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Martial Peak Chapter 1013

Chapter 1012 - Why Choose Me?

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The Spirit Array that was built from countless Saint Crystals was actually a Spatial Array and the door which was made from the pieces of Starship debris at its centre was actually covered in a thin layer of Space Spirit Crystal!

This layer of Space Spirit Crystal was the key to maintaining the Void Corridor and had been fabricated from over one hundred Space Rings.

This was the reason Gui Zu had previously robbed everyone of their Space Rings. It was to obtain the Space Spirit Crystals used to manufacture them.

Only now did Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi understand how Gui Zu planned to escape from here. He wanted to use this Spatial Array to send himself away.

All sorts of doubts, all sorts of confusion, all of it was made clear when they saw this Void Corridor.

Everyone present could also see that the Void Corridor created by this Spatial Array was incredibly unstable and might break down at any moment. Could such a thing actually be used? And even if it could successfully transport someone, it was impossible to know where they would end up. If this thing were to send someone into The Void, it would frankly be better to remain trapped on this continent. At least here the aura was rich and the materials were abundant.

For a moment, everyone fell silent.

Gui Zu grinned and said, “It’s time for you to help me!”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s heart sank.

He seemed to want others to go in and scout out the situation…

Realizing this old man’s intentions, everyone’s face paled.

“Senior, is this really appropriate?” Yue Xi asked anxiously, wanting to somehow talk Gui Zu out of this.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” Gui Zu turned to stare at her coldly, causing a frigid aura to engulf Yue Xi like a cloak, rendering her unable to speak.

“You think that this old master forbid all of you to kill each other and allowed you all to collect the materials of this place for no reason? Hmph, if you lot didn’t have some use, this old master would have slaughtered all of you and fed your Souls to my Ghost Flag rather than allow you to insolently saunter about here!” Gui Zu shouted forcefully, his cruel nature on full display, the gentle temperament he had shown a moment ago suddenly becoming bloodthirsty, “Whoever dares utter a single objection again; this old master will make you suffer brutally!”

With this threat looming over their heads, no one dared speak any nonsense.

With Gui Zu’s strength, even if all of them tried to resist, it would serve no purpose, so all of them became obedient.

Gui Zu nodded with satisfaction, his sharp eyes sweeping over the crowd, causing everyone to lower their heads, all of them afraid to meet eyes with him for fear they would be chosen.

“Fuck, don’t look at me, don’t look at me…” Shen Tu’s eyes also dropped as he chanted repeatedly, like he was reciting some kind of spell to change the direction of the old man’s glare.

“You! Little brat, come up and help this old master!” Gui Zu suddenly pointed.

Everyone looked towards the direction Gui Zu pointed and after seeing who the unlucky one be selected was, their nerves suddenly relaxed, many of them even taking pleasure in this person’s misfortune.

“Shit!” Shen Tu’s face went black as her cursed, letting out a hollow laugh in an attempt to deceive himself, “Is Senior referring to me? No no, not me right?”

At this moment, Shen Tu felt his heart die and secretly decided that if Gui Zu really chose him to test this Spatial Array, he would rather die than cooperate.

“The one next to you!” Gui Zu turned his eyes to Yang Kai.

“Me?” This time it was Yang Kai’s turn to gawk, pointing to himself as he shouted, “Why choose me? There are so many people here, why choose me specifically?”

He was really depressed. There were nearly one hundred cultivators here from both Sword Union and Purple Star, yet this Gui Zu had singled him out, he really didn’t know if his luck was just that poor.

Gui Zu coldly snorted, “You don’t look very law-abiding.”

“Is that the reason?” Yang Kai frowned and hurriedly said, “Senior, please spare me, in the future I will be more obedient.”

“In the future? There is no future!” Gui Zu said impatiently.

“Senior is wise!” Yue Xi sneered greatly and offered her praise as she shot Yang Kai a sly look, happiness filling her expression.

Just now, Yang Kai had humiliated her, yet now he was being forced into a dead-end. Retribution for evil had come about swiftly. Yue Xi couldn’t help feeling grateful to this old man suddenly as she looked forward to seeing Yang Kai squirm, soothing the hatred in her heart while obtaining revenge for her slain disciples.

Yang Kai’s face went cold as he glared back at Yue Xi, grinding his teeth as he shouted, “Cheap slut, I’ll remember this!”

Yue Xi simply laughed, brushing off this threat as she sneered, “Say that again after living past today.”

“Senior is indeed wise, my Purple Star will unconditionally obey Senior’s arrangements!” Lu Gui Chen followed up.

As long as this Gui Zu didn’t elect their people, Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi wouldn’t care.

“You’re quite popular here little brat, don’t decline any further!” Gui Zu laughed before stretching out his hand, creating an irresistible suction force, and dragging Yang Kai over towards him. Arriving in front of Gui Zu, Yang Kai was unable to even attempt to resist.

Staring at the Void Corridor opened by the Spatial Array, Yang Kai’s expression sank into the abyss.

He could feel that this Void Corridor was completely different from any he had seen before.

The ones he had encountered thus far were all unintentionally formed by great masters in ancient times when they fought and destroyed segments of space; however, such Void Corridors were formed countless years ago and had already stabilized.

