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Martial Peak Chapter 860

Chapter 860 - One Day

Chapter 860, One Day

In the skies above the endless Snow Mountain Range, Yang Kai and Wu Jie fled while Xue Li and the others followed, the distance between them slowly growing closer.

By now, Wu Jie was continuously leaking cold sweat. Although Xue Li was still quite far away, just her aura alone was enough to cause him panic.

Suddenly, Yang Kai came to a stop and spread his Divine Sense out, a moment later turning towards a particular direction and shouting, “Here!”

As he shouted, his figure flickered and shot a thousand meters forward.

Wu Jie didn’t dare to delay and hurriedly followed after Yang Kai.

A moment later, a cave that had been completely hidden by snow was dug up by Yang Kai. With a smile on his face, Yang Kai dove inside.

Seeing that Yang Kai seemed quite familiar with this place, Wu Jie couldn’t help revealing a thoughtful look, but he didn’t ask much, and instead just silently kept up.

Inside the cave, the air was so cold it felt as if it could freeze one’s Soul. Upon entering this place, Wu Jie had to circulate his True Qi in order to withstand the chill in his surroundings.

While looking around, he followed close behind Yang Kai.

A short time later, Yang Kai came to a stop again and stared forward.

Following his gaze, Wu Jie’s eyes bulged as he took a few steps backwards and exclaimed, “The Coffin Carrying Man?”

In front of the pair, at the bottom of this cave, a tall figure covered in half-rotting flesh lay with its back against the icy walls, completely still and unmoving.

Wu Jie had never seen the Coffin Carrying Man before, but he recognized him at a glance.

Because there was a large gloomy blood red coffin on his back!

However, what surprised Wu Jie the most was that the Coffin Carrying Man seemed to have perfectly melded into his surroundings, a thin layer of ice even appearing on his skin while not the slightest bit of Death Qi leaked out from his body.

“En, he is who Zhang Ao and Cao Guan are looking for,” Yang Kai chuckled.

“En… it seems like Sir Holy Master really is related to the Coffin Carrying Man,” Wu Jie’s expression fluctuated, faintly feeling like he was witnessing something historic, silently wondering just what hidden secrets lay buried before him, unable to help some excitement from appearing in his heart.

“Good, I indeed have a connection with him!” Yang Kai admitted without hesitation before ignoring Wu Jie’s reactions before walking over and calling out to the Coffin Carrying Man, “Senior, Senior!”

The Coffin Carrying Man offered no response.

Wu Jie’s brow furrowed but he kept his silence. Although he could tell that, just as in the legends, the Coffin Carrying Man in front of him was already dead, since Yang Kai was calling out to him, he must have some kind of plan.

After a few more attempts, the Coffin Carrying Man suddenly showed some reactions.

The Death Qi which had been concealing itself within his body suddenly became active and the icy layer which covered his flesh creaked, as if it would soon break apart.

Wu Jie narrowed his eyes, not even daring to blink.


Spider web like cracks soon appeared on the ice and the Death Qi contained with it began spilling out, becoming more and more intense with every passing breath.

Suddenly, the icy layer burst apart, transforming into dust and the Coffin Carrying Man, who should have died many eons ago, actually slowly opened his eyes.

Wu Jie was startled by this sight and couldn’t help retreating a few steps.

When the Coffin Carrying Man’s eyes blinked open, an aura far stronger than his own suddenly pulsed.

A Second Order Saint’s aura!

That is to say, this Coffin Carrying Man was actually a Second Order Saint Realm powerhouse.

(Silavin: I thought he was Third Order. Maybe it dropped after being dead for thousands of years?)

Or rather, he had at least been one when he was alive.

His pair of terrifying eyes though were completely blank, like dead fishes, only adding to his fearful appearance.

“Senior, I must enter!” Yang Kai stared at the Coffin Carrying Man, not even sure he could understand his words or not, but given the circumstances, all he could do was try his luck!

Fortunately, the Coffin Carrying Man seemed to somehow understand, his blank eyes brightening for the briefest of moments, clearly conveying a sense of joy and excitement, the next moment, his giant body standing up.

The rich Death Qi and the putrid toxins leaking from his body quickly filling the entire ice cavern, causing it to melt and distort.

Even someone as strong as Wu Jie felt somewhat dizzy after being exposed to these toxins, quickly holding his breath in response.

A touch of red light suddenly bloomed from the blood red coffin behind the Coffin Carrying Man, in the next moment its lid slowly opening.

Yang Kai grinned, “Many thanks, Senior.”

As he spoke, he didn’t hesitate to grab the nervous Wu Jie and leap into the open coffin.

At the same time, Xue Li, who was still rushing over, couldn’t help exclaiming, “Demonic Qi? The aura of Great Demon God?”

Sensing these, Xue Li pushed her speed even higher, seemingly unable to wait to find the source of these auras.

Demon God Citadel.

Li Rong, the leader of the Ancient Demon Clan, stood quietly on the highest deck of the castle, staring out at the chaotic sky, her pretty face wearing a wistful expression, as if he was waiting for something.

Light footsteps resounded behind her but Li Rong didn’t have to look back to know it was Han Fei.

Sure enough, a moment later, Han Fei, in a plain light coloured dress appeared and stood beside her, turning her eyes towards the sky.

Two beautiful and graceful women, one as cold as ice the other as pure as jade, the breeze gently blowing through their long hair and dresses, surely this was the most enchanting scene in the entire Mysterious Small World.

