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Martial Peak Chapter 1097

Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096

Outside the Starship, dazzling bursts of light from artifacts and Martial Skills lit up the Starry Sky as the cultivators released wave after wave of varied attribute attacks towards the dense pack of Black Rock Beasts.

Even though the Black Rock Beasts possessed extremely hard skins, they weren’t able to withstand such violent attacks and only moments after the battle began, more than twenty Fifth and Sixth-Order Black Rock Beasts had been slaughtered.

The cultivators from the Starship coordinated with one another, acting as a single unit while keeping their distance from the main Black Rock Beast pack under Wu Yi’s command.

There were only fifty to sixty of them in total, many times fewer compared to the huge number of Black Rock Beasts. Face with such a numerical disadvantage, there was no other tactic the cultivators could use in this fight.

Yang Kai’s ears rang with the sound of shouts of cheers as the people who stayed behind to operate the Starship encouraged their companions. These people’s cultivations were the lowest amongst everyone so they weren’t eligible to participate in such a battle.

A pitiful scream suddenly echoed and a Third Order Saint was torn to pieces by a Black Rock Beast, resulting in his death.

Immediately, someone took his place on the battle line and pushed back the Black Rock Beast which had broken through, and then in the next moment, dozens of attacks raced over and exploded the Black Rock Beast.

Wu Yi’s commands were orderly and efficient, making it clear this was not her first time handling such a battle. Everyone was experienced and so long as this situation continued, even if Wu Yi’s group was small in number, victory would ultimately be theirs.

But Yang Kai was keenly aware that everyone who was fighting outside was anxious, seemingly knowing what this pack of Black Rock Beasts would do next and understanding that it would not be an action they could resist.

Another scream came out and a cultivator at the outermost position of the formation was set upon by several Black Rock Beasts which quickly bit him to deaths, raising the death toll to two.

The Black Rock Beasts didn’t devour this cultivator’s body, spitting out his broken flesh and bone after biting him to death. Black Rock Beasts only fed on minerals and ores, not flesh and blood.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Suddenly, a dark green liquid spewed out of the Black Rock Beasts’ mouths, and in the blink of an eye, Wu Yi and her team were surrounded by this turquoise wave. All of them wore grim expressions as they quickly avoided this wave under Wu Yi’s command.

One unlucky cultivator was accidentally contaminated by the green liquid and smoke immediately burst from his figure. The majestic Artifact Armour worn on his chest was quickly melted away and the flesh beneath it was also corroded, exposing his white bones.

This turquoise liquid was too corrosive!

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed and couldn’t help worrying for Wu Yi and the others.

At present, his strength had not been completely restored, and at most he could display the combat effectiveness equivalent to an ordinary Third Order Saint. If Wu Yi and her group were defeated and the Starship was destroyed, everyone would suffer disaster and it was uncertain if any of them would be able to survive.

Yang Kai suddenly felt that he had to do something.

*Dong dong dong…*

A series of muffled thuds came from the ship’s hull, and Yang Kai saw that a number of Black Rock Beasts had actually circumvented Wu Yi’s defence perimeter and directly begun spraying the Starship with their corrosive green liquid while taking bites out of the hull.

The sounds of twisting and cracking metal echoing throughout the Starship was enough to send cold chills up the spines of everyone inside.

Wu Yi could no longer afford to concentrate her forces and split them up into groups of three to five cultivators to intercept these Black Rock Beasts. Many cultivators fearlessly leapt towards the Starship to slaughter the attacking enemy.

With each passing moment, more people died, with dozens of Black Rock Beasts surrounding each team of cultivators.

Yu Feng joined forces with three others to protect Wu Yi, using their own Saint Qi to block the enemy from harming her.

Wu Yi cultivated a Fire Attribute Secret Art and brandished a pair of flaming rings on her hands, swaying her body in a mesmerizing yet deadly dance, condensing flames into dragon-like shapes that deterred most Black Rock Beasts from approaching her closely while incinerating the ones who got too close.

These Black Rock Beasts seemed afraid of fire.

The pack of Black Rock Beasts noticed this anomaly quickly and more began rushing over.

Yu Feng and his comrades did their best but couldn’t stop the crashing tide of beasts. To make matters worse, there were several Seventh-Order Black Rock Beasts attacking them now.

Seventh-Order Monster Beasts were equivalent to Saint King Realm cultivators. Two Seventh-Order Black Rock Beasts were pinning down Yu Feng while the others in the pack were confronting Wu Yi and her guards, surrounding them in an airtight formation.

An even more intense flame aura erupted from Wu Yi’s rings and a blast of heat rushed out to hit one of the Seventh-Order Black Rock Beasts, resulting in a fiery explosion that sent the beast reeling in pain, but failed to kill it.

Black Rock Beasts were thick-skinned and possessed extremely tenacious vitality, Wu Yi could easily kill those that were Fifth or Sixth-Order, but she had no way to kill a Seventh-Order one in short span of time.

Having suffered this flame attack, the Seventh-Order Black Rock Beast seemed to become enraged, opening its mouth wide to reveal its rows of irregularly serrated fangs and thick corrosive acid.

