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Martial Peak Chapter 1122

Chapter 1121 - Scram

Chapter 1121, Scram

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Chou Yuan thought that with Xu Zhi Shen coming in person, the latter would immediately kill Yang Kai to take revenge for the injured Young Master. How could Chou Yuan have anticipated that he would be forced to step forward?

Staring at the young man who was directing a meaningful grin towards him, Chou Yuan let out a cry of panic before turning around and fleeing before the stunned gazes of the crowd.

He didn’t dare to fight Yang Kai because he knew he would definitely die, so he chose to run.

The eyes of everyone on the scene bulged. Among the more than twenty people who had come, there weren’t just Xu Family cultivators, but also some from Hai Ke Family. Besides Wu Yi, who was looking at Yang Kai with anxiety, wondering how he would resolve this crisis, everyone else had intended to just watch the show.

But now, before the show had even started, this kind of strange scene had taken place, dumbfounding them.

Even Xu Zhi Shen was stunned for a moment, but soon his expression became cold and gloomy. With a wave of his hand, he condensed a rope with his Saint Qi before swiftly sending it out towards the fleeing Chou Yuan and instantly capturing him.

Xu Zhi Shen let out a snort and the rope let out a brilliant glow. Horrifying energy fluctuations broke out and as Chou Yuan let out terrified screams, the rope dug deeply into his flesh.

With a loud crack, the sound of bones breaking echoed through the air and a bloody smell wafted out. The panicking Chou Yuan suddenly seemed to obtain extrication and the fear in his eyes gradually dissipated, his vitality soon dispersing as his body exploded into a heap of rotten meat.

There was no will to fight in Chou Yuan’s heart; with the regression of his realm, he had only wanted to escape as quickly as possible, never had he expected that his own family’s Elder would suddenly send out a killing blow, leaving him no time to resist.

“Timid as a mouse!” Xu Zhi Shen became somewhat angry out of shame and cursed, unable to understand why Chou Yuan had acted so, actually wanting to flee when facing a young man whose strength only reached the Third Order Saint Realm. This was a huge loss of face for the Xu Family that caused the surrounding Hai Ke Family spectators to snicker.

Naturally, Xu Zhi Shen wouldn’t show any mercy.

“Fine, this old master will take action personally!” Xu Zhi Shen took a step forward and he glared at Yang Kai coldly, “This old master must see what gives you the guts to offend my Xu Family!”

The thinly veiled meaning behind is words was clearly felt by the several Hai Ke Family Elders, causing them to frown slightly. Although they weren’t pleased with his tone, none of them spoke out.

If any of them were to try to argue, it would mean that Hai Ke Family was supporting Yang Kai, and that would only fuel resentment between the two families. For a little brat of unknown origin, the Hai Ke Family would obviously not do so.

“Senior Xu, please wait a moment!” The Elders remained indifferent, but Wu Yi was different.

Everyone from Hai Ke Family suddenly turned a look of dissatisfaction towards her as Xu Zhi Shen let out a sneer, “You want to say something?”

“Wu Yi, know your place,” Before Wu Yi could respond, an old man in yellow robes chastised her.

Wu Yi ignored this warning though and simply sent a worried look towards Yang Kai, gathering her courage and shouting clearly, “Senior Xu, Yang Kai is my friend, and I know that he is not a person who likes stirring up trouble, isn’t it possible there is some kind of misunderstanding here?”

“He doesn’t like causing trouble? So are you saying it was my Xu Family’s people who are in the wrong here?” Xu Zhi Shen looked at her menacingly, “Misunderstanding? Is causing Tian Ze such serious injuries that he was rendered an idiot a misunderstanding? Girl, are you telling this old master this is all some kind of misunderstanding? If you are, then even if you are a member of the Hai Ke Family, this old master won’t spare you!”

“Brother Xu, don’t try to involve my Hai Ke Family, this matter has nothing to do with us!” The old man in the yellow robes snorted, becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Wu Yi and Yang Kai.

Wu Yi grit her teeth and continued though, “Senior Xu, as far as I know, Xu Tian Ze came here with several of his people and tried to harass Ms. Yang Yan. Was Yang Kai not supposed to fight back?”

The general process of the matter had already been explained by the Xu Family back at the Hai Ke Family manor, but there were many vague and questionable points. Without even mentioning how Yang Kai, a Third Order Saint, was able to seriously wound Xu Tian Ze who was under the protection of Chou Yuan, why had Chou Yuan not immediately sought revenge for their Young Master and instead fled back to the Xu Family to rally so many powerful helpers?

Wu Yi thought this was some kind of self-directed play by the Xu Family, but for what purpose, she couldn’t tell.

Xu Zhi Shen executing Chou Yuan also confused her.

However, she couldn’t sit idly by and watch Yang Kai be bullied.

“What of it?” Xu Zhi Shen coldly snorted, “Tian Ze is my Xu Family’s Young Master, him having a liking for that little girl is her blessing, yet instead of cherishing this opportunity she actually dared to resist! She insults my Xu Family.”

“What kind of explanation is that? Does any person your Xu Family takes a liking to have to obey you?” Wu Yi immediately became annoyed. Before anything else, Yang Yan was a woman just like her! What Wu Yi hated most was seeing young tyrants relying on their background to bully men and take their women. There were many innocent girls who had been ruined by bastards like Xu Tian Ze.

If Xu Tian Ze had really been made into an idiot by Yang Kai, Wu Yi wouldn’t shed any tears and would instead be happy he was enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven.

