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Martial Peak Chapter 1018

Chapter 1017 - Scream Until Your Throat Goes Dry, No One Will Care

Chapter 1017, Scream Until Your Throat Goes Dry, No One Will Care

At this moment, these two from Purple Star became incredibly submissive, compromising for their own interests. They understood that the situation demanded they act swiftly as Yang Kai was no longer a powerless youth they could look down on anymore.

As long as Gui Zu really needed his help, Yang Kai was capable of controlling who among them lived or died.

Nearby, Shen Tu’s spirit shook as he stared at Yang Kai with great admiration. He could never have imagined the situation would change so dramatically and couldn’t stop himself from letting out a low chuckle, taking pleasure in the other’s misfortune.

He was eagerly anticipating what answer Yang Kai would give.

Yue Xi’s expression also fluctuated greatly, staring towards Yang Kai warily, her beautiful eyes filled with dread and vigilance.

Lu Gui Chen had a terrible relationship with Yang Kai, but hers was not much better!

After Wei Wu was killed, she had confronted Yang Kai and declared that one day she would make him pay. Yang Kai had also ruthlessly retorted to her, his vile words still clear in her mind. Yue Xi’s heart filled with bitterness, not knowing what she should do now.

These two masters were incredibly depressed right now, feeling as if they had escaped from the tiger’s den only to enter a dragon’s lair. Facing the current Yang Kai made them more nervous than facing Gui Zu.

At the very least, they understood Gui Zu’s methods and purpose.

On the other hand, they knew nothing about what Yang Kai thought or how he would act.

Yang Kai looked over at Lu Gui Chen and Bi Ya indifferently, silently observing the smiles on their faces that seemed as ugly as if they were crying, suddenly feeling a deep sense of disdain.

The river flows thirty years to the east, then thirty years to the west.

(Silavin: Geography’s Meandering River. Ah… School. How I can’t forget you.)

A year ago, when they had fallen into this damned place, he had been subdued by Lu Gui Chen without the ability to resist; now, this powerhouse that was able to easily take his life had to act subservient and openly flatter him.

All of this was because he now had the backing of Gui Zu!

Yang Kai had wanted to use Gui Zu to kill Lu Gui Chen in order to soothe the hatred he felt from being sealed all that time ago. But now, he had lost interest.

Because even if Gui Zu killed Lu Gui Chen, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to take any joy in it.

After a short silence, Yang Kai suddenly said, “I heard that your Purple Star people collected a lot of herbs some time ago, yes?”

Lu Gui Chen was slightly startled by this question but quickly nodded, “We indeed collected a lot of herbs, but because we lacked a proper storage artifact, we could not preserve them very well, so some of their medicinal efficacies have passed; however, the degradation should not be too bad. En, this Lu heard that little brother is an Alchemist, yes? These herbs will only be able to display their full use in little brother’s hands. Little brother should quickly refine them into pills so as not to waste the gifts Heaven has bestowed!”

Yang Kai grinned and expressed his satisfaction, again asking, “What about your Saint Crystal?”

“Everything has been stored in a hidden location. This place’s World Energy is so potent there is no need to use Saint Crystals. How about we gift these things to little brother? We cannot use them now in any case.”

“Good good, you know how to speak!” Yang Kai continually nodded, gently patting Lu Gui Chen’s shoulder, putting on a happy look as he shot Shen Tu a look, “Go together with them and carry those things back.”

“Understood!” Shen Tu’s body trembled as he straightened his back and puffed out his chest.

“This matter must not be delayed, let’s go now!” Lu Gui Chen smiled embarrassedly, only wishing he could escape from this place a moment sooner so as to avoid any more trouble from Yang Kai.

Saying so, he asked Yang Kai to be excused before leading Shen Tu to quickly withdraw.

Seeing Lu Gui Chen act like this, shamelessly flattering a boy he had moments ago been disdaining, Yue Xi couldn’t help revealing a look of contempt.

She had been dealing with Lu Gui Chen for many years and believed his strength and methods to be no worse than her own, so now seeing him act so submissive and cowardly somehow made Yue Xi feel vexed and disappointed.

Her originally bad mood became even worse.

“As for you…” Yang Kai suddenly turned to look at her, a strange smile appearing on his face as he swept his gaze over Yue Xi’s full chest, slender waist, and long leg, an obscene light flashing across his eyes.

Although Yue Xi was He Zao and He Miao’s Master, and her true age was definitely not small, her cultivation was profound so the years had not left any trace on her and instead given her a mature charm.

She looked like an unwed young woman, sweet and delicious.

Yang Kai couldn’t help secretly praising this beautiful woman, thinking she was more outstanding than her two disciples.

His vision was aggressive and unscrupulous, not even trying to hide his intent.

Being stared at by such a gaze, Yue Xi couldn’t help feeling like her clothes were being ripped apart and she was standing naked in front of this youth, a deep sense of shame filling her heart, her tender body shivering as she shouted, “What do you want? You can have our herbs and Saint Crystal as well but don’t expect me to humble myself like Lu Gui Chen!”

“You still have some spirit, good!” Yang Kai sneered, “Don’t think that because you are He Zao and He Miao’s Master I will show you any favour. To me, there’s no difference between you and those Purple Star people, if we weren’t stranded in this continent under Senior Gui Zu’s rules, perhaps I would have already been killed by someone from your side!”

