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Martial Peak Chapter 817

Chapter 817 - Boy, You’re Really Quite Pitiful

“You said Xuan’er… she…” Yun Cheng heard these words and frowned pensively, “Had a special relationship with him?”

Ji Yan laughed somewhat dryly and replied, “En, according to my observation at the time anyways, but because we all thought that he was dead I did not report this matter to Union Master. I ask Union Master to punish me appropriately.”

Yun Cheng slowly shook his head, “No matter, Xuan’er is also a young woman, and naturally she will have someone she likes… No wonder when she returned to Bold Independent City she was depressed for a while, I thought she hadn’t completely put down the previous matter about her brother and thus was trying to avoid me still, but it appears that wasn’t the case. According to your observation, what was this youth’s attitude towards Xuan’er?”

Ji Yan respectfully replied, “He didn’t reveal too much concern for her, but young people… heh.”

“Oh?” Yun Cheng smiled, “If that’s the case, if Nine Heavens Holy Land doesn’t fall this time, it seems my Bold Independent Union might have a good opportunity!”

“What does Union Master mean?” Ji Yan heard this and immediately knew what to say, having some idea about what Yun Cheng was thinking.

“Let’s just observe for now, perhaps they won’t be able to withstand this calamity, but if they can…. En, we must act careful this time, make a show of things but don’t get caught up in the storm.”

“Union Master is wise!”

Elsewhere, another person was also staring towards Yang Kai with great interest, and when he determined that Yang Kai was indeed the young man taken by the Coffin Carrying Man back in Raging Flame City, he couldn’t help smiling fiercely and quickly flying forward.

A short time later, this man came up to War Spirit Temple’s Cao Guan.

“Temple Lord, subordinate has something to report!”

Cao Guan, who was staring at Yang Kai with a gloomy expression, impatiently replied, “Tell me later.”

“Temple Lord, this matter is related to that new Holy Master!”

Cao Guan turned his head and looked at him before nodding lightly, “Yao Di… what do you want to say?”

The man named Yao Di quickly rushed over and whispered something into Cao Guan’s ear.

If Yang Kai saw this man, he would likely remember his appearance.

When Yang Kai had encountered the Coffin Carrying Man in Raging Flame City, this person was also present.

At the time, Yao Di had appeared together with Xu Qi of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion and Zuo Xing of Profound Heaven Alliance. These three had specifically pointed out to him by Yun Xuan as characters to beware of.

Back then, these three masters had been following the Coffin Carrying Man and had eventually arrived at Raging Flame City.

Later, Yang Kai was taken away by the Coffin Carrying Man and sent into the Mysterious Small World where the Ancient Demon Clan lived. When he came out, he went to Grand Boulder City and then to Bright Thunder Spirit Religion under the recommendation of Grand Boulder City Alchemist Guild Branch Manager Du Wan. Xu Qi lost his life as a result of this series of events.

Listening to Yao Di’s story, Cao Guan’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, eventually asking in a shocked voice, “Is that true?”

Yao Di quickly nodded, “Subordinate clearly remembers his appearance!”

“This has become really interesting,” Cao Guan snickered, “It seems that this time we can reap twice the harvest we expected. After grabbing him, not only will be able to obtain the inheritance of Nine Heavens Holy Land, but also solve the mystery of the Coffin Carrying Man… “

His spirits roused, Cao Guan whispered quietly, “Who else besides you knows about this?”

Yao Di frowned and pondered for a moment before replying, “That Ji Yan of Bold Independent Union should also recognize him; after all, he was there when the incident happened!”

“Bold Independent Union… hmph, nothing to fear, keep an eye on them, if they dare leak this news, I’ll tidy them up personally,” Cao Guan spat disdainfully.

Yao Di nodded quickly before casting a glance over towards the delegation from Bold Independent Union.

The most powerful master in Bold Independent Union was Yun Cheng, a Third Order Transcendent, there wasn’t a single Saint Realm master in their force. Such a force was naturally despised by Cao Guan.

In Tong Xuan Realm, only the forces that had Saint Realm masters could be considered powerful.

Inside the Nine Peaks Barrier, Xu Hui spoke sincerely, “I believe everyone is now clear about Saintess Nan’s current condition. Her actions were not the will of my Holy Land, if all of you can draw back and not embarrass my Holy Land further, my Holy Land will surely compensate you for the losses you suffered. If you insist on being enemies with my Holy Land, then I’m afraid we can only settle this with force.”

“Compensation? You think human lives can simply be compensated for?” Zhang Ao saw many people showing signs of hesitation because of the emergence of this new Holy Master and immediately roared, “Xu Hui, are you seriously going senile? Who doesn’t know that since ancient times, paying for murder with one’s life is the only true compensation?”

“Zhang Ao, don’t go too far!” Xu Hui shot back angrily.

However, Zhang Ao simply became even more rampant as he let out a loud laugh, “I’m going too far? Clearly it is your Nine Heavens Holy Land that is going too far! Actually thinking you can just bully us, kill our loved ones, then throw a few Crystal Stones at us and expected us to happily accept! We’re not here for money, we’re here to seek justice!”

“Have I not just offered you justice? Why do you insist on acting so aggressive?”

“You’ve offered us justice? When? Where?”

“Just now! This old master pledged that we will deal with Saintess Nan and offer compensation for the damage she caused to your forces! Zhang Ao, do you think this old master can’t see through your scheme? You still insisting on resolving this matter with force is just you trying to mislead everyone into becoming enemies of my Holy Land!”

