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Martial Peak Chapter 905

Chapter 905 - Li Rong’s Opportunity

Chapter 905, Li Rong’s Opportunity

While the Monster Race masters’ moods had dampened, Yang Kai and Li Rong were actually filled with expectations.

When they first entered this strange Mysterious Small World, they had already confirmed that this place was somehow related to Great Demon God. Just knowing this they were not going to become discouraged halfway.

Even if they hadn’t discovered anything of note yet, perhaps that just meant they hadn’t arrived at their destination yet, so the two of them never stopped looking for clues.

Both Yang Kai and Li Rong were filled with confidence.

One day, as they were continuing to walk through this seemingly boundless world, Yang Kai suddenly noticed an unusual aura behind him.

Astonished, he quickly turned back only to see Li Rong gazing up at the sky with a thoughtful look upon her beautiful face. A kind of strength circulated through her body, fluctuating every now and then.

When one of the strange meteor-like lights soared across the sky and disappeared beyond the horizon, Li Rong tender body shivered, her beautiful eyes shining as the energy fluctuations coming from her body became more and more powerful.

Thunder Dragon, who was leading the way, also noticed this abnormality and turned back to see what was happening, a look of shock soon appearing on his face.

Yang Kai’s expression also greatly changed at that moment. In the beginning, he wasn’t sure what was happening with Li Rong, but after seeing to look of bliss and clarity on her face, he suddenly understood, muttering under his breath, “An epiphany?”

Not daring to disturb her, Yang Kai quickly rushed back, beckoning to Earth Splitting Divine Ox and Jin Ni who were bringing up the rear.

The two Monster Race masters also understood what was happening and carefully kept their distance from Li Rong.

“She’s showing signs of a breakthrough,” Thunder Dragon stared fixedly at Li Rong, quietly confirming Yang Kai’s observations and speculations.

Li Rong had reached the Second Order Saint Realm many years ago.

On top of that, when Yang Kai brought the Ancient Demon Clan out from their Mysterious Small World, the moment they had set foot on Tong Xuan Realm, as if they were liberated from some kind of shackle restraining them, they had all received a great boost in strength.

Han Fei and Hua Mo had even directly broken through to the next Minor Realm.

At the time, Li Rong’s strength also increased but it was not enough for her to break through.

Today though, she had obviously realized something and was now finally going to take another step forward in her cultivation.

Once she broke through, she would be a Third Order Saint! That was the highest level a cultivator could reach in this world.

Realizing this, Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox both couldn’t help having their attention glued to her.

Yang Kai smiled broadly as he waited silently.

The stronger Li Rong was, the more help she could provide him. Now, if they were to meet Xue Li again, Yang Kai estimated that she would only be able to escape from them.

When Li Rong was a Second-Order Saint, after using her Demon God Transformation, she was able to fight evenly with Xue Li. After breaking through to the Third Order, she would no doubt be able to defeat her with ease.

“I’ll have to ask all of you to wait here for a while,” Yang Kai turned and bowed his head slightly to the two Monster Race Great Seniors.

“No problem, in any case, we’re lost and have no idea which way to go, there’s no harm in taking a break here for a while,” Thunder Dragon smiled, thinking for a moment before asking, “Why did she suddenly break through at this time? Could it be she discovered something that helped her strength growth here?”

Earth Splitting Divine Ox thought for a while before mumbling, “Over the past few days, I’ve seen her frequently staring up at the sky. Perhaps there is some mystery contained within those strange lights that occasionally flash by?”

“The sky?” Thunder Dragon mumbled, turning his eyes towards the Heavens just in time to see one of the strange meteor-like lights streak across, nodding a moment later, “It’s possible. At her level of strength, often even an inadvertent discovery can lead to a huge improvement in strength.”

“Then this Old Ox must also take a look, perhaps I’ll discover something to improve my strength too. When that happens, Old Thunder Dragon will have to bow down before me!” Earth Splitting Divine Ox declared happily before immediately sitting down and staring upwards.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior simply smirked, not making any attempt to dissuade him but rather choosing to follow Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s example, sitting down cross-legged and peering towards the sky, hoping to uncover the mysteries of the strange lights.

Since Li Rong was able to discover something from it, and there was nothing else for them to do while they waited, there was no reason for them not to try.

Cai Die and Jin Ni also sat down and began observing.

Yang Kai shook his head and ignored them, closing his eyes and entering a meditative state.

Li Rong’s epiphany lasted quite some time, and although there was no way to calculate the exact passage of time, Yang Kai estimated that at least ten days had passed. During this time, Li Rong did not move a muscle, only her beautiful eyes grew brighter and brighter as they observed the strange lights high up in the sky.

Finally, her tender body shivered and a violent force erupted from her body, forming a great torrent of wind that rapidly spread out around her.

The aura belonging to a Third Order Saint overflowed from Li Rong.

High up in the sky, a massive amount of World Energy began to gather and a moment later crashed down onto Li Rong’s head.

Besides letting out a low grunt, Li Rong showed no other reaction, simply standing there while enduring the World Energy baptism.

The look on Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s faces quickly became serious.

Both of them had experienced this step and knew well just how terrifying the force of Heaven and Earth was and how difficult it was to endure.

When they had broken through in the past, both of them had been forced to return to their Beast Forms in order to resist this devastating power, but even taking advantage of their original physique’s superior toughness, they had suffered great trauma and took a long time to recover afterwards.

However, Li Rong, a woman who should have possessed a weaker physique than either of them, was actually taking an even crazier approach to this baptism than they had, causing the eyes of both Great Seniors to bulge in shock.

