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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 262

Chapter 262 - Looks Delicious

No one knew when the Divine Realm had appeared and where it had come from.

The reason why it was called the Divine Realm was naturally because of that Divine Seal Altar.

Many factions rose to power because of the Divine Seal Altar.

As long as one ascended the Divine Seal Altar, it meant that they could advance to the True God Stage and become one of the strongest existences in this void.

Even if one was unable to ascend the Divine Seal Altar, they would still be able to benefit endlessly from the various tests and their cultivation would increase greatly.

Whether it was the White Dragon Race, the Martial Sacred Hall, or the other top factions, basically all of the higher-ups of these factions had participated in the Divine Seal Gathering. Even the Dragon Elder who was currently leading the White Dragon Race’s geniuses was no exception.

Unfortunately, this Dragon Elder reached his limit when he was only half a step away from advancing to the Divine Seal Altar back then. Therefore, he had been stuck in the Half God Stage and was unable to break through. Otherwise, the White Dragon Race would have long become the rulers of this void.

“We’re here.” Long Xiaoyu looked over and said.

At the same time, the Celestial Qilin slowly stopped and floated in the void, waiting to enter the Divine Realm.

What was worth mentioning was that there was a large number of air-transportation spirit artifacts that had arrived in advance around the Divine Realm. They were from different factions. Immediately, a few air-transportation spirit artifacts approached the Celestial Qilin, and then more than a dozen figures flew out and boarded the ship.

Everyone was not surprised by this because these people were all vassal forces of the White Dragon Race.

“Hahaha, Elder Long, long time no see.”

“Brother Yao, it’s been a while since we last met. Your spirit energy has become even purer.”

“Elder Long, you must be joking.”

“Eh, isn’t that Lei Hao? Even he came? Looks like the Thunder Beast Race cares a lot about this year’s Divine Seal Gathering.”



The elders of the White Dragon Race chatted with the representatives of the vassal forces, talking and laughing like old friends that they had not seen in years.

Qin Jue noticed that the representatives of these vassal forces were all not humans. No wonder the White Dragon Race had chosen to accept them as vassal forces.

“Senior, they are all vassal forces of our White Dragon Race. Apart from fiend beasts, there is also a portion that belongs to the Insect Race.” Afraid that Qin Jue would misunderstand, Long Xiaoyu explained.

As everyone knew, the White Dragon Race was considered a “divine beast” and had a natural bloodline suppression towards other fiend beasts. Even if their cultivation level was low, they could often rely on their bloodline suppression to win.

Therefore, many fiend beast races naturally became vassal forces of the White Dragon Race.

As for the Insect Race…

Qin Jue was stunned. He swept his eyes over and indeed found a short old man with transparent wings on his back. He was only a meter tall and his head was below Qin Jue’s waist level, but the spirit energy fluctuations emitted from his body were absolutely not to be underestimated.

This was the first time Qin Jue had seen an Insect Race cultivator. He couldn’t help but be curious, so he took a few more glances.

Unexpectedly, the old man sensed his glances and looked over.

The two of them looked at each other, and the atmosphere was slightly strange.

“A human!”

Suddenly, the old man widened his eyes and screamed.

The other representatives were stunned for a moment before being shocked.

“A human!” “What? A human?”

“Where is the human? I’ll show him how powerful my Five Consecutive Lightning Whip are!”

“Mm? Why are there humans here?”


None of the experts who could participate in the Divine Seal Gathering were weaker than the Great Void Stage, so the representatives of these vassal forces quickly noticed Qin Jue standing beside Long Xiaoyu.

“Is he really a human?”

“Strange, why can’t I feel any spirit energy aura from his body?”

“Wait, that girl, she seems to be…”

Before they could finish his sentence, they hurriedly bowed. “Your Highness!”

“What? Divine Maiden… Divine Maiden!”

“Your Highness!”

Everyone’s expressions changed slightly as they lowered their heads and bowed.

