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Keyboard Immortal Chapter 1645

Chapter 1621: Unjustified Enmity

Chapter 1621: Unjustified Enmity

“I don’t need your help!” Chu Chuyan quickly raised her voice, seemingly quite shaken up. She realized that it was quite different from how she usually spoke, so she continued, “Actually, the Heavenly Sorrow Sect’s Zhi Yin also arrived, and then you showed up as well, which caused some disruption in my mental state. If senior brother wishes to help me, then please leave as quickly as possible.” She seemed to be gritting her teeth and speaking with great difficulty.

Lou Wucheng was stunned. He knew that Sect Master Yan’s Unshakable Daoist Manual was a skill that would easily encounter trouble if one felt emotions too strongly. He quickly cupped his hands and said, “So junior sister was cultivating! It is all that brat Zhi Yin’s fault. Senior brother will deal with him now. We still have a lot of time, after all, so we can find a different day to explore this place together.”

He quickly left afterward. Zhi Yin, who was outside the courtyard, felt a bit nervous at first. However, when he saw Lou Wucheng emerge alone, he immediately felt much more confident.

I knew Fairy Chu wouldn’t follow any man out. Look, didn’t you just end up embarrassing yourself?

When he saw Lou Wucheng rush at him angrily, Zhi Yin couldn’t help but say smugly, “Who was it who appeared to be making a solemn vow? And yet look at you now; you’ve come out all ashen-faced and alone.”

“You bastard, you actually have the nerve to say something like that?” Lou Wucheng cried, sending his fist directly at Zhi Yin. This guy had almost caused his junior sister to go through cultivation deviation!

Zhi Yin erupted into fury, retorting, “You’re the one who messed up after shooting your mouth off; why are you venting your anger on me? Do you think I’m scared of you?”

The two of them quickly clashed. Fortunately, both of them knew how far to go and only used their fists and feet without any ki. Otherwise, if others found out, their qualifications for the tournament would be endangered. However, after fighting for a while, they only got angrier. They unwittingly began to use their combat skills.

Suddenly, a voice chastised them, barking, “What are you all doing? Cease at once!”

Unfortunately, the two of them were already fully committed. They were already at a point where they had to beat the living daylights out of the opponent even if they had to lose their qualifications.

Suddenly, a cold harrumph resounded. It was as if a bucket of ice water had been poured over them. They saw a trace of white cloth sweep outward from the corners of their eyes, and they were completely separated. Furthermore, in that instant, all of their meridians were frozen so they couldn’t keep fighting at all.

Lou Wucheng was the first to recognize the person. He quickly said, “I greet Sect Master Yan!”

Only then did Zhi Yin notice that there was now a white-clad woman in front of him. Even though she was masked, there seemed to be a dreamy halo surrounding her. He actually started to feel a hint of inferiority when he saw her. He said, “This junior greets Sect Master Yan.”

At the same time, he was horrified. Even though Yan Xuehen was known to be a grandmaster, the fact that she could stop the two of them with a single move was just too ridiculous, right? After all, whether it was Lou Wucheng or the younger generation’s other most outstanding disciples, they wouldn’t even lose against some of their elders, let alone with two of them at the same time!

“What are the two of you doing? Do you want to be disqualified from the Great Sects Competition?” Yan Xuehen snapped coldly. Her gaze landed on Lou Wucheng.

She didn’t really care about Zhi Yin, seeing as he was from Heavenly Sorrow Sect, but Lou Wucheng was the White Jade Sect’s seeded player. If he really ended up disqualified because of this, that would seriously harm the White Jade Sect.

Other than when she was in front of Zu An, she actually commanded a lot of respect. These two who considered themselves unequaled in the world didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly before her.

When she saw that the two of them remained silent, Yan Xuehen couldn’t help but call Lou Wucheng out, asking, “Wucheng, why don’t you tell me what happened?”

“It’s all his fault; he came in the middle of the night to disturb junior sister Chu. She was cultivating at the time, and she almost went through deviation because of him,” Lou Wucheng said, giving Zhi Yin a hateful glare.

Zhi Yin was completely stupefied. He immediately retorted, “Nonsense! Fairy Chu was clearly still fine when I left; it was you who went to disturb her. What are you blaming me for?!”

This thick-browed guy usually looks pretty honest. Why is he so shameless right now?

The two were about to fight again when a white figure flickered away. Yan Xuehen was nowhere to be seen. Only a faint cold fragrance filled the evening air.

Previously, Yan Xuehen had already started to panic. Wang Wuxie had made such a huge fuss when personally coming down to Golden Peak. As one of the most influential individuals among the nine sects, how could she not know which person he was receiving?

She hadn’t expected that even though she had tried to avoid him and left Yi Commandery to come to Violet Mountain, he would follow right behind them! She couldn’t even shake him off. In that instant, she had even had a strange thought. Could it be that there really was some sort of great string of fate binding them together?

Still, she had quickly stopped herself. In order to clear away her messy thoughts, she had found a quiet place in Violet Mountain to meditate in. And yet, right after she finally got herself under control, she heard that had something happened to Chuyan. How could she not be shocked?

Meanwhile, after Lou Wucheng left, Zu An asked unhappily, “Why are there so many men looking for you in the middle of the night?”

That chicken brother was one thing, but Lou Wucheng was also a disciple from the White Jade Sect, Chu Chuyan’s proper senior brother. He was someone she likely interacted with quite a bit normally, so Zu An suddenly felt a sense of danger.