Having been so bluntly exposed in front of everyone by Xu Hui, Zhang Ao’s brow twitched ever so slightly before he sneered and suddenly nodded, “Good, I believe the words you spoke earlier, but you must know that verbal agreements aren’t guarantees, even if I am willing to believe you, others may not be! Before you fulfill your promise, I think you should offer us some kind of insurance. ”

“What kind of insurance do you want?” Xu Hui frowned.

Zhang Ao’s gaze slowly shifted towards Yang Kai and An Ling’er, letting out a laugh as said, “Please allow your new Holy Master and Saintess to stay in my Shattering Mystical Palace for a while. Before you solve the problem of the previous generation’s Saintess, we will take care of them.”

Hearing this, Cao Guan quickly followed up, “Yes, Brother Zhang’s proposal is good, my War Spirit Temple also agrees. Great Elder can rest assured, the new Holy Master and Her Highness Saintess will be treated appropriately, absolutely no harm will come to them.”

Wu Jie, who was standing to the side like a shadow, surprisingly did not express his opinion, simply letting out a creepy laugh.

“In your dreams!” Xu Hui shouted furiously, the new Holy Master was indeed young, but he was the symbol of the Holy Land, if he fell into the hands of another force and was used as a hostage, not only would he become a laughing stock, even Nine Heavens Holy Land would be forever disgraced. On top of that, what Zhang Ao’s was plotting, Xu Hui knew clearly; naturally there was no way he would agree to this ridiculous request.

“Then there’s no need for any more nonsense,” Zhang Ao’s eyes flashed a cruel light, raising his voice as he shouted, “Today, we shall trample flat your Nine Heavens Holy Land to avenge our dead family!”

With this war cry, many others behind Zhang Ao also became excited, caught up in the atmosphere.

“There’s indeed no need for any nonsense!” Yang Kai gently took a breath and shouted, “The time for words is over, those friends gathered here today who intend to reconcile, the Holy Land will naturally reconcile with, those who do not, we will treat as enemies!”

As he spoke, Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the crowd before him.

Suddenly, an astonished light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as he gazed towards a certain inconspicuous spot in the crowd. On the other side of his gaze stood two young women who were staring back at him, one of them was gnashing her teeth and muttering what seemed like a series of curses while the other was just staring at him blankly, her beautiful eyes trembling slightly.

Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu!

Yang Kai recognized them at a glance.

Although a few years had passed, their appearances hadn’t changed much. Yun Xuan seemed to have a slightly more mature air to her while Ruan Xin Yu was still the same as Yang Kai remembered.

The only big change was the relationship between the two of them. They used to be very uncomfortable in each other’s presence, but now they looked as close as sisters.

When their four eyes suddenly met, Yun Xuan shivered, instantly realizing that the young man in front of her was definitely the one she constantly saw in her dreams. In that moment, her expression became disordered and although she quickly concealed this face, it had not escaped observation.

“See? I told you it was him,” Ruan Xin Yu ground her teeth as she bitterly muttered, “This unfaithful bastards is really living well.”

Yun Xuan’s mind was in a state of confusion and didn’t know what she should do. If it weren’t for the current situation, she would definitely have flown over, grabbed hold of him, and asked why he hadn’t contacted her all these years if he was still alive.

But now wasn’t the time for such things, under these circumstances, she didn’t dare to expose her feelings.

Seeing Ruan Xin Yu open her mouth in preparation to shout, Yun Xuan quickly grabbed her arm, “It’s not him, though they are quite similar…”

Saying so, she turned around and flew away.

Recognizing and making contact with each other wouldn’t bring any advantage to either of them, so Yun Xuan immediately decided to leave and pretend she hadn’t seen anything.

“Hey…” Ruan Xin Yu hesitated for a moment before hurriedly chasing after Yun Xuan, angrily whispering, “What are you saying? It’s clearly him! Even if that brat turned into ashes I’d recognize him!”

“I said it’s not, so it’s not him!” Yun Xuan replied impatiently.

“Fine fine fine, if that’s the way you want to handle this, so be it. Far be it for me to meddle in other people’s business,” Ruan Xin Yu grumbled unhappily.

Looking at the quickly retreating backs of the two young women, Yang Kai quickly composed himself. Although he wasn’t certain why Bold Independent Union was involved in this incident, Yang Kai was fairly sure it was because of Saintess Nan.

“Boy, you’re really quite pitiful!” Zhang Ao stared at Yang Kai coldly, “You may be the shortest reigning Holy Master in the history of Nine Heavens Holy Land history. Although you Holy Masters have never lived long, you will definitely break the record today.”

“Is that so?” Yang Kai sneered lightly, “I’d like to see how you plan on taking my life today!”

Even in this hopeless situation, Yang Kai didn’t show the slightest sign of panic or fear; on the contrary, he seemed so calm and carefree that many were unable to unable to accept it.

In the next instant, from Yang Kai’s body, a burst of burning hot True Qi shot out, quickly leaving the Nine Peaks Barrier and transforming into a several meter long golden sword.

It was one of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, the Profound Heavenly Sword.

Simultaneously, from one of the nine peaks, a massive amount of mysterious energy erupted, like a great beast that had awakened from its slumber, releasing a terrifying aura.

This aura and energy instantly flowed through the Nine Peaks Spirit Array and merged together with the Profound Heavenly Sword Yang Kai had just released.

In the blink of an eye, the several meter long Profound Heavenly Sword grew to over a hundred meters in length, cutting through the air, carrying with it an awe-inspiring power as he slashed towards Zhang Ao.

*Chi chi chi…*

It was the very space around it was being sliced apart, a shocking destructive aura descended. This Profound Heavenly Sword fell towards the crowd like a great mountain, causing many to give up any idea of resisting, their expressions filling with fear.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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