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Martial Peak Chapter 861

Chapter 861 - He Came Back

Chapter 861, He Came Back

Exchanging a quick glance, Li Rong and Han Fei both shot out like lightning bolts, soaring towards the figure’s landing point.

At the same time, Hua Mo, who was teaching the two newly promoted Saint Realm Great Commanders inside the citadel, also stood up, and after probing the situation briefly, the expression on his old face lit up as he loudly shouted, “You two, come with this old master!”

Saying so, he too rushed out.

The two new Great Commanders immediately followed Hua Mo.

All of Demon God Citadel was instantly abuzz with activity.

The Ancient Demon Clan clansmen all around the citadel all turned their attention towards the direction of the disturbance and soon saw all their leaders rush out to investigate, initiating a frenzy of discussion.

Every time Coffin Slave Senior caught someone and sent them into this place, a similar scene would occur, so when they saw the red bolt of light, all of them realized that an outsider had entered this Mysterious Small World.

The Great Commanders would obviously handle this matter.

But how fierce must this newcomer have been to have attracted the attention of all five Great Commanders?

The clansmen of the Ancient Demon Clan all had various suspicions. Only a young girl named Guan’er clenched her fists as she began to shout, “He came back! That man actually came back! We’re saved!”

The relationship between Yang Kai and Great Demon God, except for the few Great Commanders, was only known clearly by Guan’er, so she easily concluded that the one who had suddenly entered the Mysterious Small World just now must have been Yang Kai.

Besides him, Coffin Slave Senior should not have allowed anyone else to enter.

A dozen or so kilometres outside Demon God Citadel, Yang Kai and Wu Jie, wrapped in a blood-red light, fell to the ground and stood firm. A moment later, Yang Kai noticed that several tyrannical auras were rapidly approaching here.

Smiling slightly, Yang Kai realized that Li Rong and the others had grown anxious after so long and couldn’t wait to see him.

However, what made Yang Kai feel slightly confused was that there were actually five Saint Realm masters approaching; at the same time, Li Rong and Han Fei’s strengths both seemed to grow significantly.

These tyrannical auras naturally did not escape Wu Jie’s perception and after he quickly confirmed the cultivations of the people approaching, his face couldn’t help paling slight as he asked, “Sir Holy Master, what is this place?”

“A Mysterious Small World!” Yang Kai replied casually, waving lightly to Wu Jie, “Come with me.”

Wu Jie’s expression cramped slightly, but he didn’t ask anything more and simply followed behind Yang Kai.

This place was actually a Mysterious Small World, something he couldn’t quite comprehend because the last thing he remembered was being dragged into that blood-red coffin by Yang Kai.

Could it be that the mystery that had puzzled the world for countless years, the secret hidden inside the blood-red coffin the Coffin Carrying Man carried, was actually a Mysterious Small World?

Also, the aura pervading this Mysterious Small World also caught Wu Jie’s attention. There seemed to be a large number of Demon Race members wandering about and the air contained traces of potent Demonic Qi.

The Demonic Qi pulsing from the five masters who were rushing over was particularly striking.

What exactly was this new Holy Master of the Nine Heavens Holy Land involved in? What exactly was this place he had just stepped into? Wu Jie couldn’t help feeling anxious.

A moment later, two beautiful figures descended from the sky and fell right in front of Yang Kai.

“Master!” Li Rong hurriedly shouted, a brilliant light flashing across her beautiful eyes, seemingly not having expected Yang Kai to suddenly appear.

A moment ago, she had just been complaining to Han Fei that Yang Kai didn’t come back to report his safety from time to time, yet here he was standing right in front of them.

“Han Fei greets Master!” Han Fei’s expression was as chilly as ever, carefully examining Wu Jie as she greeted Yang Kai.

Under her gaze, Wu Jie couldn’t help feeling a sense of tension, the green aura surrounding his body twisting and coiling like a snake.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, he shuffled closer to Yang Kai, seemingly looking for a sense of security.

By the time the two ladies had finished giving their greetings, Hua Mo had also rushed over with the two new Saints, tears gathering at his old wrinkled eyes, “Master, you’ve returned! This old master knew you would not abandon my clan.”

Yang Kai chuckled lightly, “Hua Mo Great Commander is too polite, since I gave all of you my word, naturally, I will not renege on it. En, I’ve returned.”

Han Fei glared over at Hua Mo, snorting under her breath, wondering where the old fart who kept clamouring to her all day that Yang Kai wouldn’t be coming back had gone.

“En, are these two newly-promoted Saints?” Yang Kai swept his eyes over the two figures next to Hua Mo. Although he felt that they were familiar, he didn’t know their names.

“Greetings, Master,” The two quickly stepped forward and cupped their fists.

Li Rong smiled and nodded, “It is all thanks to the materials left by Master that these two could have their present accomplishments. Good, this is Great Commander Yin Ya and Great Commander Xue Ji.”

After some quick introductions, Yang Kai somehow remembered the two men’s names.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s beautiful eyes widened as she stared at Yang Kai and shouted, “Master’s growth is truly terrifying, are you now already a Third Order Transcendent? Could it be more years have passed than we thought?”

Hearing these words, Li Rong and Hua Mo also quickly investigated Yang Kai’s cultivation and were shocked by what they discovered.