The Void Corridor in front of him now was completely chaotic, and the Void turbulences he felt pulsing from this door frame caused even Yang Kai to feel a sense of terror.

If he were to really be tossed inside, he would definitely fall into a life or death crisis, likely becoming lost in the Void for all eternity.

“I’m not going to seal your strength, because there may be some danger inside. You go in and investigate the situation. If you can come back alive, that would be best, if you can’t, don’t blame this old master… En, well, do your best!”

Saying so, Gui Zu moved to toss Yang Kai into the Void Corridor.

“Wait!” Yang Kai hurriedly snorted.

“What?” Gui Zu gave him a disgruntled glare.

“Senior, you only need me to go in and investigate the situation, yes?”


“And how I do so is up to me? If so, I hope Senior can allow me to use my own methods!”

“Oh?” Gui Zu suddenly showed a look of interest as he re-examined Yang Kai, asking curiously, “And what method is it you want to use? You should be clear, it’s useless to play tricks in front of this old master.”

“I did not have such thoughts,” Yang Kai stated calmly, his expression still filled with unhappiness.

“How long will this take? This old master isn’t very patient,” Seemingly thinking that Yang Kai was about to die, Gui Zu surprisingly agreed to let him try.

“There’s no need to wait!” Yang Kai said before sitting down cross-legged and shouting, “Come out!”

Along with his shout, a wisp of partially visible Spiritual Energy suddenly emerged from his body, this energy was illusory and ethereal, constantly changing shape, but after a moment it condensed into the appearance of Yang Kai.

“A Soul Avatar?” Someone muttered, seeing through the mystery of this entity.

Lu Gui Chen, Yue Xi, and all the others were stunned.

Gui Zu also laughed strangely.

No one thought that the method Yang Kai was talking about was actually to take out his Soul Avatar from his body.

He apparently wanted to explore the Void Corridor with just his Soul Avatar alone.

But didn’t he know that one’s Soul Avatar was extremely fragile and couldn’t leave its host body for long period of time? On top of that, this kind of practice was extremely dangerous, if anyone here were to use any kind of offensive Soul Skill on him, his Soul Avatar would surely take massive damage.

A Soul Avatar without its host body’s protection, no matter how powerful, would be like a hedgehog without thorns, fragile and vulnerable.

“Oh…” Gui Zu’s careless look changed suddenly, his Divine Sense sweeping Yang Kai carefully as his expression became strange.

Because he found that Yang Kai still had his Soul inside him, completely different from how one would appear if they removed their Soul Avatar from their body.

Looking closely at this ‘Soul Avatar’, Gui Zu discovered that it appeared a bit dull, as if it had no consciousness of its own.

“Little brat, what kind of strange technique have you cultivated, actually allowing you to possess two Soul Avatars?” Gui Zu shouted, a look of disbelief appearing on his face.

Even a character like Gui Zu was shocked by Yang Kai’s method.

“Soul Fission!” Yang Kai replied faintly.

The Soul Fission technique was one of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities!

Yang Kai had absorbed a drop of the purest Demon God Golden Blood back in Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Holy Tomb and had obtained knowledge of this Divine Ability from it. Since then, he had been cultivating his Soul Clone, and in a flash, ten years had already passed.

This Soul Clone had almost reached the grand accomplishment stage and would soon be usable.

But today, he was forced to use this Soul Clone in order to explore the inside of this Void Corridor for Gui Zu.

Yang Kai was distressed to the point of wanting to cough up blood.

“Interesting, very interesting. You really know how to surprise others little brat,” Gui Zu examined this Soul Clone with great interest, soon discovering that aside from not having the ability to think for itself, it was essentially identical to Yang Kai’s own Soul Avatar.

Strictly speaking, it was basically a puppet, just without a physical shell to contain itself.

After observing it for a while though, Gui Zu curled his lips, “This thing needs an appropriate body to display its power… otherwise it doesn’t have much use.”

He had seen through the drawbacks of this Soul Clone at a glance.

“But for now, it’s useful enough,” Gui Zu said before releasing a wisp of his own Spiritual Energy, tightly wrapping up Yang Kai’s Soul Clone, then tossing it unceremoniously into the Void Corridor .

Through his wisp of Spiritual Energy, he too could investigate the inside of the Void Corridor.

Everyone suddenly held their breath, waiting for the results to appear.

They knew that if this time was unsuccessful, a situation like today would appear a second time, then a third…

This Gui Zu would continue to experiment until he found the correct configuration for this Spatial Array.

Today, Yang Kai had been chosen, and they were able to laugh at his misfortune, but who knows who would be selected next time? Maybe it would be one of them who would be unlucky.

In an instant, everyone’s heart filled with complex emotions, many of them beginning to earnestly pray that Yang Kai’s Soul Clone would return safe and sound. Even Yue Xi, who couldn’t wait for Yang Kai to die an early death, wore an anxious look upon her pretty face.

Time passed by slowly.

The light from the Saint Crystals also began to grow dim as the energy they contained was quickly consumed.

Beside the door frame, Yang Kai sat cross-legged with facial expression fluctuating.

Gui Zu stood next to him, his expression also changing rapidly.

The flickering glow from the Saint Crystals which illuminated his expression causing it to appear even more terrifying than normal.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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