“For a person like you, your death isn’t worth pitying!” Yue Xi smiled coldly.

“A person like me? Are you familiar with me? What qualifications do you have to evaluate me? I saved your two disciples’ lives yet not only did you not show any appreciation, you instead suspected and guarded against me, created obstacles for me at every turn, and snatched back the ring you supposedly gifted me. I can ignore all of those matters, but when Wei Wu tried to kill me, yet was too weak and was instead killed by me, did you even bother trying to determine right from wrong before deciding to kill me in the name of revenge? Why don’t you ask your two disciples carefully what kind of person I am and what kind of person that Wei Wu was!” Yang Kai shouted angrily.

“What do you mean?” Yue Xi’s brow furrowed deeply as she stared at Yang Kai suspiciously, feeling as if he was hinting at something.

“Bi Ya!” Yang Kai shouted.

“Does little brother have something he needs from me?” Bi Ya asked with a forced smile.

“You are from Purple Star, explain how you found He Zao and He Miao at that time and how you forced them into the Chaotic Abyss!” Yang Kai continued glaring at Yue Xi while commanding Bi Ya.

Yue Xi couldn’t help turning to look at Bi Ya, waiting for her answer.

Bi Ya didn’t dare conceal anything at this point, quickly saying, “We received a message from someone inside your Sword Union, saying that the ones who were carrying the Star Sect Command were waiting at the edge of the Chaotic Abyss. If not for that message, we would not have been able to find these two sisters in this vast Star Field!”

Yue Xi’s tender body trembled, her beautiful eyes flashing a look of disbelief.

“Master, the reason we stopped there was because we received a message from Senior Brother Wei Wu saying not to run around aimlessly as you would soon come to find us!” He Zao said to Yue Xi.

“I never issued such instruction!” Yue Xi shook her head, her face going pale, seemingly unable to accept the words she had just heard.

“Who was the one who sent that message to you?” He Zao asked Bi Ya.

Bi Ya slowly shook her head, “I don’t know, only Senior Lu would know. When he returns, you should ask him.”

Yue Xi was dazed as she muttered, “Impossible, Wei Wu isn’t such a person… He grew up beside me since childhood, how could he possibly do such a thing?”

As she talked to herself, she suddenly stared wickedly towards Yang Kai and shouted, “It must be you and this cheap whore colluding to slander Wei Wu!”

“You’re absolutely incorrigible!” Yang Kai shook his head slightly before staring towards her menacingly, “Do you still remember what I said to you that day?”

Yue Xi expression became panicked as her face paled.

How could she not remember Yang Kai’s words from that time, they were simply the most offensive words she had ever heard spoken to her in this life, every time she thought back to that moment, she couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

“I have no interest in an old bag like you!” Yang Kai curled his lips viciously and cursed, “You should remain a virgin for the rest of your life, forever unable to marry.”

When he said this, He Zao and He Miao frowned angrily and glared towards Yang Kai while Bi Ya actually chuckled, revealing a look of understanding.

“The anger you caused me, I won’t take out on you. Instead, I’ll let your two precious disciples pay the price for you, their young, tender flesh is much more to my appetite!”

“What do you want to do?” Yue Xi flew into a rage, quickly protecting He Zao and He Miao behind herself as she glared towards Yang Kai vigilantly.

“What I want to do, don’t you already know?” Yang Kai grinned fiercely while simultaneously sending a Divine Sense Message to Gui Zu.

In the next moment, a dark wisp of energy suddenly appeared beside Yue Xi, releasing a hideous wail as it spilled into Yue Xi’s body, causing her to stiffen up, unable to move.

Two more wisps of dark energy then appeared and wrapped around He Zao and He Miao like ropes.

He Miao screamed in fright.

Yang Kai ignored the stares of everyone else and stepped forward, picking up and resting He Zao and He Miao on his shoulders, posturing in front of Yue Xi for a moment before smugly walking over towards the mountain cave.

“You demon! Let go of He Zao and He Miao, if you dare lay a finger on them, I swear I’ll make you pay!” Yue Xi shouted hysterically as she watched Yang Kai take her two disciples away, screaming repeatedly as she struggled fiercely to free herself.

But facing Gui Zu’s oppression, she was completely unable to escape.

“Scream! Scream louder, scream until your throat goes dry, no one will care!” Yang Kai sneered, ignoring her threats.

“Boy, how can you do this!?” Yue Xi shouted, her voice filled with unwillingness, her beautiful eyes ablaze with indescribable hatred. She had thought that at worst, Yang Kai would drag her up the mountain and humiliate her, but never had she imagined that this grudge would be taken out on her two disciples.

If that was the case, she would have only felt aggrieved for herself rather than guilty towards her disciples.

“This is the fate of those who provoke me!” Yang Kai cackled as his figure finally disappeared into the mountain cave.

Yue Xi shouted and cursed unceasingly as the rest of the Purple Star and Sword Union cultivators stared towards the direction Yang Kai disappeared, all of them feeling a chill run up their spine, each of them thinking Yang Kai was too brutal and ruthless.

Even Bi Ya couldn’t help shivering; it was only after witnessing just how vicious Yang Kai could be that she realized she had looked down far too much on this youth.

He was a cold-blooded, heartless demon; perhaps he didn’t even understand the concept of compassion.

Compared with Yang Kai, she was nothing less than a virtuous saint.

Silavin: Yeah Right. Begone Thot!

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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