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Martial Peak Chapter 831

Chapter 831 - , I’ll Give You Strength

Outside the Dragon Valley, all of Dragon Phoenix Palace’s leadership had come together and were staring excitedly in the direction of the valley’s depths.

Palace Master Chen Zhou wore the most joyful look of them all, with a gigantic smile plastered on his face.

Dragon Phoenix Palace was a little different from other forces because it practiced Dual Cultivation Techniques. As a result, basically every master here had their own life partner.

At this moment, Yu Ting Yi, Palace Master Chen Zhou’s companion, was also together with him, holding his hand gently but actually unable to stop his stalwart body from trembling lightly.

Yu Ting Yi looked like a beautiful middle-aged woman with an outstanding figure, but because her aptitude was slightly worse, she had fallen behind Chen Zhou’s cultivation slightly and was now only a Third Order Transcendent. Seeing her husband so unable to control himself, she couldn’t help laughing lightly, “Good good, just because that inheritance has reappeared, is that a reason to become so excited?”

Chen Zhou took a deep breath, “You don’t understand! All previous Palace Masters have taken the restoration of this inheritance as their highest responsibility, but now, after so many years, it has finally appeared under my watch, how can I not be excited? The reappearance of this inheritance means our Dragon Phoenix Palace will once again have a Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress. As long as we have these two masters, we will be able to restore our past prosperity…”

Saying so, he suddenly called out, “Has Xiao Ling still not returned?”

Just as Chen Zhou shouted, a figure flew over from the distance, calling out before he even arrived, “Palace Master, subordinate is back.”

It was the Transcendent who was previously with Chen Zhou.

Chen Zhou rushed forward anxiously and asked, “Have you inquired where that disciple is from? Is he a disciple of my Dragon Phoenix Palace or one of our subordinate forces?”

“Reporting to Palace Master, the boy is called Sun Yu and he is a disciple of Dragon Phoenix Palace, he was born and raised in the Sect,” Xiao Ling replied quickly.

Hearing this, Chen Zhou couldn’t help smiling and nodding, “Good good good! Very good!”

Although it wouldn’t be much of an issue if this Sun Yu had come from one of the affiliated forces, since he had grown up in Dragon Phoenix Palace, his feelings towards the Sect would definitely be deeper, relieving one of Chen Zhou’s concerns.

“Who is his teacher?”

“Elder Ling Jian!” Xiao Ling answered before yielding the way, “Elder Ling, please come!”

Chen Zhou looked up and saw Ling Jian flying over, letting out a hearty laugh.

When the two sides met, Chen Zhou solemnly said, “Elder Ling has worked hard, you have cultivated a good disciple.”

Ling Jian’s face filled with smiles as he shamelessly accepted this praise.

Although Ling Jian was indeed an Elder, he was still just a First Order Transcendent. He was essentially the last ranked amongst all the Elders and was not taken seriously by anyone in the Sect. On top of that, he was already quite old so these years he had basically just hung up the title of Elder while whiling away his remaining lifespan.

Never had he imagined he would encounter such a miracle today.

The disciple he taught had actually opened Dragon Phoenix Palace’s most core formation that had laid dormant for millennia, and if all went well, that disciple would obtain the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance.

His disciple obtaining this inheritance meant his value as his master would also soar to untold heights.

In all likelihood, when the Dragon Emperor matured, Ling Jian’s status would probably be equal to the current Palace Master’s.

Usually, Chen Zhou wouldn’t even bother meeting with this old Elder, but today he didn’t dare act disrespectful, showing Ling Jian the utmost courtesy and politeness.

Ling Jian wasn’t able to adapt to this new reality so quickly, but that did not stop him from enjoying it.

All the higher-ups of Dragon Phoenix Palace were staring at him with intense envy, wondering why they had not been the ones to cultivate the disciple who obtained the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance.

If they had been the ones to train such a disciple, it would be them talking and laughing merrily with the Palace Master right now.

The scene was quite lively as Chen Zhou constantly inquired about Sun Yu’s situation and information. In response, Ling Jian freely told everything he knew about Sun Yu, right down to the trivial anecdotes that had occurred when he was a baby.

Chen Zhou listened attentively to all of this and never once grew bored, instead only becoming more enthusiastic as he showered praise upon the old man, saying that Sun Yu was a good seed and that, in the future, Dragon Phoenix Palace would be relying on him and Ling Jian.

Ling Jian was so happy that he thought that even if he were to die right now, he would have no regrets.

The lively scene continued on for many days without subsiding. Every day, people gathered outside Dragon Valley and gazed fervently towards the valley’s depths. Of course, none of them could see anything, but that did not dampen their enthusiasm. Dragon Valley was normally filled with mist which blocked out all of the sun’s rays, but now it was actually shrouded in golden light and pulsed with an astonishing amount of energy, causing everyone to not dare to approach.

Palace Master Chen Zhou also took some protective measures, deploying all the elites of Dragon Phoenix Palace around Dragon Valley to guard against Sun Yu being disturbed while accepting this inheritance.

Time passed by, but no matter how long they all waited, Sun Yu didn’t emerge from Dragon Valley, inevitably causing them to feel anxious.


Inside the golden energy ocean-wrapped world, Yang Kai was busy manipulating his pill furnace, adding herbs to it while refining pills with his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, polishing his skills and knowledge of Alchemy.

He was currently only one step away from evolving his Alchemy, and since he was stuck in this place with nothing to do, Yang Kai decided to practice his Alchemy skill.

