was limited, the group of six couldn’t help coming to a stop and slumping over.

It had already been a long time since Li Rong broke through to the Third-Order Saint Realm. How long exactly, none of them knew, but it had been at least long enough for Li Rong to completely consolidate her cultivation.

Without any clear direction or goal, the group could only move about randomly, which obviously led them nowhere at all.

Listening to Thunder Dragon, Earth Splitting Divine Ox asked suspiciously, “The scenery here is all the same, how can you be sure we’re lost?”

“Look over there,” Thunder Dragon Great Senior pointed towards a spot not far away. When everyone looked in the direction he pointed, they all noticed a set of bleached bones lying in the wasteland.

“We passed through here some time ago, but somehow, we’ve actually returned to this place, those broken bones are the best proof.”

Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly as he thought back.

The last time they had passed by, he hadn’t paid much attention to this pile of bones, but if Thunder Dragon’s observation wasn’t wrong then their group might have actually walked in a giant circle and returned to their original position.

“Seriously? What should we do then?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox was dumbstruck, “How could we have gotten lost in the first place?”

“I don’t know. Do any of you have any bright ideas about how we should find the exit to this place? Rather than trying to uncover this place’s mysteries, we should first concern ourselves about being able to leave. The time we’ve spent here already isn’t short.”

“You’re the one who has been leading us, if you don’t know where we are or how to get out, how are we supposed to know?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox all but shouted.

“It wasn’t until just now that this King noticed that something was wrong! What? Are you trying to push all the blame for this onto me?” Thunder Dragon Great Senior snapped back.

It had truly been quite a long time since they entered this place and besides Li Rong who managed to grasp some kind of opportunity and break through to the Third Order Saint Realm, no one else had gained anything; obviously even the two Great Seniors weren’t in a good mood.

Seeing that they were on the verge of quarrelling, Yang Kai quickly interjected, “We need to remain calm, before we entered this place, we have already anticipated it would be so strange, but now that we’re stuck in this, rather than blaming one another, we should focus on finding a way out.”

“How do you propose we do that? Have you noticed something about this place kid?” Thunder Dragon asked Yang Kai.

Yang Kai could only shake his head.

“If my guess is correct, someone has set up a very profound Bewildering Array here…” Li Rong thoughtfully said, “Those bones we’ve encountered so far are probably from cultivators who inadvertently entered this place and became trapped, eventually perishing as a result.”

“Agreed,” Thunder Dragon nodded.

During this time, every now and then their group would encounter a skeleton or two which were obviously left behind by cultivators who accidentally entered this place.

“A Bewildering Array?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s eyes widened, “Who could possibly set up a Bewildering Array that could completely mislead three Third-Order Saints?”

Even if they hadn’t purposefully studied Spirit Arrays, with their Third Order Saint Realm cultivations there shouldn’t be any kind of Spirit Array they couldn’t at least detect, but the three top-level powerhouses among their group of six had actually not discovered anything out of the ordinary from beginning to end. From this alone, it was obvious whoever arranged this Spirit Array possessed incredible methods.

“This King is becoming more and more convinced that this place is somehow related to the legendary Great Demon God,” Thunder Dragon snorted and said, “No one else but him could have created such an arrangement.”

Yang Kai and Li Rong exchanged a glance but chose to remain silent.

“Should we split up and try to find a way out?” Cai Die suggested hesitantly.

Both Thunder Dragon and Yang Kai shook their heads, the former declaring, “This place is too strange, if we split up, we may never find each other again.”

“There’s been nothing but bad luck since the start of this little trip. This Old Ox will never haphazardly enter any Mysterious Small World again,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox grumbled.

Yang Kai smiled wryly and shook his head, but while he was contemplating what to do next, he suddenly realized that the Divine Tree was sending him a Divine Sense Message.

His brow furrowing slightly, Yang Kai quietly informed Li Rong before sending his consciousness into the Black Book space.

“What is it?” Yang Kai asked, wondering why the Divine Tree would suddenly call out to him at this time.

“Something strange happened,” Divine Tree replied back.

“Did something happen with those two black stones?” Yang Kai asked, quickly taking a look towards the two pitch-black round stones only to discover that they were the same as always, steadily absorbing the essence of the rare ores he had placed nearby, glowing slightly brighter but nothing worth noting.

“Not them, something else. Wait a moment, you’ll understand when you see it!” The Divine Tree replied.

Yang Kai no longer asked anything and quietly waited.

After a while, somewhere in the Black Book space, a glimmer of light flashed.

“Hm?” Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling confused, quickly sending his Soul Avatar towards the source of the flash. The moment he identified what was flashing though, he found himself somewhat dumbstruck.

Of the things Yang Kai had stored in the Black Book space, the most precious were the Myriad Drug Liquid series, the Divine Tree, and the Shimmering Moon Grass.

There were also a lot of artifacts and scrolls he had picked up from here and there along his travels but none of them was particularly valuable so Yang Kai has never concerned himself about them much.

In addition, to those, there was really only the two strange pitch-black round stones left as well as the various ores he had obtained from the Starry Sky.

But at this moment, the thing intermittently flickering was something Yang Kai had all but forgotten about.

The Heavenly Palace!

This was the mysterious artifact which belonged to Meng Wu Ya.

