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Martial Peak Chapter 1029

Chapter 1028 - Leaving

Chapter 1028, Leaving

No one had thought that Yang Kai was also familiar with the Dao of Space. The Dao of Space had always been an extremely esoteric field, one that was extremely difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to practice. The number of cultivators even slightly familiar with the Dao of Space was extremely small.

Even if one were to take the entire Star Field into consideration, cultivators proficient in the mysteries of space were a rarity.

A master like Gui Zu, who had been studying the Dao of Space for a thousand years hadn’t even had any significant accomplishments, the Space Array he had painstakingly arranged ultimately being of no use.

“Brother…” Shen Tu licked his dry lips and muttered, “Do you really come from a lower world? You haven’t been playing the pig to eat a tiger this whole time right?”

Although Shen Tu was the one asking, this question was the one present wanted to ask, all of them suspecting that Yang Kai actually came from some extraordinary background and these days had just been putting on an act.

Yang Kai smiled and shook his head, “If I hadn’t come from a lower world, how could I have been so ignorant about the Star Field’s common sense?”

Shen Tu thought about it for a moment before nodding lightly, “Fair enough.”

Since he met Yang Kai, Yang Kai had asked him many questions about things even children should have understood, saying he was acting the whole time really was a bit of a stretch.

“But regardless, you really an amazing guy…” Shen Tu grinned wryly, “And, why are you telling us this now?”

“Because in order to lead you away from this place, I need you to coordinate with me,” Yang Kai’s expression became dignified again, “I can tear space and allow all of you to enter the turbulent flow of The Void in order to lead you out of this place, but the path I create by tearing space is very different from a long-established Void Corridor… Void Corridors that have existed for extended periods of time have already stabilized and only connect two points in space together, allowing people to freely move between those two points while on the other hand, the path I create while tearing space is fluid and unstable.”

The looks on everyone’s face changed slightly as they suddenly realized that things weren’t as simple as they seemed. The road leading out of this place was apparently full of thorns.

“I need all of you to guarantee that you won’t use any of your strength while following me!” Yang Kai glanced around at everyone in a serious manner, his eyes eventually landing on Gui Zu, “This is especially true for you, Senior, because once you release your strength, there’s a high chance you will disturb the void turbulence around us, causing us to sink further into The Void. Once we lose our position in The Void, even I won’t be able to safely bring us out!”

“Oh?” Gui Zu grinned and nodded, “Good, this old master won’t use any of his strength!”

“Do all of you understand?” Yang Kai glanced over at the others.

Everyone nodded together.

“Good. Other than that, there’s nothing else, just follow me and don’t cause any trouble,” Yang Kai thought about it for a moment but really couldn’t think of anything else to say, “If you’re ready, let’s get underway.”

Saying so, he reached out his hand and sliced through the space in front of him, opening a thin, dark slit. Then, as if two giant hands were pulling it apart, the slit opened up until it was more than a meter in width and two meters in height, forming a pitch-black portal to The Void out of which a terrifying Void Energy pulsed.

Gui Zu’s expression became serious as he peered deep into The Void while the others were only more nervous than him.

Yang Kai pulled one of the high-quality luminous stones from the wall then stepped into the portal without even saying a word.

Gui Zu’s eyes flashed and did not rush to keep up with Yang Kai, but instead tossed Shen Tu inside.

Bi Ya followed Shen Tu, then Gui Zu, then Yue Xi and her two disciples stepped inside last.

After all seven people entered it, the tear in space quickly and silently disappeared.

Amidst the profound darkness, the only source of light was from the glowing stone in Yang Kai’s hand, this stone served as a guidepost for everyone.

None of them dared fall behind, each of them walking tepidly through this turbulent space, quietly observing their surroundings.

They had never had such a peculiar experience, none of them ever even thinking they would one day be able to walk through The Void.

The turbulent flow of space around them was disorienting and seemed like the mouth of the most terrifying beast imaginable just waiting to swallow them whole. All around them was like a thick swamp, with pitfalls and sinkholes everywhere, one careless misstep and they would be pulled under, banished to the end of the world forever.

Everyone’s heart pounded loudly in their chest.

Even as they admired the scene around them, it did not lessen their trepidation.

The only thing that gave them some comfort was that everywhere Yang Kai passed, the chaotic flow of space seemed to be smoothed out, and the unsteady ground became solid, making it easy to walk upon.

Everyone was keenly aware that Yang Kai’s aura had some kind of mysterious resonance with the turbulence here, allowing him to understand its flow and accurately find his way through it.

As they held their breaths, each one of them followed exactly in the footsteps of the person in front of them.

Suddenly, a cry of surprise rang out and Yang Kai couldn’t help but pause and turn back to ask, “What happened?”

“Nothing…” He Miao patted her chest and apologized, “Sorry, I suddenly felt like I was falling.”

Looking down at where her foot was, space seemed to have burst open and shattered like a broken mirror. Staring into this crack gave one the illusion they were falling into the abyss.