Sun Yu, who was caught up in this situation, also seemed to be a diligent youth. After spending two or three days together with Yang Kai and learning he was temporarily unable to leave, he immediately began cultivating.

The golden energy in this place with incredibly rich and potent, but was actually not of the Yang Attribute and instead had a sacred quality to it.

Yang Kai couldn’t tell what exactly this energy was, but using it for cultivation would not be an issue.

Moreover, the power contained within this golden energy was astonishing. Even if Sun Yu could only absorb a tiny fraction of it, it would be enough to benefit him for the rest of his life.

One cultivated, one practiced Alchemy, and the two essentially kept to themselves like this as the days flew by.

Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about running out of Alchemy materials as before he left Nine Heavens Holy Land, he had emptied the Holy Land’s Treasury into his Black Book space. He currently had enough herbs and spirit medicines to last for quite some time.

One day, after Yang Kai just finished refining a Saint Grade pill, he noticed that Sun Yu had stopped cultivating and was currently sitting nearby and observing his movements curiously.

“Understood anything?” Yang Kai smiled.

Sun Yu shook his head honestly and replied, “Senior, the way you perform Alchemy is quite strange; at least, it’s very different from the way I’ve seen anyone else perform Alchemy.”

“Oh, how so?” Yang Kai asked.

“You don’t use True Qi… All the Alchemists I’ve seen refining pills are constantly pushing their True Qi and their rate of consumption is quite fast, but when Senior performs Alchemy you don’t seem to use True Qi at all. Also, the speed at which Senior refines pills is much faster than those people… What grade of pill are you refining? Mysterious Grade?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s face went black, thinking this little brat really lacked vision, actually believing the Saint Grade pill he had just refined was a worthless Mysterious Grade pill.

Seeing his expression, Sun Yu wore a shocked look and gasped, “It wouldn’t be a Spirit Grade pill, would it?”

“En, that’s right,” Yang Kai didn’t want to explain too much to him.

“Senior is really fierce… Successfully refining a Spirit Grade pill in just one or two hours, if the Alchemists of our Sect were to learn of this I’m afraid they’d die of shame.”

As a man who had experienced many great storms and received no small amount of flattery in his life, Yang Kai was still somewhat pleased when he heard Sun Yu say this. Though, that was perhaps due to the pure look of admiration in this youth’s eyes.

“Why don’t you continue cultivating?” Yang Kai stored the Saint Grade pill away and asked.

Sun Yu smiled bitterly and replied, “I don’t know why but I can’t absorb the energy here… and the two Crystal Stones that I was carrying have also been used up.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, knowing what Sun Yu was saying was the truth. Although the energy here could be used, Sun Yu’s strength was still too low.

Furrowing his brow as he stared at this youth, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Do you long for strength?”

Sun Yu gawked for a moment before nodding firmly.


“Because I’m a man!” Sun Yu spoke as if it was only obvious, “Of course I long for strength. Moreover, when one day I meet a woman I like, if I don’t have enough strength, how will I keep her safe?”

Yang Kai laughed at this response, “Very good!”

Men long for strength, there was no need for any complicated reason.

Sun Yu scratched his head as he observed Yang Kai reaction curiously.

Yang Kai suddenly wore a sincere and solemn look and said, “Kid, how about making a deal with me?”

“Senior need not act so polite, if you have any instructions, please tell me, this Sun Yu will do whatever he can to help,” Sun Yu replied earnestly.

However, Yang Kai shook his head and emphasized once more, “I’m only interested in making a deal with you.”

Sun Yu’s face also became serious, realizing that what Yang Kai was about to request of him was likely something important and not easy to handle. Contemplating for a moment, he still nodded eventually, “Many thanks for Senior’s consideration, please ask!”

“Since you want strength, I can give it to you!” Yang Kai grinned, “But you have to agree to my request… En, when we leave here, and you return to Dragon Phoenix Palace, don’t divulge anything about me.”

Sun Yu was stunned and couldn’t help asking, “Why?”

“I have my reasons,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Do you agree?”

“But Senior, since you can open the barrier here, you must have a deep relationship with my Sect… and Palace Master and the Elders of the Sect are surely looking forward to your…”

“For the time being, I don’t want them to know about me. When I have time, I will meet with your Palace Master to explain,” Yang Kai replied casually.

Yang Kai had still not finished dealing with Nine Heavens Holy Land’s mess, so if he were now get involved in Dragon Phoenix Palace’s affairs, he would likely no longer be able to rest due to overwork.

However, since the Phoenix Nest held the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance, he would definitely have to return here one day with Su Yan.

The people of Dragon Phoenix Palace must currently think that Sun Yu was the one who opened this formation and raising this youths strength would help Yang Kai conceal the truth, provided Sun Yu didn’t say anything.

Yang Kai appreciated this boy somewhat so he wasn’t willing to kill him to keep his secret.

With the resources Yang Kai had on hand, it would be simple to cultivate one youth. Even if Sun Yu’s aptitude was mediocre, Yang Kai had methods to improve it. What’s more, this boy cultivated a Yang Attribute Secret Art similar to Yang Kai’s so it could be said they shared a common source.

So long as Sun Yu nodded, he could obtain a wonderful opportunity that was simply unimaginable to others.

After thinking for some time, Sun Yu said, “Although I don’t know why Senior must do this, there is surely an important reason… I must only ask, does Senior have any hostile intent towards my Dragon Phoenix Palace?”

“Of course not.” Yang Kai laughed.

“Good, then I promise not to reveal your existence!”

“Very good!” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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