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Martial Peak Chapter 1121

Chapter 1120 - Beat The Snake To Death To Avoid Future Calamity

Chapter 1120, Beat The Snake To Death To Avoid Future Calamity

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The pair soon emerged from the hidden tunnel and Yang Yan quickly pulled on Yang Kai’s sleeve, “Wait a moment, I’ll arrange a Spirit Array to conceal this place.”


Yang Yan was not only proficient in Artifact Refining, but also in arranging Spirit Arrays, far more so than Yang Kai in any case. Taking out several materials from her Space Ring, Yang Yan used her strength to refine them into a few strange looking items before setting them down in a specific configuration around the entrance to the hole.

After Yang Yan finished the arrangement, the hole suddenly disappeared, becoming invisible not just to the naked eye, but also to Divine Sense.

Yang Yan clapped her hands with satisfaction, “Remember this position and just jump into the hole next time.”

Yang Kai was also quite satisfied with her arrangements. Although he may not come here in person again, preventing others from accidentally discovering this place was still of vital importance. Once news got out that there was a mountain of Space Spirit Crystals here, all of Shadowed Star would likely be thrown into a frenzy.

Since ancient times, people were moved by profits, there wasn’t anyone who wouldn’t be interested in a deposit of precious Space Spirit Crystal.

The two flew off towards the location of the cave, but before they even arrived, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly as he discovered that Yu Feng was waiting for them and seemed to have a look of anxiety on his face. At this moment, Yu Feng was pacing back and forth in front of the cave, as if he was looking for him.

Yang Kai couldn’t help picking up his pace and soon arrived in front of Yu Feng, calling out, “Brother Yu!”

“Yang Kai!” Yu Feng, who had been flying about like a headless fly, unable to find a trace of Yang Kai, was immediately overjoyed when he heard the latter’s shout, and quickly answered back, “Where did you go? I’ve been scouring all of Dragon Cave Mountain for some time now. I thought you might have left.”

Yang Kai just laughed lightly, “I went out with Yang Yan to take a walk. If I was going to leave, I would have said something to Wu Yi in advance, I wouldn’t just take off without saying goodbye.”

Yu Feng however shook his head and interrupted him with a solemn tone, “You really should leave now.”

Yang Kai frowned, “What do you mean? Did something happen?”

He knew that Wu Yi wouldn’t drive him away from this place, she had big dreams and because of those dreams she had tried her best to make him remain, even gifting him Dragon Cave Mountain as a place to temporarily stay. These days Wu Yi had also come to visit him several times, she wouldn’t do anything to harm him.

But since Yu Feng was here, he must have been entrusted by Wu Yi to deliver some kind of message. If there wasn’t some big accident, Wu Yi wouldn’t have acted this way.

Yang Kai immediately remembered that he had killed several people before. Whatever was happening was likely related to that Xu Tian Ze. Chopping the grass but failing to remove the roots really had consequences!

Yu Feng quickly urged, “I don’t have time to explain much, if you have anything to pack up, do it quick, I’ll tell you what I can once we’re on the road.

“What’s the matter? I’d like to take a bath right now,” Yang Yan’s pretty face was covered in dirt after spending so long in the underground mine.

“Lady Yang Yan, please bear with it, wait until you arrive at a safe place then you can wash yourself… what are you gawking for? If you don’t have anything to pack, we need to go, now,” Yu Feng saw both of them standing around indifferently and couldn’t help scolding.

Yang Kai suddenly let out a big laugh, “Brother Yu, please calm down. Tell me, what happened?”

Yu Feng stomped angrily, wishing he could knock Yang Kai out to avoid him speaking any more nonsense, “I told you I didn’t have time to explain, I’ve been looking for you here for a long time so I’ve already used up all the time Young Lady could delay the family for. If you don’t leave now, it’ll be too late!”

“Well, it’s probably already too late,” Yang Kai expression changed slightly, glancing over towards the distance where a large group of people could be seen flying towards, the blue hues indicative of Star Shuttles impossible to miss.

Yu Feng’s expression became gloomy as a sigh escaped from his lips, realizing that his Young Lady’s efforts had been in vain. Before this group of newcomers could arrive, he quickly asked, “Brother Yang, did you beat the Xu Family’s young Master recently?”

“En.” Yang Kai hadn’t just beat their Young Master, but also killed a number of their people, so why hadn’t Yu Feng mentioned that part?

Yu Feng smiled bitterly and pointed to the distance, “The Xu Family is here for you.”

“How is the Xu Family compared to your Hai Ke Family?” Yang Kai asked.

“About even, we’re both peripheral forces of Shadow Moon Hall; however, our family does quite a bit of business with their Xu Family, so our relationship is quite good. Yang Kai, you’re not a member of our Hai Ke Family, so the family Elders won’t protect you, and the Young Lady can’t protect you. You shouldn’t have acted so reckless,” Yu Feng sighed again.

Although he was chastising Yang Kai, he didn’t make any attempt to draw a line between them and Yang Kai immediately, even going so far as to step in front of Yang Kai and Yang Yan to block the Xu Family from approaching them.

This move made Yang Kai’s opinion of Yu Feng rise sharply. Stepping forward, Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder and comforted, “Brother Yu, don’t worry. They can’t cause me any trouble, and if they try, I don’t mind making sure they remain here forever!”

