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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 263

Chapter 263 - : Opening of the Divine Realm

Chapter 263: Opening of the Divine Realm

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As the Martial Sacred Hall descended, the entire void was instantly illuminated as if it was daytime. The golden light was dazzling and resplendent, and it was like a god had descended to the mortal world, causing others to be unable to look straight at it.

Unlike the White Dragon Race, the Martial Sacred Hall did not have a fixed realm. Instead, they traveled around the void in a huge palace.

The palace in front of them was a part of the Martial Sacred Hall.

At the same time, the vassal forces of the Martial Sacred Hall quickly flew over and stayed opposite to the White Dragon Race.

“The Martial Sacred Hall has arrived!”

“Tsk tsk, as expected of the Martial Sacred Hall. They’re so handsome every time they appear.”

“Hehehe, there’s going to be a good show.”


A portion of the neutral factions hurriedly steered their air-transportation spirit artifacts to make way, afraid that they would be implicated in the fight between the two powerful factions.


Suddenly, a divine light rose from the golden palace and emitted a vast spirit pressure. Even space could not withstand it and collapsed continuously.

Immediately after, the divine light trembled slightly and instantly turned into a long rainbow that rushed towards Celestial Qilin.

In an instant, besides Qin Jue and the Dragon Elder who had yet to appear, all the experts on Celestial Qilin took a step back with shocked expressions.

Just as the divine light was about to hit Celestial Qilin, it suddenly stopped and floated in the air.

In the next moment, the divine light dissipated, and a man in golden armor with sharp brows and bright eyes appeared in front of everyone. The circle of light behind him was exceptionally dazzling.

Just by standing there, he gave off a powerful pressure. His aura was boundless, as if the entire void was under his control.

“What a terrifying aura!”

The Thunder Beast Race expert gulped and trembled with fear.

“This is the Vice Hall Master of the Martial Sacred Hall, Chu Xiao!” Long Kun said in a deep voice.

“What? It’s that Half God Stage expert…”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

To the White Dragon Race and these vassal forces, Chu Xiao was simply a nightmarish existence. Countless White Dragon Race experts and fiend beasts had died at his hands, and he was still one of the most dangerous figures in the Martial Sacred Hall.

He did not expect that even the Vice Hall Master of the Martial Sacred Hall would personally come to the Divine Seal Gathering.

“Long Cang, come out. I know you’re inside.”

The golden-armored man looked down at Celestial Qilin and said in a deafening voice.

“Long Cang? Who is Long Cang?”

Some people were puzzled.

“You don’t even know Long Cang? He’s a famous super genius of the White Dragon Race from more than a hundred thousand years ago… Wait, Long Cang is here too?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a divine light also rose from inside the Celestial Qilin, accompanied by dragon roars that pierced through gold and cracked stone.

Then, a white-haired old man silently appeared opposite the golden-armored man.

Compared to the reckless and unrestrained golden-armored man, the old man seemed exceptionally small. However, no matter how the golden-armored man’s spirit pressure attacked, the old man remained motionless and composed.

“Fortunately, the person in charge of this Divine Seal Gathering is the Dragon Elder. Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.” Long Kun secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hahaha, Long Cang, you don’t disappoint, do you?”

The golden-armored man threw his head back and laughed, his eyes burning with fighting spirit.

“Chu Xiao, do you want to fight right here?” The old man named Long Cang narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

“That’s right.”

Chu Xiao grinned. His spirit energy immediately swept out like a wave. Wherever it passed, space shattered, forming countless streams that swept towards Celestial Qilin.

“Child’s play.”

Long Cang snorted and waved his hand, instantly raising a storm. The turbulence caused by Chu Xiao was forcefully dispersed by the storm before it could approach Celestial Qilin.

Not only that, but all kinds of phenomena appeared in the void and spread out with Long Cang at the center. Each phenomenon contained an indescribable destructive power. Even the aftershock that spread out could severely injure an expert at the tenth realm of the Great Void Stage.

This was the difference between a Half God Stage expert and a Great Void Stage expert.

“Using a divine ability right from the start?”

After his attack was neutralized, Chu Xiao laughed instead of being angry. “Alright, then I’ll let you taste the divine ability I recently created… Bastard, stop!”

Chu Xiao was just about to use his divine ability when he suddenly discovered that the phenomenon Long Cang had spread out had flown towards the golden palace at some point in time!

If this attack landed, the entire golden palace would probably be destroyed, along with all the geniuses who had come to participate in the Divine Seal Gathering.

One had to know that those geniuses were the future of the Martial Sacred Hall. How could Chu Xiao not be anxious?

Fortunately, Chu Xiao reacted in time. Just as the phenomenon was about to descend, he used his spirit energy to block it, allowing the golden palace to be unscathed.

After doing this, Chu Xiao said angrily, “Old thing, don’t you think you’re too shameless?”

Long Cang couldn’t help but sneer. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?”


Chu Xiao opened his mouth but was speechless.

After all, he and Long Cang both knew that not everything needed to be said out loud.

It was obvious what Chu Xiao wanted to accomplish by fighting Long Cang at such a close distance.

Therefore, Long Cang intentionally asked if he wanted to fight here. Since Chu Xiao was unwilling to back down, Long Cang naturally wouldn’t show mercy.

“Do you still want to continue?”

Long Cang’s goal was very simple. He wanted to attack the golden palace and make Chu Xiao rethink his decision. Only then could he prevent Chu Xiao from fighting here and destroying the Celestial Qilin.

“No, no, no.”

Chu Xiao shook his head repeatedly before changing the topic and laughing.

“However, I’m thinking, if we use the lives of these little fellows to exchange for your Divine Maiden, I wonder who would benefit more?”

Currently, there were no geniuses in the Martial Sacred Hall who could contend against Long Xiaoyu.

Therefore, even if Chu Xiao directly gave up on these geniuses of the Martial Sacred Hall, it would be worth it as long as he could kill Long Xiaoyu.

At this point, Chu Xiao’s eyes flickered as he kept his gaze on Long Xiaoyu, who was on the Celestial Qilin below him.


Suddenly, white light lit up and blocked Chu Xiao’s vision. Long Cang said in a deep voice, “Then we’ll have to see if you have the ability.”

“Oh? Should I try?”

Chu Xiao smiled.

Time froze as the two of them were opposite each other.

Just as another battle was about to erupt, space distorted in the distance as another top faction arrived.

Not long after, a huge pitch-black battleship flew out of a spatial passageway, forming a sharp contrast with the golden palace.

The strangest thing was that the light emitted by the golden palace was actually unable to illuminate this warship. It was as if the light would be directly devoured when it approached the warship. It was inconceivable.

“That’s the Demon Race’s warship.” Long Xiaoyu whispered.

Qin Jue was stunned. He didn’t know that there was a Demon Race.

“The Divine Realm hasn’t opened yet. I advise the two of you not to fight here.”

Without waiting for Qin Jue to use his spirit sense to investigate, another Half God Stage expert covered in darkness appeared and was sandwiched in between Chu Xiao and Long Cang.

“Demon Lord, are you trying to be a busybody?”

Chu Xiao frowned.

“I don’t like to be nosy, but if it affects the opening of the Divine Realm, I don’t mind getting rid of you first.”

The black figure called the Demon Lord said.


Chu Xiao was furious, but it was almost impossible for him to deal with two Half God Stage experts at the same time. He could only give up.

At the same time, the continent hidden in the fog finally rippled.

The Divine Realm had opened!

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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