Many Ancient Demon Clan disciples who happened to be passing by down below and inadvertently saw this picturesque scene couldn’t help sighing in appreciation.

However, when they remember the tyrannical methods and strength Li Rong and Han Fei possessed, they all quickly averted their eyes and scurried away, not daring to take a second look.

“Haa…” Han Fei suddenly sighed, softly whispering, “Senior Li, do you know how long it has been?”

Li Rong shook her head, “There is no sun, moon or stars here, so I can’t grasp the passage of time, but it should have been at least five or six years.”

“Perhaps even longer!” Han Fei nodded lightly.

“When will we be able to see the outside world?” Li Rong sighed faintly.

“That depends on the growth of that little guy.”

“En, everything will be up to how fast he can mature. When he left here, he was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage cultivator and his Alchemy level seemed to be around the peak of the Spirit Grade, wanting him to become capable of refining a Saint Grade Mid-Rank pill should take him a decade or so.”

“Is Senior Li so optimistic about him? With his aptitude in Alchemy, it indeed shouldn’t take him very long to reach an appropriate level of skill, but in order to refine a Saint Pill he will need a corresponding cultivation. He’ll need to raise both his Alchemy proficiency and cultivation greatly. Is it really possible to do so in less than ten years?” Han Fei brushed her windswept hair back behind her ear as she turned to look inquisitively towards Li Rong.

“If ten years isn’t enough then we’ll wait twenty years. If that still isn’t enough then we’ll wait thirty years. No matter how long it takes, one day I believe our clan will be able to leave here,” Li Rong smiled slightly, a look of yearning appearing on her pretty face.

The Ancient Demon Clan had been sealed in this small place for too long. For so many generations, so many millennia they had waiting without ever seeing any hope of leaving, but now, a light had finally appeared in the endless darkness, and the one who brought them this light was none other than the new possessor of the Demon Eye of Annihilation.

Both Li Rong and Han Fei believed that this was all the arrangement of Great Demon God and that Yang Kai was the one destined to free them from this Mysterious Small World.

“We can wait, but outside he has no one to depend on, no one to protect him as he grows. Whether or not he encounters any kind of accident is uncertain,” Han Fei couldn’t help voicing her concerns.

Li Rong’s heart tightened at these words, not daring to think too deeply about them.

This was the very issue she was most worried about.

With Yang Kai’s aptitude, as long as there were no accidents, it was all but guaranteed he would grow to a point where he could fulfill his promise to them, but the outside world was by no means free from danger and accidents were also a normal part of life.

The Ancient Demon Clan was sealed inside this Mysterious Small World though, so even though she wanted to help him, there was simply nothing she could do!

“Even if he hasn’t yet grown to such a point, if he could find some time to come and see us, just to let us know he is safe, it would certainly be good,” Li Rong muttered in complaint.

If Yang Kai wanted to enter this place, he could do so very easily, all he needed to do was find Coffin Slave Senior and ask to enter; then, in order to leave, all he’d need to do would be to ask Li Rong to let him out.

It was because of this that Li Rong didn’t understand why they hadn’t received any word from Yang Kai even after so long.

Han Fei suddenly wore an awkward look as she whispered, “Hua Mo said… he probably won’t be back.”

“What do you think?” Li Rong turned to look at her.

“I think he will come back!” Han Fei replied without any hesitation, “When he set out, he quietly left us with so many Crystal Stones. He also isn’t a cold-hearted person, if he never planned on coming back, he would certainly have not left so much wealth behind for us. I’m sure he thought it would help us strengthen ourselves so that when he did return we would be able to provide him with even greater support.”

Li Rong smiled lightly and nodded, “I think so too. Hua Mo… he didn’t interacted with him much so it is only reasonable for him to have some suspicions.”

Han Fei nodded in agreement, suddenly saying excitedly, “But thanks to the Crystal Stones and Pills he left behind, our clansmen have really experienced an explosion in growth these past few years. Two have even broken through to the Saint Realm. Even Hua Mo and myself have made some small breakthroughs.”

“En, we really should thank him for this,” Li Rong also looked happy.

Before Yang Kai exited this Mysterious Small World, he secretly left behind a large amount of Crystal Stones and finished pills, resources that were urgently needed by the Ancient Demon Clan.

They had been sealed here for countless years so their reserves of Crystal Stones had long been used up and they were unable to refine pills on their own, so the best they could do was directly ingest raw spirit herbs, but now that there were pills they could use, the effects were noticeably better.

“The two newly promoted Commanders, have they managed to consolidate their cultivations yet?” Li Rong asked with concern.

“En, their cultivations are now stable. Hua Mo has been lecturing them on the mysteries of the Saint Realm to speed up their development.”

“That’s good…”

“We should go back inside, the wind is quite cold today.”

“En,” Li Rong glanced back at the sky one last time before walking back inside together with Han Fei.

Just then, however, a bang resounded through the air and the two beautiful women couldn’t help freezing up, turning around in the next instant to stare at the source of the sound, their eyes flashing with shock as their pretty faces overflowed with surprise.

High up in the sky, a bright red light appeared, followed by what seemed like a great bolt of lightning descending from that light and falling a dozen or so kilometers away from Demon God Citadel.

Faintly, Li Rong and Han Fei even saw a vague figure inside that bolt of red light, one that was all too familiar to them.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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