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Martial Peak Chapter 812

Chapter 812 - Let Me Try

Yang Kai was just about to leave when a violent energy fluctuation burst out from the Beast Transformation Pond. Along with a loud hissing sound, the entire Beast Transformation Pond seemed to boil up from below.

At the same time, the massive Spirit Array lines centred around the Beast Transformation Pond began flashing randomly.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up all of a sudden and immediately cancelled his plans to leave, focusing his sight on the Beast Transformation Pond once again as he sent his powerful Divine Sense into the ground nearby.

With the sudden change in the Beast Transformation Pond, Cai Die was apparently in no mood to deal with Yang Kai, quickly turning around together with the cat-eared young girl to watch the White Jade Deer that was struggling in the pool, a look of worry filling both their faces.

Standing on the edge of the Beast Transformation Pond, the Monster Race Great Senior’s expression also became more solemn than before and the Monster Qi which he was emitting from his body became even fiercer, spreading out to cover the entire Beast Transformation Pond.

But even with the Great Senior’s incredible strength, he couldn’t suppress the riots of the Beast Transformation Pond.

The White Jade Deer, who was half submerged in the pond, looked like he wanted to jump out but was seemingly being grasped by a pair of giant invisible hands he could not break free from. A series of mournful howls leaked from his mouth as he stared desperately towards the Great Senior, as if imploring him to save him.

All the Monster Races masters who saw this scene couldn’t help wearing aggrieved expressions, causing the atmosphere to become particularly heavy.

A mysterious energy which was now visible to the naked eye was slamming into the body of the White Jade Deer, drilling into his physique like countless worms, causing his flesh to swell up and distort randomly, producing a horrifying picture.

Dark red blood flowed out from the White Jade Deer’s seven orifices and it became clear that this powerful Seventh-Order Monster Beast that had achieved the qualifications to take human form would soon die.

The Great Senior also slowly withdrew his Monster Qi while directing a helpless look towards the still struggling White Jade Deer.

Everyone realized that this clansman of theirs no longer had any hope and all of them began to silently mourn for him, many Monster Race masters even shedding tears.

“Big Sister Cai Die, can’t you find a way to save him…” The cat-eared young girl begged Cai Die while weeping.

Cai Die smiled bitterly as she stroked the young girl’s head while helplessly shaking her own.

Even their Great Senior was helpless, what could she possibly do?

“Can you let me try? I might have a way to save him,” Yang Kai, who has been observing the Beast Transformation Pond fixedly, suddenly opened his mouth.

Cai Die glanced over at him suspiciously, a clear look of doubt and anger flashing across her pretty face as she shouted, “A mere human boy like you?”

Yang Kai simply stared back at her without the slightest bit of timidity.

Cai Die frowned deeply, wondering just where this human brat was getting his confidence from, disdainfully snorting in the next breath, “You say you have the ability to save him? Boy, don’t think that because Great Senior has made some kind of deal with you, you can act however you want here. This is my Monster Race’s territory, not your Human Race’s land, if you annoy me, I can kill you at any time.”

“Instead of wasting your breath threatening me, you might as well ask Great Senior to see what he thinks,” Yang Kai coldly snorted. This Cai Die was always showing him a rather disgusted look, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat uncomfortable and confused, wondering just how he had offended her.

“Maybe I can save him, maybe he will still die, but if you continue doing nothing, your clansman will definitely die. We humans have a saying, ‘giving medicine to a dead horse can’t do any harm’; I don’t know if you’ve heard it before?”

Being spoken to like this, Cai Die’s pretty face became cold and she was just about to shoot back at Yang Kai when the cat-eared young girl hurriedly cut her off, “I’ll go ask Great Senior now!”

Saying so, her petite body swiftly flickered a few times and arrived in front of the Great Senior who was still standing beside the Beast Transformation Pond.

Cai Die was stunned for a moment before she quickly turned a suspicious glare towards Yang Kai and coldly asked, “What scheme are you up to? Do you want to destroy my Monster Race’s foundation by ruining the Beast Transformation Pond?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing dumbly, “Is paranoia a way of life for you? Why do I feel like you hate humans so much? Were you abused by humans in the past for something?”

When these words came out, a thick murderous intent burst out from Cai Die’s body. It seemed like Yang Kai’s casually guess had actually touched upon some painful experience she was hiding in her heart, causing her pretty face to warp with hatred.

Not waiting for her to explode, Yang Kai quickly said, “I have no interest in your Monster Race’s Beast Transformation, about that you can rest assured. The only thing I’m interested in is what’s hidden beneath it.”

“What’s hidden below?” Cai Die narrowed her eyes, but didn’t have time to ask Yang Kai about what he meant before the cat-eared young girl flew back over and pulled him towards the Beast Transformation Pond as she hurriedly said, “Great Senior wants to see you!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly and followed the cat-eared young girl towards the Beast Transformation Pond under Cai Die’s vigilant gaze.

“I want to see just what kind of mischief you’re up to!” Cai Die coldly snorted and hurriedly followed.

