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Martial Peak Chapter 818

Chapter 818 - Acting Carefreely

When this Profound Heavenly Sword first appeared, Zhang Ao didn’t pay it any mind; after all, Yang Kai’s cultivation wasn’t high and it was displayed across the Nine Peaks Barrier, there was no way it could threaten a Second Order Saint like him.

But when it inexplicably swelled up, even Zhang Ao felt a hint of danger from it.

In an instant, the power of this Profound Heavenly Sword has increased several fold.

Zhang Ao couldn’t ignore it.

With a loud shout, Zhang Ao counterattacked.


When the giant sword struck, a golden light bursts out, blinding everyone around. Even with his profound strength, Zhang Ao was almost knocked out of the sky by this sword strike.

Beside him, many of the Shattering Mystical Palace’s cultivators, who had been swept up in this golden light, didn’t even have a chance to shout before they were disintegrated, leaving not even ashes behind, as if they had simply vanished.

Seeing this, everyone went pale.

No one had thought that this new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land who had just been speaking about reconciliation would suddenly turn around and launch a killing blow in the next instant.

Cold, ruthless, and without the slightest hesitation.

This new Holy Master’s face changed faster than flipping a book.

A roar of cursing erupted from the Shattering Mystical Palace’s camp, as the survivors of this attack saw their friends and family slaughtered, their eyes going bloodshot and rage filling their hearts as they glared towards Yang Kai.

The cultivators from War Spirit Temple and Netherworld Sect hastily withdrew upon feeling the terrifying power contained within that sword strike. Seeing the destruction caused by this sword, all of them couldn’t help shuddering as they hurriedly looked for shelter.

The grand formation outside the Nine Peaks Barrier suddenly became messy.

Everyone felt the earth beneath them shake and the masters who had been misled by the three Sects into joining this crusade swiftly retreated. Yang Kai’s attack had been directed entirely at Zhang Ao, so it had not affected them much.

At this moment, they all suddenly had second thoughts, unsure whether or not they should continue antagonizing Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The law of the jungle was the one unchanging truth from the ancient past to the present. Nine Heavens Holy Land’s previous generation Saintess had indeed carried out a merciless slaughter, stirring up a great deal of anger and resentment, but if the people from Nine Heavens Holy Land were telling the truth, it really had nothing to do with them; they had even publicly offered to compensate the victims of this tragedy.

The courage to recognize responsibility for this matter alone was worthy of respect. There were few forces in this world like Nine Heavens Holy Land who would admit to such mistakes. If it was another great force, they would likely pretend they were uninvolved and simply order the victims to go back to where they came from.

Many of the forces gathered here felt that if they withdrew now, not only would they be able to avoid suffering any more losses, they could even receive some compensation from Nine Heavens Holy Land. There was even a possibility of building some small friendship with Nine Heavens Holy Land under these circumstances.

In an instant, many people became hesitant.

Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, Wu Jie, and the other masters from the three Sects all stood dumbly in place; that one strike from Yang Kai had simply left them flabbergasted.

None of them could have ever imagined that Yang Kai, who was only a Second Order Transcendent, could release such a strong attack.

That sword strike just now was comparable to the full powered attack of a Peak First Order Saint, and although Zhang Ao had managed to resist it, his arms were now numb and his vitality was disturbed, causing his face to flush; obviously he had not escaped unscathed.

Even as Saint Realm powerhouses, facing such power, they felt that their lives were at risk, causing them to shudder involuntarily.

Yang Kai, who had just displayed the Profound Heavenly Sword, grinned towards Zhang Ao and slowly extended one of his palms.

Above where the Shattering Mystical Palace cultivators were gathered, World Energy suddenly began condensing and becoming heavier. A storm whipped up and in an instant, a grand palm print appeared.

Another of the nine spirit peaks suddenly released a torrent of profound energy just like before, and under the blessing of this power, the big palm print suddenly became many times larger and more powerful, now seemingly covering the entire sky, blocking out all traces of light.

Heaven Covering Hand, one hand covers the Heavens!

Zhang Ao finally came back to his senses and together with the other Saint Realm master of the Shattering Mystical Palace summoned their most powerful artifacts and released powerful attacks towards this giant hand.

*Xiu Xiu…*

Two flashes of light, like bolts of lightning, shot towards the sky, piercing two large holes in it. In an instant, the giant palm print distorted and its momentum greatly reduced, but it had not dispersed entirely.


The earth shook violently once more and outside the Nine Peaks Barrier, a thousand meter long palm print appeared on the ground.

Several dozen Shattering Mystical Palace cultivators had failed to avoid this strike and had now been reduced to piles of meat, their deaths extremely miserable, a thick bloody scent filling the air.

“Ruthless!” A few kilometers away, Yun Cheng’s eyes shrank as he called out in alarm.

“Such power!” Ji Yan, who was standing next to him, felt a cold chill run up his spine. Although he felt that Yang Kai’s cultivation was now comparable to his own, the two attacks just how were not something cultivators of their level could produce.

Ji Yan thought to himself that if he had been standing over there a moment ago, even if he didn’t die from that attack, he would be seriously injured.

“By drawing support from the Nine Peaks Spirit Array, he can enhance the power of his own attacks several times,” Yun Cheng saw through this mystery at a glance. Although Yang Kai had only attacked twice, each time he did, one of the nine peaks had sent out a powerful burst of energy; this subtle connection was obviously not missed by him. Gently sighing, Yun Cheng spoke in a dispirited tone, “It seems my Bold Independent Union isn’t qualified to swim in these turbulent waters.”

