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Martial Peak Chapter 1012

Chapter 1011 - Space Array

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

On the flat ground atop the mountain, everyone’s eyes filled with the light of excitement.

“What’s a Dark Star?” Yang Kai turned and asked.

“Generally the term refers to stars that have yet to be discovered and have not been developed!” Shen Tu said with a bright expression, quickly explaining, “The entire Heng Luo Star Field is currently divided up between several big forces, but there are still some places that no one has visited before, and places no one dares to visit. In these unexplored regions, there may be special stars, these stars are Dark Stars. Each Dark Star means an unclaimed territory, perhaps containing amazing wealth and supplies. Over the years, the major forces have all dedicated significant resources to discovering and developing Dark Stars, hoping to find some that are out of the ordinary. Strictly speaking, the stars in the Chaotic Abyss also barely qualify as Dark Stars.”

Yang Kai nodded indicating he understood.

“But from this Senior’s words, doesn’t it seem we’re still in the Chaotic Abyss?”

“Apparently,” Yang Kai had already confirmed this point through the mysterious Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea, so he wasn’t all that surprised.

“Didn’t you all notice that the World Energy in this place is even richer than the Chaotic Abyss?” The old man continued, “This is naturally because the energy in the Chaotic Abyss all gathers towards this place. However, this place is a cage. None of the World Energy aura that comes in ever escapes, so over the years it eventually reached such a concentration. If not for that fact, this old master wouldn’t mind living here; this place is a cultivation paradise after all.”

“Senior, you said that this place is a cage? Could it be that you’re also trapped here?” Lu Gui Chen’s face changed.

Both he and Yue Xi had used their Star Shuttles to explore the sky some time ago, but no matter how far they flew, they were unable to see the sun, moon, stars, or any of the typical scenery that should belong to the Starry Sky. They were only capable of flying around the Floating Continent.

They knew that they were trapped here by the seven coloured sky shrouding the entire Floating Continent, but they had simply thought this was some kind of profound barrier the old man had set up.

But now, it seems that was not the case at all.

Lu Gui Chen’s words seemed to poke at the old man’s sore spot, causing the latter’s face to become gloomy and a thick malevolent aura to burst from his body as he ferociously shouted, “Yes, this old master is indeed trapped here! Moreover, I’ve been trapped here for almost two thousand years!”

“Two thousand years?!” The sound of everyone taking in a sharp breath sounded as all eyes stared towards the old man.

“When this old master was first trapped here, he was but a minor character who had just broken through to the Saint King Realm, but now… heh heh…” He laughed, his expression filled with an unyielding spirit, as if he didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

Everyone here understood what he wanted to say, causing them to involuntarily gulp.

The mysterious old man in front of them was definitely a character comparable to a Star Master!

“May I ask for Senior’s honoured name?” Yue Xi asked politely. In front of a master like this, she didn’t dare act dissolute, lowering her stance greatly.

The old man frowned and fell into contemplation, it seems he had not reported his name for a long time and for a while was unable to even recall it, a moment later simply saying, “Don’t bother asking for my name, none of you will recognize it anyways.”

Obviously he was reluctant to reveal his name.

But when everyone thought about it, they agreed with his sentiments. If he was trapped here two thousand years ago, and was just a Saint King at the time, he really wouldn’t be known to them.

“How should we address Senior then?” Lu Gui Chen asked, although he and Yue Xi were enemies, but when they spoke with this old man, the two of them coordinated with one another quite well.

“Gui Zu! From now on, you may call this old master Gui Zu !”

(Silavin: Gui Zu means Ghost Ancestor.)

“Gui Zu…” The crowd was struck speechless.

“Senior Gui Zu, after being trapped here for two thousand years, could it be you couldn’t find a way out?” Lu Gui Chen summoned his courage and asked, if even this old man who called himself Gui Zu couldn’t find a way to escape, they didn’t need to bother thinking about it.

This was a prison that could even trap an Origin King.

Gui Zu shook his head, “Space here is very strange and lies at the centre of the Chaotic Abyss, covered by all its chaotic energy domains. Ordinarily, it cannot be found or even seen; only under a very special set of circumstances will this place open itself to the outside.”

“Special circumstances?” Lu Gui Chen asked in surprise.

“What happened when all of you came in here, this old master doesn’t need to explain.”

Everyone suddenly recalled the domain eruption in the Chaotic Abyss and the scene of the giant black hole devouring their Starships, sending a wave of fear washing over them.

“However, that moment is far too short, even if this old master wanted to take that opportunity to escape from this place; it’s simply not possible…” Gui Zu sighed, apparently when the last group of people had come to this floating continent, he had also noticed the appearance of the black hole, but by that point, it was already too late to try to leave.

“This old master has been stranded here for two thousand years. Some people accidentally came here during that time; strictly speaking, you are the third group, and also the largest. There were only a handful of people in the last two groups.”

