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Martial Peak Chapter 1004

Chapter 1003 - Can’t Appreciate Kindness

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Atop the Floating Continent, after the old man left, the Purple Star and Sword Union groups stood in place, feeling depressed.

Especially the people from Sword Union. It was like their parents had just been killed, their expression filled with grief and anger. Even Yue Xi’s beautiful face appeared quite gloomy as she glared towards the direction the old man had left, feeling intense indignation but not daring to voice it out.

Lu Gui Chen shot her a look and couldn’t stop himself from smirking, “This turned out quite interesting, all of us trying to snatch that thing from each other only for it to end up as someone else’s prize. It seems everything was in vain.”

“You dare to say it?!” Yue Xi turned around and glared at him as she ground her teeth audibly, “If it wasn’t for you Purple Star dogs chasing after my two disciples, they’d had already returned to Sword Star with that Star Sect Command. They wouldn’t have entered the Chaotic Abyss and wouldn’t have been stranded here. No matter how you look at it; this is all your fault!”

Lu Gui Chen’s face went cold and snapped back, “I think you’re making a mistake here, the place where your two disciples found that Star Sect Command was inside my Purple Star’s territory, thus it was my Purple Star’s property. You’re nothing but thieves yet now you’re trying to claim you’re the victims here?”

“Lu Gui Chen, you mark my words, if one day I can get out of here, I’ll make you die a miserable death!” Yue Xi shouted bitterly, placing all the blame for the Star Sect Command being snatched from her on Purple Star’s leader.

“Talk to me again once you escape from here,” Lu Gui Chen snorted, not caring at all about her threat, waving to the other Purple Star cultivators and saying, “Come up and collect our property, don’t let anything of ours get stolen.”

With that said, the several dozen Purple Star cultivators began pouring through the small mountain of items.

Yue Xi tender body shivered as she also ordered the Sword Union cultivators to start sifting through things.

Suddenly, more than one hundred people got together and began looking for their property.

“A Star Sect Command, an actual Star Sect Command, Heavens! A real Star Sect Command!” Shen Tu kept repeating over and over, his face filled with excitement he was unable to contain.

Since the old man had taken out that Star Sect Command, Shen Tu had begun acting this way and had yet to calm down.

Yang Kai, who was sitting next to Shen Tu silently, waited for the latter to finally settle down before asking, “What was that thing, why does everyone seem so desperate to obtain it?”

“Of course everyone wants it!” Shen Tu shouted, “That’s Star Sect Command! When the Star Sect Command appears, the Star Field submits, it’s an unparalleled symbol of authority! If I could obtain that thing…”

Muttering to himself, his eyes began shining like a hungry wolf’s, his mind clearly imaging some kind of fantastical scenario where he had managed to obtain that Star Sect Command.

“I finally understand. No wonder Purple Star’s people didn’t hesitate to enter the Chaotic Abyss to pursue Sword Union, it turns out it was for a Star Sect Command. Ha, it makes sense actually, a Star Sect Command more than enough for them to take such a risk,” Shen Tu mused, “It’s a pity that it actually ended up in that old man’s hands. En, now that it’s in his possession, there’s really no chance of ever getting it back.”

Saying so, he let out a long sigh, as if the Star Sect Command had belonged to him.

Yang Kai was about to inquire about what exactly made this Star Sect Command so special, but he suddenly found that the Yue Xi was actually walking over towards them and couldn’t help frowning, secretly raising his vigilance.

Yang Kai didn’t feel relieved around this woman.

Seemingly because of what she had just experienced, Yue Xi appeared quite angry at the moment.

Walking straight up to Yang Kai, she tried to say something but hesitated.

“Do you need anything?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Can you return that Space Ring to me? You also saw what just happened, that Senior took away all of our Space Rings, without an artifact to store things, our situation is quite inconvenient,” Yue Xi asked awkwardly.

Her attitude towards Yang Kai wasn’t very good yesterday, and now she was asking to take back something she had supposedly gifted him, of course, she was feel awkward.

She wouldn’t do this if she wasn’t forced to do so.

Making her request, she quietly stared at Yang Kai and waited for his reply.

“If I remember correctly, this ring was given to me yesterday, so it is already my thing,” Yang Kai commented.

“Yes,” Yue Xi nodded, “But we need this ring now, so I want to take it back. Rest assured, as long as we leave here, I will give you a satisfactory reward, how about it?”

“Am I allowed to refuse?” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

“You can certainly refuse,” Yue Xi said indifferently, “In this place, I can’t do anything to you even if you reject me.”

“What you mean to say is, after we leave here, things will be different?” Yang Kai instantly understood what she meant.

Yue Xi didn’t acknowledge or deny the charge, simply stating, “I can help you unlock the seal on your body now, allowing you to recover the use of your strength so you can move about more conveniently.”

“No need,” Yang Kai shook his head decisively, after what happened yesterday, there was no way he would allow Yue Xi to get too close again.

Saying so, he quickly emptied out the thousand pieces of Saint Crystal from the ring on his finger before taking it off and tossing it over to Yue Xi, “I just want to tell you, I gave He Zao and He Miao those resource not for some reward, but since I’ve received these thousand pieces of Saint Crystal, we no longer owe each other anything.”

