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Martial Peak Chapter 1096

Chapter 1095 - Black Rock Beasts

Chapter 1095, Black Rock Beasts

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Melancholy was a strange thing, once one found out that there was someone more miserable than them, their grief would immediately lesson. Yang Kai’s words had given Wu Yi a sense of comfort.

Compared to the homeland of this man named Yang Kai, Shadowed Star was nothing short of paradise.

Having learned that Yang Kai had leapt out of Tong Xuan Realm all alone to explore the Star Field, Wu Yi’s beautiful eyes filled with admiration. She obviously appreciated this kind of fearless behaviour, and if she had the chance, she imagined she would make a similar choice.

Unfortunately, all kinds of burdens kept her tethered to this place.

As the two chatted, the atmosphere became harmonious. Wu Yi didn’t have any hostility towards Yang Kai in the first place, and Yang Kai was the carefree sort, so he naturally didn’t mind sharing some trivial things with her. It wasn’t until Yu Feng came over to tell her something that Wu Yi unwillingly departed.

After she left, Yang Kai continued to take out Saint Crystals and pills while circulating his Secret Art to restore his strength.

Time passed by and a month later, Yang Kai finally restored his full Third Order Saint Realm strength, but he had yet to accumulate much Saint Qi in his body compared to the massive quantity he had originally possessed.

As such, Yang Kai continued to refine Saint Crystals to replenish his energy stores.

Having become accustomed to an inexhaustible reserve of strength that no matter how much he squandered could never be used up, Yang Kai was a little uncomfortable with his current condition.

The energy contained within each Saint Crystal was quickly transformed into Yang Kai’s strength. Saint Qi flowed rapidly through his meridians while his heart remained calm and steady. While cultivating, Yang Kai would constantly send his Divine Sense through his veins to examine his hundred drops of pure Demon God Golden Blood.

These hundred drops of Golden Blood were formed from the combination of the Sacrificial Altar’s strange energy and Yang Kai’s own massive Saint Qi reserves, but it was inevitable that these hundred drops would be used up and if he wanted to generate more, what method was he supposed to use?

The Sacrificial Altar from the Body Tempering Divine Pond was no longer around and Yang Kai could not completely remember the complex Spirit Array which was portrayed on it. Even if he wanted to reproduce it, it was impossible.

As he focused on the Golden Blood flowing through his body though, it suddenly became stimulated and began madly devouring his Saint Qi.

Yang Kai, who had just managed to restore himself after so much effort, suddenly turned pale again and couldn’t help feeling like he was about to collapse.

Quickly checking himself, Yang Kai was startled.

In an instant, he had lost more than half of the new Saint Qi he had just refined. This mass of Saint Qi had seemingly been swallowed up by the Golden Blood in his veins and in return produced a needle tip-sized drop of radiant gold.

Naturally this was the beginnings of a drop of pure Demon God Golden Blood that had previous not existed!

Yang Kai thought about it for a while and soon understood. Relaxing his control, Yang Kai allowed his Golden Blood to continue devouring his Saint Qi.

His hard cultivated Saint Qi abruptly decreased but in return, the needle-tip like drop of Golden Blood became larger.

Sure enough!

Yang Kai couldn’t help silently celebrating. Pure Demon God Golden Blood could be generated inside his body simply by consuming his own Saint Qi, this also confirmed his previous speculations about why his vast reserves of Saint Qi had completely disappeared, they had literally be replaced by the hundred drops of Golden Blood.

In the future, if Yang Kai wanted to condense more pure Golden Blood, he only needed to consume a sufficient amount of Saint Qi.

However, the consumption involved in this process was enough to cause Yang Kai a lot of distress. An entire month of restoring his Saint Qi had only allowed Yang Kai to condense a single rice grain-sized drop of pure Golden Blood, which meant that he would need to cultivate for at least three months before he could form a complete drop.

Despite this, however, Yang Kai remained calm.

Saint Qi could be restored through cultivation, taking pills, and refining Saint Crystals, so as long as he found the right place and method, it wouldn’t be difficult to obtain Saint Qi, but Demon God Golden Blood was an entirely different matter. Now that he had a method to convert Saint Qi into Golden Blood, Yang Kai had nothing to complain about. Although this transformation only worked one way, and the results weren’t as flexible as his previous Yang Liquid, at least he wouldn’t have to worry about running out of Demon God Golden Blood.

There were still a hundred drops of Golden Blood in the body, and Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to produce more, so his current focus was to accumulate as much Saint Qi as possible.

With his mood improved, Yang Kai was able to cultivate even faster than before, consuming ten Saint Crystals in a single day.

Wu Yi soon appeared again.

Over the past month, she would run over to Yang Kai whenever she had free time. The stories Yang Kai told fascinated her to no end and she would listen to any information or news he had no matter how dull or inane. The more she listened, the more she looked forward to the outside world. If she could, she would order the Starship to change direction immediately and head towards that wondrous world.

Seeing her sitting in front of himself like an eager young child, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a slight headache and said helplessly, “Wu Yi, I only entered the Star Field a few years ago, so everything I’ve seen and heard I have already told you about.”

Yang Kai really couldn’t bear it anymore and he couldn’t tell if a person’s curiosity flourishing to such an extent was his misfortune or hers.

“If you think hard enough, I’m sure there will be something you haven’t told me about. As long as it’s related to the outside world, anything will do,” Wu Yi stared at Yang Kai with undisguised enthusiasm. The first few times she had said these words Yang Kai had racked his brain to come up with a few trivial things to satisfy her curiosity before sending her way, but today he was not going to compromise.

