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Martial Peak Chapter 1030

Chapter 1029 - Don’t Make This More Difficult For Me

Chapter 1029, Don’t Make This More Difficult For Me

After an hour, Yang Kai had finished restoring himself and began leading the way forward again.

Every time he tore space, Yang Kai would first confirm the direction he needed to go by tracing the Divine Sense marks he had left behind, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to advance through the confusing seven coloured field.

Things progressed far smoother than Yang Kai had anticipated, none of his previous concerns coming to pass.

The six people behind him also remembered Yang Kai’s warning and didn’t dare use any of their strength; even Gui Zu carefully cooperated, not stirring up any trouble along the way.

Everyone seemingly felt that so long as things continued on like this, they would soon reach the Chaotic Abyss.

With hope right in front of them, everyone’s spirits rose.

Somewhere amongst the seven coloured sky, Yang Kai’s figure again emerged from The Void, quickly followed by the other six.

Turning around, he smiled to the group, “This is the last jump. Once we pass through The Void again, we’ll reach the Chaotic Abyss!”

Hearing him say this, everyone’s eyes lit up and their sense of anticipation increased once more.

“Little brat, make it quick. This old master can’t wait to see the outside world,” Gui Zu grinned and encouraged.

“I have to restore myself again!” Yang Kai said faintly.

“Good, make it quick!”

Yang Kai sat down without saying another word. He wasn’t lying, there really was just one last jump left. As long as he tore space once more, Yang Kai was confident they could arrive at the Chaotic Abyss, but even so, he still felt quite uneasy.

This uneasiness, of course, came from Gui Zu.

Yang Kai had no way to guarantee that this old monster, who had lived more than two thousand years, would keep his promise not to harm him after they escaped.

In this situation, he could only passively choose to believe in him while praying Gui Zu would not go back on his word.

This feeling of helplessness made Yang Kai very uncomfortable.

“Senior, can you take back this thing in my arm?” Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and asked Gui Zu, “We’re almost free now, is there any reason to keep monitoring me?”

Gui Zu grinned lightly and didn’t say anything, simply nodding and waving his hand, removing the black mark left atop Yang Kai’s arm, taking back the evil spectre it was made from into his body.

Yang Kai’s mind and body both felt as if they became lighter like a shackle had been removed from him.

“Little brat, behave yourself and this old master won’t make trouble for you,” Gui Zu snorted.

“Senior is broadminded,” Yang Kai chuckled, standing up and taking a soft breath before tearing space apart under the gaze of the crowd.

He, as always, was the first to step through.

After entering The Void though, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became dignified as he stood in place, not moving forward and instead silently perceiving his surroundings.

“Why are you stopping now? Are you still trying to play some kind of tricks at this last moment?” Gui Zu, who had followed Yang Kai in, saw him acting strangely and couldn’t help grumbling.

Yang Kai didn’t answer him though and continued his investigation.

Suddenly, his face changed and he shouted, “Move quickly, don’t stop, space here is far more chaotic than anywhere we’ve been so far, probably because we’re closer to the Chaotic Abyss.”

Seeing the alarmed look on Yang Kai’s face, the other six people realized the seriousness of the situation and quickly followed after him, moving as fast as they safely could.

Up until now, wherever Yang Kai passed, the void turbulence would temporarily subside, allowing everyone to safely pass while not being dragged into the surrounding chaotic flow, but now, the other six in the group could faintly feel that where they were stepping had become less smooth and muddier, like there was a faint suction tugging at them from all directions. The turbulent flow also seemed closer than before, like a swarm of locusts that were eyeing them from nearby.


A dense sound of cracking resounded all around the group, sending shivers into each of their souls. Glancing around, the barrier separating all of them from the turbulent flow of The Void was clearly beginning to shatter.

From the surrounding Void, the force of attraction increased greatly and threatened to swallow them whole.

Although none of them besides Yang Kai were proficient in the Dao of Space, they were well aware of the terrors of The Void, once any of them fell into one of these cracks, with no references to find their way out, they would become forever lost, never to return again.

Therefore, they huddled even closer to Yang Kai, not daring to fall behind.

Yang Kai’s expression was also solemn, not saying a single word and devoting all his attention to moving forward, soon arriving at a certain point and stretching out his hand to tear a hole in The Void.

When this tear was opened, from the other side of the portal, a familiar scene appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Massive, energetic stars arranged closely together, creating a vibrant and enchanting picture.

The Chaotic Abyss!

Yang Kai smiled and prepared to step out.

But just then, Shen Tu and Bi Ya suddenly shouted in alarm, as if something had happened just behind them.

Upon hearing their shouts, Yang Kai turned his head and saw Gui Zu’s figure flicker as he prepared to take one step ahead and flee through the portal.

However, in the instant he circulated his strength to propel himself forward, he had also stimulated all the turbulence throughout the surrounding Void and shattered the safe passage Yang Kai had established.

Before Gui Zu could escape, half his body was swallow up by The Void, and no matter how hard he tried to struggle, he was unable to escape its grasp.