Many years ago, during the final moments of the Yang Family’s Inheritance War, the Ash Grey Cloud Evil Land led by the Devil Lord Yang Bo and the Six Great Evil Kings had invaded War City en mass on their way to the Central Capital.

In an instant, War City had been razed to the ground and transformed into a wasteland.

However, among the ruins, only Yang Kai’s Mansion survived, and completely unscathed at that.

This was all thanks to the artifact that Meng Wu Ya had summoned.

The Heavenly Palace transformed into a great barrier that enveloped the entire periphery of Yang Kai’s Mansion, rendering all attacks by Yang Bai and the Evil Kings useless.

After the decisive battle in the Central Capital, at the end of his rope, Yang Bai had chosen to self-destruct, causing the Earth Vein below the city to explode. At that critical moment, Meng Wu Ya had sheltered Xia Ning Chang and Su Yan while bringing them through the Void Corridor to Tong Xuan Realm.

The Heavenly Palace had been left behind at Yang Kai’s mansion and was eventually collected by him and placed inside the Black Book space.

Because this was Meng Wu Ya’s artifact, Yang Kai had never planned to refine it or even erase the Soul brand and aura imprint from it. He was simply holding on to it until he met Meng Wu Ya again.

If had been collecting dust in the Black Book space since then and if not for the Divine Tree’s reminder just now, Yang Kai would never have given it a second thought.

But now, why was the Heavenly Palace shining? Although it was flickering at a very slow pace, it was indeed flashing, as if it had detected something a great distance away.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai thought of a possibility and couldn’t help feeling shocked.

There was a chance that Meng Wu Ya was also in this Mysterious Small world. Even if he wasn’t, he might have at least came here before!

The Heavenly Palace was his artifact and it still had his Soul brand on it. If it detected Meng Wu Ya’s aura, it would certainly explain its current reaction.

According to Yang Kai’s investigations, he could infer that Meng Wu Ya had gone to Ice Sect with Xia Ning Chang and Su Yan, entrusted Su Yan to Ice Sect’s Sect Master Qing Ya, and then left.

Afterwards, the master and apprentice pair had stopped in Nine Heavens Holy Land for a time.

Nine Heavens Holy Land was not far from here. If Meng Wu Ya’s destination had actually been this place and had simply stopped by Nine Heavens Holy Land along the way rather than intentionally going there to meet with the old Holy Master, everything would line up.

The more Yang Kai thought about it, the more he thought his guess was correct, causing him to feel very excited.

If Meng Wu Ya was here, that means Little Senior Sister was too…

Li Rong’s softly called out to him at that moment, so Yang Kai quickly returned his consciousness to his body, his eyes now filled with a bright light.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior did not miss this sudden change and asked, “Kid, did you discover something?”

“I’m not sure,” Yang Kai grinned and quickly took the Heavenly Palace out of the Black Book space and placed it in the palm of his hand, “It’s just that this thing suddenly started acting up.”

“An Artifact?” Thunder Dragon frowned as he observed the Heavenly Palace. “The shape of this artifact is rather unusual, it actually resembles a palace. In fact, it’s quite similar to another artifact I’ve seen before.”

This time it was Yang Kai’s turn to be curious as he asked, “Which artifact?”

“One that was owned by one of your Human Race’s masters, but unfortunately that man was killed a few hundred years ago. Forget about it,” Thunder Dragon waved his hand, seemingly dismissing the thought, but as he continued to inspect the artifact on Yang Kai’s palm, he couldn’t help narrowing his eyes, eventually mumbling under his breath, “This artifact, could it be…”

The artifact was of a very high grade, most likely Saint Grade Top-Rank, and the remaining aura on it did not belong to Yang Kai, but rather to another person.

The aura, while a little faint, was quite profound, so Thunder Dragon was easily able to conclude that its owner was a top master.

“Is this the Heavenly Palace?” Thunder Dragon wore a solemn expression as he asked hesitantly.

Artifacts shaped like palaces were extremely uncommon, accompanied by its grade, it was difficult for Thunder Dragon to not think of such a possibility.

Was it really possible? The expression of Thunder Dragon Great Senior became dignified as it seemed to silently say as such.

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Is Great Senior familiar with it?”

“This really is the Heavenly Palace?” Thunder Dragon’s body shook as he stared at Yang Kai in amazement, “Kid, where did you obtain it?”

“Thunder Dragon, is this artifact so shocking?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox stared at it curiously.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior took a breath before explaining, “This artifact is impressive, but what is more impressive is its original owner was.”

“And who would that be?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox was apparently less informed about worldly matters than Thunder Dragon so he had never heard anything about the Heavenly Palace.

“Its original owner was the Human Race’s former first expert, Meng Wu Ya!” Thunder Dragon smirked, turning an inquisitive gaze towards Yang Kai, wondering if he was somehow related to Meng Wu Ya.

Earth Splitting Divine Ox scratched his head, “This Old Ox seems to recall hearing that name somewhere before.”

“Of course you’ve heard it before,” Thunder Dragon snorted, “Do you remember Blood Flood Dragon Great Senior?”

“Of course I remember,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox nodded repeatedly, “Before this Old Ox had even achieved human form, Blood Flood Dragon Great Senior was a renowned master of our Monster Race, but at some point, he died. Right, Thunder Dragon, you were once Blood Flood Dragon Great Senior’s subordinate weren’t you?”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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