A lot of Monster Race masters saw this scene and showed curious looks, wondering why, at this critical moment, their Great Senior had suddenly allowed this unfamiliar human boy to approach the Beast Transformation Pond.

A moment later, Yang Kai stood beside the pond. At such a close distance, Yang Kai fully realized just how enormous the amount of energy hidden inside the Beast Transformation Pond truly was.

“Mao Niang said you have a way to save him?” Great Senior stared at Yang Kai solemnly.

“I can try!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, not explaining any further.

“Just try?” The Great Senior’s brows furrowed, appearing somewhat disgruntled.

“In this situation he’s guaranteed to die, right? Since that’s the case, you have nothing to lose by letting me try,” Yang Kai calmly replied.

Great Senior hesitated for a moment before decisively nodding, “Good, try! But no matter what happens, after this is all over, you have to give me a reasonable explanation!”

“Fine,” Yang Kai nodded. Since he chose to make a move here, he was prepared to be questioned later by this Great Senior.

As soon as they reached an agreement, Yang Kai shut his eyes and began wantonly releasing his Spiritual Energy into the surrounding.

Feeling the power of his Divine Sense, the Monster Race masters nearby were all shocked; even the Great Senior couldn’t help calling out in surprise, “Conflagrated Divine Sense?”

Cai Die, who was also standing nearby, also trembled lightly upon sensing this.

Yang Kai fully releasing his Divine Sense at this moment made it impossible for him to hide his Soul’s true strengths.

The Spiritual Energy intensity he was releasing right now was comparable to a Saint Realm master’s and even carried a special attribute to it.

Like molten gold, Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy penetrated into the surrounding earth. No one here was able to understand what Yang Kai was doing though; only feeling like his Spiritual Energy was flowing in some kind mysterious pattern.

The bright lines which appeared all around the Beast Transformation Pond also began to shine on and off.

The White Jade Deer who was submerged in the pond was still howling as painfully as before though as his physique deformed irregularly and his bones creaked. The mysterious force which was surging into his body was clearly still wreaking havoc.

The White Jade Deer’s eyes were completely red now and tears of blood were rolling down its face, but through all this pain and suffering, it stared desperately towards Yang Kai, as if grasping at any straw it could, its vision filled with expectation and pleading.

Yang Kai remained focused though and simply continued to release his Spiritual Energy faster and faster.

Gradually, all the Monster Race masters felt that the chaotic energy fluctuations coming from the Beast Transformation Pond become gentler, as if they were gently being smoothed out by a giant invisible hand.

Seeing hope in this desperate situation, even Cai Die, who was extremely prejudiced against Yang Kai, couldn’t help revealing a look of anticipation towards him, because he had managed to achieve something even their Great Senior couldn’t.

“Come on!” Mao Niang cheered the White Jade Deer on while paying close attention to Yang Kai.

As soon as the first positive signs came out, she began cheering even louder.

As time went by, the turbulence in the Beast Transformation Pond became weaker and weaker and the chaotic energy fluctuations slowly stabilized. The White Jade Deer soaking in the pond also no longer called out painfully but instead showed an expression filled with comfort and joy.

“He really did it?” Cai Die stared dumbfounded at the scene in front her, almost unable to believe her own eyes.

The Monster Race masters in the crowd all showed shocked expressions as well, holding their breaths as looks of excitement and anticipation crept onto their faces.

They were all happy because they knew White Jade Deer had escaped the jaws of death.

A half hour later, everything became calm.

Another hour after that, the White Jade Deer immersed in the pond suddenly began squirming again as his physique distorted wildly and he released howls as if he was suffering from the most brutal torture as his bones seemed to be snapping.

However, the Monster Race masters who saw this scene not only did not worry, but instead showed joyous expressions.

Because they knew that White Jade Deer was about to achieve human form.

Sure enough, as his flesh distorted and his bones cracked, the White Jade Deer’s body gradually began to transform into a human form.

Yang Kai also opened his eyes and took in this magical scene with great interest.

The transformation process continued for a while yet.

Eventually, though, a young, naked teenage boy with a short pair of antlers on his head appeared in the Beast Transformation Pond, and all the Monster Race masters burst into cheers.

Great Senior, who was still standing beside the Beast Transformation Pond, reached and lifted the young boy from the Beast Transformation Pond with his Monster Qi before draping a fresh new robe over him.

The young man fell to the ground and violently shuddered while gasping for breath. It was only after quite some time that he managed to stumble to his feet and sweep his spirited eyes around like a newborn baby, curiously taking in everything he could see.

“Another new family member! Hehe…” Mao Niang came over and patted the boy’s head, her face filled with joy, “Good, good!”

The young boy then turned his head and looked at Yang Kai, opening his mouth as he tried to speak but no words came out; however, the look of gratitude on his face was unmistakable.

“There’s no need to rush,” Mao Niang softly comforted, “When you’ve recovered a bit, Big Sister here will teach you to speak.”

The young boy gently and obediently nodded.

“Cai Die, take him back to rest,” Great Senior ordered.

Cai Die gently nodded and quickly shot a complicated glance towards Yang Kai before leading Mao Niang and the young boy back to Thunder Tree Palace.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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