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Martial Peak Chapter 1003

Chapter 1002 - Star Sect Command

Chapter 1002, Star Sect Command

“Origin Returning Realm?” Yang Kai asked in astonishment.

“The Origin Returning Realm is above the Saint King Realm while the Origin King Realm is above the Origin Returning Realm… I told you that any Cultivation Star has a Star Master, right? Every Star Master is an Origin King Realm Master! What is the highest realm a cultivator can achieve in the place you come from?”

“Third-Order Saint…”

“It really is a lower world, a true backwater in the Star Field!” Shen Tu curled his lips and said disdainfully, “However, there are indeed many such worlds in the Star Field, many of them don’t even have the ability to explore the Star Field. Generation after generation they can only remain trapped in their own world without ever being able to see the splendours of the Star Field.”

These words resonated greatly with Yang Kai, recalling the cultivators on Tong Xuan Realm and thinking they truly were like this.

“If things are really as you said, then there’s no need for me to hide, none of them would dare act against us,” Shen Tu, after knowing the situation, suddenly put down his worries and relaxed. Sitting down cross-legged, he began refining the healing effects of the Saint Pill.

While he was healing, he asked Yang Kai a few questions to get himself caught up on the current situation.

He seemed particularly concerned about the strange old man and would constantly ask about the other party’s situation.

“That old fogey… *ahem*, what does that respected Senior want with all that Starship debris?” Shen Tu frowned, unable to understand the old man’s intentions.

“You’d have to ask him.”

“Hey, Yang Kai… If we could obtain the shelter of that Senior, wouldn’t we no longer need to fear those Purple Star and Sword Union people anymore?”

“Do you have anything that could win such a powerful master’s favour?”

“Everything depends on one’s own effort!” Shen Tu smiled mysteriously, “Just wait until I finish restoring myself then I’ll see if I can help you lift the seal on your body, things must be too inconvenient for you right now.”

Yang Kai gently nodded, although he didn’t have much hope of success, he was still grateful for Shen Tu’s good intentions.

Both of them went silent and Shen Tu began to concentrate on restoring himself while Yang Kai could only sit by and stand watch.

After about two hours, Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi returned, their expressions somewhat helpless. It seems that things hadn’t gone well so they decided to return to their respective camps.

“Master, what did that Senior say?” Wei Wu stepped forward and asked anxiously.

Yue Xi bitterly shook her head, “We didn’t even see him.”


“Lu Gui Chen and I approached to within fifty kilometres of the mountain and repeatedly sent out Divine Sense Messages requesting an audience, but we received no response, we don’t even know if he was there or not,” Yue Xi sighed.

Dealing with such a mysterious and powerful master was a truly painstaking task. They didn’t know his identity or his origins, they didn’t even know his exact cultivation, so whether it was Yue Xi or Lu Gui Chen, when they had gone to meet him this time, they felt as if they were treading on thin ice.

The results of their efforts were disappointing.

The only thing that was fortunate was that despite this strange old man appearing quite fierce and violent, possessed extraordinary strength, and clearly had an evil disposition, he didn’t appear interested in randomly killing them; if he had, there would have been nowhere on this Floating Continent for them to hide.

“We plan to visit him again tomorrow, and so on for the time being,” Yue Xi shook her head and prepared to rest when He Miao suddenly gasped, “Master.”

“What is it?” Yue Xi turned her head to look at her.

He Miao pointed at the distant sky, and with a terrified look on her pretty face stuttered, “That Senior seems to be coming.”

Yue Xi’s tender body shook and she hurriedly turned in the direction He Miao was pointing, quickly discovering that the mysterious old man was indeed rapidly approaching, causing her to immediately become nervous. Shouting for the Sword Union disciples to settle down, Yue Xi steeled herself and waited.

Lu Gui Chen of Purple Star had apparently also noticed and had rushed over, standing side by side with Yue Xi.

The two of them had unconsciously formed a temporary alliance; after all, the pressure they felt when facing this old man on their own was simply too great.

In the blink of an eye, the old man fell in front of Yue Xi and Lu Gui Chen.

“Senior!” Lu Gui Chen immediately cupped their fists and wore the best smiles they could manage on their faces, “Just now we had gone to send greetings to Senior, but it appears you were not in the mountain!”

“Does this old master need to inform you of his whereabouts?” The old man glanced over at Lu Gui Chen.

“Certainly not!” Lu Gui Chen’s face paled as he hurriedly kept quiet.

“En, I’m here to ask you for a little something. Although this place is rich in World Energy and rare herbs, the only annoying aspect is that it contains almost no precious ores!” The old man said as if thinking aloud.

Lu Gui Chen blinked for a moment before quickly asking, “What kind of ores does Senior need? If it’s convenient, please inform us, we might have them.”

Yue Xi also eagerly looked towards old man and echoed, “Senior does not need to be polite with us.”

“Of course I won’t be polite with you!” The old man snorted and said, “Space Spirit Crystals, do you have any?”

Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi, who were both looking forward to an opportunity to establish good relations with this old man, couldn’t help wearing pained expression when they heard him request Space Spirit Crystals.