“How could I know they would suddenly go crazy today?” Chu Chuyan replied, then suddenly grinned. “Actually, there have always been a lot of people pursuing me. If you don’t treat me well, be careful or… Ah!…” She quickly gave in and pleaded, “I was joking! I normally only focus on cultivating! Other than you, I don’t bother with anyone else!”

Zu An finally felt a bit of satisfaction. In truth, he understood Chu Chuyan’s nature better than anyone else. Just then, however, his instincts as a man made it so that he couldn’t help but assert his dominance on her body.

Chu Chuyan sounded as if she held a small grudge as she said, “Ah Zu, you hurt me just now.”

“Sorry,” Zu An said apologetically and gently kissed her. After the storm came warm sunlight.

Chu Chuyan moaned, then wrapped herself tightly around her lover. After everything that had happened, she was already fully invested.

Suddenly, Yan Xuehen hurriedly called out from outside, “Chuyan, what’s wrong?”

Both people inside the room trembled. Chu Chuyan’s entire body stiffened. As for Zu An, he couldn’t help but…

Chu Chuyan’s head went completely blank. She couldn’t help but let out a loud and clear cry like that of a phoenix.

Yan Xuehen’s expression quickly changed multiple times. In the past, perhaps she would still have been a bit confused, but after that experience, how could she not know what was happening?

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for +911 +911 +911…

She didn’t know why she was so angry either. Was she really angry for her disciple’s sake, or was it for something else?

“How is junior sister (Fairy Chu)?” came two voices. As it happened, Lou Wucheng and Zhi Yin hadn’t been in the mood to keep fighting once Yan Xuehen left. They had also been worried about Chu Chuyan, so they had followed along. Still, the two of them were much slower than Yan Xuehen and had only arrived now.

“Get lost!” Yan Xuehen yelled, her voice carrying the force of an unmelting avalanche. With a wave of her hand, a powerful force swept outward, instantly sending both of them several li away.

When they crawled back to their feet, both men were terrified and left in a sorry state. After all, even though Yan Xuehen was normally cold and aloof, she had always carried herself well. No one had ever even heard her speak any vulgar words, and yet now, she was clearly extremely angry. They naturally didn’t dare to continue pushing their luck and could only return with heavy moods.

Meanwhile, Chu Chuyan kneeled on the ground, looking embarrassed and ashamed as she asked Yan Xuehen for forgiveness. “Master, I was wrong.”

Yan Xuehen gave her a look. At that moment, Chu Chuyan’s face was completely red, and her normally neat and tidy hair was a mess. Her clothes had also been put on hastily, but she didn’t look sloppy at all. On the contrary, compared to her usual cold appearance, she now had a hint of lazy charm. Even as a woman, Yan Xuehen was a bit moved. She had to admit that a beauty like this really was blessed by the world.

Still, when she saw that Chu Chuyan’s body was still shaking uncontrollably underneath her spacious clothes, and smelled the lingering scent in the air, she suddenly felt incredibly annoyed and frustrated but had nowhere to vent it. She hissed, “Where is that Zu bastard? Why isn’t he coming out to meet me?!”

Chu Chuyan still looked down in shame. She thought, How could Ah Zu possibly dare to stay behind? Wouldn’t you tear him apart?

But that rascal really did run quickly. I wonder if he even put his clothes on properly.

Yan Xuehen was about to unleash another rebuke when she saw Chu Chuyan kneeling pitifully in front of her. Her eyelids couldn’t help but twitch. Even though she was angry, she still helped Chuyan back up and said, “I know what you’re usually like. It was probably that stinky brat who forced you. You should get some rest. I’m going to find him and teach him a proper lesson.” She started to grit her teeth as she spoke.

Chu Chuyan jumped up in alarm. She knew her master’s nature and was scared that Yan Xuehen would just kill Zu An out of anger. She quickly clung to her master’s legs and said, “Master, all of this was voluntary! It doesn’t have anything to do with him!”

Yan Xuehen’s face turned white and red. Countless thoughts surged within her. In the end, she sighed and said, “What unjustified enmity!”

Chu Chuyan was a bit confused, thinking, Why is this called unjustified enmity? However, when she thought about how her actions were practically inexcusable by the standards of the White Jade Sect, she didn’t dare to say anything else.

A while later, Yan Xuehen looked at her disciple coldly and asked, “Do you know why I disallowed you from staying with him for the time being?”

“Disciple knows that master was worried that my mood would change greatly, which would affect the Unshakable State and possibly cause me to lose to the Devil Sect’s Saintess,” Chu Chuyan replied, a hint of guilt appearing in her eyes. She really had been too willful today and betrayed her master’s expectations, as well as the White Jade Sect’s nurturing.

As if seeing through her thoughts, Yan Xuehen shook her head and said, “Actually, it wouldn’t even matter that much if you lost to the Devil Sect’s Saintess. I don’t care all that much about the White Jade Sect’s prestige. However, even if you can lose to the Devil Sect’s Saintess, you definitely can’t lose to Qiu Honglei!”


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Keyboard Immortal

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A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the tr*sh of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan? What? I’m a transmigrator but I don’t have any talent for cultivation? Why are there so many people out for my life? And most importantly of all, how in the world did I get on the bed of my sister-in-law on my wedding night?! It was a nightmarish starting point for Zu An, but fortunately, as a famed keyboard warrior in his previous life, the world gave him a keyboard in this life too so that he could turn things around. Through his trolling and flaming, he shall stand atop the corpses of his burned enemies and rise to the top of the world!


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