“What happened to them?” Yue Xi inquired, but immediately realized she had asked the wrong question, her pretty face immediately became pale.

What end those people suffered, there was no need to think about it.

Either they were unable to withstand the endless isolation and loneliness here, or they were killed off by Gui Zu!

He didn’t exactly seem like someone easy to get along with.

This might also be the end of the nearly one hundred of them here.

Gui Zu continued, “For the first millennia this old master was trapped here, he dedicated himself to cultivating and enhancing his own strength while the second thousand years were spent looking for ways to escape. And now, finally, after all this time, this old master thought of a way!”

As he spoke, he became more and more excited, a tinge of smugness even appearing on his face.

Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi’s eyes both suddenly brightened as they felt equal parts nervous and excited.

If Gui Zu had a way to escape from here, there was a chance they could convince him to take them with him, Gui Zu’s words had given them hope.

“Senior Gui Zu, if it is convenient, could you bring us Juniors along…” Lu Gui Chen hurriedly asked, fearing that Yue Xi would take the lead.

“I know what you want to say,” Gui Zu sneered, “Good, this old master also had such intentions.”

The earnest and hopeful looks on Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi’s faces both transformed into ones of shock as a bad feeling suddenly welled up from the bottom of their hearts.

If Gui Zu had refused, they wouldn’t have thought much about it, but him so easily agreeing actually made them feel somewhat suspicious.

Both Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi secretly felt that Gui Zu was plotting something.

They became a little uneasy and quickly swallowed down whatever words they were planning to say, instead choosing to wait for Gui Zu to continue.

“This old master’s method is only something he thought up but has yet to verify; whether or not it is effective, even this old master can’t guarantee, which is why I need all of your help. If it is successful, this old master will bring all of you out with him, but if it fails, you can only blame the Heavens for being unfair. What do you think?”

Gui Zu asked with a smile.

Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi exchanged a glance, a look of helplessness flashing across their faces before the former nodded, “We will comply with Senior’s commands!”

With their arms twisted behind their backs, they knew there was no option to reject Gui Zu’s proposal, so they readily agreed.

“My Sword Union also has no objections, we will obey Senior’s orders,” Yue Xi felt bitter in her heart and reluctantly agreed.

“Good, good, very good, you’re all very obedient, that pleases this old master, let’s not waste any more time!” Gui Zu grinned, revealing his white fangs, forming a series of complex hand seals while sending some energy pulses into the ground.

The Saint Crystals which were arranged in the giant formation began glowing one by one. From these Saint Crystals, a strange fluctuation began spreading out, one that caused everyone present to feel uncomfortable. These energy fluctuations overlapped with one another and grew in intensity until they reached a terrifying level.

The rich World Energy aura began resonating with these energy fluctuations and in an instant, the atmosphere around the entire continent underwent a startling change.

The scenery in front of everyone’s eyes suddenly became distorted, as if the space around them could collapse at any time.

The cultivators present were all thoroughly shocked as they stared towards Gui Zu, wondering just what it was he was trying to do.

Yang Kai stared fixedly at the door like structure that stood in the middle of the giant Spirit Array, feeling an unusual aura gathering inside it.

The aura belonged to the turbulent flow of space, and indeed, the space around the door was more distorted than anywhere else. Yang Kai had no doubt that if this continued much longer; the space there would really collapse.

His prediction soon came true, and the energy fluctuations from the giant array all gathered towards the door forged from Starship debris. Gui Zu’s gaze became extremely fanatical at this moment as he stared at the door with excitement.


A shattering sound rang out and the space framed by the door suddenly began to crack, dense spider web-like pattern spreading out rapidly in all directions.

The shattering sound attracted everyone’s attention, and when they turned to see what had caused it, they all shivered involuntarily.


The space which now resembled a broken mirror suddenly exploded.

The space had collapsed!

At the same time, inside the door frame, a pitch-black hole that pulsed with terrifying energy appeared. Staring into the dark abyss, no one could tell what lay on the other side.

“A Void Corridor!” Yang Kai muttered under his breath.

He had encountered countless Void Corridors in Tong Xuan Realm, but he had never seen the creation of a Void Corridor until now.

“A Space Array!” Yue Xi of Sword Union suddenly screamed, her beautiful eyes trembling fiercely.

“Senior, do you understand how to construct Space Arrays?” Lu Gui Chen’s expression also changed drastically.

The massive Spirit Array filled with Saint Crystals in front of them, although clearly a bit rough, was no doubt a Space Array, a legendary Space Array!

Gui Zu nodded, “Somewhat, but I’m not very proficient at it. This is the result of a thousand years of painstaking research. En, this old master seems a bit unsuited to comprehending the Dao of Space. Although I spent an entire millennium studying it, I am still unable to understand the mysteries of space. It truly makes one feel helpless.”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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