Yue Xi and her two disciples who were following behind Gui Zu had also been caught up in the turbulent flow and were quickly sinking into The Void.

When Yang Kai turned to look back, he saw the three women staring at him with pleading looks as they silently prayed to him for rescue.

Even now, all of them were carefully abiding by Yang Kai’s words and had not used any of their strength.

Gui Zu on the other hand, upon noticing the dire situation he was in, pushed his strength wildly in an attempt to break through the crack that was trying to swallow him.

However, it was like the crevice he had fallen into was filled with quicksand, and the more Gui Zu struggled, the faster he sunk, causing his old face to pale.

“Fuck!” Shen Tu couldn’t help cursing, “Brother Yang, let’s go!”

Yang Kai’s look changed, and a look of hesitation flashed across his eyes. He glanced over at Gui Zu, who was being engulfed by The Void, only his head still visible; he then looked over at He Zao and He Miao, all sorts of thoughts surfacing in his mind.

Yang Kai went stiff, as a struggle took place in his heart.

With just one more step, he could reach the Chaotic Abyss and escape from under Gui Zu’s oppression, and now that this old monster had gotten caught up in the void turbulence it was likely he would never be able to find his way out, forcing him to endure an even bitterer and difficult life than the one where he was trapped on the floating continent, a lifetime spent drifting through The Void.

Yang Kai very much wished for such an outcome.

However, He Zao and He Miao would also die.

Yang Kai still remembered when Gui Zu had wanted to throw him into the Space Array to test the Void Corridor’s stability, how He Zao had stood up bravely and spoken for him.

“Brother Yang!” Shen Tu shouted again. Yang Kai was lead the way and blocking both him and Bi Ya from exiting. Shen Tu was so anxious to pass him and flee to safety he could barely contain himself.

Bi Ya’s heart was also in chaos, her beautiful eyes staring towards Yang Kai, wondering what choice he would make.

Yang Kai’s hesitation only lasted a moment though before his eyes became firm. Sending a palm strike towards the portal leading out of The Void, he released a cluster of pitch-black Demonic Flame that temporarily help it open.

“Go!” Yang Kai shouted before grabbing hold of Shen Tu and Bi Ya and tossing them out then with a gloomy expression flew in the opposite direction.

“Brother Yang!” Shen Tu’s face paled as he passed by Yang Kai, but before he could recover, he found himself already amidst the Chaotic Abyss.

Inside The Void, Yang Kai soon arrived in front of the void crevice which was swallowing the group of four and stared at Gui Zu, hurriedly shouting, “If you want to live, withdraw your strength, don’t make this more difficult for me!”

Gui Zu’s face was pure white by this point and quickly took back his strength, no longer struggling.

“I’ll save you now, don’t panic, don’t do anything at all!” Yang Kai called out to He Zao and He Miao before sitting down in front of the four of them, his Spiritual Energy and Saint Qi bursting out and pouring into the crevice.

Incorporating his own understanding of the Dao of Space into this crevice slowly allowed Yang Kai to produce a resonance with it and eventually control it.

Soon, the four people who were gradually sinking down were pleasantly surprised to find that the suction, which was drawing them in was gradually becoming weaker and soon disappeared altogether. Not only that, an opposite force which was trying to push them out soon appeared and began freeing them from the void crevice.

All four of their expressions brightened with He Zao and He Miao tearing up as they stared at Yang Kai, their eyes filled with joy.

They had thought that this time they had encountered an inescapable disaster and would certainly die, they hadn’t anticipated Yang Kai would return at the last moment, they all knew just what kind of risk he was taking to save them.

This caused their moods to undergo a subtle change as an inexplicable feeling filled their hearts and brought them a sense of warmth and comfort.

The feelings of panic and despair were quickly swept away and a radiant glow appeared on their faces, seemingly no longer afraid of any danger.

Even Yue Xi, at this moment, finally changed her opinion about Yang Kai, a look of pure gratitude appearing on her pretty face.

“Ah…” He Miao suddenly screamed and pointed to Yang Kai.

The other three all turned to look in the direction she was pointing and their expression sank once more.

At the spot where Yang Kai was sitting, a new set of cracks was forming, threatening to swallow his body into the void crevice.

As time passed, more and more cracks formed and spread out, seeming to engulf the entire space surrounding them.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly shot open as he shouted, “Come out!”

With this shout, the four others who hadn’t dared to move so far were finally freed from the void crevice and immediately rushed outward.

Whether the ground beneath her was too unstable of she was too anxious in that moment, Yue Xi stumbled and nearly fell, but before she could hit the ground, Yang Kai wrapped his arm around her waist and leapt out just as the cracked space around them began to completely collapse.

Yue Xi’s body instantly went stiff when she felt Yang Kai’s strong hand grab hold of her. It was like she had been struck by lightning, all her strength draining from her body. Her eyes landing on the Junior carrying her, she suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of safety, like she had just entered a tranquil harbour that gently cradled her, causing her mood to become incredibly complicated.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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