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Keyboard Immortal Chapter 1644

Chapter 1620: Immortal Sword

Chapter 1620: Immortal Sword

At that moment, Chu Chuyan’s cheeks were completely red. When he saw her exquisite and refined cheeks, Zu An couldn’t help but be amazed by her beauty when her icy exterior melted.

However, how could they have expected the sudden appearance of such an earache of a voice? Chu Chuyan was so frightened that she quickly stopped Zu An’s mischievous hands. The room fell silent for a moment, and she feigned calm as she said, “It is already very late. Why has senior brother come to look for me?”

Outside, Zhi Yin was overjoyed. In the past, Chu Chuyan had always been aloof and indifferent whenever she spoke to him, like the snow on the highest point of a mountain. And yet today, she wasn’t as cold as she usually was, and there was even a hint of sweetness coming from her voice.

Could it be that all of my efforts have finally resulted in an opening, that she’s finally sensed my deep affection? he thought, quickly becoming more enthusiastic as he continued, “The weather today is not bad, so I came here to invite Fairy Chu to admire Violet Mountain’s evening scenery.”

He had arrived without much hope at all, but he strongly believed that if he didn’t try, there would be a one hundred percent chance of failure. If he tried, no matter how small the chance was, it wouldn’t necessarily be zero. Now, however, he had suddenly discovered that the chances of success were gradually climbing.

Just the thought of admiring the evening scenery with Chu Chuyan alone, and how the disciples of the other sects would cast countless looks of envy, made him feel as if he would explode from excitement.

“Ah!” A cry of alarm emerged from inside.

Zhi Yin was stunned. What’s the meaning of ‘ah’? Is she agreeing or not? Furthermore, Fairy Chu’s voice sounds a bit strange. It seems to be trembling a bit.

Inside, Chu Chuyan was frantically pinching the man on top of her. This guy actually took the chance to bully me! She was caught so off guard that she had almost really embarrassed herself. However, Zu An didn’t reply as he showered her in a storm of kisses.

Chu Chuyan’s breath quickened greatly. She couldn’t help but lean backward and bite down on her lip, struggling to endure and trying her best to not make any sound.

“Fairy Chu, Fairy Chu?” Zhi Yin called out. When he heard no reaction coming from inside at all, he began to panic. Could it be that Fairy Chu is changing and preparing to go out with me?

“Thank… Thank you for your good intentions, senior brother. It is already dark and I have already headed to bed, so I will not be accompanying… senior brother,” Chu Chuyan stuttered from inside.

Zhi Yin was a bit disappointed, but he became excited soon afterward, because Chu Chuyan was normally too cold and had never said such a long sentence to him at once before.

It looks like her impression of me really is different! Also, her voice isn’t as ice-cold as before, and there seems to be a bit of shyness… Could it be that Fairy Chu really does feel something toward me now?

She’s probably just refusing me because of her reserved nature. Maybe she wants to use this chance to size me up?

He put away his disappointed expression when he thought of that and said in a charming tone, “As it is inconvenient for Fairy Chu, we can do this another day. Zhi Yin will not disturb you anymore.”

He thought his bearing was absolutely perfect in terms of grace and elegance, and that he had definitely left her with a good impression. He immediately raised his chin and stuck out his chest when he thought of that. As he left, he looked like a proud rooster.

Not long after he left, he bumped into someone. The other person called out in surprise, “Zhi Yin?”

“Lou Wucheng?” Zhi Yin exclaimed. When he saw who it was, his expression turned grave.

Lou Wucheng’s master Li Changsheng was an elder of the White Jade Sect, as well as Sect Master Yan’s senior. It was rumored that his cultivation was even a bit higher than Sect Master Yan’s. In his younger years, he had let Yan Xuehen take the position was because he wasn’t too interested in the management of the sect and secular affairs. He had chosen to focus on cultivating his Immortal Sword.

Zhi Yin’s own master Guan Chouhai was a rather prideful person, and he always showed disdain when some of the sect masters of the nine sects were mentioned. However, whenever Li Changsheng was brought up, his expression always turned grave, and he carried quite a bit of apprehension toward the Immortal Sword.

Lou Wucheng was the last disciple of Li Changsheng, and it was rumored that he was already an inheritor of the Immortal Sword. He could contend for the number one spot among the daoist sects’ younger generation.

What made Zhi Yin even more unhappy was that this guy was quite handsome too. Even though Lou Wucheng’s looks were a bit inferior, it was still enough to charm hundreds of women. In comparison to Zhi Yin, he had tanned skin and a more masculine build. People had always criticized Zhi Yin on those grounds, so he naturally treated Lou Wucheng as a formidable opponent.

Furthermore, Lou Wucheng was Fairy Chu’s proper senior brother. The two were from the same sect, so they had more chances to grow closer to each other than others. Just the thought of that alone drove Zhi Yin mad with jealousy.

When he saw the direction Zhi Yin had emerged from, Lou Wucheng’s expression became a bit unpleasant as he asked, “What are you doing around my junior sister’s courtyard so late at night?”

“Violet Mountain isn’t your home; are you trying to tell me what to do?” Zhi Yin sneered. “Furthermore, Fairy Chu isn’t your junior sister alone. She also calls me senior brother.”

Lou Wucheng glowered. His fingers unwittingly began to stroke the hilt of his sword.

Zhi Yin’s expression turned serious. He prepared himself while saying, “What, do you want to fight? Others might fear your Immortal Sword, but I don’t.”

