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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 147

Chapter 147 - Your Emperor Is Gone Again!

Chapter 147: Your Emperor Is Gone Again!

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“Get ready, Outer Realm Desert, your emperor is back!”

Sha Man shouted towards the sky with a solemn posture, like a devout believer.

In an instant, the blood mist that spread outside the Desolate City soared, quickly enveloping the sky within a 500-kilometer radius like a dark cloud. Everyone could feel their heart beating faster due to the blood mist!

At this moment, the person who was most shocked was none other than Liu Qingbai. He had never expected the Sand Emperor to still be alive and had only fallen asleep all these years!

No wonder the colossal sand sculpture had been so confident the entire time.

Once the Sand Emperor was revived, even if the various large clans joined forces, they would definitely lose.

After more than two hundred years of being sealed, the Sand Race’s strength had greatly decreased. Many of the older generation Legendary Stage experts had also lost their lifespans and died in the seal.

However, even if only the Sand Emperor was left, he alone would be enough to destroy Desolate City and the various large clans.. This was the difference between the Saint Stage and the Legendary Stage.


Seeing the blood-colored fog sweeping over, Liu Qingbai gritted his teeth and circulated his spirit energy in an attempt to block it.

Unfortunately, in front of the Blood Sacrifice Formation, Liu Qingbai’s spirit energy was like a mayfly trying to shake a tree. It barely did anything.

The Sand Race’s First Elder, Sha Man, who was controlling the Blood Sacrifice Formation, had already been at the peak of the Legendary Stage more than two hundred years ago. Even if he had not made any progress in the past two hundred years, Liu Qingbai was still no match for him with Sha Man’s current cultivation.

“Long live His Majesty the Sand Emperor!”

Above the sandstorm, hundreds of thousands of Sand Race soldiers shouted in unison, their voices echoing through the sky as they prepared to welcome their emperor.

“Long live His Majesty the Sand Emperor!”

The colossal sand sculpture waved its remaining left arm and shouted.

Witnessing this scene, although some cultivators still did not understand what was going on, they were shocked by the scene in front of them and shivered in fear.

At this moment, the originally expanding blood fog suddenly stopped less than a hundred meters from Desolate City. It was as if it had hit an invisible wall and could no longer advance.

“What happened?”

Sha Man was stunned.

No matter how he controlled it, the blood fog did not move at all. It was unbelievable.

Of course, the blood mist couldn’t enter the range of Desolate City because Qin Jue had set up a barrier outside the city.

“So this is the Sand Race? Doesn’t seem to be anything special about them.”

Qin Jue yawned and said lazily.

He was sleeping just now and was woken up by the battle between the colossal sand sculpture and Liu Qingbai. He was rather impatient and happened to look up when he saw the bloody mist sweeping over, so he casually set up a barrier to isolate it.

“Master, what’s that? It’s so terrifying.”

Yun Xi curled up in Qin Jue’s arms and pointed at the bloody mist in the distant sky, her small face full of fear.

“Don’t worry, it won’t get close.”

Qin Jue rubbed Yun Xi’s head and said indifferently.

This barrier couldn’t be touched in any way and was indestructible. Furthermore, it only isolated the array formation. Even if the Sha Man broke through at this moment and stepped into the Saint Stage, it was still impossible for it to get the blood mist to pass through the barrier.

However, Qin Jue was in no hurry to interfere, because he sensed several unusual auras in Desolate City.

“What happened? What did you do?”

After a long while, Sha Man lowered his head and looked at Liu Qingbai, his scarlet eyes filled with shock.

This Blood Sacrifice Formation had already absorbed the blood qi of tens of thousands of living beings. Even a Legendary Stage expert would be helpless against it. How did Liu Qingbai do it?

Liu Qingbai was equally dumbfounded. He was just as clueless!

However, now was not the time to consider this. Since the blood mist could not enter Desolate City, it meant that the Sand Emperor could not be revived for the time being!

“Looks like your emperor is gone again.”

Liu Qingbai grinned and raised his voice. “Everyone! Since you’ve arrived, come out and show yourselves. Let’s not drag this on for too long!”

Everyone was stunned. Who was he talking to? Could there be other experts hidden in the Desolate City?

“Hahaha, City Lord Liu, I didn’t expect you to be able to stop the Blood Sacrifice Formation. I’m impressed.”

Accompanied by a hearty laugh, two figures suddenly appeared on the battlefield. Their auras were vast and connected to the heavens and the earth. Both of these figures had shockingly attained the Legendary Stage.

“It’s Father and the Grand Elder!”

Ning Jie was overjoyed.

“Why are the Patriarch and the Grand Elder here?”

Ning Kun was also very happy, but he was also very puzzled.

He had only told Liu Qingbai about the Sand Race yesterday. Even Legendary Stage experts couldn’t have arrived so quickly.

“Sand Race, your doomsday has arrived.”

“After losing the Sand Emperor, I want to see if the Sand Race can be as insufferably arrogant as they were two hundred years ago.”



As these words sounded, more and more Legendary Stage experts appeared and stood beside Liu Qingbai.

“Yue Clan, Li Clan, Mo Clan, Wei Clan… Heavens, the Legendary Stage experts of the five great clans are all here!”

Someone quickly recognized these experts and was dumbfounded.

The so-called five great clans were the five most powerful factions in the Outer Realm Desert. Each clan had more than two Legendary Stage experts, and there were more than ten of them in total. At this moment, all of them had come here to confront the Sand Race.

The Sand Race, which originally had the absolute advantage, instantly became the weaker party. Even if this was the Outer Realm Desert, it was still impossible for Sha Man and the colossal sand sculpture to be a match against the ten of them.

“How is this possible? I clearly intercepted and killed all the cultivators who left the city.”

The colossal sand sculpture said in disbelief.

“Hehe, idiot. I already left runes on the cultivators I sent out, allowing me to know instantly when they died.”

Liu Qingbai mocked, “After realizing that you guys were only sealed and not destroyed two hundred years ago, I set up several teleportation arrays in the Desolate City. As soon as you appear, I can immediately inform the five great clans and get backup!”

In order to prevent this secret from being leaked, Liu Qingbai had never told anyone about this and even kept Vice City Lord Zhu You in the dark. Otherwise, why would he dare to fight the colossal sand sculpture head-on?

After hearing Liu Qingbai’s description, Ning Kun finally understood why the Patriarch and the Grand Elder could arrive in such a short time.

Seeing that the Blood Sacrifice Formation could not enter Desolate City, Sha Man could only grit his teeth and order, “Retreat!”

Although they had hundreds of thousands of sand sculpture warriors, these warriors were simply not worth mentioning in front of the ten Legendary Stage experts. If the Sand Emperor could not be revived, everything would be in vain.

“You want to run?”

The five patriarchs looked at each other and immediately split into different directions, surrounding the colossal sand sculpture and the Sha Man, cutting off the routes they would retreat from.

“This time, we will completely destroy the Sand Race!”

After these experts received Liu Qingbai’s notice, they rushed over without hesitation. After all, if they did not eliminate the Sand Race, there would always be a hidden danger lurking around in the Outer Realm Desert.

“Damn it!”

Sha Man’s eyes were cold. If they all died here, then the Sand Race would really be done for.

“Since that’s the case…”

Taking a deep breath, Sha Man waved his hand and the bloody mist that had originally enveloped the sky actually swept back, pouncing on the hundreds of thousands of Sand Race soldiers!

“I can only sacrifice you guys.”

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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