Lu Gui Chen said, “Senior, if it was anything else, we may have it, but Space Spirit Crystals…they are too rare, so we don’t carry supplies of them on us. If Senior does not mind, you might as well accompany us back to my Purple Star’s primary Cultivation Star, there will be rich supplies of Space Spirit Crystals there.”

“My Sword Union’s star is the same,” Yue Xi hurriedly spoke.

“Do you want to win me over?” The old man squinted towards them, a strange smile slowly creeping on his face.

“Senior misunderstands, this Junior simply wishes to invite Senior to be a guest on my Purple Star’s main star for a few days,” Lu Gui Chen hurriedly explained.

“I have no objections to being your guest; in fact, there’s nothing more this old master would like to do than to go out for a walk,” The old man said in a friendly tone, a look of longing appearing on his face, but in the next moment, his expression suddenly became cold as he severely shouted, “If this old master could leave this damned place, why would he bother asking you for Space Spirit Crystals in the first place? Are you both idiots?!”

Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi both wore stunned looks, not understanding why this old man had suddenly become enraged but neither of them daring to respond.

“What is Space Spirit Crystal?” Not far away, Yang Kai heard the old man’s words and asked Shen Tu.

“A precious crystal ore that has a very low supply in the Star Field. It’s extremely expensive,” Shen Tu explained casually, “The Space Ring on your hand is made primarily from Space Spirit Crystal.”

“Space Rings are refined using Space Spirit Crystal?” Yang Kai was surprised, finally understanding why he felt that this ring was very different from the Demon Mystic Tome. It turns out they were two entirely different materials.

“Strange, what does this old Senior want Space Spirit Crystals?” Shen Tu frowned, “And listening to the words he just shouted, he seems to have been trapped here for many years.”

Nearby, the old man continued to shout and berate Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi, seemingly never running out of abuses to hurl, but these two could only bear with it silently as bitterness filled their hearts.

“Forget it, if you don’t have Space Spirit Crystal then just give me the Space Rings on your fingers,” The old man arbitrarily ordered.

When these words came out, the faces of all the Purple Star and Sword Union cultivators sank.

“Rest assured, I don’t want the garbage in your rings, I just need the Space Spirit Crystal!” The old man added.

Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi glanced at each other, not knowing what to do.

“Give them to me or die!” The old man said impatiently, “Although this old master doesn’t want to kill you, I don’t want anyone to disobey me even more!”

Realizing this old man’s temper was quite short, Lu Gui Chen wore a forced smile and waved his smile towards the Purple Star cultivator, signalling for them to hand over their Space Rings. When Yue Xi saw Lu Gui Chen compromise, she had no choice but to compromise as well.

Once all the Space Rings were collected by Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi, they handed them over to the old man.

After a few moments, the old man had gathered just over a hundred Space Rings.

With a wave of his hand, the old man emptied out all the things stored in these hundred Space Rings.

A giant hill of items appeared in front of him.

In that hill, there were countless Saint Crystals, bottles of pills, some precious spirit grasses and spirit medicines, rare ores, Martial Skills, Secret Arts…

All kinds of things giving off a dazzling radiance for all to see.

With such a large fortune placed in front of them, everyone’s eyes became hot.

The old man just swept those things once before looking away, clearly uninterested, muttering in the next moment, “Collect what’s yours, don’t try anything funny either, if anyone dares snatch something that’s not their own, this old master will mete out an appropriate punishment!”

“We will obey Senior’s command!” Lu Gui Chen quickly took a stand.

“Oh, you still have one Space Ring?” The old man looked around for a while, his cold eyes suddenly landing on Yue Xi’s hand as he let out a sneer, “Woman, you want to die?”

Yue Xi covered the Space Ring on her hand, her expression cramping up as she asked, “Senior, can you leave me just one for us to use?”

“Over here, you cannot use Space Rings,” The old man said, reaching out and grasping towards Yue Xi. Under the old man’s grasp, Yue Xi was unable to use the slightest bit of her Saint King Realm strength, she couldn’t even summon the will to resist and the ring on her hand was quickly taken away.

Her look was bitter to the extreme.

The old man waved his hand and dumped out the things inside her ring, his eyes sweeping over them and immediately becoming attracted to a small token.

Reaching out and picking up this token, he observed it for a while before a look of shock appeared on his face, “Star Sect Command? No wonder you didn’t want to hand over your ring, you actually have a Star Sect Command!”

“A Star Sect Command!” Lu Gui Chen involuntarily snorted, his mocking gaze quickly transforming into one filled with greed and desire as he stared at the token in the old man’s hand.

All of the surrounding cultivators also couldn’t help directly burning looks towards this so-called Star Sect Command.

“Senior, this token…” Yue Xi licked her dry lips, her voice filled with entreaty as she begged.

The old man said nothing thought and simply stuffed the Star Sect Command into his pocket. It seemed that this token was quite valuable even to him.

Yue Xi’s words came to an abrupt end. She knew that since the token had landed in the old man’s hand, it was impossible for it to return to hers, causing her mood to plummet.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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