Using its companions for cover, this Seventh-Order beast bit towards Wu Yi’s delicate waist while she was distracted.

As long as this attack succeeded, Wu Yi wouldn’t be able to avoid death or serious injury as the potent acid from the Black Rock Beast’s mouth would immediately corrode her body.

Wu Yi saw this clearly but was unable to resist.

Yu Feng and the others also went all out to help but were ultimately powerless.

A sense of desperation rose in Wu Yi’s heart as she stared stunned at the Seventh-Order Black Rock Beast biting towards her.

At that moment, a drop of golden light suddenly appeared in front of her. There was no sign of this golden radiance the instant before, as if it had simply come into existence. As soon as this golden light appeared, it transformed into a great spear that exuded an energy fluctuation so astonishing it caused everyone nearby to pale.

The spear shot forward towards the open mouth of the Seventh-Order Black Rock Beast like a bolt of lightning, blasting a hole in its head as if it were made from rotten wood.

The golden spear continued on unabated, piercing through more than a dozen Black Rock Beasts. None of these thick-skinned Star Beasts was able to resist this attack, with those in the Fifth and Sixth-Order bursting into blood mist the instant they were struck, disappeared right before everyone’s eyes.

The stunned Yu Feng froze up, forgetting the dangerous situation he was in as he stared at the golden spear which was rapidly approaching him, an icy feeling gripping at his heart.

He was certain he would soon be dead.

But to his surprise, the golden spear seemed to have its own spirituality and as it rushed in front of him, it suddenly swerved, brushed past his body, and ran through the Black Rock Beast behind him.

All the cultivators on the scene stared blankly, their heads filled with fog, wondering who this golden spear belonged to.

Wu Yi also couldn’t help staring. The situation which was supposed to have resulted in her death had been easily resolved by this golden spear, allowing her to escape. Still shivering slightly, she began sweeping her eyes over her surroundings, her pretty face filled with doubt.

She wanted to find the owner of this spear. She had no idea there was such a powerful master among her subordinates. This spear alone would be more than enough to make that subordinate a pillar of her family.

Wu Yi naturally placed extreme value on this cultivator and his profound method.

After searching for a while though, she was unable to find any likely candidates. Suddenly, she saw Yang Kai standing next to one of the Starship’s windows. Yang Kai appeared to be waving towards her while saying something. Wu Yi couldn’t tell what he was saying, but she could tell that he didn’t have any trace of nervousness on his face. He seemed to be cheering her and the others on.

Wu Yi shook her head and didn’t pay any more attention to Yang Kai, instead pulling Yu Feng and the others out of their stupor and leading them to attack the Black Rock Beasts again while quietly observing the golden spear.

With the appearance of this strange golden spear, the course of the battle shifted.

The cultivators who had originally been at an absolute disadvantage were now re-invigorated, each of them desperately pushing their strength as they slowly regained the initiative.

The golden spear swam through the battlefield, as if it had a mind of its own, each thrust it made sweeping through and killing several Black Rock Beasts, often times saving the lives of cultivators who were on the verge of death.

Everyone recognized this peculiar golden spear’s fierceness and began coordinate with it, cleaning up the scattered and injured Black Rock Beasts which were thrown into chaos by its attacks. Wu Yi also took decisive action and ordered all her remaining subordinates to fall in behind the spear, allowing it to act as the vanguard while they mopped up the remnants. In this way, it would only be a matter of time before this pack of Black Rock Beast was exterminated.

The Black Rock Beasts that had jumped onto the Starship were swiftly cleaned up. As this was happening, the other Black Rock Beasts seemed to become aware of the threat from the golden spear and fell back to consolidate their group. The pack withdrew slightly while glaring towards the Starship, but none of the beasts dared to launch an attack at will.

Wu Yi also raised her hand, also ordering her subordinates to fall back.

There were too few of them while there were still hundreds of Monster Beasts in the Black Rock Beast pack, rushing in would only result in more casualties.

The scene suddenly froze, with the Black Rock Beast now acting cautiously, not willing to come forward, and Wu Yi’s group not eager to provoke them.

The deadlock, however, was soon broken by the golden spear. Before anyone realized it, the energy fluctuations from the golden spear suddenly soared in intensity and the three-meter long spear rapidly grew to over twenty meters in length.

The giant spear next flickered, disappearing from everyone’s sight, as if it had never even existed.

Just as everyone began searching for traces of the giant spear though, a brilliant burst of golden light emerged from the centre of the Black Rock Beast pack. This burst of light swiftly engulfed the entire pack, causing many Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Monster Beasts to instantly disintegrate. Even the Seventh-Order Black Rock Beast began howling in pain as their black flesh was torn apart and red blood flew from their bodies.

When the golden radiance finally dissipated, the massive Black Rock Beast pack had shrunk significantly, with over a hundred of them now nowhere to be seen.

The remaining Black Rock Beats didn’t dare linger any longer and led by the several remaining Seventh-Order Monster Beasts fled in fear.

The group of cultivators stood frozen in place, and only after the Black Rock Beasts had long disappeared into Starry Sky did an eruption of cheers resound, everyone’s face filled with the joy and happiness appropriate for surviving a life or death disaster.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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