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Martial Peak Chapter 832

Chapter 832 - Sun Yu’s Opportunity

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Two months passed by.

Sun Yu, who was staying with Yang Kai, had rapidly improved his strength. In just two months, he had reached the Peak True Element Boundary from the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage!

Sun Yu was ecstatic.

He was only fifteen this year and his aptitude was only slightly above average. If he had cultivated at his previous rate, reaching the Peak True Element Boundary would have taken him at least for a year or so.

But now, he had actually accomplished this feat in just two months.

He knew that all the credit for this belonged to the Senior surnamed Yang, causing Sun Yu to become even more respectful towards Yang Kai.

Over the past two months, all this Senior had done was provided Sun Yu with some Crystal Stones for cultivation and made him drink a drop of unknown medicinal liquid every day.

Sun Yu had no idea what kind of mysteries this medicinal liquid hid, but after taking it for two months, he actually felt like he had been reborn.

His physique had become both more powerful and flexible than before and he could tell that his meridians had been strengthened and expanded. However, the biggest and most important change was that the purity and richness of his True Qi was now double what it had been before. When his True Qi flowed through his meridians, Sun Yu could even hear some subtle rushing sounds.

These were all signs he had grown more powerful.

The most intuitive manifestation of all this was Sun Yu’s consumption of Crystal Stones when he cultivated.

In the past, it would take Sun Yu five or six days to absorb all the energy in a single piece of Crystal Stone.

But now, he didn’t even need a full day to absorb a piece of Crystal Stone, and this rate of consumption was still gradually getting faster.

Fortunately, this Senior Yang seemed to be extremely rich, so Sun Yu didn’t need to worry about his consumption of Crystal Stones. Every time, Senior Yang would give him a pile of Crystal Stones, and once Sun Yu ran out, Senior Yang would simply hand him more.

On top of all this, Senior Yang provided many different pills to assist Sun Yu in his cultivation. Whether it was Mysterious Grade pills or even Spirit Grade pills, it seemed like this Senior Yang had an endless supply of them.

Sun Yu couldn’t even describe the gratitude he felt.

Sun Yu understood that although this Senior didn’t teach him any powerful or profound Secret Arts or Martial Skills, he was actually fundamentally improving his body while enhancing his physique and aptitude. This kind of chance would benefit Sun Yu for the rest of his life.

[Is this one of those legendary fortuitous encounters?] Sun Yu thought to himself excitedly.

When he was back in Dragon Phoenix Palace, Sun Yu had often heard from the masters around him talk about these kinds of fortuitous encounters. They said that such things could not be sought out and were essentially chance occurrences, but those lucky enough to obtain one would be able to leap over the dragon’s gate and soar into the sky. Of course, Sun Yu had only thought that such things were the stuff of rumour and legend and never took his Seniors’ ramblings seriously.

After all, how could one come across such a good thing so casually?

But now, how else could Sun Yu describe everything that was happening to him, besides as a fortuitous encounter.

In Sun Yu’s heart he secretly rejoiced that he was fortunate enough to be the last disciple to enter Dragon Valley and then get dragged into this golden world by that inexplicable force. He was overjoyed he had met such a good person like Senior Yang.

Sun Yu seemed to be able to see his own bright future beckoning to himself!

As such, Sun Yu put even more effort into his cultivation, not daring to slack off for a moment. Such an opportunity was not something that everyone could meet, and Sun Yu was terrified he would fail to live up to the care Senior Yang had shown him.

Sun Yu wished for nothing more than to be able to clone himself so he could cultivate twice as fast while not sleeping or eating.

Yang Kai did not miss Sun Yu’s efforts and was very satisfied with what he saw.

This young boy had perseverance, determination, and most importantly obedience and endurance.

Yang Kai grew fonder of him as time passed.

Originally, Yang Kai had simply wanted to give Sun Yu some small benefits as payment for sealing his lips, but watching this boy put in so much effort to his cultivation, Yang Kai soon began sparing no effort to train him.

Every day, Yang Kai would give Sun Yu a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid as well as Crystal Stones and Mysterious Grade and Spirit Grade pills he had personally refined without any reservations.

Everyone who worked hard should have such opportunities.

Yang Kai often thought about all the hardships he had to endure on his path to acquire his current strength and couldn’t help wanting to lend this boy a helping hand.

What was rare was that, despite being just a young brat, Sun Yu actually understood that rest and relaxation were essential parts of cultivation. After he rushed to the Peak True Element Boundary and cultivated for a while, Sun Yu encountered a type of bottleneck and immediately took a step back instead of recklessly charging ahead. He spent time observing Yang Kai perform Alchemy as well as took the initiative to ask some questions about the Martial Dao.

A True Element Boundary cultivator breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary was indeed a great hurdle. Yang Kai himself had been stuck at this point in his cultivation for some time and was naturally very experienced in how to handle it. Passing some small insights on to Sun Yu immediately allowed the latter’s eyes to light up, often leading the youth to sit in contemplation for long periods of time before once again beginning to cultivate.

Time continued to pass by.

One day, while Yang Kai was immersed in Alchemy, he suddenly noticed that Sun Yu, next to him, was giving off a faint pulse of Spiritual Energy, and couldn’t help showing a faint smile, stopping the movement of his hands and observing the youth intently.

Now was the most critical moment for Sun Yu to open his Knowledge Sea. No one could help him. Everything depended on his own efforts.

The process of opening his Knowledge Sea lasted for a few days, allowing Yang Kai to fully comprehend Sun Yu’s determination and perseverance; each time he nearly failed, Sun Yu would push through with sheer force of will.

Suddenly, inside Sun Yu’s inner world, the infinite void was torn asunder and an invisible space appeared as his aura underwent some subtle changes.