Although Bold Independent Union had many disciples, they had few top level masters. On top of that, they didn’t have a single Saint Realm master. Facing this kind of fierce struggle, Yun Cheng couldn’t help feeling a sense of frustration as well as a burning desire for strength. .

“What are you all standing around for, quickly break this barrier!” Seeing so many of his Sect’s disciples killed and wounded right before his eyes, Zhang Ao bristled with anger.

Upon hearing Zhang Ao’s roar, the Shattering Mystical Palace’s masters all suddenly awoke from their daze, quickly summoned their artifacts, and struck towards the Nine Peaks Barrier.

Cao Guan of War Spirit Temple also came to his senses, hurriedly put aside his fear and shock and quickly taking action to deal with this disaster.

Yang Kai on the other hand let out a wild laughter as he stood at the edge of the barrier and continued to unceasingly release his Nine Heavens Divine Skills.

One spirit peak after another erupted, connecting with Yang Kai and enhancing the power of his killing strikes a dozen times over.

He was indulging in what he had obtained!

Yang Kai had never wielded such awesome strength so freely, he could clearly sense just how terrifying the power of each of his attacks was after they were boosted by the Nine Peaks Spirit Array.

Each strike he made was almost comparable to Second Order Saint’s attack.

Having already torn all face, Yang Kai no longer held back and simply attacked without holding anything back.

After the Profound Heavenly Sword and Heaven Covering Hand, Yang Kai displayed the Punishing Heaven Spear, Capturing Heaven Net, and Imprisoning Heaven Chain in short order.

Yang Kai also used the Grand Heavenly Shield, using several drops of Yang Liquid to condense it and directly placing it outside the Nine Peaks Barrier. After being enhanced by the Nine Peaks Spirit Array, this massive golden shield became like a second barrier, standing firm no matter how the masters outside bombarded it.

Fighting against all the cultivators of Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple, Yang Kai not only didn’t show the slightest fear, but instead seemed to be enjoying himself.

Xu Hui and the other Hold Land Elders all stared at him in shock.

Originally, they were also a little uneasy in their hearts, wondering if they would be able to overcome this crisis, but witnessing such an outstanding performance from this new Holy Master of theirs allowed them to put down the huge stone which had weighed upon their hearts. Standing behind Yang Kai, it was like they were simply there to watch a good show, neither taking action nor saying a word, simply standing there like faithful bodyguards, even seeming somewhat bored.

Zhang Ao cursed unceasingly, apparently having become truly enraged. At some point, he threw out a large scroll-like artifact which was filled with drawings of many different exotic beasts and released a strong five coloured glow.

Pouring his True Qi into it, the scroll unfurled and expanded greatly before pasting itself onto the Nine Heavens Barrier.

The beasts which were painted onto this scroll seemed to come alive in that instant and leapt off the paper, passing through the barrier without the slightest resistance and rushing towards Yang Kai.

At the same time, Cao Guan of War Spirit Temple also summoned a long sword which transformed into a great beam of light and, following the pattern of the scroll’s beasts, broke through the Nine Peaks Barrier and stabbed towards Yang Kai’s forehead, bringing with it an aura of death.

The masters from these two forces and some other powerhouses who had been infected with the war-like atmosphere also shouted angrily and pushed their True Qi violently, sending out their fiercest attacks towards Yang Kai.

These many masters had all joined forces in this instant to try to eliminate Yang Kai in one fell swoop.

In their minds, at this moment, Yang Kai was undoubtedly their most dangerous enemy, but as long as they could kill him, they would be able to break through this barrier and destroy Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The Nine Peaks Barrier and Spirit Array were all linked to this new Holy Master. As such, if this new Holy Master were to have an accident, Xu Hui and the other Holy Land Elders would no longer be able to resist.

In fact, they were mostly correct; without Yang Kai, Nine Heavens Holy Land wouldn’t last long.

These strange beasts all let out Heaven shaking roars and each of their attacks was not to be underestimated, showing prestige comparable to that of Saint Realm and Transcendent Realm masters.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid and didn’t even show any intention of dodging.

Xu Hui and the other Saint Realm masters who had been standing behind him moved in that instant, pushing their True Qi rapidly as they surrounded Yang Kai and struck towards the sea of attacks converging towards him.

A massive number of explosions filled the air and innumerable burst of multi-coloured light spread out around Yang Kai, just like a brilliant fireworks display.

When the light died down and everyone could finally see again, their blood couldn’t help going cold.

Yang Kai stood in the exact same place, completely unscathed, and all the killing strikes which had been launched towards him had been completely defeated and dispersed.

“With just this meager amount of strength, you want to trample flat my Nine Heavens Holy Land? Are you all sleepwalking or just stupid?” Yang Kai sneered as he casually let out a few insults.

The faces of Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and many other attacking masters flashed between red and white, each of them wanting to refute this brat before them but unable to do so, causing them to feel incredibly awkward.

“Boy, don’t think this has anything to do with your ability! Without the support of your Nine Peaks Spirit Array, you’re not worth shit!” Cao Guan shouted angrily, his face filled with unwillingness.

Yang Kai’s true cultivation was completely unworthy of his attention, but this brat hiding behind the Nine Peaks Barrier and using the Nine Peaks Spirit Array to attack them was indeed quite tricky for them to deal with.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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