Yu Feng turned back to look at Yang Kai with some surprise, immediately not knowing whether to laugh or cry, shaking his head and sighing, “Young men, haa…”

He obviously thought that Yang Kai was just spouting crazy words. Although the Xu Family, like the Hai Ke Family, was just a peripheral force of Shadow Moon Hall, it was still a family. Even without an Origin Returning Realm master, they had several Saint Kings. How could Yang Kai, a mere Third Order Saint, even hope to compete against such a force?

Moreover, the Hai Ke Family had no intention to shelter Yang Kai at all. In fact, not only were they not going to shelter him, to preserve the trade relationship with the Xu Family, the Hai Ke Family Elders had forced the Wu Yi to disclose Yang Kai’s whereabouts so the Xu Family could punish him.

If it weren’t for the Young Lady delaying them, Yu Feng wouldn’t have even been able to come here in advance, but now it seemed he had fallen a bit short. Suddenly feeling like he had failed the Young Lady’s expectations, Yu Feng was wracked with guilt.

“Hmph, a young man who can only boast wildly. This old master would like to see just how you make us remain here forever!” A cold snorted rang out as a thin old man fell from the sky and looked towards Yang Kai gloomily.

The words Yang Kai had just spoken weren’t done so quietly, so naturally this old man had heard them.

As this old man’s voice fell, one figure after another landed behind him, numbering twenty in total. Among these twenty people there were young and old, men and women. Their cultivations varied, but the strongest was a Third Order Saint King!

Next to the old man who spoke, a bald middle-aged man stared at Yang Kai with nervous expression, some sweat leaking from his forehead and his complexion pale.

Yang Kai remembered him as he was the bald middle-aged man who had been guarding Xu Tian Ze last time. If it weren’t for this man’s legs being a bit quick, Yang Kai would have been able to eliminate all the witnesses from the previous incident.

Wu Yi also flew over quickly, and after landing, sent an angrily look towards Yang Kai, seemingly blaming him for not leaving in time. She also shot a glare towards Yu Feng, the meaning behind it was obvious to all. Yu Feng lowered his head awkwardly, not daring to meet her eyes.

“Good good good, not trying to flee, very good!” That old Third Order Saint King nodded repeatedly, a malicious look covering his face as he asked coldly, “Chou Yuan, the one who hurt the Young Master last time was him?”

After listening to the old man’s question, the bald middle-aged man standing next to him nodded quickly, “Yes, Elder Zhi Shen, he was the one who injured the Young Master.”

Yang Kai frowned as he stared at the bald middle-aged man named Chou Yuan with surprise.

Last time, Yang Kai had not just injured Xu Tian Ze, but also killed three First Order Saint Kings, but right now it seemed the Xu Family had no idea about this.

Chou Yuan didn’t report everything that happened at that time! Yang Kai instantly understood. Chou Yuan was a Second Order Saint King, and there were three First Order Saint Kings with him, yet he wasn’t even able to protect his Young Master, a severe offence. He probably didn’t dare to report the truth, lest he encounter even more trouble and suffer greater punishment!

Since this matter hadn’t come to light, it meant that Xu Tian Ze either helped conceal it for Chou Yuan, or he had suffered damage to his Soul and wasn’t able to report it. At that time, Yang Kai had hurriedly sent out a Divine Sense attack with enough power to accomplish this.

It was very likely the latter scenario because Xu Tian Ze was the Xu Family’s Young Master and had no need to help Chou Yuan conceal anything.

“Since it’s him, it’s easy to handle. Chou Yuan, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself! Go cut off this brat’s limbs, I must take him back and stuff him into a medicinal liquid jar so I can torture him until he begs for death!” Xu Zhi Shen yelled furiously, glaring towards Yang Kai with utter outrage.

Many people in the surrounding couldn’t help shivering.

Cutting off ones limbs and soaking them in a vat of medicine meant Yang Kai wouldn’t die for at least half a year. It was very likely that during the next half a year he would suffer the world’s most brutal torture, a fate worse than death.

However, Yang Kai simply stared towards Chou Yuan without the slightest hint of panic.

To everyone’s surprise, Chou Yuan didn’t rush out immediately, but instead wore a grim expression. Although his mouth responded, his feet seemed to be filled with lead, and he didn’t move for quite some time. The look on his face was one of pure terror and beads of sweat continuously rolled down his face and fell to the ground.

Everyone present could see that something was wrong. Chou Yuan seemed to be shaking, but none of them knew whys.

Pain and suffering were filling Chou Yuan’s heart right now. He knew better than anyone else how horrifying the power of this young man was. If someone had told him before that a Saint Realm cultivator could kill three Saint Kings as easily as waving his hand, he would surely have written them off as an idiot, the gap between cultivation realms was absolute, even if someone was capable of fighting above their realm, achieve something of that level was simply impossible.

But Chou Yuan had seen it with his own eyes, the young man in front of them right now had really killed three Saint Kings as easily as if they were ants. At that time, if he hadn’t decisively run away and this youth wasn’t pinned down by that woman, he definitely would not have survived.

The last burst of Spiritual Energy however was what made Chou Yuan truly realize how outrageous Yang Kai was, that kind of power was simply beyond his ability to cope with. Although both he and the Young Master had managed to survive, the latter had degenerated into a vegetable, all day long his eyes unfocused and drool leaking from his lips. Chou Yuan had also suffered severe damage and even now his Soul had yet to recover. His Second Order Saint King cultivation had even regressed as a result.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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