This little lady was simply an insatiable wolf, if he compromised today, she would no doubt be back tomorrow for more.

“No, I really don’t, other than the sex I had with women, what else haven’t I said?”

“Then tell me about that, I want to know if there’s any difference between how men and women interact with each other in the outside world compared to Shadowed Star,” Wu Yi immediately became intrigued and completely ignored the pitch-black grimace on Yang Kai’s face.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Yu Feng arrived to save Yang Kai.

Seeing his panicked look, Wu Yi’s face also became serious as she asked, “What happened?”

“The Starship is being pursued by a group of Black Rock Beasts.”

Wu Yi’s face suddenly went pale and she hurriedly stood up, rushed over to the window, and looked towards the rear. After seeing the situation outside, her expression became even uglier.

No longer caring about digging into the most intimate details of Yang Kai’s life, she hurried out of the room together with Yu Feng.

After they left, Yang Kai also went to the window and looked around, soon discovering a large group of black coloured Monster Beasts chasing after the Starship. There were at least three or four hundred of these beasts within Yang Kai’s field of vision with the distinct possibility there were more outside his line of sight.

During this past month, Yang Kai had heard about Black Rock Beasts from Wu Yi. This Monster Beast lived amongst the Starry sky and had incredibly tenaciousness vitality. On top of that, it fed upon minerals and ores, so among Asteroid Seas, Dead Stars, and Ore Stars, Black Rock Beasts were a common sight.

Wu Yi called these Monster Beasts, Star Beasts.

Black Rock Beast’s weren’t very strong, the weakest only being Fifth-Order which was equivalent to Human Race Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators. The strongest were Seventh-Order, equal to Saint Kings, while the majority were Sixth-Order.

However, what gave Wu Yi the biggest headache was that Black Rock Beasts lived in large packs, and not only did they enjoy feeding on raw ores, they also ate Starships!

Starship hulls were forged from a variety of rare and precious ores and were nothing less than a delicacy to Black Rock Beasts. With their thick and strong skins, Black Rock Beasts were difficult to kill. Most of the Starships that were lost sailing around Shadowed Star were not destroyed by Starry Sky Storms but rather by Black Rock Beasts.

When a Starship was consumed by these Star Beasts, the cultivators inside no longer had any place to take shelter, and mass casualties would result. For many years, the major forces on Shadowed Star suffered heavy losses because of these Star Beasts and had once tried to wipe them out, but Black Rock Beasts were like bamboo shoots after the rain, after cutting one crop, another would soon emerge.

It could be said that Black Rock Beasts were the biggest enemy of the cultivators on Shadowed Star, and also an obstacle preventing them from entering and integrating into the Star Field. If they weren’t dealt with, truly joining the Star Field was impossible.

Wu Yi’s Starship was only Saint King Grade Low-Rank and could not resist the teeth of Black Rock Beasts.

So when she heard that Black Rock Beasts had been spotted, Wu Yi’s demeanor had immediately darkened.

Yang Kai thought about it for a while before also leaving his room.

Over the past month, although he had failed to integrate into this Starship’s crew, no one had come to cause trouble with him despite his cultivation not being low. Wu Yi had also allowed him to walk around the Starship as long as he didn’t enter any restricted areas.

In the corridor, cultivators rushed out, each of them emitting thick murderous intent with Yu Feng taking the lead to organize them.

Many people were cursing and clamouring to fight to the death against the Black Rock Beast, vowing to live and die with their Starship.

Everyone turned a blind eye to Yang Kai.

At that moment, the Starship suddenly shook, and a sensational wave of energy erupted, causing all the hurrying cultivators to grin. Yang Kai looked out a nearby window and saw a white stream of light shoot out from the Starship and blast open a hole in the Black Rock Beast group.

Dozens of Black Rock Beasts instantly turned into blood mist. Wherever the beam of light passed, space became empty, with not even dust remaining behind.

Crystal Cannon!

These powerful offensive artifacts were a common feature on Starships and were powered by large amounts of Saint Crystals. Although they had tremendous power, their consumption was equally immense.

With the financial resources available to Wu Yi and her crew, a single shot was likely their limit.

Sure enough, after the first Crystal Cannon round, the hot-blooded cultivators aboard the Starship charged out of its hatch and followed Yu Feng into battle.

Even Wu Yi, wearing a fiery red Artifact Armour that covered her entire body, was no exception. The clusters of red flames on her Artifact Armour pulsed with Saint Grade Low-Rank intensity, illuminating her beautiful face in a dazzling blaze.

After these cultivators left, the hatch slowly closed again.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and swept the Starship, soon discovering that aside from himself, less than ten people remained aboard the Starship. These ten people were the minimum number needed to keep the Starship running, everyone else had gone out to engage the Black Rock Beasts in a fierce battle.

After experiencing the affluence of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, suddenly seeing such a motley crew desperately trying to protect a small Saint King Grade Low-Rank Starship, Yang Kai’s mood was a bit complex.

If this Starship belonged to Xue Yue instead of Wu Yi, she wouldn’t have even left her room, her safety was far more valuable than a single Starship.

But then again, if this was Xue Yue’s Starship, instead of a single round from the Crystal Cannons, that crazy woman would likely continue firing until the entire swarm of Black Rock Beasts was wiped out.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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