Yang Kai nodded and didn’t say anything more, simply continuing to lead the way.

“Little girl, don’t startle us like that, this old master was nearly scared to death by you!” Gui Zu turned back and grinned towards He Miao, his gloomy smile causing He Miao’s bad complexion to turn even paler.

Yang Kai, who was walking ahead, suddenly came to a halt, stretched out his hand, and tore through space again, opening another crack in The Void!

Quickly, he stepped through.

The others followed right on his heels.

Breathing in the fresh air, everyone felt like they had just emerged from the depths of purgatory. Looking around for a while, Shen Tu suddenly furrowed his brow and commented, “Yang Kai, we don’t seem to have gone far!”

As he spoke, he turned his glance downwards.

Beneath the feet of their group was a giant burnt mountain peak and nearby there were a few cultivators moving about. These people were clearly Lu Gui Chen and the other remaining Purple Star cultivators.

They had also noticed the situation above them and were pointing towards Yang Kai’s group, not understanding the situation.

“En, we really haven’t gone too far, a thousand kilometres or so I’d say,” Yang Kai nodded and explained, “This time was just to familiarize you with the feeling of moving through The Void. What comes next is the main event!”

Saying so, he pointed above his head at the seven coloured sky, “We have to break through the chaotic field surrounding this floating continent.”

“Got it!” Shen Tu nodded.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai smiled faintly, “I can use this method a few times in a row.”

Carefully sensing the fluctuations from the Divine Sense marks he had left behind, Yang Kai confirmed the direction he needed to go and tore space again.

As everyone was stepping into the tear, He Miao suddenly turned her head and squinted, whispering softly, “Master, Lu Gui Chen and his people seem to be coming here.”

“Don’t care about them, keep up!” Yue Xi urged.


“Lu Gui Chen, just wait here for death!” Yue Xi sneered softly as she shot a glance down towards the ground before finally stepping through the portal.

A moment later, Lu Gui Chen, who was riding his Star Shuttle from down below, arrived only to discover no trace of anyone left and quickly realize that they had been abandoned here, his face draining of all colour.

The few people that Gui Zu had summoned before were all clearly related to Yang Kai, with the only ones not summoned being his group from Purple Star.

At the time he had the attitude of taking pleasure in other’s misfortune, thinking that Yue Xi and the others were walking to their deaths, but little did know that it was actually the path to survival.

On the contrary, he and his remaining three subordinates had forever been abandoned here!

His face twisted in rage and he let out a roar of anger.

The seven coloured sky was formed by the intersection of the many chaotic energy fields from the stars of the Chaotic Abyss, forming a ten-thousand-kilometre wide domain of distorted space.

Somewhere amongst this chaotic domain, space suddenly split open with Yang Kai walking out. There, he stopped and quickly began determining his position.

Sensing the Divine Sense mark he had left behind was not far away, although there was some slight error in the position, he had emerged within an acceptable margin of error. As long as he followed the paths laid out by these guideposts, Yang Kai was confident they could arrive at the Chaotic Abyss.

Once they arrived at the Chaotic Abyss, they would really be free.

One after another, figures appeared behind him, and after everyone saw the scenery in front of them, they were filled with amazement because all around them was a gorgeous seven coloured space.

However, everyone quickly discovered that their Divine Senses couldn’t play any role here because as soon as they extended them out more than a few meters, they would become affected by the chaotic domain, possibly even becoming lost, without the possibility of recovery.

Gui Zu gently nodded, “Very good, you really have the ability to leave this place, this old master was not mistaken about you.”

At a glance, he could tell that this place was above the floating continent, a place he had never been to, increasing his confidence in Yang Kai greatly. Seemingly because the wish he had held onto for two thousand years was about to be completed, his expression wasn’t as ghastly as before and instead filled with a smile of expectation.

Yang Kai glanced at him and smiled lightly.

The black mark on his arm, however, was sending out an even chillier aura than before.

He knew that Gui Zu was on guard against him, lest he try to suddenly abandon him here in this strange space.

If he were really to be left here, Gui Zu wasn’t confident he could return to the Floating Continent.

Yang Kai did have such thoughts, but he didn’t dare make any rash actions. He didn’t have the confidence to plot against Gui Zu’s right before his eyes, so, for now, he behaved very honestly.

Once again perceiving the position of the next guidepost, Yang Kai tore space.

Yang Kai led the other six people through The Void, one thousand kilometres at a time, everything proceeding smoothly, bringing them closer and closer to the Chaotic Abyss.

After tearing space five times, Yang Kai immediately sat down cross-legged and gasped for breath, “Wait here a moment, I need to restore myself for a while.”

Every time Yang Kai tore space, it drained a huge amount of his strength, so it was impossible for him to do it continuously without end. The Spiritual Energy in his Knowledge Sea had already been greatly consumed, so he needed to supplement it in case some unexpected situation came up, otherwise, he wouldn’t have the strength to deal with it.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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