Immortal Ascension Boundary! He had finally broken through.

Yang Kai breathed a light sigh of relief. He had been with this boy for so many days now, observing the efforts he had made. Naturally, Yang Kai hoped Sun Yu would succeed.

Fortunately, the boy had succeeded.

Sun Yu’s Knowledge Sea was empty, completely unlike Yang Kai’s when he first broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary. Yang Kai had managed to cultivate out his Divine Sense while still at the True Element Boundary, so once he opened his Knowledge Sea, his was already abundant with Spiritual Energy, enough of which to form a vast sea.

Sun Yu, on the other hand, had to start gathering Spiritual Energy and form his Knowledge Sea from scratch.

“Senior…” Sun Yu’s face was filled with joy as he called out in excitement, speaking somewhat incoherently as he rejoiced, “I… I broke through… Immortal Ascension Boundary…”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “Have you realized the difference from how you used to be?”

“En, even when I close my eyes, I can still perceive everything around me.”

“Good, as your Soul becomes more powerful, the distance you’ll be able to sense things across, and how much detail you’ll be able to observe will also increase. Your present Soul is just like a candle in the wind, work hard to cultivate it.”

“Yes!” Sun Yu replied in a positive and respectful tone, quickly closing his eyes and beginning to meditate.

However, soon after, he awkwardly opened his eyes and stammered, “But Senior… I don’t know how to cultivate Spiritual Energy… Master never taught me this.”

When Sun Yu had entered Dragon Valley, he was only a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator. According to Ling Jian’s estimations, Sun Yu would need at least two more years before arriving at the Immortal Ascension Boundary, as such, he had yet to teach the youth anything about cultivating his Soul.

Hearing this, Yang Kai laughed in spite of trying not to. After organizing his thoughts for a moment, he then began passing on his own attainments and experiences in this field to the boy.

Sun Yu listened attentively to nodded repeatedly.

“Good, the best was to cultivate one’s Spiritual Energy is to refine a Soul type artifact, this not only improves your combat strength but also strengthens your Soul,” Yang Kai then smiled and said, “I happen to have a Soul type artifact quite suitable for you to use.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai opened his palm and summoned out a delicate little sword.

This little sword was an artifact Yang Kai had obtained when he participated in the Inheritance War and it had accompanied him for many years now. However, it was only a Heaven Grade Top-Rank artifact and along with the improvement of Yang Kai’s strength, fewer and fewer opportunities had arisen for it to be used.

Sun Yu quickly waved his hand, “Senior, you have already given me so much, this artifact…”

“It’s of no use to me, it’s only Heaven Grade Top-Rank, keeping it would just be a waste, but for you, it’s just right.”

Hearing Yang Kai say this, Sun Yu hesitated for a moment before composing himself, reaching out, and respectfully held out his hands, “Many Thanks for Senior’s gift, Sun Yu will work hard to not bring shame upon Senior’s name!”

Yang Kai chuckled, wiped his Soul mark from the sword, and said, “Refine it carefully. When you can take this artifact into your Knowledge Sea, you’ll basically be finished.”

“En!” Sun Yu nodded then quickly set about refining the small sword.

Yang Kai no longer paid attention to him and resumed refining pills.

After much long and painstaking effort, Yang Kai’s Alchemy’s proficiency had finally advanced once more and he was now able to consistently refine Saint Grade pills.

He had become a Saint Grade Low-Rank Alchemist!

(Silavin: Though he could have made a Saint Grade Pill in the past, it was not by his own strength. Most people would regard that as already reaching Saint Grade but not Yang Kai lol. He needs to do it without the other Plot Amor.)

He was only one minor rank away from meeting the requirements to free the Ancient Demon Clan.

Even throughout the entire world, there weren’t many Saint Grade Alchemists.

Du Wan of Grand Boulder City had also reached such a level in Alchemy; he was received courteously wherever he went and currently served as the respected manager of the Alchemist Guild’s Grand Boulder City Branch. With Yang Kai’s current skills and means, as long as he was willing, he too would be able to receive similar treatment.

However, Alchemy had always been an auxiliary pursuit to Yang Kai, a way to broaden his comprehension of the Martial Dao.

Yang Kai’s only wish was to pursue the peak of the Martial Dao.

Through studying Alchemy, Yang Kai had discovered many insights regarding his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea as well as many questions he needed to ponder, allowing him to become more and more skillful in manipulating it.

Although he was now just a Saint Grade Low-Rank Alchemist, Yang Kai estimated that if he used the Myriad Drug Liquid and auxiliary Spirit Arrays, there was a chance he could refine Saint Grade Mid-Rank pills.

The world formed by the golden energy ocean was still solidly wrapped around Yang Kai and Sun Yu, and the small Golden Dragon which had manifested itself from the tattoo on Yang Kai’s back was still swallowing this energy, its body growing larger by the day. As this Golden Dragon consumed this golden energy, it also began giving off a majestic and awe inspiring aura.

Yang Kai was not in a rush and simply continued going about his own business.

Recently, Yang Kai hadn’t had any time to pursue his own cultivation, so this was actually a welcome opportunity.

Just like the Golden Dragon, Sun Yu also showed rapid growth. After his physique was improved by the Myriad Drug Liquid, cultivating became much smoother and easier for him.

The small sword Yang Kai delivered Sun Yu took the later roughly one month to refine and after experimenting with its power, he soon fell in love with it.

Sun Yu’s current Knowledge Sea had a good accumulation of Spiritual Energy now as well.

Every day, he consumed many Crystal Stones and precious pills, and whenever he encountered a problem in his cultivation he couldn’t solve, all he had to do was consult Senior Yang to obtain appropriate guidance. Sun Yu felt he was the luckiest person alive and he now considered Yang Kai his own honoured master and respected him as such.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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