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Martial Peak Chapter 811

Chapter 811 - Beast Transformation Pond

The Monster Race was not proficient in Alchemy or Artifact Refining, but they were certainly not lacking in materials. The spirit grasses and spirit medicines in their territory were simply swallowed by them directly while they essentially turned a blind eye to rare ores and materials. If these resources could be refined though, the Monster Race’s overall strength would improve significantly.

Although the Monster Race Great Senior had, in the beginning, stated with absolute certainty he would not intervene in the Human Race’s internal struggles, the hidden meaning behind his words just now had not gone unnoticed by Yang Kai.

He too wanted his clansmen to settle down on the nine spirit peaks of Nine Heavens Holy Land so they could make use of the rich World Energy to cultivate, but the conditions proposed by Yang Kai at first were simply not enough to move him!

In other words, this guy was also a master who would not strike unless he was certain he could deal a killing blow. As long as there were enough benefits, his prior insistence would be worth less than nothing.

It was because he understood this that Yang Kai immediately proposed leaving the Holy Land’s Alchemist and Artifact Refiners behind to assist the Monster Race.

Sure enough, this condition had caught the Great Senior’s attention, but there was clearly still some hesitation in his expression.

Yang Kai laughed happily and continued, “Among the nine peaks, there are a number of Crystal Stone mineral lodes. Before we return, you may mine them to your heart’s content, however many Crystal Stones you mine you can keep.”

Hearing this, the Great Senior suddenly raised his brow and stared at Yang Kai curiously, “All these various conditions you’ve given are entirely beneficial to my Monster Race, why is that? You’re not going to tell me it’s just because you want us to guard your house while you’re gone, are you?”

“En, there is one place in particular I would like Great Senior to protect!” Yang Kai went silent for a moment before saying, “If the nine peaks were to fall into the hands of our enemies, they might destroy that place… that is not something I wish to see happen.”

“That place should be very important to you.”

“Indeed, but it is worthless to Great Senior and the other masters from your clan,” Yang Kai nodded in agreement.

“Are you confident that after my clan occupies your home, we will simply give it to you when you come back to claim it?” The Great Senior looked at Yang Kai with a grin, a playful expression appearing on his face, “Perhaps after we occupy it we’ll simply declare it our territory from now on!”

“Since I dare to ask Great Senior to help me, I am certain I can retrieve the nine peaks when the time comes,” Yang Kai replied calmly, “Also, being on good terms with the Holy Land is good for you too. We will be able to conduct business just like before only if that basic condition is maintained.”

“I’d very much like to see how you plan on snatching your nine peaks back once they land in my hands!” The Great Senior sneered fiendishly, “When the time comes, if you still don’t have the qualification to speak on equal terms with me, forget about returning your nine peaks, I’ll take your life instead!”

“Does that mean Great Senior agrees?” Yang Kai grinned.

“Naturally, I agree!” The Monster Race Great Senior nodded lightly. Yang Kai was essentially giving him a mountain of benefits for free, how could he not agree?

Although entering the Human Territory would have its dangers, Nine Heavens Holy Land was situated on the very edge of the Human Territory, and with a master like him assuming command, it was essentially impossible for them to be encircled by human race powerhouses so they only needed to sit back and calmly cultivate.

To the Great Senior, if Yang Kai wanted to take back the nine peaks from his Monster Race, he would at least need to have strength equal to him.

As for how many years that would take, it shouldn’t be a small number.

Quite likely it would be at least a hundred years! Yang Kai’s shameless boasting about being able to stand on equal ground with him in two or three decades was something the Great Senior had dismissed offhandedly.

A hundred years was enough time for his clan’s strength to grow several times over and to mine clean the Crystal Stone mineral lodes in the nine peaks.

There would even be enough time for some of his clansmen to study Alchemy and Artifact Refining from the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Alchemists and Artifact Refiners, that way they would never need to rely on outsiders for such things again in the future.

All kinds of wonderful thoughts passed though the Great Senior’s mind, suddenly making him feel like he had picked up a huge bargain!

Of course, if they wanted to occupy the nine peaks, they would have to help Nine Heavens Holy Land expel their enemies; this point was not lost on Great Senior.

At that moment, Cai Die, who had been waiting outside, suddenly rushed inside, a dignified expression upon her face, completely ignoring Yang Kai as she quickly said, “Great Senior, there’s been an accident at the Beast Transformation Pond!”

Great Senior’s expression also sank as he immediately stood up and rushed out the door with Cai Die hurriedly following after him.

The two of them seemed to have completely forgotten about Yang Kai’s existence.

A short time later, Yang Kai heard a number of rushing sounds come from down below, apparently all of the Monster Race masters had also swiftly left.

Yang Kai sat in place awkwardly for a moment before making up his mind, standing up, and chasing after the masters who had just flew out.

He had always been quite curious about the Beast Transformation Pond the Monster Race was in sole possession of, wondering just what kind of mysterious power it held that allowed a Monster Beast to achieve human form.

Although approaching such an important location would likely provoke the anger of the Monster Race masters, Yang Kai decided to go anyways.

There would not be many such opportunities to expand his understanding like this.

The Beast Transformation Pond was located only a dozen or so kilometers from Thunder Tree Palace. At the base of a great mountain, in a relatively flat region, powerful energy fluctuations were being sent out, causing even the sky above to change colour.

At this moment, the howl of a beast in great pain were ringing through the air, causing the vitality of all who heard them to tumble as their hearts pounded.