Lou Wucheng lowered his fingers from his sword and said, “I’ll definitely personally experience whether your sword is as formidable as your mouth during the great competition.”

He knew Zhi Yin had quite the formidable reputation too. There was almost no chance of subduing him without causing a disturbance. With the great daoist sects’ competition imminent, Violet Mountain prohibited private battles. All those who violated the rule would lose their qualifications. He didn’t want to do something rash and foolish now.

Zhi Yin sneered and said, “Likewise.”

Lou Wucheng didn’t pay him any more attention. He turned around and walked toward Chu Chuyan’s courtyard.

“What are you going over there so late in the evening for?” Zhi Yin asked, suddenly panicking. Even though he didn’t have any sort of relationship with Chu Chuyan yet, he felt really unhappy seeing another man approach her.

“Do we martial siblings need an outsider like you to comment on what we do?” Lou Wucheng retorted with a sneer.

“Martial siblings?” Zhi Yin sneered. “She doesn’t even want to live together with a senior brother like you. Do you really have no sense of tact?”

Lou Wucheng choked. He quickly said, “That’s only because Sect Master Yan prefers peace and quiet, so that’s why they are residing here alone. It doesn’t have anything to do with little sister Chu.”

“I advise you not to go. Fairy Chu has already gone to bed. You’ll just be wasting your time by going,” Zhi Yin said. He couldn’t help but carry a sliver of pride, as if he knew some great secret about Chu Chuyan.

Lou Wucheng roared with laughter and said mockingly, “If a woman says she’s going to sleep, isn’t that just tactfully dealing with a fly? You even believed something like that?” Afterward, he walked over confidently.

Zhi Yin’s expression changed several times. Could it be that it really is what this guy said, that Fairy Chu was only saying that to half-heartedly chase me away? No, there’s no way! Fairy Chu treats me differently from the others; there’s no way that could be the case!

However, he couldn’t bring himself to walk away. He decided to stick around and see how things ended up for Lou Wucheng.

Inside the room, Zu An looked at the beauty beneath him with a mysterious expression, saying, “You and that chicken… Ahem, what kind of relationship do you have with Zhi Yin? Why is he coming to find you so late at night?”

Chu Chuyan’s entire body trembled. This guy was teasing her in the way that annoyed her the most. However, she was worried that he would think strange things and explained, “It’s just that back then, I once paid the Heavenly Sorrow Sect a visit to deliver a letter. That was when I first met him. Back then, he always tried to find me for a conversation, but I never paid him much attention.” She breathed heavily as she spoke. Her face was a bright pink. Her beautiful eyes were half open, and her words were hard to make out.

“That’s more like my obedient wife~” Zu An said, nodding in satisfaction. He lowered his head to kiss her again.

Chu Chuyan groaned. She felt as if she had already forgotten the Snowflake Sword she cultivated for all these years. There seemed to be a flame burning inside of her, melting all the snow into water.

Zu An suddenly frowned. However, Chu Chuyan was in a different place mentally, so her reaction was a bit slower. She quietly asked, “What is it?”

Zu An glanced toward the door. Soon afterward, Lou Wucheng called out, “Junior sister~”

Chu Chuyan’s beautiful brows furrowed. Even with her usual indifferent nature, she still couldn’t help but become a bit annoyed. Will this never end? Why do they keep bothering me at this kind of time? Still, she couldn’t just ignore him. She could only ask, “Why are you here, senior brother?”

Lou Wucheng’s heart skipped a beat. He thought, Why does Chu Chuyan’s voice sound so sweet and beautiful today? After he calmed down a bit, he said confidently, “Junior sister, this Violet Mountain is known for its rich violet ki, which holds a lot of mysteries. Normally, even the great sects cannot come here to explore this place. We have managed to obtain the rare chance to become guests of Violet Mountain, so how about we look around? We might be able to find some of this place’s secrets.”

He knew that with Chu Chuyan’s personality, it wasn’t too likely for her to agree to an evening date. But if he used the mysterious purple ki as the reason, not many cultivators would be able to refuse, especially someone like her who cared a lot about her mental strength.

The rich violet ki only appeared when the rising sun emerged each day. That kind of investigation would mean that they would spend the night together. Even though nothing would happen, it would be very beneficial toward bringing their relationship closer.

“Mmm~” A soft moan emerged from inside the room. It sounded really sweet and uncontrollable, but also flustered and annoyed.

“So junior sister agrees?” Lou Wucheng asked, overjoyed. At the same time, he found it really strange.

Why does junior sister’s voice sound so strange? Could it be that something bad happened while cultivating?

His thoughts didn’t go anywhere else, because Chu Chuyan was usually incorruptible, like a fairy in the clouds. How could he possibly imagine that she was pressed beneath a man?

A while later, Chu Chuyan called out, “I apologize, senior brother. I am cultivating, so I will not be going out.”

Lou Wucheng sighed in relief. She was cultivating, as expected. He asked, “Does junior sister need me to help with anything? Just now, your voice sounded as if there could be some danger of deviation.”


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Keyboard Immortal

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A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the tr*sh of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan? What? I’m a transmigrator but I don’t have any talent for cultivation? Why are there so many people out for my life? And most importantly of all, how in the world did I get on the bed of my sister-in-law on my wedding night?! It was a nightmarish starting point for Zu An, but fortunately, as a famed keyboard warrior in his previous life, the world gave him a keyboard in this life too so that he could turn things around. Through his trolling and flaming, he shall stand atop the corpses of his burned enemies and rise to the top of the world!


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