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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 148

Chapter 148 - Sand Emperor


Miserable screams echoed out. Under the corrosion of the bloody fog, these Sand Race soldiers were unable to resist at all. They were quickly devoured and melted, turning into vitality that fused into the bloody fog. They couldn’t even escape.

They never expected that the First Elder would actually sacrifice them!

“Brother, what are you doing?”

The colossal sand sculpture was equally shocked and in disbelief.

“Hmph! It’s their honor to be used as a sacrifice to revive His Majesty.”

Sha Man’s tone was cold, and he had no intention of stopping.

It had to be known that many of these Sand Race soldiers were his own descendants.

The bloody mist was like a black hole as it devoured one Sand Race soldier after another at an incomparably fast speed. In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of Sand Race soldiers had been reduced to offerings.

“Not good, stop him!”

Seeing this, how could the Legendary Stage experts not understand what was going on? They hurriedly circulated their spirit energy and attacked Sha Man in an attempt to interrupt him.

Unexpectedly, Sha Man’s figure flashed, and he actually escaped into the blood fog and disappeared.

The Legendary Stage experts of the five great clans were about to give chase when they were stopped by Liu Qingbai. “Don’t go in. This layer of fog is too strange. Your spirit senses and ocular techniques will lose their effect inside. If even you guys are used as sacrifices, we will really be done for.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions turned slightly cold. This layer of fog could actually isolate spirit sense and ocular techniques?

At their level, spirit sense was often the most important thing in battle. It had even replaced their eyes in certain aspects.

If one’s spirit sense and ocular technique were isolated at the same time, it would be equivalent to becoming blind. Therefore, rashly entering the fog was no different from being trampled on.

“Damn it, what should we do then?”

Patriarch Ning said anxiously.

If the Sand Emperor successfully revived, no one here would be able to escape.

Originally, they thought that by blocking the Blood Sacrifice Formation outside the Desolate City, they would be able to stop the Sand Emperor from being revived. Who would have thought that this Sha Man would be so crazy as to sacrifice his own people?

Once hundreds of thousands of Sand Race soldiers were sacrificed, the Sand Emperor would very likely be revived!

“I remember that Patriarch Mo has extremely high attainments in array formations. Can you see the weakness of this Blood Sacrifice Formation?”

Liu Qingbai pondered.

“Heh, City Lord Liu thinks too highly of me. Not only has this Blood Sacrifice Formation already taken shape, but it has also devoured at least tens of thousands of living beings. With my current cultivation, it will take at least half a day for me to discover its weakness. By then, it will probably be too late.”

The patriarch of the Mo Family sighed.

As more and more Sand Race soldiers were devoured, the blood-red fog became even thicker, almost turning into a sea of blood. At this rate, it would probably only take 15 minutes for the Sand Emperor to be revived.

For a moment, the dozen or so Legendary Stage experts stared at each other helplessly.

“Quick, protect those Sand Race soldiers!”

At this moment, the Patriarch Li, who had been silent all this while, suddenly attacked. He waved his spirit energy in an attempt to save the Sand Race soldiers who had been engulfed by the bloody mist.

It couldn’t be helped. At the moment, this should be the most effective method.

Although the Sand Race was their enemy, this was the only way to prevent the Sand Emperor from being revived.

Seeing this, the others looked at each other and hesitated for a moment. In the end, they could only choose to momentarily protect their enemies.

However, why would Sha Man let them do as they wished?

“Get lost!”

Sha Man, who was hidden in the bloody mist, waved his hand, and the bloody mist that filled the sky immediately swept towards everyone.

Although the blood mist could not approach Desolate City, it did not mean that it could not affect the people who had left the city.

Hu la!

The air was torn apart and showed signs of distortion. Liu Qingbai and the others had no choice but to temporarily retreat.

The eleven Legendary Stage experts were actually all put into a sorry state just because of Sha Man’s Blood Sacrifice Formation…

“We can’t delay any longer!”

Patriarch Yue shouted angrily as powerful spirit energy immediately erupted from his body. He wanted to forcefully charge into the bloody mist and stop Sha Man.

However, the blood fog suddenly shrank on its own without any warning. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, it condensed into a ball that was beating like a heart.

In that moment, an indescribably terrifying aura was waking up!


Everyone was stunned. Only then did they suddenly realize that the hundreds of thousands of Sand Race soldiers had all been devoured!

“How could it be so fast!”

Liu Qingbai’s face instantly turned as pale as paper.

“It succeeded!”

Sha Man shouted excitedly, “Welcome back, Your Majesty!”

Even he did not expect it to be completed so quickly.

The colossal sand sculpture below was stunned for a moment before it immediately chimed in, “Greetings, Your Majesty!”


In the next moment, the blood ball exploded and spread out like a wave. Whether it was Sha Man, Liu Qingbai, or the others, they were all pushed back by this force and trembled slightly.

When the bloody mist completely dissipated, a figure in golden armor and holding a spear appeared in the air. He did not look tall, but he gave off an indescribable pressure. Some cultivators with lower cultivation even found it difficult to breathe when he appeared.

“Ah, I have forgotten what it feels like to breathe…”

The golden-armored figure took a deep breath as wind and clouds surged, as if he wanted to swallow the entire world into his stomach.

“Your Majesty.”

After calming down, Sha Man carefully stepped forward with an extremely respectful attitude.

“Hmm? So it’s Little Man. Were you the one who revived me?”

The Sand Emperor glanced at him and asked.

As the Sand Race’s First Elder, Sha Man’s status in the Sand Race was extremely high and he was well respected. However, in front of the Sand Emperor, this peak Legendary Stage expert was as obedient as a child.


After a pause, the Sand Race First Elder continued, “However… because of a few humans, I had no choice but to use our own people as sacrifices to revive His Majesty…”

“It’s fine.”

The Sand Emperor did not care. As long as he could be revived, it did not matter how many of his men were sacrificed.

“How long has it been since I fell asleep?”

The Sand Emperor said indifferently as if he did not see Liu Qingbai and the others in the distance.

“Two hundred and fifty-six years.”

“Has it been so long?”

The Sand Emperor said meaningfully, “What about that Saint Stage human?”

“According to the investigation, he never appeared again after sealing us.”

“What a pity. I wanted his head as a token of celebration for my revival.”

At this point, the Sand Emperor stretched his body, and his aura rose steadily. Many low-level cultivators immediately could not withstand this spirit pressure and knelt on the ground.

Everyone below the Saint Stage was as weak as an ant.

Just spirit pressure alone could suppress all living beings below the Supreme Stage!

“But there are a few familiar faces here.”

The Sand Emperor slowly turned around and looked at Liu Qingbai and the others. At the same time, his domain fell from the sky and covered the earth.

In an instant, the eleven Legendary Stage experts were all frozen in place, unable to control their bodies.

This Sand Race emperor was even stronger than two hundred years ago!

“Let’s deal with these annoying fellows first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Sand Emperor stabbed out with his spear. Countless grains of sand gathered over and transformed into a sharp light that shot towards Liu Qingbai and the others, enveloping Desolate City as well!

At this moment, the Sand Emperor had yet to realize that he was making a stupid mistake…

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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