When Yang Kai arrived nearby the Beast Transformation Pond, he discovered that it was surrounded by countless Monster Beasts and Monster Race masters.

Each of them had a worried look upon their face as they stared towards the sight in front of them silently and anxiously.

Even Yang Kai’s appearance here had been ignored by them.

Standing slightly behind the crowd, Yang Kai glanced towards where all of them were staring and his eyes lit up.

At a certain point where the surrounding mountains met lay a deep pit with a diameter of about three hundred meters. This pit was filled with an unknown liquid that gave off a mysterious energy.

This was no doubt the Monster Race’s Beast Transformation Pond.

At this moment, inside the Beast Transformation Pond was a snow white deer shaped Monster Beast with two great antlers sticking out from its head. The mysterious energy contained in the strange liquid was currently flowing into the body of this Monster Beast, modifying its physique in some way, but something had obviously gone wrong as it was now crying out in pain and sorrow.

Beside the Beast Transformation Pond, the Monster Race Great Senior stood with a dignified expression on his face, his Monster Qi surging up and spreading out in all directions, seemingly trying to help this deer-shaped Monster Beast.

Unfortunately, this seemed to be having little effect.

Centered around the Beast Transformation Pond, flashing lines appeared on the ground from time to time, similar to how the lines of a Spirit Array would react when energy flowed through them.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he became somewhat confused.

He had heard that the Monster Race didn’t understand how to engrave or use Spirit Arrays, so how was this giant Spirit Array beneath the Beast Transformation Pond arranged? Also, just by looking at how the Great Senior was acting, it was obvious he was oblivious to the Spirit Array; otherwise instead of spreading out his Monster Qi in all directions he would be coordinating it with the flashing energy lines of the array which would clearly be more efficient and effective.

“Hey, why are you here?” Yang Kai had been so lost in thought that he had failed to realize when a petite figure had arrived beside him until it spoke.

Coming back to his senses, Yang Kai turned to the side to see a Monster Race master standing next to him.

It was the cat eared young girl who had been watching him during his fight with Kuang Shi. At this moment, she was staring at Yang Kai with an interested look, her pair of light blue jewel-like eyes filled with curiosity, her lips curled into a light smile which showed her sharp tiger-like teeth.

“Hello,” Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists to her and with a smile explained, “I heard a lot of movement coming from here so I decided to come see what it was all about.”

“Your courage is really big, even daring to come here! Be careful the others don’t tear you to pieces when they notice you!” The cat eared young girl made a few clawing motions as if she was picture the scene of Yang Kai being ripped into.

“They wouldn’t, would they?” Yang Kai’s face went black upon hearing this.

“Hehehe…” The cat eared young girl suddenly smiled and let out a laugh which resembled the sound of a silver bell as she teasingly stared at Yang Kai, “Scared you!”

“You were playing with me?” Yang Kai immediately understood what this little girl was up to, chuckling helplessly as he asked, “What happened here?”

When Yang Kai asked this, the smile on the cat eared young girl quickly vanished as she let out a sad sigh, “Poor White Jade Deer, when he tried to assume human form, something went wrong, he’s probably going to fail.”

“What went wrong?”

“I don’t know,” The cat eared young girl slowly shook her head, “I also had trouble when I tried to take human form for the first time. At that time, it was only thanks to Great Senior’s help, otherwise I would have failed.”

“Are the consequences of failure quite serious? Why does it seem like all of you are so worried?”

“Of course the consequences are serious!” The cat eared young girl nodded repeatedly, “This is not because of a lack of personal understanding and insight, but rather a problem with the Beast Transformation Pond itself. If it was just a personal failing, then at worse you’d just maintain your beast form, but if one fails like this, even keeping your life is uncertain.”

“The problem is with the Beast Transformation Pond itself?”

“En, this situation has actually occurred several times, many of those guys didn’t survive in the end…” The cat eared young girl said sadly.

“Hateful human, why are you here?” Just then, a delicate voice called out and Cai Die quickly arrived, sheltering the cat eared young girl behind her as she stared vigilantly towards Yang Kai, “Who allowed you to come here?”

“Err…” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “I just came over to take a look.”

“Mao Niang, did he do anything to you?” Cai Die stared at Yang Kai coldly as she asked the cat eared young girl she was protecting behind her.

“No, he just spoke a bit with me,” The cat eared young girl replied quickly.

“Be careful around humans, if you’re not, he’ll do something bad to you.”

“Em, like what?” The cat eared young girl asked curiously and innocently.

Cai Die pretty face flushed slightly red as she angrily replied, “Capture you and beat you ruthlessly before locking you up starving you to death!”

The cat eared young girl suddenly panicked as she directed a fearful look towards Yang Kai. It seemed for her, this was the most severe torture in the world.

“Hey, please don’t casually slander me,” Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “Do I look like such a person?”

“How dastardly you are, you should be clear about in your heart!” Cai Die sneered, “Because of Great Senior’s orders, I haven’t taken any action against you, but you’d best behave honestly… otherwise I don’t mind teaching you a lesson.”

Seeing how firm her attitude was, Yang Kai just sighed, “Fine, I’ll return back to Thunder Tree Palace and wait for your Great Senior to come back so we can finish our previous discussion.”

Saying so, he turned around and prepared to leave.

Yang Kai had already gotten to see the Beast Transformation Pond so he decided to withdraw for now, lest he stir up the Monster Race’s resentment unnecessarily.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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