The storm of World Energy continued to fall and it was not long before blood began leaking from the side of Li Rong’s mouth, her tender body shuddering, seemingly somewhat unable to bear this pressure but still gritting her teeth and steadfastly enduring in order to allow her flesh and blood to absorb as much of this baptism as possible and convert it into her own strength.

As time passed, the four Monster Race masters were all on the edge, Cai Die biting her thin lip as her jade hands clenched, secretly worried for Li Rong.

“Kid, this isn’t good…” Thunder Dragon suddenly came over and whispered into Yang Kai’s ear, “If she continues to resist head-on like this, there’s a good chance she’ll be destroyed by the World Energy storm.”

“En,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox nodded, “My Monster Race’s physiques are the strongest in the world, but even Thunder Dragon and I wouldn’t dare absorb all of that World Energy like this. What she’s doing right now is nothing short of digging her own grave.”

Li Rong, from the beginning, had made no attempt to shield herself with her Demonic Qi from the World Energy baptism and instead completely opened her mind and body to it. Naturally, this caused both Great Seniors great concern.

“Heh heh, don’t worry, she can withstand it,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, not showing the slightest sign of worry.

Thunder Dragon couldn’t help but look at him strangely, not understanding what gave him such great confidence in Li Rong.

“If such a good subordinate were to fall here, you’ll really have no place to cry,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox reminded him.

“She has a sense of discretion,” Yang Kai shook his head and stopped explaining.

Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox exchanged a glance and no longer said anything, turning their attention back to Li Rong, a look of suspicion and curiosity flashing across their faces, wanting to see just how she was going to endure this baptism.

As time went by, the strength of the World Energy storm only grew, even causing the surrounding space to tremble, seemingly pushing Li Rong to the very edge, as if she could die at any moment.

But still, she insisted, motionless.

The four Monster Race masters all had solemn expressions upon their faces. Regardless of anything else, the courage and will Li Rong displayed enduring all of this with only her flesh was a great shock to them.

The swirling of the World Energy gathered high up in the sky suddenly calmed down but became even more concentrated, as if it was preparing to strike one final blow.

Li Rong’s expression finally became dignified, her beautiful eyes filling with an indomitable will as they stared up at the sky.


The world roared and a destructive power that made everyone present go pale suddenly crashed down through the air and enveloped Li Rong.

At that moment, everyone else present felt as if their heart had stopped beating as all of their attention focused towards the spot where Li Rong was standing.

Inside the raging blast of World Energy, the only thing they could see was a blurry shadow that, despite trembling greatly, was still standing tall.

Gradually, the violent downpour of World Energy converged, as if it was being absorbed into Li Rong’s tender body. The winds that were whipping about slowly died out and a pair of bright eyes flashed as they shot open inside the fading storm.

A moment later, Li Rong slowly stepped out towards the five spectators, gasping for breath, her chest heaving up and down.

“This…” Earth Splitting Divine Ox couldn’t speak properly as he stared dumbfounded at the woman in front of them.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior also narrowed his eyes as he fixed his gaze on Li Rong’s face.

At this moment, numerous strange dark tattoos had appeared all over her pretty face, painting a fierce yet profound picture. As Li Rong approached though, these lines seemingly receded, the dreadful momentum pulsing from her body disappearing along with them.

Seemingly thinking of something, Thunder Dragon Great Senior’s expression changed slightly as he directed an extremely dignified look towards Li Rong.

Arriving in front of everyone, Li Rong stood firmly and smiled towards Yang Kai.

Her aura was now as vast as the sea and her eyes were filled with a kind of divine light. Her skin looked like the finest white jade as it gave off a radiant lustre yet simultaneously appeared as soft and tender as newborns. Her strength had obviously undergone earth-shaking changes.

“Master, I’ve become a Third-Order Saint,” Li Rong looked calm and she reported to Yang Kai.

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded firmly, “It seems we didn’t come here in vain!”

“Many thanks for patiently waiting for me,” Li Rong turned to the Monster Race masters and nodded lightly.

“A minor matter, nothing worth mentioning,” Thunder Dragon Great Senior waved his hand, “Rather, it is we who should congratulate Madame for arriving at this plane.”

Li Rong smiled and modestly said, “In the future, I must trouble two Great Seniors to provide me with some guidance.”

“No need to be so polite, if Madame has free time in the future, you are always welcome to visit my Thunder Tree Palace so we may exchange pointers,” Thunder Dragon nodded lightly. Li Rong had just broken through to the Third Order Saint Realm, the same realm as him. Naturally, she was qualified to communicate with him so they could share their cultivation experiences.

“Haa, unfortunately even after sitting here for so long, this Old Ox hasn’t been able to discover anything special, let alone reach an epiphany,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox shook his head, looking a little dissatisfied before suddenly asking, “However, though you’re a woman your physique is quite tyrannical, you even fully accepted that World Energy baptism with only your flesh. It is the first time I’ve seen anything like that. What were those black patterns that appeared on your face just now? Why did feel like your momentum and vitality soared when those things appear?”

Hearing him ask these questions, Li Rong turned her gaze towards Yang Kai first, not certain whether she should answer or not.

Yang Kai was also somewhat unsure what to do and hesitated for a moment, but before he could answer, Thunder Dragon cut in, “What are you doing trying to pry into other’s secrets? That’s going too far Old Ox.”

Earth Splitting Divine Ox laughed awkwardly, “I was just curious and asked thoughtlessly. If you don’t want to answer then that’s fine.”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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