To these vassal force representatives, Long Xiaoyu was not just the Divine Maiden of the White Dragon Race, but their Divine Maiden as well.

After all, the stronger the White Dragon Race was, the stronger these vassal forces would become. If they were able to cozy up to Long Xiaoyu, would they still have to worry about being bullied in the future?

In particular, at this Divine Seal Gathering, Long Xiaoyu was the peerless genius with the highest chance of ascending to the Divine Seal Altar.


Long Xiaoyu nodded slightly and said, “He is my friend. You guys better not act rashly. Otherwise, you will be killed without mercy.”

The vassal force experts were puzzled.

The corner of everyone’s eyes twitched slightly. Long Xiaoyu actually had a human friend?

“Your Highness, don’t worry. We will definitely not act rashly.”

The Thunder Beast Race expert who had been clamoring to let Qin Jue have a taste of the Five Consecutive Lightning Whip smiled and said, “Your Highness’s friend is our friend.”

Unlike the White Dragon Race experts, these vassal forces did not dare to offend Qin Jue now that they knew he was Long Xiaoyu’s friend. After all, they did not have the same statuses.

In any case, they could always rely on the other White Dragon Race’s experts.

Moreover, for Qin Jue to appear here, it meant that he had definitely obtained the recognition of the other White Dragon Race experts. Although they hated humans very much, they were not idiots. They knew when to distinguish the situation.

After all, the weak often knew how to judge the situation better than the strong.


Right at this moment, layers of spatial ripples suddenly appeared in the distant starry sky, and they quickly formed a vortex that was like a black hole. The vortex looked extremely intimidating, as if it was about to swallow the heavens and the earth.

Some air-transportation spirit artifacts that were close to the vortex hurriedly scattered, afraid of being affected.

The commotion over there immediately attracted the attention of all the experts present, and their expressions instantly became incomparably solemn.

“The Martial Sacred Hall experts… are here.” Long Xiaoyu said coldly with a cold gaze.

“Martial Sacred Hall?”

Qin Jue looked in the direction of the voice and saw that in the huge spatial vortex, a palace was slowly coming out, emitting a dazzling divine light that lit up the surroundings as if it was daytime.

That’s right, it wasn’t an air-transportation spirit artifact or a battleship. Instead, it was a moving golden palace.

As this palace appeared, the entire void fell silent and froze.

“Is that the Martial Sacred Hall?”

Qin Jue pondered. His spirit sense spread out in all directions and swept over the golden palace.

“There’s actually another Half God Stage expert in there…”

In Qin Jue’s spirit sense, the entire golden palace was instantly exposed, revealing to him all of the array formations and restrictions set up in the palace. In any case, he would not be affected by such things.

Unsurprisingly, the Martial Sacred Hall had also sent a Half God Stage expert who was on par with the White Dragon Race’s Dragon Elder. However, because Long Kun had changed his mind and came along at the last moment, the White Dragon Race had an advantage when it came to Great Void Stage experts.

If the two sides fought at this time, even if Qin Jue didn’t interfere, the White Dragon Race would most likely win.

“Hmph, that damned Martial Sacred Hall!”

The Thunder Beast Race expert gritted his teeth and said, “They try to show off every time they make an appearance. I wish for nothing more than to tear that trash apart!”

“Me too.” Another Ox Race expert chimed in with killing intent.

After saying this, the Ox Race expert suddenly realized that something was wrong. He felt as if there were thorns on his back, as if someone was watching him from nearby.

“Who is it?!”

The oxen expert turned around and was stunned.

Because the person staring at him was actually Qin Jue!

What kind of gaze was that?

“How terrifying!”

The Ox Race expert trembled.

He had an ominous feeling.

On the other side, Qin Jue suddenly reacted and hurriedly retracted his gaze, feeling rather awkward.

It had been a long time since he had eaten beef, so seeing the Ox Race expert made him feel a little gluttonous. After all, that fellow seemed to be quite delicious.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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