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Martial Peak Chapter 1017

Chapter 1016 - Agreement

Chapter 1016, Agreement

“You have something you need from me, naturally you won’t risk my life,” Yang Kai scorned.

“If I didn’t, do you think this old master would have tolerated your insolence for so long?” Gui Zu snickered coldly, “Enough nonsense, this old master didn’t know you were proficient in the Space Principle, but it’s not too late to have learned now. Come with this old master and we can cooperate to find a way out of here. How about it?”

“How would we cooperate?” Yang Kai frowned.

“This old master will ensure your freedom and supply you with anything you need. I promise you’ll be satisfied! You, on the other hand, search for a way to leave this place and when you find it, you take this old master with you when you go,” Gui Zu smirked, “This old master’s Space Array clearly won’t work, but since you have studied the Space Principle, you may be able to find some other way!”

“I don’t trust you!” Yang Kai shook his head decisively. When dealing with an old monster like this, carelessness could not be allowed.

“How can this old master win your trust?”

“Swear an oath!”

Gui Zu’s expression became strange as he wore a ferocious grin, “Would you believe this old master even if he swore an oath? This old master could renege on it at any time!”

“Swear it in the name of your dead wife and children, then I’ll believe you!” Yang Kai said seriously.

“Little brat, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch!” Gui Zu’s expression suddenly became irritated, Yang Kai’s words seemingly touching his reverse scale, causing him to shout angrily, “Irritating me holds no advantage to you; remember, I can kill you now and obtain your knowledge of the Space Principle by searching your Soul!”

“The chances of that working aren’t great. Perhaps you’ll be able to obtain all my insights into the Space Principle, perhaps you’ll get nothing, and even if you do obtain my knowledge, you won’t necessarily be able to understand it. This kind of thing depends more on aptitude than anything else, that’s why even after a thousand years of study you weren’t able to produce any results, your aptitude in the Space Principle is too poor!” Yang Kai spoke without reservation, unafraid of provoking Gui Zu.

Staring intently towards Gui Zu, Yang Kai asked, “Do you want to gamble?”

Gui Zu’s expression became gloomy as he stared towards Yang Kai like he couldn’t wait to butcher and eat him raw, wishing he could slap him dead and search his memories this instant but unable to help himself from hesitating.

Yang Kai’s words had hit the nail on the head, making it impossible for Gui Zu to not hesitate.

“If you don’t swear an oath on your dead wife and children’s souls, I’ll rush into The Void right now and not come out for a lifetime. I’d rather die in there than work with you. After I die, you can go bang your head against your Space Array. I wish you the best of luck,” saying so, Yang Kai didn’t give Gui Zu any time to consider and stepped further into the Void.

“Wait!” Gui Zu shouted, his face twitching as a gloomy aura pulsed from his body.

Suddenly, he laughed and nodded, “Little brat, your courage isn’t small, even daring to discuss conditions with this old master.”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “Trying to cooperate as equals with you is impossible, I have to be careful.”

“Good, you win! This old master swears in the name of his wife and children, as long as you cooperate with me, I will not bring any harm to you. If I violate this oath, may Heavenly lightning strike me down so I die like a dog!”

Yang Kai shook his head.

“Little brat, what do you want now?” Gui Zu shouted.

“It’s not you that should be struck down by Heavenly thunder and die like a dog, this kind of oath carries no real weight, how you should be swearing, do you need me to explain?”

Gui Zu glared at him coldly, a biting chill flashing across his eyes as palpable killing intent pulsed from his body.

Slowly closing his eyes, Gui Zu no longer played any tricks with his words and honestly made a vicious vow on the souls of his dead wife and children.

Yang Kai stepped out from The Void and said faintly, “Wouldn’t it have been easier to say that from the start?”

“Boy, I want nothing more than to kill you right now, reduce your body to ash, and extinguish your soul to soothe the hatred in my heart,” Gui Zu stared at him menacingly.

“I believe Senior is a man who values his wife and children far more than himself, otherwise you would not still be obsessed with seeking vengeance for them after an entire two thousand years,” Yang Kai smiled carefreely, “Senior is a man of unreasonable passion.”

Gui Zu’s cruel and violent aura, like snow under a hot sun, quickly melted as his eyes filled with a look of nostalgia, seeming thinking back fondly on his wife and children.

“The past cannot be changed. You come back with me first, from now on we’re partners in finding a way out of here,” His tone suddenly calmed down, as if the few words Yang Kai said had dispelled his previous indignation.

Saying so, with a wave of his sleeve, he wrapped Yang Kai up in his Saint Qi and carried him back the way they came.

On top of the mountain, everyone remained on edge, silently waiting.

Although Gui Zu had left almost an hour ago, none of them dared try to leave.

This entire continent was Gui Zu’s territory, there was nowhere they could escape to.

Everyone felt incredibly uneasy in their hearts and were secretly wishing Gui Zu would never return, allowing them to die peacefully of old age.

However, in the midst of their uneasiness, Yue Xi’s expression suddenly changed as she muttered, “He’s coming back.”

Saying so, she turned her head towards a certain direction.

Following her gaze, everyone else also noticed a black cloud that was rapidly approaching, Gui Zu’s cold and gloomy aura radiating from it.

Despair once again enveloped all of their hearts.