Xu Tian Ze’s expression became even colder as he shot a look over towards the old man in yellow, “Brother Ba, does your Hai Ke Family intend on getting involved?”

Ba Qing Yan also looked annoyed and glared at Wu Yan, “Come here, this is not a place where you have the right to speak!”

Wu Yi ground her teeth even harder and said nothing.

Ba Qing Yan then turned to Xu Zhi Shen and said lightly, “Feel free to take action, Brother Xu, this old master will not allow any interference from my side. This matter has nothing to do with my Hai Ke Family, this young man is just some stranger Wu Yi found outside, he is not part of my Hai Ke Family. “

“Good, I don’t want there to be any friction between my Xu Family and your Hai Ke Family. Since Brother Ba has spoken, this old master won’t waste any more time,” Xu Zhi Shen nodded with satisfaction. The two families were about equal in strength, but if Hai Ke Family insisted on protecting this young man, things would become difficult for Xu Zhi Shen. At worst, a battle with the Hai Ke Family might start up, and if that were to happen, the end result would definitely be a mutual loss. Now that Ba Qing Yan had made his stance clear though, Xu Zhi Shen naturally had no more worries.

“Stop!” Wu Yi hurriedly stood in front of Yang Kai and shouted, “He is my friend! I was the one who allowed him to live here, so now that such an incident has taken place, no matter who is right or wrong, my Hai Ke Family has some responsibility. Elder Ba, if you really stand by and ignore this situation and word of its spreads out, the reputation of my Hai Ke Family will definitely suffer, since that’s the case…”

“Impudence!” Ba Qing Yan trembled with anger. He had already declared that this matter had nothing to do with the Hai Ke Family, so he had never expected that Wu Yi, who was a direct descendant of the family, would come forward at such a sensitive moment and say such reckless words. If things went badly, a rift between the two families might be formed, something neither side wanted to see.

“Damn woman, do you think that just because you have half-decent aptitude you can act lawlessly? Have you forgotten what the Family Law was established for? Out of consideration for your inexperience, if you withdraw right now, this old master won’t hold you responsible for your words, refuse and you will be punished to the fullest extent!” Ba Qing Yan shouted furiously.

Hearing the words ‘Family Law’, Wu Yi’s tender body shivered, and a look of fear flashed across her pretty face.

Countries had laws, and so did families, each family or force had their own set of rules that once violated, would result in harsh punishment, some of which were even worse than death.

The Hai Ke Family’s Family Law was like this.

Once one faced its sanction, they would have to surrender half their life.

This look of panic however only lasted a moment before Wu Yi’s expression immediately became firm and she shook her head, “Yang Kai is my friend, I won’t let you treat him like this, at worst… At worst, I will compensate you for your loss!”

Her last words were directed to Xu Zhi Shen.

“Compensate for our loss?” Xu Zhi Shen sneered, “My Xu Family’s Young Master has been crippled, how do you intend to compensate us for that? Brother Ba, is this how your Hai Ke Family educates its family’s disciples? A little girl also dares to meddle in an Elder’s decision, simply outrageous!”

Taking a deep breath, Ba Qing Yan said with cold rage, “How my family handles its affairs is none of your concern! Wait a moment and I will deal with this bitch.”

Saying so, he turned an icy glare to Wu Yi and declared, “I’ll give you two choices, one, shut up and scram back to the family to receive judgement from the Family Law, or two, this old master will drag you back, you choose.”

Wu Yi’s face turned pale, never having expected that things would develop to this extent.

While she was female, among the Hai Ke Family’s younger generation, her aptitude was one of the best; as such, the family had always cultivated her diligently. Having received such great support, Wu Yi had worked diligently to contribute to the family over the years, never once thinking of herself as a woman who would one day marry and leave.

The previous mission away from Shadowed Star to mine ore amongst the Starry Sky, none of the men in the family had dared to go, so in the end, Wu Yi had stepped forward and volunteered for this dangerous task, taking Yu Feng and several others who were loyal to her.

After nearly more than a year, she had returned home with a great harvest.

During this period, there were several times when she nearly died, and of those who set out with her, only half returned! However, the moment they returned to Shadowed Star, the precious ore they had collected was snatched away from them.

At the time, the family didn’t even dare to put out a fart and didn’t even grant the returnees a decent reward. In the end, Wu Yi had to compensate Yu Feng and others out of her own pocket.

Wu Yi thought back on all the contributions she had made to her family, then about the cold attitude Elder Ba was directing at her, as well as the looks on all her peers and cousin’s faces as they took pleasure in her misfortune, Wu Yi suddenly became dejected.

She knew that she really shouldn’t have stepped in and interfered with this matter, but she just couldn’t bring herself to ignore Yang Kai’s plight.

She was the one who brought Yang Kai back with her and arranged for him to live in Dragon Cave Mountain. There was also a precious agreement between them…

At this moment, Wu Yi suddenly understood that her position in the family was not as firm or important as she had originally thought. If she was a man, the family’s Elders would have spoken a few words here, because she was a potential heir to the Hai Ke Family. But because she was a woman and destined to one day marry out of the family, they were willing to stand by and do nothing.

With Elder Ba having spoken these words, regardless of what choice Wu Yi made now, she would definitely face the Family Law’s punishment.

Wu Yi’s future was dark indeed!

Tears involuntarily leaked from her eyes, not because of her grim future, but because she felt she had worked so hard for so many years in vain.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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