“It hasn’t been that long, about five or six years,” Yang Kai replied lightly, “Good, there’s no time to waste, let’s talk as we walk.”

Seeing his expression suddenly become dignified, Li Rong and the others also became serious, faintly realizing that something was not quite right.

Li Rong turned her attention to Wu Jie and asked in a quiet voice, “Master, who is this?”

Yang Kai casually replied, “A friend from the outside. Later you can ask him about the specific situation, right now I need to immediately start the Alchemy process.”

“Alchemy?” Li Rong exclaimed, “Do you mean…”

“En, some people outside are seeking Coffin Slave Senior’s position while chasing me down, so I have to bring you all out of here as soon as possible, otherwise things will become quite troublesome.”

“Who dares do this?” Li Rong’s aura suddenly changed, becoming violent and dangerous.

“A Demon General named Xue Li!” Yang Kai frowned, “She seems to have inadvertently obtained some Demon God Golden Blood long ago and is now coveting my blood.”

“A Demon General?” Han Fei narrowed her eyes, “I’d like to see what kind of level today’s Demon Generals are at!”

“You’ll have such an opportunity,” Yang Kai turned to look at her meaningfully.

As the group walked forward, Wu Jie lagged behind slightly and took another close look at the cultivations of these five unknown masters, his shock only deepening the more he observed them.

What surprised him the most was that the strongest of these five Saints, one of the beautiful women, was only a Second-Order Saint, but although that was the case, the pressure he felt from her when her anger had just flared up was in no way inferior to the one Xue Li brought him.

Wu Jie even suspected that this woman was not weaker than Xue Li.

The other four were all First Order Saints, with the second beautiful woman and the old man having reached the limits of the First Order, both of them possessing denser auras than his own.

If he had to fight any of these three, Wu Jie estimated that his only option would be to flee.

The remaining two males seemed to have broken through recently, a point he confirmed from the discussion Yang Kai had with them.

However, Wu Jie didn’t know why, but he still felt a slight pressure from these two as well.

Who were these people, and why was their strength so strange?

Moreover, how these people addressed Yang Kai made a big impression on Wu Jie.

Although his heart was filled with doubts, Wu Jie knew the value of silence and obediently shut his mouth and simply followed behind the crowd.

A few breaths later, the group returned to Demon God Citadel.

Gazing out, Yang Kai saw many Ancient Demon Clan clansmen standing around in front of the citadel, staring curiously.

From amongst the crowd, a young girl waved her hand in excitement and shouted, “Yang Kai, Yang Kai!”

Looking towards the source of the sound, Yang Kai smiled and waved back to her.

The young girl was none other than Guan’er, the one who had been responsible for taking care of him when he first arrived here and also Li Rong’s personal maidservant.

“That foolish little girl!” Li Rong ground her teeth before hurriedly addressing Yang Kai, “Master, there’s no need for you to pay any attention to her, I will certainly teach her a good lesson and let her realize the difference in status between you.”

In response, Yang Kai simply chuckled, “There’s no need for that, all of you should act more relaxed, also, stop calling me Master, it’s quite uncomfortable.”

“… Then how should we address you?” Li Rong asked.

“How did you call me in the beginning?”

The three old Great Commanders glanced around at each other, recalling how they originally called Yang Kai and immediately blushing with shame.

When Yang Kai was first brought before them, the three of them had called him human boy, or despicable Human, or little brat etc…

Now though, how could they dare call him such names?

Once inside Demon God Citadel, Guan’er ran over, bowed perfunctorily, and then proceeded to follow Yang Kai around happily.

It was as if she had not spoken at all since Yang Kai left and was now making up for the lost time.

Seeing how Yang Kai smiled happily, not showing the slightest intent of chastising Guan’er, Li Rong also couldn’t help smiling as she shook her head.

After talking for a while, Guan’er suddenly looked towards Wu Jie and asked, “Who is this silent guy who follows you around like some kind of ghost? Why did you bring him here?”

Wu Jie’s face immediately went black.

Yang Kai shook his head wryly and didn’t answer her question, instead turning to Li Rong and saying, “I want to use that underground secluded room. I’ll come out after a maximum of three days. As for the situation outside, just ask Wu Jie, he’ll be able to answer any questions you have.”

“Good,” Li Rong and the others all nodded quickly.

“Hey, Sir Holy Master…” Wu Jie hurried stepped forward and pulled Yang Kai aside, anxiously whispering, “Staying here alone… will I be in any danger?”

Yang Kai laughed aloud, “No, you can rest assured.”

“But why do these people all seem like members of the Demon Race?” Wu Jie looked around in confusion.

“Because they are Demon Race people, and not ordinary ones at that!” Yang Kai smiled and patted Wu Jie’s shoulder, “Well that’s how it is, time is running out and I have work to do, so until I get back, take care of things.”

Saying so, Yang Kai walked off.

Wu Jie gawked for a moment before helplessly shaking his head.

Li Rong and others also stopped, not following after Yang Kai, digesting the words he had said as looks of anticipation filled their faces.

Three days, in just three days, the long imprisonment of their Ancient Demon Clan would come to an end and their clansmen would finally be able to step into the vast outside world, where the sun, moon, and stars filled a never-ending sky.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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