“Huh?” Shen Tu however suddenly called out as he stared towards the dark cloud with a confused look upon his face. He had just vaguely seen Yang Kai’s figure inside that dark cloud and couldn’t help feeling startled.

The others also quickly discovered this strange phenomenon and were taken aback.

Yang Kai had previously been thrown into the Void Corridor by Gui Zu, yet now he was returning together with Gui Zu from afar. None of them could find an explanation for what they were witnessing.

A moment later, the dark cloud fell to the ground and the figures of Gui Zu and Yang Kai appeared in front of everyone.

After confirming their eyes weren’t playing tricks on them, everyone only became even more confused, all of their eyes drifting back and forth between Yang Kai and Gui Zu curiously.

Soon though, they became shocked as they discovered that Gui Zu and Yang Kai seemed to have come to some sort of agreement, with the old monster’s attitude towards Yang Kai taking a significant turn for the better.

“If you need anything, just ask; find a method as soon as possible though, this old master does not want to wait,” Gui Zu faintly said.

“Even if you don’t want to wait, you’ll have to wait,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Thanks to you, the space around this continent is incredibly chaotic now, if it weren’t, I wouldn’t have been caught by you, I could have just hidden in The Void and not come out.”

“What does that have to do with this old master?” Gui Zu asked indignantly.

“This Space Array is yours, isn’t it…” Yang Kai pointed behind him.

Gui Zu suddenly looked embarrassed and didn’t say anymore.

Although he wasn’t proficient in the mysteries of space, he had still studied the subject for a thousand years and knew that what Yang Kai had said about the local space being chaotic was definitely a result of him continuously using his shoddy array to open an unstable Void Corridor.

“Stop using this array for a while and wait until the chaotic space becomes stable, then I can start searching for an appropriate method,” Yang Kai said.

Gui Zu didn’t say a word, waved his sleeve, and shut down the Space Array, closing the Void Corridor in an instant.

“How long will it take?” Gui Zu asked eagerly.

“I don’t know.” Yang Kai shook his head, “Perhaps half a month, maybe a few months, maybe a few years or more, I can’t say.”

“Little brat, are you just looking for an excuse stall for time?” Gui Zu stared at him suspiciously, “Don’t forget, although I swore an oath, that only applies if you are cooperating with me, if you dare play any tricks, this old master will absolutely show no mercy.”

“What benefit does stalling for time give me? Even if I wasted ten years of time I still wouldn’t be your opponent!” Yang Kai snorted.

“Good that you know!” Gui Zu nodded with satisfaction, “For the time being, you live here. There is a secluded cave this old master opened up over there, and the density of the World Energy aura there is the highest in the entire continent. You can cultivate there for a while, allowing you to easily return to this spot. If you need anything else, just let me know.”

Gui Zu said before vanishing into thin air.

Not sparing Lu Gui Chen or Yue Xi a single glance.

After Gui Zu left, Shen Tu came up to Yang Kai and asked, “Yang Kai, what’s going on? Why do you and that Senior seem to be getting along so well now… Also, how did you get escape from that Void Corridor?”

His head was full of fog and his face couldn’t hide his doubts.

The same was true of all the others as well, each of them staring towards Yang Kai, expecting him to explain it to them.

“He needs my help, so the two of us reached an agreement,” Yang Kai explained casually.

“He needs help from you?” Shen Tu was dumbstruck.

“What kind of skill do you possess that could force a master like him to work with you?” Yue Xi frowned, obviously not believing him.

Yang Kai glanced over at her briefly but was too lazy to explain.

“Little brother ……” Lu Gui Chen lightly coughed, his face full of smiles, drastically changing how he addressed Yang Kai as he spoke, “May I ask, does this mean that we’re temporarily safe? That Senior won’t force us into that Void Corridor to explore the way?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “None of you will need to enter that Void Corridor again.”

“Really?” He Miao’s beautiful eyes lit up and she jumped for joy, feeling an unparalleled sense of relief.

“But whether or not you’re safe, I don’t know!” Yang Kai smiled softly as he stared towards Lu Gui Chen meaningfully.

Lu Gui Chen’s face suddenly changed, remembering that he and this young man had some deep grievances between them.

When they had first arrived here, it was he who sealed up Yang Kai’s Saint Qi, causing him to lose his strength.

Now, Yang Kai and Gui Zu had reached an agreement of some sort, so his status was obviously different from before.

As long as he had the asylum of that old monster, Yang Kai could act any way he wanted to!

Realizing this, Lu Gui Chen expression became flustered, not waiting for Yang Kai to have any stray thoughts and quickly wearing a flattering smile, cupping his fists and saying, “Little brother, before, this Lu had eyes but failed to see and committed some offences. I hope little brother can be generous and forgive these indiscretions.”

Bi Ya’s pretty face also paled, her pair of watery eyes filling with panic as she squeezed out an embarrassed smile, speaking in as charming a voice as she could muster, “Little brother, earlier, I was wrong and treated you without the proper respect you deserve. I hope you can be merciful and not haggle of such things. From now on, I will listen to your instructions and do for you whatever it is you ask, I ensure you will not be disappointed with me!”

Her last words were spoken very meaningfully; as long as one was a man, they would be able to understand exactly what she was suggesting.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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