Yue Xi looked at the ring in her hand and her expression became weird, as if she was somewhat unwilling to look at it, lightly whispering, “Besides me, there is no one else here who can remove the seal Lu Gui Chen placed on you.”

“Don’t bother!”

Yue Xi elegant face sank as she coldly snorted, “Can’t appreciate kindness!”

She didn’t expect that her good intentions would actually be rejected by Yang Kai, her offering to help him should have been gratefully accepted by this young man; after all, in this strange, unknown continent, no one would want to be unable to use their strength.

This made her become somewhat angry out of shame, feeling like the hand she had extended was slapped away.

Before now, considering her status, how could she be willing to talk directly to an insignificant person like Yang Kai?

But after arriving in this place, she had no choice but to lower herself to his level.

Not wanting to speak with Yang Kai any further, she took the Space Ring and left.

“Brother, do you have some kind of grudge with that woman?” After Yue Xi left, Shen Tu quietly asked, “How did you manage to provoke her?”

“I didn’t provoke her, she’s just too suspicious of me,” Yang Kai shook his head, not bothering with the subject further.

“But she’s right, without her help, there’s no way to remove the seal Lu Gui Chen placed on you, even if I completely restore myself, I can’t help you,” Shen Tu admitted reluctantly.

“I’ll find a solution on my own.”

“Fine, let’s just forget about this, no point getting upset. In any case, how do you want to deal with these thousand Saint Crystals? You don’t plan on just leaving them here, right?”

“I have this,” Yang Kai said, suddenly pulled a number of small bags, tossing two over to Shen Tu before stuffing one of the nearby Saint Crystals into one of his own.

The glittering fist sized Saint Crystal was swallowed up by the bag and disappeared. Seeing this, Shen Tu was stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “What is this thing? Some kind of storage artifact?”

“It’s called a Universe Bag, the standard storage artifact from my homeland,” Yang Kai explained casually. These Universe Bags were part of the spoils he had collected over the years. He had tossed them into his Demon Mystic Tome at some point and forgotten about them but now they actually came in handy.

The strange old man had seized all the ​​Space Spirit Crystals he could find, so Yang Kai didn’t want to expose his Demon Mystic Tome if possible, if he wasn’t careful, the Demon Mystic Tome might be snatched by him.

Right now, he could only try to deceive others by exposing these Universe Bags.

Shen Tu was genuinely surprised; and copying Yang Kai’s motions, stuffed piece of Saint Crystal into the Universe Bag and smiled, “En, your low-level world was actually able to develop this kind of artifact, the only issue is that its internal space is a bit small.”

He seemed to be very interested in the Universe Bag, and after filling the two he had received, he tucked them into his sleeve and said, “I’ll hold onto these Saint Crystals for now and return them to you later.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded indifferently.

Purple Star and Sword Union’s cultivators continued sorting through the mountain of materials while Shen Tu took out a piece of Saint Crystal from the Universe Bags and started to restore himself.

Yang Kai sat next to him, trying to mobilize the Saint Qi in his body, but it was like all his meridians were blocked, so he was unable to create any kind of flow, making him feel helpless.

With no ideas on how to proceed, Yang Kai decided to immerse his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea for now.

He was going to absorb those Spiritual Energy remnants first.

Several dozen large and small Soul remnants floated gently above his Knowledge Sea, these all belonged to cultivators who fell nearby Yang Kai in the previous disaster.

They were basically all from Saints while one of them actually belonged to a Saint King Realm master.

Yang Kai observed these things for a while before bringing them together and activating his Demon Eye of Annihilation’s power.

This dazzling golden light was one of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities and could instantly extinguish any kind of Soul.

With a great whoosh, the numerous remnant Souls seemed to boil, giving off black smoke for a moment as they were being purified by the golden light.

This black smoke was the leftover memories of the deceased, as well as their lifetime worth of experiences.

Yang Kai couldn’t absorb these, or rather, didn’t dare to absorb them; otherwise, he would confuse them with his own memories, causing him to be unable to even remember who he was.

In the blink of an eye, the several dozen Spiritual Energy masses were cleansed, leaving behind only these cultivator’s unique insights into the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao.

One of these energy masses though was a bit different from the others and was actually able to resist the golden light of the Demon Eye of Annihilation for a moment before it was purified.

Naturally, it was the mass which belonged to the Saint King master.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling excited!

Carefully examining this particular remnant Soul, Yang Kai discovered that it contained far larger and more potent energy than the others, making him excited.

Not wasting any time, Yang Kai immediately started to refine these purified Souls, transforming them into his own strength.

Time passed by slow and after an unknown period, Yang Kai and cleanly refined all of the Spiritual Energy masses.

Once he finished, Yang Kai actually discovered some interesting points.

These cultivators’ perceptions of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao were much deeper than those of the Tong Xuan Realm’s cultivators, and their understanding of how to use and manipulate their strength was significantly higher.

This also meant that the combat power of these cultivators was stronger than those from Tong Xuan Realm, most due to the better-comprehended use of their strength.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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